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What Gift Do You Give For A 50th Wedding Anniversary

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Anniversary Ideas | Anniversary Party Planning
  • If you have not yet enjoyed the ultimate train journey, now is the perfect time to pack your finest outfits and board the Venice SimplonOrient Express.
  • Visit Champagne-Ardenne, one of four French regions which the 50th parallel north passes through, and savour an exquisite anniversary meal obviously accompanied by the famous local sparkling wine.
  • For something a little more exotic , you could book an anniversary holiday in Colombia the most recent country to reach 50 million in population.
  • Arrange a luxury boat cruise together or with friends around the Med or Caribbean, and set sail on the holiday of a lifetime.

What Is The Traditional 50th Anniversary Gift

A marriage that’s lasted 50 years is certainly deserving of a medal, so it’s no surprise that the traditional 50th anniversary gift is gold. “If you and your spouse have been together for half a century, that is something that must be celebrated in a major way,” says Kathy Flynn, Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Creative at Personalization Mall. “The 50th anniversary is a momentous occasion that deserves a beautiful gift such as gold,” she continues. Plus, the shiny and durable metal is brimming with meaning. “This precious metal symbolizes wisdom, strength and prosperity, much like a marriage that has lasted this long,” says Flynn.

In fact, gold is so associated with 50 years of marriage that there isn’t an alternative theme for this milestone . Gold is both the traditional and modern material, as well as the official 50th wedding anniversary color. It even replaces the gemstone that’s usually assigned to marriage milestones. The 50th anniversary flowers are the only non-gold symbols associated with this special year. Both yellow roses and violets are considered an appropriate choice.

Of course, while traditional golden anniversary gifts are a lovely way to nod to the occasion, you don’t have to follow tradition to pick out a meaningful present. We’re also sharing some of our favorite nontraditional 50th anniversary gift ideas. Keep reading to find out our favorite traditional and alternative picks.

Gold 50th Anniversary Gifts

If you’ve decided to go for gold with your gift this year, let us point you in the right direction. We’ve got the best 50th anniversary gifts for parents, friends and spouses alike in line with this year’s special theme. No matter who’s on your list, one of these creative golden anniversary gifts is sure to impress.

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Custom Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift For Parents And Grandparents

50th Anniversary Wishes and Messages for Parents

Happy 50th Anniversary!Mom and Dad / Grandma and Grandpa

God blessed you in the kindest way and kept you in His care.He gave you something beautiful – fifty years to share …May you recall with joy, today, the special things youve done.And lovingly reflect upon your memories, one by one.

From Your Children, Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren

Different Types Of Anniversary Gifts According To Year

50th Anniversary Gifts For Parents, For All That You Have ...

Each anniversary year has a specific gift that is tied to the year to celebrate another year of marriage. Here are a few years to give you an example of what each year of marriage has in store with regards to getting your spouse a gift.

The year is broken up into 3 categories, theme, colors, and gemstones.

Year 1: Paper / Clocks, Gold & Yellow, gold jewelry.

Year 2: Cotton/China, Red, Garnet

Year 3: Leather/ Crystal- Glass, Jade & White, Pearl

Year 4: Linen & Silk Fruit & Flowers / Appliances, Blue & Green, Blue Topaz

Year 5: Wood/Silverware, Blue & Pink & Turquoise, Sapphire

Year 6: Candy Iron / Wood, Purple & White & Turquoise, Amethyst

Year 7: Wool Copper / Brass, Desk sets, Yellow & Off-white, Onyx

Year 8: Salt Bronze, Pottery / Linen & Lace, Bronze, Tourmaline

Year 9: Copper Willow, Poetry / Leather, Terracotta, Lapis Lazuli

Year 10: Tin Aluminium / Diamond Jewellery, Silver & Blue, Diamond

Year 20: China/Platinum, Emerald & Green & White, Emerald

Year 25: Silver, Silver, Silver Jewellery

Year 30: Pearl/Diamond, Green, Pearl

Year 35: Coral / Jade , Jade & Coral, Emerald

Year 40: Ruby, Red, Ruby

Year 45: Sapphire, Blue, Sapphire

Year 50: Gold, Gold, Gold

Year 55: Emerald, Emerald- green, Alexandrite

Year 60: Diamond, Diamond-white, Diamond

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Th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husbands

Lets face it, sometimes buying gifts for your husband can be a bit tricky at the best of times. While theres always the classic option of socks, a polo shirt and a novelty mug, for a 50th wedding anniversary you might want to step it up a notch.

Think about their day-to-day life and what would be useful. For someone who is outdoorsy, you could buy a hardy, waterproof watch that they can wear every day and in a variety of conditions. If they are starting to spend more time in front of the TV, consider an upgrade to a more comfortable size and a Netflix subscription. Or, get your husband into a new hobby such as home brewing or astronomy.

Perfect Practice Standard Edition Putting Mat – Green


Heartfelt 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Throughout half a century together, you have figured out the secret to a happy marriage. Celebrate your golden anniversary by gifting something that symbolizes all youve built together. Or, celebrate Mom and Dads impressive decades together. If you dont know where to begin, weve created a list of 50-anniversary gift ideas that will bring tears of joy to their eyes as they reminisce on the years.

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Th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For My Wife:

Here is a quick look into the possible options to gift your wife.

1. Gold:

Just gold! Gold in any form, whether as earrings, bracelets, rings etc. will surely be appreciated by her. Gold is the theme for the year. Just surprise her with everything possible in Gold.

2. Beauty Products:

Pamper her a little bit with this absolutely beautiful set of beauty products. Allow her to feel relaxed and beautiful. This will make a perfect 50th wedding anniversary gifts for wife.

3. Scarf:

A good scarf is a beautiful gift at any point of the year. Pick out a special scarf for her that is soft and comfortable.

4. Music Track:

Does she love some good music? You might by now, know her choice of songs and genre. Go ahead and make her your special tape. It doesnt matter if you do not do it right. She is simply going to appreciate your efforts.

5. Jewellery Box:

Your wife is going to love this! Gift her a lockable jewellery box, that has separate compartments to safeguard her valuables. This thought is going a long way!

6. Customized Jute Bags:

Jute bags are really environment friendly, and you can also customise this to suit the way your wife loves. Get creative and go ahead to make the perfect bag!

7. Gold Plated Frame:

Frame your favourite photo in a beautiful gold plated frame. Make sure to pick the one that has a lot of memories and emotion. She is going to love it.

8. Spa:

9. Wine Basket:

10. Gold Tiara:

Gold On The Ceiling Visit The Vatican

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Vatican City is the worlds smallest country but is home to a vast amount of artwork, a lot of which is made of yup, you guess it gold.

In fact, St. Peters Basilica is practically made of the stuff. To visit the priceless country you must go to Rome, giving you the chance to see all the history from the Golden Age of the Roman Empire. Its almost as if this vacation was set up to be the perfect 50th-anniversary trip.

Spend a few days exploring Rome and the Vatican. See the Coliseum, Spanish steps, Pantheon, Sistine Chapel and some of the greatest artwork known to man.

If youre looking for gold, this is the place to go. While youre there why not through a gold coin into the Trevi Fountain and wish for another 50 years of blissful marriage you never know what kind of magic that fountain can hold.

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Olivia Shih Liquid Gold Cuff Bracelet

Courtesy of Olivia Shih

Timeless, understated, and chic, this gilded gold cuff bracelet goes with everything, from a pantsuit to a casual sweater. It comes in three different sizes, and make sure to order it well in advance. Since its all made by hand, it ships in three to four weeks.

Tree Custom Canvas Print

In life, we have many choices to make on a daily basis. This ones simple, though! Which 50th-anniversary tree custom canvas print design do you want to get for the milestone couple? Select one of three custom options, then add names, a date, and a photo.

This item is one of the thoughtful golden wedding anniversary gifts for your parents.

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Give Your Friend A New Hobby To Start

You wont find any better 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends than this adorable shadow box! Together, your friends can fill up the display box with wine corks, ticket stubs, greeting cards, or any other keepsakes. This thoughtful anniversary gift is both a unique keepsake and a creative decoration, and they will love watching their collection grow over time, much like their love for one another!

Traditional 50th Anniversary Gifts For Him

Parents Anniversary Gift 50th Anniversary Gifts For All ...

50th anniversary gift ideas may be easier to come by than other celebratory milestones, but that doesnt mean that you arent having any trouble with finalizing a golden present.

If you need help with narrowing down the possibilities for this monumental anniversary, weve come to the rescue with our picks for traditional gifts!

If your significant other enjoys a game of poker with his closest friends, a set of playing cards will do the trick. Check out waterproof options within this traditional gold theme so he can avoid any damages and enjoy your gift for as long as possible.

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Th Wedding Anniversary Aka Platinum Wedding Anniversary

The list of what kind of anniversary gifts for each year of marriage dates back as far as the Middle Ages. With each year that passes in marriage the anniversary gift increases in value each year to represent the couples strength within being in the marriage. Among the monarchies, a platinum jubilee is a celebration that marks the 70th anniversary. Some anniversary names provide people with the guidance of what traditional gift to buy for each other or to give to each other to celebrate the anniversary. These gifts can also be bought by family and friends that are invited to the celebration of this remarkable event.

The 70th wedding anniversary is known traditionally to be the Platinum Anniversary. Platinum represents and celebrates everlasting endurance of love as the anniversary jewelry is made from platinum. The Smoky Quartz gemstone is a symbol of true love, purity, rarity, and strength just as a marriage that has lasted this long. It also represents the transformation of negative energies into positive ones.

The gifts to be given traditionally should be made from platinum. This metal is rare and much more valuable than silver or gold. This is also one of the worlds greatest treasures that have been extracted from the earth.

An alternative to buying platinum gifts is iron. Cast iron gifts can be substituted instead of buying a platinum and it also represents the 70th wedding anniversary as cast iron is slow to deteriorate and is long-lasting like their marriage.

Customs And Traditions For The 50th Wedding Anniversary

There are some beautiful traditions that await the couple on the day of their gold wedding anniversary. Much of it is traditionally prepared by neighbors, friends or family. None of this is a must, but maybe the cheering couple will enjoy some of these ancient customs:

  • It is a beautiful tradition that to renew. This can be done in church in the presence of a clergyman or as part of a free wedding ceremony where a speaker comes home. Sometimes rings are exchanged again at the renewed vows ceremony.
  • Often times the couple gets one Crown and a bouquet of flowersthat contains gold decorations or is sprayed with gold paint. These gifts are kept as memories of the golden wedding anniversary.
  • Another custom is for someone to have one Kranz at the door of the couple attached. The circular shape symbolizes persistence. The wreath is often decorated with gold ribbons or gold-sprayed flowers. Sometimes red flowers or ribbons are attached to the wreath to keep evil spirits away and bring happiness and love to the couple.
  • Sometimes too two green fir trees placed to the right and left of the couples front door and connected with a golden garland. They should symbolize the two spouses and their bond.

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You Can Do A Dvd Presentation/ Slide Show

Gather all the images and sentiments that you can find and put together a slideshow for the couple and guests to watch while at the anniversary party. You can meet up with family, friends, neighbors, old work colleagues and gather all the information you can to include within the slideshow.

You can also include their fondest moments and highlights of their lives together as well as before they met each other to form a timeline of how they came to be. You can interview everyone to get personal stories and find out what exactly makes their marriage so special.

Th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him

Wedding Anniversary Gift | 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you’re buying a 50th wedding anniversary gift for him, our Engraved Gold Plated Cufflinks are perfect! Richly plated in beautiful yellow gold, these cufflinks can be uniquely engraved by our expert team with your loved one’s initials to create an extraordinary Golden Anniversary gift. These cufflinks are perfect for wearing time and time again and are bound to make a beautiful reminder of his Golden Anniversary.

Another popular 50th wedding anniversary gift for him is the Personalised Chrome Pocket Watch with a gold-coloured and Celtic-inspired Shamrock Design. Pocket watches are traditionally given to men to celebrate special occasions, and to pass down as heirlooms to younger generations. This watch is the perfect present for a Golden Anniversary, comprising a special gift, and being an ideal gift to treasure forever.

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Brooklinen Heathered Cashmere Core Sheet Set

Courtesy of Brooklinen

Nothing beats sliding into an inviting bed at the end of the day and after 50 years of marriage, you both deserve the best to sleep in. Made of cotton and Himalayan cashmere, these sheets will help with that. They feature a diagonal weave thats both breathable and brushed for softness, so youll both fall asleep easily.

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