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How Much To Spend On Wedding Flowers

Florist Faq: How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost Pt 1

Guide to Wedding Flowers Singapore- How much to budget?

Today were continuing our Florist FAQ series with one of the first questions potential clients ask, but one of the hardest to answer: How much do wedding flowers cost? It seems like a simple question considering many other aspects of wedding planning come with a straightforward price tag or a list of package options. Flowers, however, are a bit trickier because so many different factors come into play. As we always tell potential clients, everything from your must-have flower to your guest count can affect the amount you spend on flowers!

How Much Should I Budget For Wedding Flowers

As explained, this depends on a range of factors, but if you want the full works – flowers for the bridal party, bridal bouquet and reception flowers – the team at Pesh Flowers advises that couples should expect an order to come in at upwards of £1,000.

Coming in at a similar number, Charlotte from Herbert and Isles says: We find that weddings tend to start on an average of £1,200-£1,500, although we offer bespoke packages for all weddings.

Communication with your florist is key. Something thats really helpful as a florist is when your clients are really upfront and open about their budget from the start,” says Rosie from Lavender and Rose. “Once your florist knows what youre able to spend with them, they can design something that will look beautiful, but within your budget.

Its worth knowing that from our experience most florists will charge around three times the wholesale value of a stem. At first this may seem ludicrous, but when you consider they have to order, collect, condition, get them to their peak bloom, arrange, deliver and install them you begin to understand where the extra cost comes in.

When it comes to your floristry order, there are three main areas that can impact the total cost of your wedding flowers where your wedding is , the time of year youre getting married and the floral order itself.

Some Extra Tips That I Learned Along The Way:

  • BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF about how much you can afford. I set out to have an inexpensive, yet beautiful, wedding. But I knew I couldnt have it at the most expensive venue, with the most expensive vendors. It is important to be realistic!
  • DO YOUR RESEARCH, AND THEN SOME MORE. There are all sorts of ways to save money! Ive included a handful on this article, but there are so many more tips out there take advantage of them and make sure to not overspend!

What did you do to save extra money on your wedding? Do you have any tips?

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Do Certain Wedding Flowers Cost More

The average cost of flowers for a wedding varies so widely because there are so many different types of flowers! The most expensive flowers include peonies, gardenias, and hydrangeas. If youre on a tight wedding flower budget, using lots of greenery is an affordable way to decorate your reception. Other inexpensive flowers include freesia, babys breath, roses , daisies, and carnations.

Flower Delivery + Set Up Costs

Expert Advice on How Much to Spend on Wedding Flowers

Typically, wedding florists will charge a minimum of around 10% of your subtotal for delivery and setup. Since florals in ceremony and reception spaces can require elaborate design work, florists will charge a fee to deliver them to the wedding site and set things up. Normally arriving several hours earlier than the wedding start time, NJ wedding florists will work to make sure everything is perfect before guests arrive.

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If You Have A Modest Floral Budget What Should You Plan On Spending

A modest budget is around $2-4k and, though small, can absolutely still be lovely! Couples with this type of budget can likely still get florals across the top of an arch and light floral decor for the aisle for the ceremony and centerpieces that are low-and-lush or bud vase gatherings mixed with hurricane candles for the reception. Floral options would be based around more easily available varieties, like standard roses, spray roses, stock, Queen Anne’s lace, alstroemeria, hydrangea, etc. And, depending on the season, more delicate options might be sprinkled throughout.

Here are some photos from a wedding with a floral budget in this range:

How Much Should I Spend On Wedding Centerpieces

Depending on their budget, people spend between $80 $400 on their wedding centerpiece. The budget for the centerpiece is determined by factors like the number of tables used during the day and the type of flowers you want to put on it. These days, the centerpiece is not the only piece of furniture or table on which flowers are placed during the ceremony. A lot of people use the head table and the dessert tables for floral arrangements as well.

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What Is The Average Price Of A Wedding Florist

A wedding florist charges a particular amount based on his experience. On average, wedding florists charge between $600 $800 for taking care of the entire floral arrangement during a wedding. If you are organizing a small wedding, you can settle for a wedding florist who has just started and charges between $150 $200. If you are about to have a big, lavish wedding, you can hire a highly experienced wedding florist who could charge in the range of $2,500 $3,000.

The Cheapest And Most Expensive Types Of Wedding Flowers

How to Budget for Wedding Centerpieces | Wedding Flowers

We surveyed wholesale prices from several internet-based vendors, including Slow Flowers Journal, Mila Design and We Love Florists, for popular wedding flowers and found quite a spread between high- and low-priced flowers, and between high and low prices for the same flower, as shown in the table below. These are wholesale prices per stem. However, often a minimum number of stems is required per order. Larger quantities may get you a discount. Color variations may also affect the price.


Another factor that can raise your bill: being overly choosy about your flowers. You might want a dozen standard roses in your bouquet but nowhere else at your wedding. If these roses come in boxes of 25, youll still have to pay for the entire box. It pays to choose a trustworthy florist and to let them execute your vision in a cost-effective way since they will know thesenuances.

The florists labor costs are usually incorporated into the price of the arrangements, which is why a bride might pay three to five times as much per stem as the amounts listed above. If the florist has high overhead a brick-and-mortar shop and employees they may need to charge more than a person who works alone out of their house. They may also bring some intangibles to your wedding flowers training, skills and experience, which might cause them to charge more than a competitor. The value should appear in the final product and in the that last a lifetime.

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What Is The Average Cost Of Wedding Flowers

According to florists, the average cost of wedding flowers is around $3,500. This average price point includes the whole works: boutonnieres, bouquets, corsages, ceremony decorations, table centerpieces, reception decorations, flower child and ring bearer flowers, and petals. However, flower prices can fluctuate based on their availability, and it can be easy to add floral expenses without even realizing it , so it may be wise to budget a bit more just to be on the safe side.

Wedding Flowers Decor Cost

Wedding flowers can make for excellent decor whether you line your aisle with flowers, hang wreaths from the walls, hand flower baskets from the ceiling, or even include flowers in your wedding arch. Other couples may choose to dedicate an entire wall to flowers as the perfect photo destination to pose in front of. Flower decorations can get quite elaborate and expensive, but you can also choose on more subtle and subdued floral designs.

No matter how you choose to decorate your ceremony and venue with flowers, theyll come at a price. So how much do wedding flowers cost as decor? Lets break it down.

Lowest Price: $200

Highest Price: $2,000+

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As A Seasoned Wedding Florist What’s Your Biggest Piece Of Advice For Engaged Couples Mapping Out Their Floral Budget

A lot of clients say they don’t want to spend too much of the floral budget at the ceremony because it typically only lasts 15-30 minutes and guests don’t spend much time there. I totally disagree with this. This is your guests’ first impression of your event! Plus, the ceremony is the moment you’ve dreamt about all your life. The ceremony is what you will remember the mostyou say your official “I do’s,” have your first married kiss, and all eyes are on you two while you dedicate your lives to each other in front of the most important people in your life. So, I can’t say it enough: Make it special! Make it magical!

The ceremony is also where a ton of photos are going to be taken, soeven though you and the guests are only here for 20 minutesit’s most likely the scene that will be hanging on your wall for the rest of your lives. Another major bonus? Almost all ceremony florals can be transferred to the receptionwhether they are repurposed as centerpieces, stage decor, sweetheart/head table decor, placed around lounges, draped across bars, etc.which is how you get the most bang for your buck. Don’t hesitate when it comes to spending on your ceremonythose florals will go to great use!

Aisle Guide Editorial Team

How To Save Money On Wedding Flowers: 20 Tips For Couples

How much should you spend on wedding flowers?

Booking the venue, sending invitations, finding your dress, selecting a menu, stocking up on alcohol, finding choice entertainment … the wedding checklist goes on and on. Decoration expenses can easily be forgotten while engaged couples are busy working on larger wedding plans. But it doesnt have to happen that way. In this post, were going to show you how to save money on wedding flowers with a bunch of proven tips, tricks, and ideas.

The average cost of wedding flowers is around $2,000. Dont let the cost of your floral arrangements catch you off guard down the line, especially if your budget has already been stretched to the limit. With some clever planning, you can save a bundle on wedding bouquets when you say, I do!

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How Much Should I Expect To Spend On Wedding Flowers

We get this question all the time!

First couples get engaged, they celebrate with friends and family and they start to dream about what their wedding day might look like! Then, they begin to plan, and the magnitude of the task at hand often causes unnecessary stress.

The unknown costs of wedding planning can be the most difficult. Thats why were on a mission to provide resources to make this journey easy and affordable for you! Were gathering industry standards and averages, so you can get the information you need and leave the extra stress behind.

Lets start with our favorite part of the wedding day the flowers! From bridal bouquets and boutonnieres to garden arches and garland, were gathered the info you need to make purchasing your wedding flowers simple!

Wedding Flower Prices:

Bridal bouquet:$200

Garden Arch: $300


Now youre in-the-know with a clear idea of how much to expect to spend on your wedding flowers! Doesnt that feel better?

The even sweeter news is that we make wedding flowers easy and affordable! So, consider a package with Enjoy Flowers to enjoy expert designs and unrivalled freshness, delivered fully arranged and ready to enjoy!

Here are the averages spent with us, based on the size of the wedding, to give you a clear idea of what you can expect to spend for your Enjoy Flower experience!

Small Weddings :Avg $350 $500

Medium Weddings :Avg $700 $900

Large Weddings :Avg $1000 $1200

Extra Large Weddings :Avg $1300 $2000

Floral Budget Breakdown: How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost

Here is a breakdown of approximately how much each floral arrangement element in a wedding costs to better help you create a floral budget that works for you. Remember, prices for flowers and services can vary wildly, so use these figures as a general guideline and get real price quotes from your local wedding florists!

Its also important to consider that although these are the average amounts couples are spending, some will spend more on one floral element and not spend as much on another. Know what kind of flowers you absolutely want, and what youre willing to splurge on vs. sacrifice.

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Where To Buy/ Find Cheap Flower Decor

Consulting your local florist can be an excellent resource to find cheap flower decor. Your florist can work with you and your budget to help you create the flower arrangements you need with the budget you allocate.

However, if youre looking to buy cheap flowers to create DIY wedding decorations yourself, another spot to look would be your local grocery store. Most grocery stores, including Trader Joes, typically have a fresh flower section where you may be able to find beautiful flowers at a decent price.

Should You Get A Loan To Pay For A Wedding

How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers

I know of multiple women who took out loans or purely use a credit card for wedding expenses.

To be honest, it really is not the best way to start your marriage, but it is understandable if you have a few items that you just dont have cash for like a photographer or a venue.

My best piece of advice is to know your credit score before starting to rack up credit.

I use , which Ive loved for years!

Not only is it free, but checking your credit score through them wont make any difference on your score .

If you are considering taking out a loan for a wedding, I wont try to fully discourage you from doing so, but encourage you to do your research weddings dont have to be as expensive as youd think!

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What Are Your Priorities

This is often one of the first things we suggest couples think over on their own as they begin to pull together a vision for their ceremony and reception flowers on their wedding day. Some couples want to have flowers everywhere! Some just want a few accents here and there to highlight the day. Some will choose less bridesmaids to have a floral archway that they are married under. Others want popular wedding flowers, like a head table decorated just for them at their reception.

Id suggest thinking about whats the bigger priority to you: the amount of people in your wedding party or the amount/size of the floral moments at your event. Again, theres no right answer to this! Its all up to you, and whichever you decide is perfect! Lets do it!

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