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How To Store Wedding Dress

Considerations: Color Fabric And Shape

How to Store a Bridal Dress : Wedding Dresses

Before you can properly follow the wedding dress storage protocol, you must learn as much as you can about your dress. That includes information like what fabric its made out of, the design shape, and its color. Knowing these, you can create the conditions necessary to prevent permanent wrinkles and discoloration.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Use a garment bag Your gown vendor should provide you with a garment bag upon purchase, but, if not, bring one yourself to pick it up. Keeping it in a zip-up bag will allow the dress to hold its form, avoid wrinkles, and prevent moisture, mildew, and discoloration.

  • Lay it flat or hang it carefully Who hasnt hung up a dress incorrectly only to find it in the closet weeks later with stretched out shoulders or, worse, hangar marks. The same pitfall can happen to a dress pre-ceremony if its not properly hung or laid flat. The former may require professional assistance from your bridal store. If you have to do it yourself, be sure to use the provided loops sewn into the dress to hang it, rather than the shoulder fabric itself. If at all possible, lay it flat to ensure that it holds its shape.

  • Just say no to DIY cleaning Wedding dress fabrics are not your average chain store cottons and poly-blends. Wedding dress textiles require more than kid gloves, so leave the gown cleaning to the professionals. That tiny pen stain may look easy to clean yourself, but be warned, a Tide pen may make matters worse.

Store Your Pieces Somewhere Cool Dry And Dark

A wedding dress is at its happiest in a cool, dry and dark place. Keep your dress away from direct sunlight and dont store with anything musty or dirty, as odors may transfer. Remove any plastic covering from around your dress tissue paper is better if you need to protect beading, and when it comes to a garment bag, breathable is best. Its also wise to add some silica gel packs to absorb any moisture. If your dress needs to be stored for longer than eight months, invest in a breathable storage box with acid free tissue.

ask your wedding store or dress designer how to store your wedding dress, they usually know better

such a box for your wedding dress is a great idea, it’s cool and dry but keep it somewhere dark

such a wedding dress display is a cool idea to show off the beauty while you aren’t wearing it

What’s The Difference Between Standard Dry Cleaning And Gown Preservation

Dry cleaning and preservation are two entirely separate processes. If you’re wondering why you can’t just have your wedding dress professionally cleaned after the wedding and expect it to hold up years later, it’s simply because you’re missing an entire step. “Dry cleaning is the treatment of areas, where soiled, with chemicals, explains Karen Jean-Aimee, Bridal Specialist for Madame Paulette. “Once gown is clean, we wrap the dress in acid-free tissue paper and place it in an acid-free archival preservation chamber.” Preserving your gown is the proper and appropriate way to care for your dress post-wedding, given that it places the gown, once cleaned, in a safe, waterproof place for long-term storage.

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When Should One Preserve Their Wedding Gown How Long Is Too Long To Wait

The longer you wait, the more likely sunlight and oxidation can cause damage. “Stains and soils react with textile fibers and over time cause oxidation of the yarns, thus altering the chemistry of the textile and potentially making it much more difficult to reverse the damage safely,” says Jonathan Scheer, Founder & CEO of J. Scheer & Co. “Keeping the gown in a cool, dark, dry storage environment after the wedding and before cleaning will slow the process of oxidation and allow for a wider window of opportunity to wait before cleaning,” he advises. “I would prefer to see the gown as soon after the wedding as is practical, and advise clients not to wait more than three to six months.”

It’s important to note that not all stains are visible right away. The fabrics that compose wedding dresses attract impurities easily and it’s best to plan your preservation sooner rather than later. Remember that sugar alcohols and chloride salts will aggressively degrade fabrics and even if you think you cleaned it yourself, and the stains will set and could result in permanent damage.

Looking For Wedding Dress Storage In Southern Idaho Look No Further Than Stor

How to Clean and Store the Wedding Dress

Now that you know how to store a wedding dress, it’s time to find the perfect storage space for your very own prized nuptial possession. Look no further than with our storage experts right here at Stor-It. We are Idaho’s oldest, largest, and most trusted storage company. With 14 locations across the Treasure Valley and more being built this year, we have the facilities to meet all of your storage needs. For your wedding dress, we recommend our climate-controlled facilities. You can also check out our packing and moving supplies available for sale on site, where you’ll find specially-made storage boxes for large clothing items, like wedding dresses, and much, much more. Store and shop with us today!

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Is Wedding Dress Preservation Necessary

Professional wedding dress preservation is necessary if you care about stains, aging, and the long-term condition of your gown. At the very least, its crucial that you get your dress dry-cleaned, wrapped as properly as you can in acid-free paper, and store in a climate-controlled area of your home.

Can I Store My Wedding Dress In A Plastic Box

Your wedding gown is undoubtedly one of the most important articles of clothing youll ever purchase, and likely the most expensive. After the big day, youll need to put some thought into the cleaning, preservation, and storage of your gown, since it cannot simply be hung in your closet with the rest of your wardrobe.

Shop the best items for both long term and short term wedding dress storage now.

If youre not sure where to start, weve outlined the basics of wedding dress storage below so that you can make an educated purchase and protect your beautiful wedding gown for years to come.

The first decision youll want to make is whether youre looking for short term storage or long term storage . If you only want to store your gown for a short time , a high-quality garment bag is enough.

Look for thick fabrics that wont rip or tear, pH neutral fabrics, or bags made of muslin which is commonly used for textile preservation.

Use an acid-free, sturdy cardboard storage box or sweater bag, and line it with tissue paper. For dresses, especially heavily beaded gowns, lay the hem in the box first, then fold the dress. If the dress is very long, lay it down accordion-style with tissue paper between each fold. Make sure you wrap each garment like this and lay them one on top of another in the box.

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I Have To Store My Wedding Dress For A Year So Im Using These Expert Tips To Keep It Safe

When I got the call that my wedding dress had been delivered to the bridal shop this past May, I should have been ecstatic. However, after postponing my October 2020 wedding a full year due to the pandemic, this would-be exciting moment filled me with dread what in the world was I going to do with my dress for over a year? My mind immediately went to when my best friend picked up her dress before her wedding and received a long list of strict instructions from the shop such as “avoid cooking until after the wedding” and “keep it in a cool place” and that was to store it at home for just two days!

To ease my panicking, I spoke with Lindsey Love, a senior brand stylist at BHLDN, for her tips on safely storing a dress for over a year. If, like me, you had to postpone your wedding or your dress came in super early but your shop can’t store it, keep reading for tips on how and where to store your gorgeous gown until your big day.

How To Store A Wedding Dress Before Your Wedding

How to Store a Wedding Dress

It is important to store your wedding dress properly before the day of your wedding. The last thing you want is to find that your wedding dress has sustained damage when you go to put it on for your wedding day. When you store your wedding dress, it is important to ensure that you follow any instructions that have been provided, as well as choose the right location to keep your wedding dress. Failure to follow these directions can easily allow your dress to become damaged. With these tips, you can be confident that your wedding with us at The Little Vegas Chapel will go off without a hitch. Here are some steps that you can take to store your wedding dress until your wedding day.

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Be Sure To Support The Folds

Follow the video produced by Scheer’s team as you fold your wedding dress at home. The biggest takeaway? Support every fold. “Anytime you fold a three-dimensional textile, there will be stress on the yarns at the fold points. These need to be supported. The weight of gravity is such that a fold can become a crease,” Scheer explains. And creases are the last thing you want. “Creased fabric is permanently damaged fabric.”

What Is Wedding Dress Cleaning Vs Preservation

Wedding dress cleaning typically involves a general stain removal, but an extra preservation treatment is needed to make sure it stores that way for years. Most brides choose to professionally clean their wedding gown after the big day, but not all choose to preserve it. A cleaner can give you a general treatment, but a professional wedding gown preservationist will help you:

  • Create a museum-quality preservation plan for stains based on your fabric and embellishments.
  • Use appropriate solvents for your specific wedding dress.
  • Clean and preserve your wedding dress in a timely manner .
  • Place your wedding dress in a special preservation box and explain how to store and care for it long-term.

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Properly Clean Your Dress:

Another vital piece of advice any bride needs to hear is, get your dress adequately cleaned! We are not joking here. Its crucial.

There are some essential tips on properly cleaning your dress. The process required is often different than standard dry cleaning. You need a place that has the proper machinery to handle the delicacy of a wedding dress. Make sure you do your research before going to any dry cleaner. Ensure that they have the knowledge and capability to handle your wedding dress and all of its delicacy.

Tips To Store Your Wedding Dress And Accessories

The best bridal shops in Chicago for the perfect wedding dress

With lots of couples postponing their weddings because of Covid 19, many bride have been asking how to store their wedding dresses and accessories right until their big days arrive. The same advice applies post-wedding, for anyone who wants to preserve pieces of their wedding day attire as keepsakes for years to come. Lets see how to keep them safe right.

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Shoes Jewellery & Hair Accessories

Shoes and jewellery are best stored in their original boxes, with any necessary padding around them – again remove any plastic. Make sure they are somewhere safe, moisture-free, and that you note where you left them – you don’t want a mad panic trying to find your wedding earrings in 12 months time!

Photo by Peter Carvill via One Fab Day

Protect Your Dress From Plastics

If your wedding dress comes wrapped in plastic or a white plastic garment bag, and you plan on storing it for more than a few weeks, you’ll want to remove it from the plastic or plastic garment bag. Then wrap your dress in white or light-coloured cotton sheets or put it in a light-coloured cloth garment bag. Plastic usually doesn’t allow the fabric to ‘breathe’ and may even dull or yellow the dress, as chemicals start to break down and gases are discharged.

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Pay Attention To The Label On Your Dress

This is one label you don’t want to ignore. Look for any specific dry cleaning directions it might have, such as “Dry Clean Only with Petroleum Solvent.” Whatever it says, listen to it, and make sure the preservationist or dry cleaner you choose has the appropriate cleaning solutions for your wedding dress.

Be Smart About Where You Store Your Wedding Dress

How to Store & Preserve a Vintage Wedding Dress

Once youve carefully packaged your dress, be sure to store it somewhere safe from extreme temperatures, light and humidity.

Sally Conant, executive director of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, recommends keeping your gown somewhere you would be physically comfortable. Aim for a cool, dark and dry environment with a relative humidity of 50 percent. This rules out attics and basements. Attics are too hotso hot, in fact, that temperature could reach 140 degreesand basements are damp and prone to flooding.

Many women chose to store their dresses under their bed or in a dry closet. If you dont have any room to store your gown, we have a variety of self storage unit climates and types that will keep it cool, dry and protected.

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Diy Wedding Dress Preservation

If you want to preserve your wedding dress on your own, following these guidelines will set you up for success.

  • Always use white cotton gloves when handling the wedding dress.
  • Before you go all-out cleaning the dress, spot test the fabric in an inconspicuous area to make sure it’s not going to harm the fabric.
  • Soft-bristled brushes will help you get the job done. Pick up some gentle toothbrushes and have at it.
  • NEVER use bleach on your gown. The delicate fabric can be irreversibly damaged if you use this incredibly harsh chemical.
  • When the wedding gown is clean and dry, wrap it in acid-free tissue paper or pre-washed unbleached muslin. Avoid colored tissue paper as it can stain the dress over time. Place layers of tissue paper or muslin between the folds of the dress to avoid permanent creasing. Additionally, be sure to stuff the bust of the dress with tissue paper to help maintain its full shape.
  • Place the dress in an acid-free container and store it in an area that is safe from harsh light or temperatures . You should also add silica desiccant packets inside the box for humidity control.
  • Alternatively, you can use an acid-free plastic garment bag to hang the dress in a cool, dry closet. Avoid hanging the wedding dress on a hanger made of wire or wood. Wedding gowns are much heavier than ordinary clothes, and their weight will cause a pull on the fabric as it hangs, which can lead to distortion.

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