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How To Become A Wedding Videographer

Vision Basic Skills Portfolio Whats Next

How To Become a Professional Wedding Videographer

Great! Now you have some videos and wedding experience under your belt and youve created a portfolio of work that is not associated with weddings. Whats next? We suggest trying to assist an established wedding videographer for free. so you can learn). Working under someone who has been in the wedding industry for sometime can help you sharpen your skills and can teach you a couple of lessons about the industry itself. Think of this as a mentorship/internship. What you lack in income, you make up in the knowledge that is being gained!

Good Ideas Of Work For A Beginner Videographer

Currently, the profession of a videographer is considered to be very popular. Many firms and enterprises need qualified specialists. So, what can be shot with a camera?

Wedding videography

If you have a video camera, sooner or later, relatives, friends, or friends of friends will turn to you with a request to capture any significant day of their life by making a film about the celebration of an anniversary or wedding. But the wedding video should be thought out to the smallest detail. Itâs important to know where you will start shooting, and what the end of the video will be. Wedding video shooting usually takes place in several stages: love-story, preparations before a wedding, official part, and party. Of course, each stage needs to be coordinated with the newlyweds because some couples refuse banal plot locations.

Events videography

How to get started in videography? Well, you know that the best way to capture an event is to make a video. Sometimes amateur shooting on the phone may be enough, but for serious events, you will need professional video shooting: with good cameras, cameramen, and high-quality editing. This is a type of shooting in which the action will not be repeated, there will be no attempts to retake, therefore, everything has to be shot quickly and efficiently.

Travel videography

Indie movies, studentsâ movies

Business videos for small companies

How To Shoot A Wedding Video With One Camera

If its your first wedding video, you may be just one person. But shooting with one camera is rough for certain moments in particular, where it might be worth it for an unmanned second setup.

Heres Jason Magbanua on shooting with one camera:

You most definitely can. But plan it out, map a plan. Temper expectations. You will be with the bride most of the time so schedule the groom around that. At least have an unmanned camera for the ceremony so you can edit with at least two angles.

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How To Become A Videographer In 2021

Youve got all the gear you need to get started. You know the difference between shot lists and call sheets. Youve finally sprung for that Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Theres a fresh Facebook page with your new company logo on it. Youve been through our guide on How to Start a Video Production Company from Zero and 37 Videography Tips for Beginners, New Filmmakers and YouTubers.

All thats missing is a steady stream of clients to fill your calendar.

So how do you exactly go from being a passionate, hobbyist filmmaker to getting paid as a passionate professional filmmaker, especially during a pandemic?

For a lot of people venturing into the videography business, it was never as simple as going from point A to point B, not even without a global pandemic disrupting many creative fields today. To help you get the ball rolling for your career, were exploring some of the best ways you can make money as a freelance videographer.

Summary Of Wedding Videography Tips

How to choose a wedding videographer

Great looking cinematic wedding videos begin inside the camera. Once the footage is shot, little can be done in post to enrich it and every correction step taken later only adds to the cost. The best way to shoot the best wedding videos is to get everything right at the time of the shoot itself.

The first thing that helps you in this quest is a great camera that comes equipped with a large sensor, preferably either Super 35 mm or Full-frame in size. The shallow depth of field that comes, quite as a natural characteristic with these cameras, contributes significantly to the shot aesthetics.

Another aspect to consider before choosing the ideal camera is its low-light performance and form-factor. Then again, the choice of lenses is crucial when filming a wedding video. The quality of movements you use in your wedding video can make or break them. A wedding video that sounds great will also enhance the production value.

Use a professional external audio recorder bundled with lav or shotgun mics to get nice, crisp audio. Headphones and filters too are important tools to have in your wedding videography kit.

While you may use these wedding videography tips to shoot the sweetest wedding videos, remember that becoming a wedding videographer comes down to YOU. The best way to learn wedding videography and how to videotape a wedding is through experience and persistence.

Perhaps, well even see you in NYC!

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Pass The Production Test

In the production test, you record a deposition that is staged for the test. First, you are given 30 minutes to become familiar with the recording equipment provided. Once the 30 minutes are up, you must record a brief mock deposition. You will be graded on your ability to provide a quality recording of the proceedings.

Planning For The Wedding How To Shoot Only The Best Videos

Shooting a wedding video comes down to two things: timing and planning. Planning is so important that it cannot be stressed enough. Everything about a wedding should be planned from the engagement party to the actual event.

Your job, as a wedding videographer, is to capture everything while also blending into the background. While not an easy job, its one that can be mastered with practice. Begin by attending the rehearsal dinner.

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Send Out A Questionnaire Pdf With Important Questions

We like to do this right after a couple has booked and before the Initial Meeting. The PDF document is easily emailed to the client and contains important personality-gauging questions, asks specifically about special circumstances on the day and also gets admin stuff in order.

A PDF document like this is so important because every wedding are different. Would you rather go into a wedding blind, or go in armed with answers to important questions that will help you produce much stronger work and a better product for your client?

Your questionnaire should be specific to you, but here are some sample questions:

1. What are your 5 favourite movies

2. What are your 5 favourite bands/singers?

3. What is the most important part of the wedding day for you both?

4. Why did you choose wedding videography for your big day?

5. What are the best parts about our work at ?

6. Please give 3 emergency contact numbers for on the day

These are just sample questions. You should shoot for around 10 questions, but you might want to have more or less depending on your particular circumstances.

Become A Web Designer Seo Specialist And Digital Marketer


22. Its time to build a website. As quickly as possible, learn everything about domains, hosting plans, WordPress themes, plugins, HTML/PHP/CSS for customization, graphic design, web standards, and how to write authentically but businessy.

23. Stuck on a WordPress sidebar not working perfectly? Take a break from video and dedicate a couple months to the WordPress codex, enable your browsers Developer mode, and make sure you master this step before moving on. Alternatively, you could hire a WordPress expert on Fiverr but they will insert malicious code into your site. Better to do it yourself and do it right.

24. Not sure what to put on your site? Tell your story, how you got here, what inspires you, why filmmaking is your passion, how you felt the day you quit your day job. Go into detail about who you are. Make sure to replace every I with we – its more professional.

25. Dont forget, if you have a contact or newsletter signup form, youll need to change your site to an HTTPS format with a proper SSL certificate. Familiarize yourself with htaccess 301 redirects, DNS and nameservers, cPanel, CDNs, captcha APIs, and the process of migrating your database, domain, and static web files away from GoDaddy.

27. Content is king, so start blogging regularly using proper SEO strategies, including articles that are at least 2000 words. Also write additional long form articles to pitch to other sites, in order to build your backlink portfolio.

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Why Being Original Matters

Originality is also very important. Production work that is unique to you makes you look very professional and will help you stand out in the industry. Conduct proper research in your preferred field of specialization and found out what style of content is popular.

Be sure to confirm that no other brand has covered the same area that you are targeting. Copying someone elses creativity and ideas will only make you seem unoriginal and very amateur.

How To Shoot A Wedding

Great! Now we are getting to the sweet stuff. Before we go into detail on how to shoot a wedding, some few no-brainer tips to observe are

  • Do not panic You might feel like you are in a lot of pressure to be perfect. Try to reassure yourself that you can do a good job. Being calm will help you capture the moment without overthinking.

  • Be Patient Try not to rush or force the moment. At times, the memorable parts of the wedding are down the lane.

  • Only take clips of the noteworthy moments You do not have to keep shooting when nothing is going on unless this is your style.


Okay, lets get into the details. As the old mantra goes, sweat more during training, bleed less in war. The first thing you should do when shooting a wedding is to plan. Preparation is key. You can start planning by making a shot list. A shot list is a compilation of moments that you or the client consider worth capturing. They vary in each wedding though the common ones are:

  • Bride, groom and guests preparing

  • The down-the-aisle walk

  • The first kiss as a married couple

  • Cake cutting

  • Reception and toasts

Create the shot list, as per your style, then run it by the wedding planner or the clients and ask if there is anything else they might want you to add. As you run it by them, enquire on the timeframes and venues for each listed moment so that you do not miss out.


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What Does A Freelance Videographer/editor Do

There are certain skills that many Freelance Videographer/Editors have in order to accomplish their responsibilities. By taking a look through resumes, we were able to narrow down the most common skills for a person in this position. We discovered that a lot of resumes listed Communication skills, Computer skills and Creativity.

When it comes to the most important skills required to be a Freelance Videographer/Editor, we found that a lot of resumes listed 36.2% of Freelance Videographer/Editors included Training Videos, while 10.7% of resumes included Video Production, and 5.6% of resumes included Final Cut Pro. Hard skills like these are helpful to have when it comes to performing essential job responsibilities.

When it comes to searching for a job, many search for a key term or phrase. Instead, it might be more helpful to search by industry, as you might be missing jobs that you never thought about in industries that you didnt even think offered positions related to the Freelance Videographer/Editor job title. But what industry to start with? Most Freelance Videographer/Editors actually find jobs in the Media and Manufacturing industries.

To Learn Videography You Must Become The Teacher

How To Become A Wedding Videographer

46. Dont just focus on the current client – you need to create a lead generation system. Learn how to build a customer sales funnel with email newsletters, paid ads and landing pages, and autoresponders. Invest in a Virtual Assistant to handle your potentially busy inbound leads.

47. Spend a couple months creating an ebook or video series that provides inbound leads with the secret to successful videography. Jump start your newsletter subscription efforts with a paid ad or giveaway.

48. Why duplicate other peoples failures? Enroll in a business consulting program that promises steady work, enough money to buy a RED camera, and the freedom to take 2-3 family vacations a year.

49. Save on consulting costs by agreeing to provide a testimonial about how the program has helped you take the first step to a life of freedom.

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Know Your Numbers To Become A Wedding Videographer

This is the most important takeaway that you will get from reading this post. So much so that Ill bold it for emphasis: you need to know your numbers before you can make an informed decision about becoming a full-time wedding videographer.

What do I mean by this? You need to know exactly how much money you need to earn in order to meet your total outgoings and have an appropriate amount of money left over for savings and a safety net emergency fund. Starting a wedding videography business can be expensive.

Youll have a lot of expenses at first. Especially when it comes to your camera and audio equipment, your wedding videography insurance, your editing device, and so on.

A business is a business. Starting out as a professional videographer wont be fundamentally different from starting a wedding decor business.

Then there are the costs associated with filming each wedding i.e. travel, music licensing, possible second-shooters, delivery medium costs to name but a few.

Youll need to look the part too so check out our recommendations for photographer / videographer outfits and attire for the wedding day.

And then there are the taxes. Depending on where you live, youll have tax to pay on your income, tax to pay on sales, and so on. Given that taxes vary so much by location, getting deep into this is way beyond the scope of this post.

If You Really Want To Make Your Own Business

If you are really willing to go out and make this your business as for your leaving you are going to need to gain some experience first in filming wedding situations specifically as this is really a different type of situation for any camera.

Due to the continuously changing and drastic lighting condition, it is very necessary that you understand your equipment and your camera and how to operate them in a full efficiency to capture all the moment and emotions just as the way you are being hired for.

The amount of experience that you are going to gain from working out the details at your friends wedding will not only teach you what to do in the future but it may also be proven to be helpful towards you developing a portfolio that you can share with other potential clients.

And of course, the only camera is not all the thing that you are going to need. You are going to be needing a lot more than just a piece of camera.

It is actually more suitable to have at least two different cameras especially in a situation where you have someone else on board to work with you or to give you helping hand so you can capture multiple angles of the same moment or even multiple spots of the venue of the event at the same time saving you some time and giving you the upper hand of managing your work.

The brand of the camera and the style you choose is really up to you.

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