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How To Preserve Wedding Bouquet

Find A Local Or Online Vendor

How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet | HGTV

Start by asking your wedding florist if they are able to preserve your wedding flowers, or if they know of a local vendor who can. If nobody is available locally, each of the links below have been recommended for various types of flower preservation techniques. Keep in mind youll want to decide which vendor youll want to go with and start the order forms at least two weeks prior to your wedding day.

Hang Them Upside Down To Air Dry


This is the traditional way to dry your wedding flowers. Its incredibly simple: just tie the stems tightly together and hang them upside down for a few weeks in a dry, warm place like in an airing cupboard or over a radiator.

Drying them in the dark will preserve their colour and scent as much as possible, but the downside to this method is that your blooms are likely to become muted or darker in colour.

How To Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet Using Silica Gel

Place the prepared bouquet into the dish or container with enough silica gel to completely cover it. Make sure that none of the flower stems are sticking out of the silica gel.

Leave your covered dish or container of flowers and silica gel placed in a cool dry place. This process takes 2 to 6 days.

Once your bouquet has dried in the silica gel, remove it from the container and store it.

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How To Preserve A Bouquet Before The Wedding

  • If you were brought a bouquet on its own stems, then it must be in a small shipping vase with water. The stems will need to be pruned to renew again the cut so that the flower can “drink”. Otherwise, flowers, especially those that need water, will begin to wither.
  • The best place for a preserving bridal bouquet is where the air temperature is more than 0 ° C, but less than 10 ° C. If on the eve of the Wedding you have found a place for a Wedding bouquet in your refrigerator – the basic rule is not to lean the flowers of the bouquet against the back wall of the refrigerator, it often freezes below 0 ° C! Do not forget about this, otherwise, the flowers in your bouquet will freeze.
  • If your wedding is being held on a winter day, and the temperature outside the window is below minus 5 ° C, the courier on foot must bring the bridal bouquet packed in a transport box with insulation so that the bouquet does not freeze during transportation. If you are planning a photo session with a bouquet at minus 10 ° C, then be aware that after you bring the bouquet into a warm room from the cold, the flowers will thaw and wither, wither, the stems will darken. Therefore, in winter for a photo session, order a small bouquet-backup.
  • Floral decorations, like a bouquet, are best kept in a cool place without unpacking until morning.

What To Do With Preserved Flowers

#TrendTuesday: Unique ways to preserve your bridal bouquet ...

You may be wondering what to even do with these flowers? Well, if you went for the hanging method, you could just leave them there! Hanging flowers look really cool in any room, and will surely get any friends you have over talking.

You could also put them in a nice vase! While you may think that this would look strange, its actually really cool! The muted colors give the bouquet an earthy tone, and is especially great if you had non-floral plants in your bouquet or elsewhere in the wedding.

If you plan on moving sometime in the future, you can put your dried flowers in a sealed jar, like this one. This might help them maintain their color for longer than usual. This example has a cute piece of twine tied across the top.

For a sweet gift, you can place them in ornament baubles and gift them to your wedding party. They can put them up every Christmas and think of the sweet day you all spent together.

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Wedding Bouquet Preservation Prep

If youre planning to preserve your wedding bouquet, we recommend skipping the bouquet toss or swapping it for a dummy bouquet instead. Using a wrapping paper/ribbon bouquet from your wedding shower, a paper bouquet, or a mini replica of your bouquet from the florist will prevent your actual bouquet from getting damaged and broken.

Depending on the type of flowers used, your bouquet can start to wilt or look a little lackluster a few days after your wedding. Keep in mind that by the time you get the bouquet on your wedding day, there’s a good chance that flowers have been cut for at least a couple of days, if not a week or longer. Most florists rely on flowers from all across the countryand sometimes the worldto create their designs, which means that your blooms have already traveled quite the distance to be part of your special day. For locally grown flowers, you might luck out with a little extra time to preserve your wedding bouquet, since they can be harvested more closely to your wedding date, but youll still need to act quickly.

Keep Your Bouquet In The Refrigerator

Some brides may not be able to get to a professional floral preservation company directly after the wedding. If you have to wait a few days, Jacqueline explains that its a good idea to put your wedding bouquet in a refrigerator with a moderately cold temperature. If this is not an option for you, she says you can also keep your flowers by an air vent in a cool dark space.

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Bring An Extra Vase For After The Wedding

After your wedding ceremony, youll probably be so excited about the reception to follow that the last thing on your mind will be sticking your bouquet in some water. To keep your flowers from drying out, Jacqueline explains that youll definitely want to take the extra time to place your flowers in a vase filled with water after the ceremony. Many brides will have a vase placed at their table at the reception waiting for them so that as soon as they enter the venue, they have a place to keep their bouquet safe and hydrated!

Try These Creative Ways To Display Your Flowers

Preserving my wedding bouquet in resin!

After youve dried or preserved your flowers, the real fun is deciding how to use them. Dried flowers can be beautiful on their own, but are also great for creating art for your home. The options are only limited by your imagination, but here are 13 ideas to get you started.

  • Frame your flowers to display your pressing as wall art.
  • Press coasters with flowers in fresh clay and cut with a cookie cutter before baking.
  • Pour candles and add your dried petals to the wax and scents to match your wedding bouquet.
  • Craft sun catchers with dried flowers pressed between glass panes.
  • Display a vase of your beautiful dried or preserved bouquet.
  • Make a wreath of your flowers to adorn your door.
  • Build a shadow box with your dried blooms and other wedding keepsakes, like your vows.
  • Weave a flower crown to hang on your wall and wear on your anniversary.
  • Create monogram art of epoxy resin, molding your flowers into initials.
  • Shape a heart with epoxy resin or as a wreath to display on your mantle.
  • Design jewelry with pressed flowers in glass or with an epoxy resin mold.
  • Cast a ring stand by pouring epoxy resin into a cone for your nightstand to keep your wedding rings safe.

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Hang Your Bouquet To Air

Air drying your bouquet is another simple and traditional way to save your flowers. This process also takes a few weeks to complete, but your flowers will preserve more of their shape with this method than with pressing. Your flowers will lose some color and arent the easiest to craft with, but they look great in a vase or hanging on the wall.

How To Store Preserved Flowers

If not stored in an airtight container, your dried flowers will last about 1-3 years. You should keep them in a dry, bright place. If they are near somewhere with a lot of steam, like a bathroom or a kitchen, they may grow moldy. This is why its important to seal them at some point.

You can read more about preserved flower care here.

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Favors With Ferns And Pansies

For a more bohemian feel, use pressed greenery instead of blooms. “Our hope was that the ornaments would make their way back to the guests homes to be put on their Christmas trees as a memory from the weekend,” says the bride who incorporated these floral-pressed mini window panes.

Photo by Michelle Roller

For a pretty dinner menu, jot down the meal on an acrylic sheet and add hand-pressed wildflowers for a ’70s feel. This font matches the vibe perfectly.

Photo by Katie Pritchard

Pressed flower placemats are such a unique spin on this décor idea. Plus, it’s a fun way to add acrylic into the mix to complete a dreamy tablescape!

While you’re setting the table, mark your places with pressed-flower signs. We love the way a rose-gold frame pairs with pretty-in-pink blooms.

Do Not Freeze Mist Or Put Your Bouquet In Plastic

Preserve your wedding bouquet with Leigh Florist! # ...

There are many little tricks brides may try to use to help preserve their wedding bouquets before they can bring their flowers to a professional. Unfortunately, some of these tips can actually make things worse. Jacqueline tells brides not to freeze their bouquet, because although it will look great at first, once the flowers thaw, the bouquet will look terrible and will no longer be preservable at that point. She also discourages brides from misting their flowers due to the process expediting decay. Finally, stay away from covering the flowers in plastic, because it will make them sweat and bring about decay more quickly as well.

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Most Unique Ways To Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

Wondering how to preserve your wedding bouquet? Weve found fourteen creative ideas! for FREE to be on our VIP list!

Hi, loves! Emma here and a few days ago, I was browsing the web for how to preserve your wedding bouquet, whether with a shadow box or a cool jewelry piece. The shadow box looked beautiful and made me think, hmm, I wonder how to preserve wedding bouquet flowers in other ways. And we found 14 unique ways of preserving flowers beautifully + easily!

by rachel keppeler

There are actually fourteen really fun and unique ways to preserve your wedding bouquet so you can hold on to those fresh blooms for a long time. Weve been talking a lot about faux bouquets and sola flower alternatives, which are awesome, but in case you want to preserve fresh flowers these are perfect options for you.

Well also show you a few things you need, in case youre wondering how to preserve your wedding bouquet with a little DIY-inspiration.

Take a look and Im sure youll be as amazed as I was to find so many creative ways to preserve wedding flowers. Enjoy!

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Why Would You Want To Save Your Wedding Flowers

Brides have been preserving their flowers for years now. Its an easy and beautiful way to keep a special memento of your wedding. However you choose to preserve or display them, you can always look at them fondly and feel transported back in time to your special day.

Considering the price of wedding flowers, it also makes sense to save them to get more use and beauty out of your purchase!

They can also be used as a beautiful piece of decor in your newlywed home. Dried flowers are a unique decorating piece, and these have a bit of extra sentiment behind them. Theyre also something you can show your future children and grandchildren when you tell them all about your big wedding.

Turn Them Into A Paperweight

How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet – DIY Wedding Keepsake

Image: The Flower Preservation Workshop

The Flower Preservation Workshop turn your bouquet and flowers into amazing floral paperweights if youd love to have one as a keepsake. Specialising in 3D flower preservation, your blooms are freeze-dried to keep their colour and shape, before being turned into a paperweight by their team of designers. As 100% of the moisture is removed, your flowers will stay looking perfect forever.

They can accept bouquets at their Somerset workshop for up to 10 days after the wedding, but the fresher the better. The team provide full instructions for packaging and sending your flowers and you can do it via Royal Mail so its a completely easy process.

Image: The Flower Preservation Workshop

It depends on the flower, but turning your flowers into a paperweight normally takes 6-8 weeks from start to finish and then youre left with a stunning, unique keepsake.

You can even preserve the confetti from your wedding as a keepsake, which could make an amazing gift for your partner, as paper is the recommended 1st wedding anniversary present.

Their single flower paperweights cost £169.99, while a multi-flower paperweight starts from £229.99 depending on size.

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Faq On The Topic Of Preserving A Wedding Bouquet:

Can I throw out the bridal bouquet after the wedding?

Some people think that getting rid of the bouquet is a must. But in no case should you just throw it into the trash. The following options are considered acceptable: traditionally throw it to friends after the wedding, give it to the river, or burn it.

Why can’t you store a wedding bouquet?

It is believed that dried plants draw energy and happiness from people. And you cannot keep a dried wedding bouquet at home, as it can affect the atmosphere in a young family.

What to do with the bridal bouquet after the wedding?

It is better to keep the dried composition in the bedroom so that passion reigns in the relationship. The stems with leaves cut before drying must be burned and thrown into running water.

What to do after catching the bridal bouquet at the wedding?

If the bride got married with the bouquet that you caught in the church – that is, it was consecrated during this ceremony, then it would be most correct to leave it in the church.

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