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When To Buy Wedding Bands

Kay Wedding Rings And Bands

How to Buy Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

As you get ready to say, “I Do,” wedding bands are an important piece of jewelry in the wedding tradition. At KAY, our wedding bands range from simple gold bands to intricate and detailed enhancer rings. Traditionally, the bride-to-be and the groom get matching wedding rings to display they belong together. Whether you are looking for matching bands or a ring that matches each of your individual styles, KAY Jewelers has the ring that’s sure to capture your heart.



When Should You Buy The Wedding Rings

Generally speaking, theres no hard and fast rule on when to buy your wedding rings. But bear in mind that if your chosen ring is to be engraved or needs to be made to order, there will be a lead time which can be up to a few weeks. If thats the case, its best to be prepared and choose your bands before the last rush in the lead up to the big day.

If its a short engagement, you may not have as much time to make up your mind, but its still worth looking around and popping into your local H.Samuel store to see your options in person.

Budget: How Much Do Wedding Rings Cost

The price of a wedding ring can vary massively, from less than £50 to something more luxe that runs into the thousands. The cost depends on a range of variables such as:

  • Material
  • Design or shape
  • Size and width

Weddings can be expensive. Alongside the rings you need to think about a venue, the dress, the suits, the food the list is long. Its important to set a realistic budget when choosing your rings, so consider your options carefully to find the ones you want and love. If youre looking to spread the cost, some wedding rings can be purchased on 0% finance, allowing you to pay in monthly instalments at a more purse-friendly level.

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Little Known Wedding Band Shopping Tips

  • Choose the right time depending on how far apart the wedding day is from the engagement day, give yourselves about 3 months to choose the wedding bands. However, you shouldnt buy the wedding bands at the same time as the engagement ring. Gentlemen, it may seem like the best idea for you to buy the wedding bands as you get the engagement ring because you know, and she knows that you are meant for each other, but you must give it time, talk over your options and budget with your partner, then buy when you are both certain.
  • Choose the right metal by right metal, we mean the metal that each of you prefers . Beyond the traditional bright yellows, your other options include white gold, rose gold, and platinum. White gold and platinum are quite popular today because of their neutrality and the fact that they blend well with pretty much any cut or color.

Wedding : Who Buys The Wedding Bands

Where did you buy your plain 2mm white gold wedding band ...

While wedding traditions seem to constantly evolveeven your parents wedding will probably look much different than yoursso do wedding ring traditions. For decades it was thought that your gender would determine what role you had in purchasing the wedding rings. Now, the rules have flipped and its much less clear as to who is responsible for simulated diamond jewelry. More couples than ever are discussing wedding expensesincluding both engagement rings and wedding bandstogether as a team.

Although making these decisions as a couple has become the more common approach, many still choose to participate in classic traditions. These traditions may include the groom purchasing the rings, the bride being handed down an heirloom engagement ring, or customs on how to wear a wedding ring set. Before you celebrate your big day or even pop the question, its important to know who buys the wedding bands for the wedding ceremony.

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Why February Is Actually A Good Month To Buy Your Wedding Bands

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Caught up in the frenzy of wedding planning, with a growing list of things that must be done, its easy to overlook one of the most meaningful decisions you and your partner will make together.

Choosing your wedding bands.

If all goes well, youll be wearing those rings for the rest of your lives.

Youll see lots of tips out thereonline and in bridal magazinesabout good times of year to buy engagement rings. What you dont see nearly as often is information about budgeting for and purchasing wedding bands. But that doesnt mean it should become an afterthought.

After all, if all goes well, youll be wearing those rings for the rest of your lives. Your bands are a symbol of your love and commitment, and they will hopefully make you happy every time you look at them.

Youll want your band-browsing trips to be romantic but also rewarding, especially if youre hoping to get the right rings at a bargain price. And that makes Februarya month devoted to loversan ideal time to shop. Heres why.

The Complete Guide To Wedding Bands

While engagement rings get most of the attention, wedding bands are a huge component of your ring aestheticnot to mention, they’re the steadfast symbol of your love. From choosing a metal, selecting engraving or embellishments, and purchasing the bands before the big day, expert Shannon Haas is breaking down everything you need to know to say yes to your wedding band.

Meet the Expert

Shannon Haas is the CEO of The Ring, home to central Texass largest collection of wedding bands.

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Knowing What Your Lover Like The Most

Hanging out a lot with your girl, and she wears kind of jewelry that presents her character. In this case, you already know what she loves the most. It is an important thing you should know before you buy an engagement ring. So, when you give it to her, she will appreciate it a lot and keep that precious engagement ring you have given to her. Its because she loves it so much!

Who Buys The Grooms Wedding Ring

THE BEST WEDDING RING BAND {2021} To Buy Your Husband that You Haven’t Heard Of!

According to theknot.com, its tradition for the bride, or the brides parents, to purchase the grooms wedding band.

While this tradition still reigns quite true, some tweaks can be made to lessen the financial burden. Believe it or not, mens rings can be costly as they contain a lot of metal. To avoid overspending, some couples choose to go halfsies on their wedding ring purchases and go in together using the same pot of money. While the price of a mens band versus a womens band isnt exactly equal, especially if there are accent stones involved, allowing both parties to chip in is a great way to even out the cost.

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Consider The Effects Of Covid

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench in a lot of aspects of everyday life. It’s changed the way we do almost everything, including ring shopping. It’s difficult to predict exactly how the pandemic will affect your ring buying process, and with so much uncertainty, you should give yourself a bit of extra time.

Since more shopping is being done online than ever before, many ring makers are finding themselves with orders backed up. If you end up needing adjustments to your ring, you’ll be glad you gave yourself the cushion of a little extra time. If you need to make any sizing adjustments, you will have less stress if theres time to take care of that detail before your wedding.

Secret Wedding Ring Shopping Hints

Much like individual weddings themselves, each wedding band is a separate and beautiful celebration of love. Depending on when that celebration happens and the way it manifests in bridal jewelry, the shopping experience may look a bit different. Here are some specific tips to help guide you to your perfect band:

If you intend to wear a bridal set: A bridal set has traditionally been worn by women, but modern partnerships have also made stylish mens sets available. This pairing of two or more rings marries an engagement ring and wedding ring into a cohesive design that looks great when worn together. In some cases, the designs and metals might just mimic each other , but in other instances, the engagement ring might be literally surrounded by the wedding band, like an interlocking halo.

If this design will be making an appearance at your nuptials, it can be helpful to purchase both bands at the same time, prior to asking the big question. Given that these jewelry pieces represent a lifetime commitment and thus are usually worn every day, its smart to discuss design ideas with your spouse-to-be as early in the process as possible. If youd still like the engagement or wedding ring to be a surprise, enlist friends and family to get style opinions on the sly.

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Who Buys The Wedding Bands

Today, our couples are so often sharing expenses that they are buying them together, says Haas. Whether you go the traditional route and buy each others bands or youre going about all of the expenses together, expect to spend around 3% of your wedding budget on the rings. Prices can vary significantly depending on the metal, finger size, and width of the ring. You can expect a simple 14-karat gold or platinum band to cost around $1,000 and additional embellishments will add on to the final price tag.

Wedding Bands For Active Lifestyles

Best Time to Buy Wedding Rings

Silicone rings are taking the wedding industry by storm. With more hands-on jobs and active lifestyles, people are gravitating towards silicone wedding bands because they are comfortable and durable. Silicone rings not only feel good to wear and are light-weight, are hypoallergenic, temperature tolerant and safe for your active lifestyle. These rings are also great for travel .

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Your Ring Size Should Be Measured

The process of ordering wedding bands whether they are purchased at retail stores or online might be extended due to production and shipping times. Complicated designs may take longer at times to be ready.

Your ring size may not be correct the first time and might require an exchange. If you do not know your wedding ring size, you can either visit a local jeweler to get measured or better still, use our ring sizers to have them measured at your convenience at home or in your office.

Wedding Band Shopping Tips

One of the simplest ways to start your band search it to use your engagement ring as a guide. Although there will be times when you rock your wedding band solo, you want to make sure it complements your engagement ring when worn together. Go to local jewelry stores and try on everythingeven styles you never thought you’d consider. When it comes down to making a decision, select a band you love and can see yourself wearing for a lifetime. Make sure its comfortable, conducive to your lifestyle, and looks great alone as well as with your engagement ring. Finally, Make sure your jeweler has a great warranty that will take care of your jewelry for you, advises Haas. Theyll be your go-to for any cleaning, sizing, changes, or repairs for the lifetime of the ring.

Before making your purchase, ask about things like costs for adjustments, replacements, and insurance.

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Making Wedding Band Shopping Fun And Easy: The Hitched Home Try

Your wedding band is a symbol of eternal love. Dont make hasty decisions. Take your time and have fun with your home try-on experience! Here are some ideas:

Make It A Date Night: Order your favorite take-out, fancy it up with a special bottle of wine, hunker down in front of the computer and browse wedding rings with your beau. You can discuss whether you want your bands to match, juggle the pros and cons of various metals available , and peak around at the various colors and finishes available.

Pick Five and Compare: Browse our extensive selection of mens wedding bands, and task each of you with independently choosing your top five. Come together when you have them and compare your choices! Were you in sync or totally off? See which styles are in line with both of your preferences.

Surprise Your Groom: Maybe the groom just isnt into shopping. Brides take note and surprise him with the home try-on. Pick out five rings you think your man will love and have them shipped out to you along with the ring sizing tool. Now all he has to do is try them on and firm up his ring size. What could be easier? Get started now

Who Buys The Grooms Band

Buying Wedding Bands

Similar to who buys the brides wedding band, many couples have opted for making both ring purchases together. Even mens wedding rings can be costly as they contain a lot of metal. For this reason, couples may choose to purchase rings for each other, or together using the same pot of money. While the price between a mens and womens wedding ring may not be completely equal- especially if one of them features accents- paying for them using one of these two methods is a good idea to even out the expenses.

While most of the attention is often on the brides wedding rings- both her engagement ring and wedding band- the grooms band is frequently left as a last-minute purchase. It is true that mens wedding bands are much more simple in design than womens, but that doesnt mean theyre any less important. They are still just as significant in representing marriage and should have just as much thought put into the buying journey. Couples may even opt to match their wedding bands slightly, and in which case, will most likely need to be purchased together. Some matching wedding rings will have similar metalwork or accent stones- although they may still differ in shank width. No matter who buys the grooms band- whether together or separately- it should be purchased with the brides wedding band in mind as well.

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