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How To Find Addresses For Wedding Invitations

Prepare Your Guest List

How to Address Wedding Invitations & Examples : DIY Wedding Invitations

Before you click send, consider your wedding guest list. Who are you going to invite? If youre planning on mailing the link out to everyone you and your fiancé know before creating your wedding guest list, you may want to think twice.

Consoling hurt feelings may be more than youll want to deal with right now. Will your old co-workers feel left out if they dont get a save the date from you even though you asked them for their mailing address? Just a tiny bit of planning ahead of time will save you some trouble. It may be wise to send out the link to collect wedding addresses AFTER youve created your wedding guest list.

Choose Your Text Option

From here, youll get the option to send one mass text from a dedicated event phone number as part of a subscription package or try it for free by sending from your personal phone number.

If you choose to send from your personal phone, the app auto-populates each message for you all in a row, all you have to do is click send on each one! Easy peasy and youre on your way to collecting all your wedding guest addresses!

Send The Link To Guests

Once you’re ready to send your form, click the link icon to create a URL that you can share directly with guests . Copy the link and send it to your wedding guests, either via email or text . When guests click the link , they will be prompted to fill out the form and it will immediately auto-populate your spreadsheet of guests’ addresses.

One thing to note is that if you have some wedding guests who might not be super tech-savvy, then it is best to go the old-fashioned route and reach out to them directly with a phone call for getting addresses for your wedding invitations. If those guests are family members or, say, your parents’ friends, consider asking a parent to call them on your behalf this way, you’ll be able to divvy up the address-gathering tasks and collect them more quickly.

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How Do You Collect Addresses For A Wedding

Digital age, youre not helping

Q: We are getting ready to think about save the dates and, later, invitations for our wedding, and its pretty clear from our guest spreadsheet that we dont know anybodys mailing address. Or their email addresses. Or their phone numbers.

Or, for some of them, the correct spelling of their partners last name, thanks to people creating fake last names on Facebook for privacy reasons!

Were not working with a huge guest list here, but regardless, my spreadsheet brain tells me to make a Google form and send it out to collect addresses all at oncebut Im not sure thats the best way? We live in New York so theres always to chance that well have to correct an address later, but the idea of texting my friends saying, Can you give us your contact info with this link? sounds much easier to navigate than basically anything else.

Is sending a spreadsheet to collect addresses for my wedding ridiculous? Is it tacky? Will it ruin the sweet surprise of getting an invitation in the mail?

How did everyone else do this? I cant be the only one who doesnt keep an address book handy!

Answer from the editor:

Heres a tool to manage all your wedding guests all in one place! But wed love to hear some DIY options or other tools that worked for you, since most of are in the same boat .

If you want the APW communitys two cents, send it to QUESTIONS AT APRACTICALWEDDING DOT COM, and well do our best to crowd source you some answers!

How To Address Wedding Invitations To An Unmarried Couple

The Feminist Guide to Addressing Wedding Invitations

Addressing wedding invitations to an unmarried couple isnt much different from that of a married couple. The main difference being that its common practice to address the man before the woman also you need to invite both individually by name.

On the outer envelope:

Mr. Zachary Lee and Ms. Linda Lewis

On the inner envelope:

Mr. Lee and Ms. Lewis

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An Easy Solution To Collect Wedding Guest Addresses

Need to collect your wedding guest addresses to send your invitations? Tick this wedding planning to-do off your list in a simple and savvy way with TextMyLink!

There are so many moving pieces involved in planning a wedding and so much data to gather, sort, and store! The bigger the wedding guest list, the more information youll need to collect from wedding guest addresses to RSVPs, meal preferences, and more.

Around here, were big fans of anything that can make your wedding planning process simpler, savvier, and less stressful. Thats why were excited to introduce you to a handy app that will help you collect all the info youll need from your wedding guests!

How Do You Address Formal Wedding Invitations

Determining the appropriate way to address your wedding invitation envelopes can be a tricky process. As a rule of thumb, the outer envelope of your wedding invitation should be more formal, with titles and full names, while the inner envelope is more informal, leaving out first names or titles and last names .

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Learn The Etiquette For Including Your Loved Ones’ Significant Others On The Envelope

It is here where you will have the trickiest waters to navigate in terms of etiquette: who to invite, the question to include a plus one or not, and more. Get tips in this post!

Inviting people to your wedding can be lots of fun after the stress of choosing your guest list, as it shows the big day is quickly approaching and may make the whole celebration feel more real. However, it is at this moment during the wedding-planning process when you will have the trickiest waters to navigate in terms of what to do: who to invite, the question to include a plus one or not, and so much more. Now that many couples choose to stay together for several years before tying the knot themselves, your mothers old wedding etiquette guide may not have sufficient advice when it comes to your list of attendees and how to address wedding invitations.

Whether you have inner envelope and outer envelope or just an outer envelope, the envelope etiquette remains almost entirely the same for couples who live together, yet are not married yet. Discover tips for addressing wedding invitation envelopes for all of your friends and family members who have a partner but are not a married couple.

Love This Feature Click Here To Create Your Free Wedding Website And Get Organized With Zolas Guest List Tool

Wedding Invitations : How to Address Wedding Invitations to Military Personnel

If youre anything like me you hate using Excel. Youll jump for joy knowing Zola has made the once painful process of creating your wedding guest list that much easier. No more accidentally deleting names or manually typing in every address. Its a LOT more fun to log into your Zola account to do all of this than to open an old-school Excel grid IMHO.

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Textmylink Was Created By A Recent Groom

For our wedding, we had to individually text over 200 people to get their addresses. It was a pain to reach out to everyone and then copy that information into an Excel document We thought that others might be in the same boat, so we created TextMyLink to help simplify the process!

Daniel Schulman

If you want to get the most out of TextMyLink, upgrade to a subscription so you can view your text history all in one place for easy event management. You also dont have to worry about managing a ton of text replies in your personal phone.

Also, youll never use your data. Your address book and details will remain in your app even if your subscription ends.

How To Easily* Collect Mailing Addresses From Your Guests

Weve created a solution to the extremely specific problem of getting a bunch of peoples mailing addresses for a wedding . So youll be able to send your Save the Dates, Invitations and Thank You Cards stress-free. In fact we can even mail them for you if you want, but thats a discussion for another post. Okay, but how easy is it really?

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How To Address Save The Dates

Same as your wedding announcements, addressing your save the dates will be in the same format. To make things easier and simpler, consider printing custom save the date address labels or having your addresses made into paste-on mailing labels. Utilizing these tips will save valuable time and energy, and it will make all the cards look more professional. Additionally, this list of save the date addresses will serve as an official address list and guest list for your wedding invitations. While addressing save the dates, its the perfect time to double check guest information. Make sure all your guests will receive both the save the dates and invitations so you wont have to scramble to get a new mailing address at the last minute.

Guests Will Enter Their Mailing Information

how to address envelopes for wedding invitations

When your guest receives your pre-invitation email message, they will be prompted to provide their postal address on an online reply card. Their addresses will be saved in your online address book for you to use for your wedding invitations and any other wedding stationery you might send at a future date . You can even keep track of who has and who hasnt updated their addresses, in case you need to follow up.

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If The Widow Has Children

If you plan on inviting a widow and her children, be sure to address the widow as her with Mrs. and her husbands last name, or the same name she had when she before she became a widow after she became married. This is if her children do not have two last names and only take their last name as the widows husbands last name.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette Mistakes To Avoid


When it comes to creating and sending your wedding invitation, theres a lot more to it than just sticking a card in the mail. Weve asked our experts to weigh in on the top invitation etiquette mistakes and to share their tips so that your invites are everything you want them to be.

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When To Send Out Save The Dates

The best time to send out your save the dates is when you have a general idea and plan for all the wedding festivities that are happening. For instance, when you have a set date, venue and wedding registry, this would be a perfect time to send out your save the dates. Even if you have a general idea of your wedding plans, such as a weekend, your guest would appreciate the heads up to schedule travel and prepare for the day or weekend.

The basic rule of thumb is to send your save the dates roughly 4-6 months before your wedding. For destination weddings, send your save the dates roughly 8-12 months in advance. This will allow for your guests to find appropriate accommodations and plan any other things such as visas and airfare tickets.

Use The Widows Full Name

How to Address Wedding Invitations Correctly and According to Etiquette

It never hurts to use the widows full name and title as Mrs. before her husband was deceased if you are unsure. Its always a safe bet to use her entire name as to how it was before, as it shows respect to her and her late husband. Another option is to use Ms. and write the widows entire full name with her first and last name.

If the widow never changed her last name to her spouses last name before and kept her maiden name, you can address the widow with the name she has always been using. If this is the case, address her by her first name and maiden name with either the title Mrs. or Ms., for whichever she prefers you to use, or go with Mrs. to be safe if you have any uncertainty.

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Addressing Wedding Shower Invitations: Return Address

Proper etiquette for addressing bridal shower invitations should also be followed when it comes to the return address. A return address should always be included on wedding shower invitations so that undelivered invites can be accounted for. It also lets guests know where they can send a shower gift if the RSVP information on the invitation includes an email address or phone number rather than a physical address.

Wondering whose return address you should put on the bridal shower invitations? It’s best to include the host’s name and address, since they’ll likely be keeping track of RSVPs. If another person has taken charge of guest responses , put that person’s full name and address instead. The main thing to keep in mind is that every invitation should have the same return address.

Finally, the return address should be centered on the back flap of the envelope. It’s acceptable to use labels or a custom stamp to ensure everything looks identical . Just make sure that your labels or stamp have a similar style, font and overall look to the address on the front of the envelope. It’s considered good etiquette for everything to look cohesive when addressing bridal shower invitations.

Petite Prints Calligraphy

Select The Info Youd Like To Collect

Next, youll select from the list of information options youd like to collect from your guests. TextMyLink automatically includes First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and in each link, and you can select the following additional options to collect as well: Title, Email Address, RSVP, Partner/Spouse, and Address.

After youve selected the info to collect, youll get to see a preview of the page your guests will see when they click the link in your text.

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Addressing Those Who Do Not Gender Identify

Example 1:

Outer Envelope: Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia HutchinsInner Envelope: Caitlyn and Sophia

Notes: A) If you have guests on your list who dont use traditional gender titles, then the easiest solution is to drop the title altogether. Doing so will show that youre sympathetic to their sentiments.

B) If you personally dislike gender titles, then you may choose to drop such titles for many of your guests. However, be aware of older adults on your list. For instance, if your parents are inviting friends you grew up addressing as Mr. or Ms., then it may seem off if you suddenly drop those titles of respect. As always, use your best judgment.

Group 3:

-Military Personnel

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