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What To Wear To An Indian Wedding

Lehenga With Asymmetric Hemline Skirt

What to Expect at an Indian Wedding (etiquette, what to wear, traditions)

Asymmetric hemlines are in trend in western dresses and the same goes for the Indian fashion industry which is getting more and more inspired by the international fashion trends to deliver stunning Indian wear for weddings and festivals.

Solaris Lehenga

You can take inspiration from our Sunshine Collection with the bright yellow Asia and Solaris lehenga. Both have a lehenga skirt with an asymmetric hemline and an indo-western fusion blouse with a bow and applique work . It can be customized in any color and makes for the perfect summer wedding dress for a guest!

This lavender pastel lehenga has such an asymmetrically designed hemline that gives an easy-breezy flowy look to the outfit complimented with the silver embroidered blouse with extensions. If you plan to dance the night away at the wedding, this is what you need.

What To Wear To A Henna Or Mehndi Party

If you are part of the wedding party or are a close friend to the bride, you might be asked to participate in the brides henna or mehndi party. During these parties, the bride has her arms, hands, and feet painted with henna. While the bride has to sit still for hours for this, the bridal party will entertain her.

You may also have a chance to have a pattern drawn on your hands, as well. This is a great memorable wedding event in which to take part!

For this event, you can wear a coloursful, sleeved dress made of a comfortable fabric, as you will be sitting still for a long time while the henna is applied.

For shoes, opt for sandals or flats. Remember, its custom to remove your shoes in someones house, so youll likely remove your shoes for the party if it takes place indoors. Wear something thats easy to slip off.

While you can wear earrings and necklaces, skip the bracelets, as the henna is applied to your hands and wrist area.

Okay, thats my experience from attending an Indian wedding! It was such a fun weekend full of cultural learning and festivities. Special thanks to Varsha and Shefali for the bits of cultural education during the entire wedding.

Try these dresses to wear to an Indian wedding and dont forget to keep in mind the dos and donts. This list will get you all pumped for the next wedding you attend.

What To Wear To An Indian Wedding

When picking out your Indian wedding guest attire, color is an important factor to keep in mind. “The most essential part of the dress code for an Indian wedding is to definitely wear color,” says Shawna Gohel, editor-in-chief of Maharani Weddings. “Bright, festive color is always in style for an Indian wedding no matter what the season or venue. We like to stick to pastels during the daytime and jewel tones at night,” she advises.

Given the celebratory nature of Indian weddings, bright hues are encouragedthough some are traditionally off-limits. “Guests should try to avoid wearing red, since the bride typically wears red,” explains Nilima Patel, owner of Crimson Bleu Events. “Guests can wear any other color except for black. It’s definitely not a color you should wear at an Indian wedding.”

However, it’s important to note that traditional dress is not always a requirement. While guests should always look for specific dress code requirements on the couple’s invitation or wedding website, alternative outfits can be appropriate as well. “We see a lot of women, especially at fusion weddings, wearing a pantsuit or something that is very comfortable or flowy and may not be traditional dress,” says Emily Truax, director of marketing at Château Élan, a resort in Georgia that frequently hosts traditional and fusion Indian weddings.

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Dont Dance With The Bride

Okay, so at many weddings, its normal to head to the dance floor and dance with the brideespecially if she is your friend. However, at traditional Indian weddings, men should resist the urge to dance with the bride. In Indian culture, brides shouldnt dance with other men on their wedding day.

Image by For Love & Light. See more of this real wedding here.

We hope this guide has helped you understand a few customs and traditions and will help you get ready when attending an Indian wedding. We want you to focus on having a wonderful time celebrating the couple, dancing, and eating. And if you want to see some Indian weddings, check out this intimate wedding at the Villa Artimino, this colorful Indian wedding, and this modern Indian wedding.

What Not To Wear To The Wedding Ceremony

What to Wear! Fashion &  the Modern Indian Wedding

The wedding ceremony is the most important event of the wedding proceedings. No wonder every single guest puts in extra effort to dress for the occasion. The wedding is a traditional event with plenty of rituals that go on for at least a few hours. Given that it is a traditional ceremony, it is important to avoid certain kinds of outfits during the wedding. Here is a look at what not to wear to an Indian wedding.

Female Guests

Coming to what not to wear to an Indian wedding for female guests, we would first rule out overtly simple outfits like salwar suits and A line kurtas. Being a traditional event, it also calls for you to be dressed in traditional attire, so gowns, dresses and trousers are a big no no. You definitely should not wear anything too tight or revealing like the outfit below.

If possible, avoid outfits like crop tops and skirts. If you must wear them, throw on a dupatta for a modest look.

Male Guests

The wedding is one event where you cannot turn up in denims and tee shirts – the outfits are way too casual for the proceedings. Also avoidable are formal pants with trousers. If you must wear them, team them with a blazer or a jacket for an added layer of sophistication.

Family of the Couple

Being a part of the family, you are bound to be in the limelight during the wedding. So we would suggest that you avoid outfits that are uncomfortable to move around in. Another important tip is to not wear anything too revealing that could upset the elders in the family.

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What Not To Wear For An Indian Wedding Which Color Combinations To Avoid

Generally, there are no hard-and-fast rules and regulations for your Indian wedding attire. But if you dont want to look off the beat, then here, I have put forward what not to wear for a wedding and which color combinations to avoid to look the best.

No Short Dresses

In case you are planning to wear a mini skirt, hot pants, or a too-short skater dress, please dont! You are going to look terribly out of fashion. The beauty of attending an Indian wedding lies in wearing ethnic dresses.

Jeans Look Awkward!

Jeans are fine to wear, but it looks too awkward unless you pair it with the traditional tops to create a fusion look. A casual jeans-top or jeans-Tee look is better to avoid.

Say a Strict NO to Red!

Most Indian brides wear red outfits on their wedding day as it complements the best to a bridal look. So, its better not to wear red to a wedding as a guest. Its her special day, so let her dazzle. You can opt for some other color combinations.

Black is Not a Good Choice

As per the Indian tradition, black is considered to be associated with evil. So, I dont think Indian wedding hosts would like you much if you are going all black. You can pair black with other bright colors like orange, pink, blue, golden, etc.

Dont Go White

Well, white is also not the right color choice for an Indian wedding ceremony. Only a white embellished dress or white apparel paired with dark colors would be suitable for an Indian wedding. Otherwise, dont even try!

Dont Mix-Match Random Colors

Proper Attire At The Temple

Most Indian wedding ceremonies that take place in a temple will require you to cover your head. It’s especially important for women to know how to dress to Indian weddings at the temple because it usually requires using a long scarf or pashmina stole to cover their heads. Men can bring along a large white handkerchief, but they are usually provided with a head cover at the temple.

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Dresses To Wear To An Indian Wedding: Ideas For Guests To Make A Style Statement

Have a friends wedding to attend? And, you wish to look like royalty? Nail those wedding pictures and selfies with these brilliant dresses to wear to an Indian wedding as a guest.

When one talks or even thinks of an Indian wedding, words like extra, jolly, and on point flash in our minds. To match the grandness and royalty of such an event you need to find outfits that come at par with the occasion. But when it comes to attending a wedding ceremony as a guest, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind. What colour to wear? How much to accessorize? How much is too much? Well help you with all of this. Given below is a detailed list of traditional and contemporary dresses to wear to an Indian wedding as a guest.

What Colours Can I Wear To An Indian Wedding

What Do Guests Wear to an Indian Wedding? : Indian Wedding Attire

As previously stressed, be sure to adhere to any guidelines stipulated in the wedding invitation and check whether the bride is wearing red, pink or purple if youre planning on wearing an outfit in these hues to avoid potentially stealing the limelight. Onita underlines that this doesnt mean that that entire colour palette is off limits if the bride is wearing vermillion red, as is traditional, you can still wear burgundy, for example.

As for shades to steer clear of, anything goes apart from black and white according to Onita:

No go colours are similar to those traditionally bypassed in the West. Black is generally considered unlucky in Hindu ceremonies especially, so its best to avoid that.

White is never traditionally worn to weddings either as it can be associated with death Hindu mourners typically wear white to funerals. If the wedding day also includes a Western style ceremony theres a chance that the bride could be planning to wear white at some point too, so its safer to swerve white for a multitude of reasons and enjoy wearing lots of colour.

If full technicolour isnt your vibe, incorporate metallics and plenty of embellishment and go big on jewellery and accessories

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Traditional Indian Clothes To Wear

Choosing to wear traditional Indian wedding attire can be the best and is a highly recommended choice for what you should wear to an Indian wedding.

  • . Sarees are the most traditional Indian attire women can wear. If you choose to wear a sari, find one in silk, crepe, chiffon or georgette that displays intricate and detailed embellishments. Anarkali suits, however, are the most common options for wedding guest to wear. You can easily find something elegant and appropriate for a Indian wedding.

  • Male Indian wedding attire. Men often wear a tailored kurta with pyjama at Indian weddings. These can be very stylish and comfortable enough to wear all day for the various Indian ceremonies. A dupatta can be added as additional element over the kurta. For a more sophisticated look, choose a shermani instead of the kurta and pyjama. Men should also wear sandals, chappals or jootis on their feet. Men, who have a role in the actual wedding ceremonies, should know how to dress to Indian weddings to fit in with the rest of the bridal party.


The Finishing Touches To An Indian Wedding Guest Outfit

Youve bought, borrowed or rented your outfit, but youre not done yet. Onita notes that accessories are an essential component of Indian wedding get-up:

Indian wedding clothing is almost always accompanied by statement jewellery youll be considered underdressed if you skip jewellery or accessories altogether. Like makeup, it allows you to play up your personal style and compliments your clothes.

Most women wear at least a few stacked bangles with earrings, a necklace and perhaps a headpiece such as a maang tikka. This consists of a circular piece of jewellery worn on the forehead and pinned into place in the hair with a chain. Wedding guests would typically wear a less extravagant maang tikka than the bride and bear in mind that your jewellery doesnt need to be expensive wear pieces that you love and team them with a favourite bag and striking scarf. Its all part of the ensemble.

Gold and vibrant jewels are the most popular jewellery options but feel free to go all out in your own way.

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Things To Keep In Mind

  • Dont restrict yourself when it comes to choosing the colour of your outfit.
  • Wear a comfortable outfit. That way, youll be able to enjoy more.
  • Colour-coordinate your outfit with the brides main wedding outfit.
  • Glam up all you like. Indian weddings are mostly about colours and sparkle.

Try these dresses to wear to an Indian wedding and dont forget to keep in mind the dos and donts. This list will get you all pumped for the next wedding you attend.

Let us know if theres anything we missed out, in the comments section below!

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Frequently Asked Attire Question

Indian wedding wear saree 13410

Is it sacrilegious/offensive/a faux pas/rude/etc. to wear traditional Indian garb to an Indian wedding or its corresponding events?

Absolutely not! It is a compliment for you to embrace the culture. The fact that you took the time to select and purchase something fitting for the occasion speaks volumes and means so much.

However, take care to make sure that you ask someone to show you how to properly wear the attire. Wearing it inappropriately or changing the outfits intended look would come off negatively.

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Have Fun And And Enjoy The Experience

Dont worry too much about offending anyones sentiments as almost everyone is understands that your not aware of all the traditionsso no one will hold anything against you! Theyll be honored that you attended and treat you like a welcome guest or even family. No one will mind if you ask questions about various aspects of the ceremony or about what is required of you. So relax and enjoy the colorful experience of being a part of an Indian wedding!

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