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Wedding Save The Dates Magnets

Do You Send Save The Dates To Everyone

DIY Wedding – $1 Magnetic Save The Dates!

You should send your wedding save the dates to people you definitely plan on inviting because once those save the dates are in the mail, you can’t unsend them. Save the dates are considered a pre-wedding invitation that informs your guests of your wedding date and lets them plan ahead, so only send them to people on the final guest list.

Wedding Save The Date Magnet

Things To Consider With Wedding Save The Dates

One common question is whether save the dates are necessary. One way of looking at this is to understand the critical role save the dates play in wedding planning, allowing guests to secure the chosen date on their calendar for this important event, and to do so relatively early. Which begs the question: how early should you send out marriage announcement cards or save the dates for weddings? A general guide is to mail your save the dates 4 to 6 months in advance of your ceremony, and, in some cases, like with destination weddings that require more planning, to do so even earlier. Another frequently asked question is related to what to write on save the date cards. Senders primarily include their names, the wedding date, and the event location, but it’s also a great idea to let your recipients know wedding invitations will follow. For those who’d like to coordinate their wedding stationery, including wedding thank you cards and programs, Shutterfly features beautiful, all-in-one wedding invitation suites.

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Save The Date Wedding Invitations

Send the save the date announcements out anywhere from six months to a year in advance of the wedding, then send your invitations out one to two months before the wedding date.

Save the dates are especially important if:

  • Many of your guests live out of town
  • You are having a destination wedding
  • Your wedding date is on or near a holiday

Save the date wedding invitations may be the first opportunity for some of your guests to learn that you are getting married. Whether it be a post card or save the date magnet, you want it to serve as a gorgeous reminder of your upcoming special day so that guests remember not to schedule anything else so they can attend. Wedding save the date cards are the best way to keep your wedding top of mind for guests.

At The Invitation Maker, we have a wide array of options for creating gorgeous save the dates and coordinating them with the rest of your wedding announcement stationery. Weve got all the standard options plus premium upgrades available including RSVP cards, belly bands, clear invitations, and more at an affordable price you wont find anywhere else. Our business is 100% online so we save time and costs over other websites while still delivering high quality wedding save the date invitations!

Beautiful Custom Save The Dates For Your Wedding

Rustic Save The Date Magnet Wooden save the date rustic

Build excitement for your special day with wedding save the dates from Truly Engaging! Our selection of cheap save the dates will help you inform your family and loved ones and stay on-budget. We offer a variety of templates and designs including rustic, vintage, and modern. Personalize with your choice of photos, text, and more to create your perfect wedding stationery!

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Our Craft Our Passion Our Commitment

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life it’s important you have stylish and personalized wedding stationery that you’re proud to send. We promise you the highest-quality stationery at great prices. We’ve made it our business to delight every couple, and know you will be 100% satisfied!

CUSTOM DESIGNSOur expert designers have carefully curated anexclusive collection that transcends across all styles and the newest in stationery design trends. We believe you can have a creation that is stylish and unique regardless of your budget.

YOUR STYLEOur team will work with you closely to make sure your pieces turn out exactly as you envisioned. We’re happy to take special design requests, and provide you the opportunity to upload your own artwork for a completely custom design.

YOUR PEACE OF MINDOur Wedding Team is the heart of Truly Engaging. The team is available via phone, email, and chat to answer your questionsbacked by our 100% quality guarantee on every purchase.

OUR QUALITYChoose from a stunning array of luxe cardstock and magnet options available in a variety of finishes and weightsall printed and crafted meticulously by our talented team and the best in printing technology.

Truly Engaging is recognized as a certified women-owned business, certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council . We are proud of this certification and the opportunities that it provides for our business and for our customers.

Wedding Save The Date Magnets

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How To Mail Save The Date Magnets

Mailing magnet save the dates versus standard save the dates could be costlier. There is no legal reason preventing the postage of magnets, however they may push your save the date into the next postage category. A stick on magnet is unlikely to do this, but a full magnet backing does more than double the weight of a save the date. Please check before posting with your local post office before lodging your magnet wedding save the dates.

What You Need To Consider With Save The Date Wedding Magnets:

Save The Date Magnets

If youre thinking of sending out save the date magnets, there are a few things you should bear in mind as you make your decision.


Your save the date magnet postage cost might be slightly higher than the cost to post a standard wedding card because it is calculated by weight and magnet backing is heavier than standard cardstock. Check with your local mail service for accurate postage rates before creating your stationery budget.


What save the date magnet size is a good fit for you? That all depends on how much information you want to include on the magnet, the cost of postage, and of course, your own aesthetic tastes. Save the date fridge magnets also shouldnt be too large that they avoid dominating the entire fridge but large enough to be easily read. Postcard dimensions make a good size, but you can go smaller if you are willing to use less words or after a cute effect. What do you want to say and how do you want to say it? Consider the different space requirements for these two different pieces of text:

These both convey the same information but their different ways take up different amounts of space. Of course, if a picture or illustration accompanies the first piece of text, it could actually end up taking more space. Know what appeals to you and match the size accordingly, but remember that the size of the magnet will affect weight, and thus postage costs, as well as the appearance of the magnet on the fridge.


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Are Save The Dates Necessary

Save the dates are a convenient way to give your guests a heads up on your planned wedding date so that they can say no to other commitments, plan for travel , and lets guests know that they are definitely invited to the wedding. If you dont send save the dates, you run the risk of having people miss your special day because they werent given time to plan ahead.

What If My Wedding Date Has Changed

Sometimes, life throws unexpected things at you and your wedding date has to change. No one likes to think about it happening, but it’s good to be prepared for anything. Our customers can make various changes to their designs up until you approve the proof sample for printing. While Truly Engaging is unable to accept returns on personalized products after proof approval, we’re here to help. Our team will work with you to make sure you have beautiful stationery for your updated wedding save the dates.

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What Do You Put On A Save The Date

Your save the date card should include, at minimum, your name and your fiancés name, the date of your celebration, and the location of your wedding ceremony. Even if you don’t have a venue booked yet, you can at least include the town and state if you know where it might be. Then you can include a short statement about how the formal invitation will follow in the future.

Why Should You Send Save The Date Magnets

Wooden Save the Date magnet wedding magnets personalized

Save the date magnets are a popular option for brides and grooms. One reason is because it gives your guests a souvenir they can keep to remember your wedding for years to come. Another is that your guests may be more likely to remember when your wedding is if the magnet is placed in a commonly used area, such as the kitchen fridge.

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Can You Ask For An Rsvp With A Save The Date

Typically, you should send your save the dates far in advance for your wedding, making it difficult for your guests to give you an RSVP. We recommend that your RSVP is sent with your wedding invitations, after all of your wedding details are finalized. This will also help your guests remember to send back the RSVP, where they may forget to if they are sent so far in advance.

Awesome save-the-dates

Overwhelmingly Satisfied with Magnets

Love Them!!!!


  • Were Here for You

Where To Buy Save

We used Minted for our wedding save the dates, and have recommended them ever since. Albeit ours were paper based, as Minted did not offer the magnet option at the time.

But they do now!! Minted magnets = huge smiley face from this gal.

Minteds website is easy to use and they provide a top-quality finished product. Moreover, you have the option to get the same matching design for your wedding website along with all your stationery save the dates, thank you cards, invites, and of course magnets!

Two added bonuses:

  • Professional designers can look over your type/design/placement and make tweaks if you want and
  • Minted offers FREE envelope address printing, which is a huge help and time saver!
  • Go on, make it a magnetic attraction for people to save your big date.

    Too corny?

    Okay, lets just move on and look at our favorite magnet save the date designs. Click on each one to go direct to view and purchase.

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    Can You Create An Invitation To Match My Save The Date Magnets

    Of course! Here at Truly Engaging, we offer various suites with matching wedding invitations, save the dates and programs. If you cannot find the matching Invitation in our gallery, please contact us and one of our customer care team members will be happy to help.

    Save The Dates

    Cute, great price, easy!


    Love them !!

    I would buy this product again and again

    • Were Here for You

    Luxury Gold Foil Save The Dates

    How to Make Save the Date Magnets for Your Wedding

    Creative, luxury save the dates from Shutterfly feature personalized foil in gold, iridescent, and rose gold, foil stamping, and luxe, double-thick card stock. Save the dates simply do not get any more elegant or glamorous than our gold foil cards, as the foil catches and shimmers with light, adding a classy, luxurious touch. And beyond aesthetics, adding foil to your DIY save the date cards has a way of making your wedding stationery truly engaging, as the foil draws the viewer’s eye and simultaneously frames and highlights all that it surrounds, including that enchanting photo of the betrothed. Whether you’re looking for a funny or particularly creative save the date or a simple, modern, or rustic card, adding a metallic shimmer to your stationery will bring it to life and signal to your recipients the unique wedding ceremony you’re planning. What’s more, and for those mindful of the cost of their cards, premium wedding cards from Shutterfly are surprisingly affordable.

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    Save The Date Magnets With Calendar

    Since save the dates are all about, well dates, a lot of people choose to use a save the date magnet with a calendar of some sort so that the magnet is a useful fridge item. The nature of the save the date calendar magnet is up to you, and may include the month of the wedding, the year of the wedding, or just a list of dates. Pro tip: If you have a date in mind for RSVPs to be in , include that on the calendar! This is the date people are most likely to overlook, so it pays to be organised before you print and send your save the date calendar magnets. Choose our foil invitations for your calendar save the date magnets and get the date circled in real foil, exclusive to paperlust.

    Destination Wedding Save The Date Magnets

    Whether its beach save the date magnets or save the date magnets for a destination wedding located in the Italian countryside, destination save the date magnets should ideally give a sense of the place youre jetting off to, or have a passport/boarding pass theme. Save the date magnets beach theme can be as literal as a wave motif or as subtle as gold foiling on baby blue cardstock. Not all destination weddings call for beach wedding save the date magnets consider just some of the different types of destination weddings you could have:

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    Diy Save The Date Magnets Vs Affordable Save The Date Magnets

    A DIY magnet save the date is an affordable option and quite easy to do, however it can be time consuming. If time is at a premium try our range of full magnet backed save the dates which come ready to stick on the fridge! Rather than buying your own magnets and spending hours attaching them to your invitation cards, get your cheap magnet save the dates at Paperlust with some of our tips above. Cheap wedding save the date magnets are achievable if you are savvy and know where to compromise in order to cut costs. Assess your budget and see whats doable for you and your partner.

    Save The Date Postcards


    Save the Date Postcards offer an easy and less expensive way to announce your wedding day with a quick drop into the mailbox. Postcards have all the benefits of traditional save the dates, with the added bonus of using the back for a small message and mailing and postage info.

    Great Quality & Unique Design

    Ordered save the date magnets and they turned out great! The shipping was quicker than expected, and it was great to be able to track the order and its status online ahead of time. The design is more unique than other save the dates I have seen as well. We got a nice personalized letter with the shipment, which was a great addition!

    So beautiful!

    I used this as my “save the dates” and they were perfect! They were even better quality than I imagined. I have gotten so many compliments as the the look and feel of these. I will be ordering from Truly Engaging again!


    I’m so happy with how the save the date magnets came out! I’m not normally one to write a review but, from the cute packaging to the hand written note inside. I’m so happy I found this site!!

    Save the Date Magnets

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    Why Choose Save The Date Magnets

    Easy To Stick Up

    You can pretend that you are the one percent of America that doesn’t use their refrigerator as a day planner, but we all know that you are. You don’t need to be ashamed. Millions of households across the nation are doing the same. So why not make your wedding something that your friends and family will see every time they visit the fridge.


    All save the date magnets from Basic Invite are full-sized cards just like their cardstock counterpart other than, instead of cardstock, your design will be printed on the special magnetic stock. Your save the date will print just as clearly as it would have on cardstock, so the only difference is now your card will stick to the fridge by its own power.

    No Additional Postage

    Save the date magnets can be mailed with standard postage so just add one stamp and drop it in the mail. With Basic Invite recipient address printing option your envelopes will already be addressed and ready to go so making your way onto your friends and families’ fridges couldn’t be easier.

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