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Who Will Buy My Wedding Dress

Tips For Selling Your Used Wedding Dress Online

Will I Find my Dream Wedding Dress in Time??? | Brianna Jo

When looking to sell your wedding dress, there are a few factors to consider. First of all, make sure your dress is in good condition without any tears, stains, or other damage. Since youve likely only worn the dress once, its probably still in good condition.

Also, keep in mind that photos sell. The more photos you can include from all different angles, the better.

You can include both photos of you in the dress and the dress on a hanger, but make sure to show any important details such as beadwork or a special lace design up close.

Provide all relevant information such as size, exact color , petticoats, and so on. If the dress was altered in any way, try to describe the alterations with as much detail as possible.

Have A Fair Returns Policy

Be considerate of the fact that wedding dresses are a large purchase, and think about the returns policy youd be drawn to if you were buying a second-hand dress.

Youd probably want to be able to try the dress on at home, then send it back if it wasnt quite right, so mention that youre happy for other brides to do the same in the listing. Its likely to mean your dress will attract more attention, even if it does take a little longer to properly sell.

Have Your Final Fitting

You may want to have a box of tissues on hand for this final trip to the seamstress. This is where you’ll get to see your gown the way it’ll look when you walk down the aisle. Bring at least one family member or friend to share this special moment with, and so you have someone there to learn how to create the bustle.

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The Best Places To Buy Or Sell Used Wedding Dresses Online

This post is the ultimate guide to selling a wedding dress online. If youre considering selling your wedding dress, weve rounded up the best information to help you decide the where, how, and why so you can turn your used dress into cash! If youre not sure what to do with your dress after the wedding day is over, why not consider selling it to another bride?

Being Swayed By Steep Discounts

Maggie Sottero

Try not to be too tempted by the lure of your dream designer gown for 70% off. The biggest mistake I have seen brides make is purchasing a gown online or from a shop for a deep discount only today, said Lash.

Sample sales are popular among brides, but you must keep in mind that you are typically truly purchasing just that a sample: The dress has been tried on by hundreds of brides and could have been torn, stained, or otherwise damaged during the process. Before making a purchase, check the gown very carefully for any damageand if there’s anything that cant easily be fixed, put it back. Some brides end up spending hundreds in alterations to fix whats wrong with the sample when they couldve found a similar brand new dress for not much more money.

But dont be totally discouraged: Sometimes you truly can find an amazing gown at a bargain price. Kimberly Sanicki, of Wanaque, NJ, found her perfect wedding gown at a Running of the Brides event thrown by Filenes Basement. She found a stunning Essense of Australia gown for just $500, marked down from $3,000. Before handing over the cash, Kimberly and her mom thoroughly examined the gown to check for any flaws. My mom made sure it had every crystal, and it did not need to be cleaned or even hemmed, said Sanicki.

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Con: Dress Rentals Dont Offer A Completely Custom Experience

Youll find a wider selection of dresses when you buy your gown. You can also get the dress permanently altered to fit you perfectly and customize other details to your taste, like the color, length, or extra beading. With renting, youll be one of many brides in the world to wear that exact style, and you miss out on the experience of tailoring a piece to become yours alone.

Get Selling As Soon As The Big Day Is Over

If your dress is part of a designer collection, the sooner you sell your dress, the higher the chance of selling it. If you sell your dress within three years of buying it, you’ll catch the brides who are hunting for that specific design, either because it’s no longer available or they can’t afford it at full retail price. Vintage dresses won’t date as quickly, but it may be worth noting which eras are popular and planning accordingly – for example, ’70s dresses are selling well right now, but there are a few years to go before ’80s styles make a comeback.

Photo by Syona Photography via One Fab Day

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Check Out Online Retailers

While ordering a last-minute wedding dress online can be somewhat risky, there are certain trusted online dress retailers, like BHLDN, Floravere, and Davids Bridal, where ordering a wedding dress is virtually as simple as ordering a t-shirt. These sites ship relatively quickly and have a wide selection of styles and sizes, so that you can easily find something that suits your style. If youre looking to purchase a wedding dress online, be sure to read reviews of the site to make sure its reputablethere are many websites out there that sell counterfeit or low-quality dresses, and you dont certainly dont have time for that!

Sustainability Is A Cornerstone Of Our Brand

Trying My Best Friends Wedding Dress

We are not mindlessly feeding into the endless loop of consumption, leaving a trail of social and environmental impact along the way. Our brides are modern-day, environmentally conscious women who are intelligent buyers, consuming mindfully and responsibly. We at Borrowing Magnolia want to ensure that every wedding dress is not a one-and-done deal, but rather a possibility for another beautiful day. These ethical wedding dresses are not only lighting up the faces of many brides throughout their lifetime, but they also leave minimal carbon imprint on their way out.

Talk about an environmentally, feel-good, responsible thing to do! We hope youll join us and add to the wave of the resale revolution.

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A General Wedding Dress Timeline

No matter what your particular dress shopping situation is, every wedding-dress-wearer will end up following a general timeline while picking out their wedding gown for the big day.

To give yourself as much time as possible to alter and accessorize your gown, try to follow this timeline to find the perfect dress for you:

While this timeline might seem like a lot to think about, its ultimately all about enjoying the thrilling and tear-jerking process of wedding dress shopping. What really matters is that you find the dress that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful on your special day.

No matter what, when the big day comes, just remember to have fun and feel the love.

Renting A Wedding Dress 101

According to Brides and The Knot, the average cost of a wedding dress is about $1,600. If you cant afford that , theres a cheaper option: renting your wedding dress.

With renting, youll pay a fraction of the purchase price and keep the wedding dress for a fixed amount of time before sending it back. This option can drastically reduce the total amount you shell out. In fact, you might be able to choose from designer gowns that would otherwise be too expensive to buy.

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Why Love Your Dress

At Love Your Dress, we know how important it is to have your gown in mint condition before you put it on the market, which is why we offer top-of-the-line wedding dress cleaning services to Torontonians. With our state of the art cleaning equipment and highly experienced dress cleaning experts, you can rest easy knowing your wedding dress will look as good as new when were done with it. Contact us today to get a free quote on our dress cleaning services!

Nearly Newlywed Is The Place To Find Your Dream Designer Wedding Dress For Less

You wont get over this super expensive sparkly wedding ...

Buy used berta wedding dress. Safe shipping and easy returns. All gowns are 100% authenticated. Buy, sell and save with stillwhite united states stillwhite is the largest online global marketplace for preowned, used and second hand wedding dresses.

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Since 2004, we’ve been connecting buyers and sellers of new, sample and used wedding dresses and bridal party gowns. Below are five great options that offer key things that we think are important: Narrow your berta wedding dress search with our on page filters.

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The Knot Editors’ Pick For Buying And Selling Used Wedding Dresses

Nearly Newlywed: Part used wedding dress boutique, part inspirational blog, Nearly Newlywed saves sellers time and stress by handling all buyer interactions and shipping. The application process is quick and easy: Sellers just submit their measurements with a wedding dress description and photos of their gown. If their listing is approved, Nearly Newlywed takes it from there, answering any buyer questions and shipping the dress directly. So, sellers can sit back and relax while the website’s experts do the grunt work. Bonus: The website also sells wedding-related jewelry and accessories.

Review: Why do we love Nearly Newlywed so much? This innovative marketplace makes putting used wedding dresses for sale as seamless as possible. If you’re purchasing a used wedding dress, the thorough authentication process ensures you’re paying for the real deal and not a counterfeit wedding dress. And if you’re selling, once your application is approved, your work is done. Be aware that this website charges a $25 listing fee, and once your dress is sold, you’ll earn 60 percent of the final price. But you’re paying for unparalleled convenience and a truly trusted customer service team.

Popova Tetiana/

No : Choose Where You Sell Your Wedding Dress Carefully

Where to sell your wedding dress is a big decision as it can affect your price and total experience. While you can sell your dress to a local consignment shop, the clientele may be limited. You may be able to reach more people by selling it online through a site like Tradesy, Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses, or Still White.

After reviewing my options, I decided to list my dress on Tradesy because it has no upfront fees. Instead, it charges a 19.8% commission on the final sales price. It also offers pricing suggestions and selling tips, and protects sellers if a buyer returns an item due to an issue that isnt the sellers fault.

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Shop For Your Favorite Dress Style For Prom 2020 At Couturecandy

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How Soon Should I Buy My Wedding Dress


Is it ever too soon to buy a wedding dress? If you’re wondering when to buy a wedding dress, Zolathe wedding experthas all the answers right here.

Putting together your wedding dress timeline can be quite intimidating, to say the least. There are seemingly endless options to choose from, a billion-and-one different wedding dress styles, and an infinite amount of fabrics to sort through. Who knew there were so many different types of white?

The most important question to determine is how soon do you have to find that perfect dress for your special day?

Read on for our go-to guide on when to buy your wedding dress and how to make the dress shopping process smoother.

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Tips For Selling Locally

If youre looking to sell your wedding dress locally, you can post it on sites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. These sites are free to use, and you get to keep all the profits you make off your dress. You are also more likely to meet with your buyer in person, so they can try on the dress before they buy it and are less likely to request a refund down the road.

You can also sell your wedding dress at local wedding consignment shops. These shops specifically focus on used wedding items and are targeted to local buyers. However, they may also charge fees and a commission rate to help you sell your gown.

Selling your wedding dress may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and tips, you can recover some of the money you spent on the gown and use it for whatever you want. If youre thinking about selling your dress, there are many platforms to make the process less stressful for you.

Savvy Bridal offers top-notch service for each of our brides with locations in Kansas City and Lawrence, Kansas. If youre looking for advice on selling your wedding dress, or if youre in the market for buying that gown for your special day, we are here for you. Schedule an appointment with us today, or contact us at 816-859-5699 or 785-424-7120 .

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