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What Signs Do You Need For A Wedding

Get Some Of Wedding Acrylic Signs Package Ideas


Knowing what signage you need for your wedding day can be tricky which is why weve curated these packages with you in mind. Our specially curated collection features acrylic wedding sign packages that combine our favorite items to create only thebest of the best signage for your big day! Click the button of the sets below to find the perfect final touch!

What Wedding Signage Do I Need

Happy new year all! Hope you had a restful festive period and wishing you a fast week if you are back at work already!

Today I am chatting about all things wedding signage. Now, there are a few out there that may argue wedding signage is an added expense you simply dont need I disagree.

Firstly, signage can be added to your big day as a decorative item to make a statement Secondly, it can also really help your guests know which direction to head in, whats coming next, and ensure they feel comfortable. You will surely have visited your wedding venue a good few times, and have it all played out in your head, but they may well not have done and the last thing you will want is guests scurrying around trying to find the loos during your group pics, never mind missing out on something that they didnt know was happening!

Heres some of the biggies!

Order Of Service Or Order Of Events

Orders of service per person can also prove to be spendy, so one big order of service/the day/events sign can work out much more cost effective than having individual ones printed out. An Order of the Day poster instead is a great way to keep guests informed of the order of events, especially when it comes to dinner time and speeches.

It definitely helps guests feel more comfortable, ensure they dont miss anything, and lets them think ahead for loo breaks!

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Wedding Signs For The Ceremony

For your wedding ceremony, youll need to rely on the signs you display to get your guests where they need to be. Remember, youll be the last one to arrive at the ceremony so you wont be there to supervise. You wont be able to give directions. Your guests need to be able to get there without your help. But you can help them out ahead of time.

Heres a tip:

Take a few key people to the ceremony location the day before. Show them where to go and how to get there. Then, arrange a central location on the resort for all of your guests to meet and walk together. Your wedding party can lead the way and make sure everyone arrives at the right spot. This way, theres no confusion on your actual wedding day.

For an off-resort wedding:

Arrange transportation with your wedding venue so you dont have to worry about this. Your guests will be taken straight to your ceremony location. Then theres no room for doubt on the wedding day!

If your guests are walking from the resort to your venue, then Id definitely recommend a tour beforehand. Walk with a few guests the day before your wedding to show them the way. Again, this will minimize any confusion on your wedding day.

You dont want anyone getting lost and wandering around the beach instead of enjoying your wedding ceremony.

To help even further, set out a Welcome Sign so your guests know theyve made it to the right spot.

Clever Signs Your Wedding Guests Will Love

Rustic Wedding Decor: All You Need Is Love And A Cupcake ...

If you’ve spent any time on lately, you’ve undoubtedly spotted plenty of signs from sweet sayings to funny expressions to practical directions that couples are using to personalize their wedding decorations. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas.

  • Photo courtesy of Salty Love Designs/Etsy

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    More Other Special Signs

    Directional acrylic signs Signs set around your wedding venue grounds can direct guests to the ceremony, ceremony, cocktail party, reception, photo booth, and the bar. Some couples also use directional signsto some of the cities and countries they’ve visited together as a visual homage to their love story. A clear acrylic sign can let guests know your personalized wedding hashtag for sharing their own images.Favors sign, such as one sharing that youve made a charitable donation in lieu of favors, or an acrylic sign sharing your edible favor details such as truffle flavors from the top NJ signs

    What Signage Do You Need For Your Wedding

    To get started, make a list for your signage needs, then craft the wording for each sign, and then, get to work designing them. If youre not the most talented in the sign-making department, all hope is not lost. There are a number of Etsy shops that offer wedding signs for purchase. Even better, there are shops and websites that offer with some even offering the option of customizable text and colors. Pinterest is full of resources to help you find downloads.

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    Wedding Card Box Signs

    Since youre having a destination wedding, you probably wont ask guests to bring a gift to your wedding.

    Regardless, your guests will still want to give you a nice card. After all, theyre happy for you!

    Feel free to set up a place where your guests can drop their cards. It will make it easier to collect them at the end of the night. You may even ask your maid of honor or wedding planner to collect them for you so its one less thing for you to worry about.

    Here are a few ideas for wedding card box ideas:

    Wedding Signage For The Reception

    What Wedding Signs Does YOUR Wedding Need?! | DIY Wedding Planning

    As far as wedding signage goes, the welcome sign will be at the ceremony but there is more wedding signage opportunity at the reception. By the way, if you love repurposing and making the most of your wedding decor as much as I do, you can arrange to have your welcome sign moved from the ceremony to the reception site on the day as well. I always recommend investing in some luxurious touches in your wedding decor but that doesnt mean you cant make the most of your investment by having certain decor pieces do double duty.

    Photography Courtesy of Amy Rizzuto Photography

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    Visit The County Clerk

    The easiest place to go for your marriage license is the county clerk’s office. “If all documentation is in order, you can plan to spend about an hour there,” says Hanes. You can even try to make an appointment beforehand so that you don’t have to wait too long.

    You and your significant other must both be present at the time of the marriage license application.

    Here’s everything else you need to be prepared for during your visit to the county clerk:

    You can hyphenate your maiden name with your partner’s last name. Another common option is to replace your middle name with your maiden name.

    Signs With Quotes As Wedding Decor

    Signs are most often used to share instructions or need-to-know info with guests, but they don’t have to be used as an information conduit. If you simply want a highlight a favorite quote as part of your personalized decor, go for it. Can’t decide on the perfect love quote to include? Peruse these 140 swoon-worthy love quotes for inspiration.

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    Not Only Are Wedding Signs Amazing Decorations For Your Overall Aesthetic They Are Also Crucial Pieces Of The Foundation Of Your Wedding Day

    The last few days, Ive been in Punta Cana with my boyfriend Brett. We both desperately needed an escape from this frigid Chicago weather and time to refresh and recharge. As we were on the flight back home, I started to think about how much time Ive spent in the last few years researching wedding signs. It really made me question my entire life. Seriously.

    This post has been a long time in the making. When I first started b. leigh, obviously wedding signs were a huge priority for me and still are. Even as sign styles and trends transform, along with the evolution of my shop, the basis of wedding signs is still the same.

    Before I even jump into what signs youll actually need, there is something very important that I want you to think about before you start making a list.

    The two main reasons you have signs at your wedding are:

  • It tells people the information theyneed to know – This is where you are sitting, these are the specialty cocktails at the bar, these seats are reserved, etc.

  • It tells people what you need them to do – Please use this hashtag when sharing your photos, please take confetti to throw after the ceremony, please do not use your cell phone during the ceremony, etc.

  • When you start thinking about what signs you need, start with thinking from your guests point-of-view. You think this day might be about you but in reality, you want your guests walking away thinking this was the best damn wedding of all time.

    What Signs Do You Really Need At Your Wedding

    Do You Need Cute Wedding Signs?

    Signs at weddings have become a necessity to not only convey to guests what they should be expecting for the evening, but also to reflect your personal style as a couple. Being that every wedding these days is unique, providing your guests with the “what to do next” to keep the night moving smoothly keeps everyone happy, whether it be directing them to their seat, what to order at the bar, and how to tag your photos on social media. Below is what I consider the core list of wedding signage that nearly all Letters & Dust couples order.


    Starting with a welcome sign, especially if your venue is at a private residence or is not well marked, a welcome sign lets guests know that they are in the right place and heading down the right path. Welcome signs also make for great photos so guests can commemorate your special day.

    Emily Grant Photography, Deyla Huss Photography, Casi Yost



    Nothing will cause your guests more anxiety than not knowing if seating at the ceremony is open, if they are supposed to choose a side, and if there are any reserved rows for family. Current trends seem to be allowing guests to sit wherever they would like, but giving them a heads up on this makes the process much smoother.

    Jessica Heron, James Hays, Simply Splendid


    Laurken Kendall , Deyla Huss Photography, Lucas Rossi Photo


    Justin Lee Photography ,Laurken Kendall , L& D

    6. BAR SIGNS

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    Wedding Signs For The Reception

    Time for dinner and the party! There are a lot of different options for your reception wedding signs depending on your wedding style and personality.

    Youll want to include a sign for your guestbook table, the gift/card table, any wedding favors, and of course, for the seating arrangement.

    Lets go through each one-by-one.

    What Wedding Signs Do I Need For My Wedding

    Wedding signs are quickly becoming a wedding must-have. Cheeky or classic, chalkboard or canvas, wood or acrylic, there are plenty of ways to personalize your wedding day. let your guests know where to go and what to expect of your event at the same time. This year, wedding signs have become critical for encouraging social distancing and safety measures. From seating chart displays to directions, today we are answering the question: What Wedding Signs Do I Need For My Wedding?

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    Are Wedding Signs Necessary

    Disclaimer: I have nothing against wedding signs and am not trying to offend anyone who is really excited about their own wedding signs!! For whatever reason I’m just not super into the idea for my wedding.

  • My mom thinks I need to have a welcome sign done by a calligrapher. We’re doing a champagne greeting for our guests upon arrival to the ceremony and obviously people know they’re there for our wedding. Have you been to a wedding where there wasn’t a welcome sign and what did you think of it?

  • Also, she thinks that if we don’t have a sign at the wedding that dictates seating protocol that people will be confused. Have you been to a wedding that didn’t have a sign? Is the custom of the bride’s and groom’s family being on separate sides still so strong that people will be stressed out about where they can sit?

  • Free Wedding Signage Worksheet

    DIY Wedding Signs Tutorial #1 | Acrylic Pane Rustic Wedding Decor Ideas

    We know we just hit you with a lot of things to think about. Relax, relate, release. Like every other task, the hardest part is getting started. To get you on your way, theres a little gift for you, a signage worksheet. The wedding world is full of checklists, so whats one more or two or three? Its a prettier version of the scraps I started with and I thought it might be a helpful tool to add to our chest of DIY planning.

    Keep in mind this list isnt intended to be all-inclusive. It bears repeating that your wedding is your wedding. You wont find every answer here the hope is that youll find a little inspiration that draws you closer to your own unique vision.

    Trust yourself and your ability to think outside the box. If you have more ideas to offer to this conversation, please join the community to talk more things wedding signage!

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    How Do You Ask For Help Planning A Wedding

    Outline expectations and ask for help

  • you are asking them to help, not demanding it.
  • they may not do things exactly the way you do, as long as it turns out right in the end, let them do it their way.
  • they may say no and thats okay they may have too much on their plate already especially if its a time sensitive task.
  • Wedding Signs: Are They Necessary

    Hello everyone!

    This forum is talking about the table for the guest book, favors, gifts and cards, and a memorial table. NOT table numbers, welcome sign, or any menu signs.

    Do you think having signs that instruct guests what to do, or what the table is for are worth it? As a guest, would you be lost without these signs and/or not know what to do if you saw these tables?

    FYI: these tables would 100% be placed where guests enter and will pass by and see what’s on the table. They wouldn’t be hidden in a corner or anything!

    Just thinking of small ways we can cut back on cost and waste!


    on April 27, 2021 at 4:41 PM

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