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How To Clean Wedding Ring At Home

Dont Clean Your Ring Every Day

How to Clean Your Engagement Ring at Home

The last thing you want to do is clean your ring every day. While cleaning your ring makes it look beautiful, and sparkly, steam and ultrasonic cleaners used every day can cause unnecessary wear on your ring and make side stones loose. We recommend cleaning your ring every two to ten weeks. If you are having a professional clean your ring every time, then not more than once every 6 weeks .

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To Avoid Expensive Repairs And Maintenance

You can expect that without proper care and cleaning, your piece of diamond jewelry will get scratched, have blemishes, and lose its shine. In other cases, no maintenance may also lead to damage that needs professional repairs. Take care of your diamond jewelry to avoid expensive repairs and maintenance.

Vrai & Oro The Solitaire

If you spot any lasting residue, take a soft-bristled or old toothbrush and gently scrub around the stone, taking care to hit the bottom, where the light shines through and really gives your gem its sparkle.

Finally, says Maslow-Blackman: “Dry your ring with a soft cotton clothno paper towels, because they will scratch your metaland let it air-dry for about 15 to 30 minutes before putting it back on.”

Although you can definitely keep your ring clean regularly on your own, Slisha Kankariya, co-founder of With Clarity , recommends bringing it back to your jeweler once a year for a thorough ultrasonic cleaning. “This will ensure that it gets a deep cleaning to keep it looking forever new,” she says. Most jewelers will happily offer this service as part of their lifetime warranties, which means you won’t have to pay when you stop by.

Then, there’s always the option to get your own ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine, as Stofenmacher suggests. That, with a little help from a cleaning solution, will get all the grime off for about $40and in less than two minutes.

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Things To Avoid When Cleaning An Engagement Ring At Home

Dont use any abrasive substances, including toothpaste, bleach, baking soda, window cleaner, or acetone. These are harmful to diamonds but especially to colored gems, like morganite and other rare stones. Also try to avoid using standard gold and silver polishesthese may work well on your silverware and vases, but not all formulas are suitable for the metal bands on engagement rings. Lastly, you might think that an ultrasonic jewelry device is a foolproof solution for how to clean an engagement ring at home, but the tiny vibrations can sometimes loosen rings with delicate stones and pavé settings.

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Best Practices For Maintaining Your Rings Luster

How to Clean and Care for Your Engagement Ring at Home ...

Avoid sharp or abrasive objects. These can scratch and dull the metal.

Avoid vigorous brushing. While were sure your heart is in the right place, overly vigorous brushing can cause stones to become loose or dislodged.

Avoid chemicals. If you do choose to purchase a jewelry cleaner, make sure that it is chemical free and non-abrasive.

Avoid thick lotions or creams. These products can result in residue and build up, dulling the stones overall brightness. Take your ring off before applying moisturizer, but remember to put it back on!

Remove your ring. While its perfectly normal to want to wear your ring everywhere, there are times wed recommend taking it off. If youre working in the garden, going to the gym, or cooking a messy meal find a safe place to store your ring until its ready to be put back on. Again, food and oils can become stuck in your ring, which can be challenging to remove in cleaning.

Consider traveling bare-handed. While traveling with jewelry is a personal choice, your ring would be better off safe at home. If you dont like the idea of traveling bare-handed consider ordering a replica ring as a placeholder. You wont be upset, financially or emotionally, if its lost to the sea, forgotten in a hotel room, or chipped while rock-climbing which TBH you shouldnt have been wearing your ring for in the first place.

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Careful While Cleaning Your Sapphire Ring

Many people are asking how to clean a Sapphire ring? A diamond Ring or even much softer gems, Are the cleaning techniques of a regular Sapphire ring different from cleaning a White Sapphire ring?

Things to remember in cleaning a Sapphire or Diamond ring:

  • Never use sharp objects because it will result in damaging the setting or scratching the gems and the metal.
  • Be gentle and patient when cleaning.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals in cleaning.
  • It is your choice if you want to use and Ultra Sonic Jewelry cleaning machine. But Remember that its vibrations can cause the setting or the stones to loosen and fall.
  • Never use paper towels to dry your ring- Use soft cloth or air dry it.
  • Gently Brush The Ring

    Use a very soft brush if necessary to remove dirt. Make sure the brush will not scratch the ring’s metal setting. Pay special attention to the undercarriage of your ring and between the prongs where there may be dirt and grime build-up. If your diamond appears hazy or dull when it hadn’t before, it is likely due to a thick layer of gunk in this general area.

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    Give Your Bling A Break

    To maintain the razzle dazzle its also key to give your diamond ring a day off every once in a while. Its not necessarily the case that you should keep your diamond ring just for best, but Rachael recommends reevaluating how and where you wear it.

    The key to looking after a diamond ring and ensuring that it looks bright and beautiful for a long time is respect.

    Many people think of diamond engagement rings as everyday items, because there is an established idea that once it is popped on the finger during the proposal, it should never come off. While you should enjoy your ring every day, you should also devote time to taking care of it, as you would do other precious jewels, she says.

    So when should you give your ring a breather to keep it cleaner? Rachael shares her schedule:

    I always take my ring off when I sleep , cook and I dont wear it in the shower so as to avoid it being blasted with harsh chemicals or getting soap stuck in the settings.

    You should most definitely take it off if you are about to go swimming, climbing, gardening or have a nail appointment booked these activities and situations could scratch, chip or dislodge your diamonds. While diamonds are tough, they arent indestructible, and the gold or other metals they are set in are even more susceptible to harm.

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    How Often Should I Clean My Engagement Ring

    How to clean your Engagement Ring, Wedding Bands at Home – By Bonnie Jewelry

    You can use this at home cleaning method max once per week. If you work in a profession that exposes your hands to a lot of oils, debris, or substances like an esthetician, artist, scientist, or doctor, I recommend wearing your engagement ring on a necklace while you are at work to limit your rings exposure to chemicals. I recommend bringing your engagement ring into your jeweler for a professional cleaning and inspection once per year that will get spots you cant reach at home safely, and ensure all of your stones are tight and secure in their setting.

    If you are an existing Abby Sparks Jewelry client, we offer one complementary VIP treatment per year for your engagement ring. This treatment includes a professional cleaning and inspection. While our VIP treatments are temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we will send updates out via email, so make sure that you are . Otherwise, follow these engagement ring care tips and your ring will be in great shape for generations to come.

    If you have any questions about these tips or cleaning techniques leave them in the comments below, we love answering them!

    About Kelsey Dickinson

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    How To Clean Your Engagement & Wedding Ring

    Its hard to overstate the beauty of the just-cleaned sparkle of a diamond wedding ring. And daily wear and enjoyment is going to take its toll on this sparkle. But you dont have to live with a dull and lifeless ring until you can take a trip to the jewelers for a professional clean. You can clean your ring at home, restoring that gorgeous shine is a simple process with materials you likely already have around the house.

    How Do You Clean Your Engagement Ring And Keep It Clean

    When it comes to cleaning your ring, you can go about it in several ways. You just need to make sure the cleaning method is correct for your diamonds and any other kind of stone featured in your ring. Otherwise, youll do more harm than good while you try to remove dirt and grime.

    Below, are 2 methods that you can use at home on any kind of stone and metals to keep them clean.

  • Soap and Water, Plus a Soft Toothbrush

    No matter what kind of setting or metal your rings has, its best to use a gentle soap and water solution. To create this simple solution, all you need is a small bowl, warm water, and dishwashing soap. Then take your ring and allow it to soak for about 20 to 40 minutes depending on how dirty it is. If your ring is dull because its covered in hard to remove substances such as hairspray, makeup or lotion, you can grab a soft toothbrush and give it a good scrub to remove the residue. Once youre done, rinse the ring under warm running water then take a look at your ring. If you see theres still residue covering the stone and band, repeat the previous steps then dry with a lint-free cloth.

  • Now, if your ring is still looking a bit rough after using these methods, its time to get some help from a professional who can properly inspect and clean your ring. After your ring has been professionally cleaned, you can continue to use the other methods to maintain the shine.

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    Properties Of Gold Jewelry

    Pure gold is always 24 karat gold. If your piece is less than 24 karats, this indicates its mixed with other metals called alloys to increase its hardness and durability. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The more active your lifestyle, the less pure gold youll want in your jewelry. Gold is a soft metal and is prone to scratching, so mixing it with 10 or more parts alloy will increase its longevity.

    How Often Should A Diamond Ring Be Cleaned

    How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring at Home

    The question may seem surprising, because it is generally believed that a diamond can be cleaned at will, especially in view of the resistance displayed by this type of gemstone, reputed to be the hardest in the world.

    You must however pay attention to the setting, which is more fragile, and must be cleaned with more delicacy. It is not necessary to clean your ring every week, once every two or three months is absolutely sufficient, and even longer, if you apply the following tips.

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    How To Clean A Diamond Ring: Silver

    • Vinegar. Pour 1/2 cup white vinegar and 2 tablespoons baking soda into a shallow bowl. Mix the solution so that the baking soda is completely dissolved. Soak your diamond ring in the solution for two to three hours. Then rinse your ring under cold water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.
    • Ketchup. Yes, you read that correctly. If you have a tarnished silver ring, then ketchup could be your solution to getting the shine back. Dunk your band into a small bowl of ketchup for a few minutes. Use a soft toothbrush to work ketchup into the crevices, then rinse the ring with lukewarm water and dry. Be sure not to leave the ketchup on your band for more than a few minutes.

    Ammonia And A Hair Dryer Seriously

    After I got home with my new diamond rings, 2 questions came to mind:

    #1 -Which brands of dishwashing soap have ammonia in them?
    #2 - Use a hair dryer to dry diamond rings... really?

    So I did some research and found others recommending the same thing: dish soap with ammonia and a hair dryer!

    Though, Ill be honest, I also found some people saying that you should never use ammonia on jewelry and even some say not to use a hair dryer.

    Since more than one professional said TO do these things, Ive decided to follow the advice of my jeweler and use dish soap with ammonia to clean my jewelry and a hair dryer to dry my jewelry.

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    How To Clean A Diamond Ring At Home

    These are the best methods for cleaning a diamond ring – and they might surprise you…

    Whether you recently got engaged, are looking after an heirloom or simply want to ensure that your diamond wedding band or engagement ring doesnt succumb to wear and tear, learning how to polish up diamond jewellery at home is a valuable life skill on all accounts.

    If youve been dodging giving your ring a clean for a while, the fact that your band and diamond settings can be breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses and other grime should speed along your visit to the sink. Not to mention that one of the greatest culprits for taking the shine off of a diamond ring is an accumulation of dead skin. Shudder.

    Add to that the fact that most of us are coating our rings in hand sanitiser every time we wash our hands and it’s no surprise your diamond has lost its shine.

    With those filthy facts in mind, heres what to do, and what really not to do, to keep your diamond ring in brilliant condition.


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