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When To Send Save The Dates For Destination Wedding

What Wording Should I Include On My Destination Wedding Save The Dates


You can include as little or as much information as you want. Traditionally save-the-date cards simply included the couples names, the wedding date, and location. But since guests need time to coordinate their travel plans, a destination wedding save the date calls for a few more details. You can still keep the card short and simple, but make sure you include a link to your destination wedding website where they can get additional info such as itinerary, travel details, accommodations, etc.

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How To Address Save The Dates

If youre following the traditional method of addressing your save the dates, be aware youll be addressing your envelopes differently than you would a normal piece of mail. Here are some basic tips that will walk you through the process.

  • Keep the names of married couples on one line. If a couple is not married, put their names on separate lines.
  • Write out full names and avoid using initials.
  • When writing the address, spell out the address in full if it is under 20 digits.
  • Spell out all abbreviations, including street, avenue, and so on.
  • On the back flap of the envelope, print the hosts address, but do not include the hosts name.
  • When including children, list their names under their parents names on the invitation from oldest to youngest.
  • When including guests who are over eighteen and still living at home with their parents, send them a separate save the date and invitation.
  • If possible, include the name of your guests plus one. If you cant, add and guest after the guests last name.
  • Dont use symbols. Spell out and and e.g.
  • Mr. and Mrs. should be abbreviated.
  • Clearly list whoever is invited on the envelope, rather than writing and family.
  • If theres space, your guests titles should be spelled out, such as captain, doctor, and so on.

Can You Skip Save The Dates

Save the dates are going to be critical for some weddings but not necessarily all. If you are planning a destination wedding or will have many guests traveling, save the dates should not be skipped. If you have a lot of local attendees, or are planning on a shorter timeline, you can skip save the dates.

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Why Are Destination Weddings Different

Destination weddings require more notice because they require more planning. Depending on the location of your ceremony and reception, guests may need to:

  • Buy plane tickets, including potentially more expensive international fares
  • Get a passport
  • Book hotel rooms
  • Rent a car
  • Arrange for a babysitter to watch their kids at the hotel after the ceremony/during the reception
  • Ask for extra time off work
  • Make sure they dont accidentally use up vacation time theyd need to attend your wedding
  • Get SCUBA certified
  • For those reasons, its best to order save the dates for a destination wedding about 12 months before your wedding date. Then address and mail them as soon as possible but no later than 9 months before the big day. Thats enough time to get a hotel room, even at more popular destinations, ensuring your friends and family can be by your side when its time to celebrate.

    Youll then follow up by purchasing your wedding invitations six to nine months before your destination wedding and mailing them out no later than four to six months prior to your I dos. Obviously, this timeline isnt set in stone and certain circumstances like a short engagement could cause things to shift. But the general idea is to give as much notice as you can so nobody has to miss out because they couldnt get flights or score a hotel room.

    What Goes On Save The Dates

    When should I send out my wedding Save the Date cards ...

    Its simple, really.

    Names + Date + General Location

    Thats it. Well, sort of. The two most important parts of a save the date are your names and the special date. If youre choosing from a pre-designed selection of cards theyll likely all have the words Save the Date already on them as well. And lastly, include the general location of the big day. That may be in a city or a resort name etc.

    Easily send Save the Dates in minutes. Postable will print, address and mail them for you. Well even help you collect the addresses.

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    Shutterfly Save The Dates

    Create personalized and stylish save the date cards with Shutterfly. Our easy-to-use templates allow you to design your save the dates with your selected photographs and important nuptial details. We can even address, stamp and send your cards! Make sure to keep a copy of your save the dates to save for a wedding .

    As you consider your save the date ideas, explore countless pages of inspiration with wedding ideas for themes and dream wedding looksfrom going for a holiday look for a Christmas wedding or choosing a bright and summery theme. Get inspired to design elegant wedding stationery that reflects your unique love story and visions of your big day.

    Movie Poster Destination Wedding Save The Date

    How cool and unique is this? I know Id be impressed if someone sent me this save the date for a destination wedding. Not only would I save the date, Id never forget it!

    To recreate this concept, all youll need is a dash of creativity and an engagement photo or a pic from that nice little digital camera of yours. I created the example above on Big Huge Labs to create the example above and it was really easy, free, and a lot of fun!

    I just uploaded an engagement photo, borrowed the tagline behind every great love is a great story from one of my favorite movies, The Notebook. And used the movie title Once Upon a Time in Mexico which is perfect for a destination wedding in Mexico. Then I had a little fun with the credits at the bottom. This is where you can put details like location, RSVP date, website URL and more. Just have fun with it!

    Thats all there is to it! Just upload the pic, type your wording, choose your font colors, and voila! Youre now the star of your own feature film! Not the DIY type? You can order a custom-designed 5×7 movie poster save the dates from Etsy.

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    They Set The Tone & Theme For The Big Day

    Not the primary goal, though still important your Save the Dates help establish the tone and theme of your wedding. And while you may not have the full colorscheme decided, you can still use these cards to begin to illustrate your own personal love story for the whole wedding party to feel connected.

    The Dos And Donts Of Save The Date Etiquette

    Traditional Save The Date | Akash Surya | Wedding Invitation | 2019

    Save the Dates are a relatively modern invention in the world of weddings. Theyre a great way to announce your wedding in a fun and personal way, and to keep your guests informed. But Save the Date etiquette can be a little confusing for the uninitiated. These dos and dont will get you up to speed, so you can cross this item off the To Do list, and do it right.

    DO send out Save the Dates. Sending a Save the Date isnt mandatory, but I highly recommend it. If youre planning a destination wedding or weekend-long celebration, youll be doing both yourselves and your guests a disservice by not letting them know as early as possible. Save the Dates give them time to plan their schedules and make travel plans, which makes it more likely they will attend.

    DONT send them too earlyor too late! Six to seven months before the wedding is a good time to send Save the Dates. For destination weddings, you can send them up to nine months ahead, although I wouldnt recommend any earlier. On the other hand, sending them just a few months before the big day wont give your guests enough notice, and that defeats the whole purpose.

    DO include your names, the location and the exact wedding date. Save the venue as a surprise for the actual invitation and just include the city, state .

    DONT include reply cards. Unlike invitations, theres no need to include RSVP cards with your Save the Dates. Guests arent expected to respond until they receive the invitation, although some may.


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    Take Note Of The Actual Wedding Date And Destination

    Stunning save the dates help boost pre-event buzz, set the tone for your weddings style and time of day, and also share critical travel details for your guests who will be venturing from near and far to celebrate with you and your family.

    Dont scrimp on quality or dare use e-vite save the dates. Make an elegant and memorable first impression of the wedding, since it will be one of the most important celebrations of your life.

    The more popular your wedding date and the more remote your wedding destination, the sooner your save the dates should be mailed.

    How To Address Save The Date Cards

    A save the date card should go to every guest invited to your wedding, including members of your wedding party and family members. Using the same etiquette rules for how to address wedding invitations, weve provided the following guidelines for how to address your save the date cards with your guests in mind:

    To a single guest, use the appropriate titles, Mr., Mrs. or Ms.

    Mrs. Jones

    San Francisco, CA 14002

    Save the Date with a plus one, use the title Mr. or Ms. with the last name of the primary guest and write and guest.

    Mr. Jones and Guest

    San Francisco, CA 14002

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    When To Send Save

    If local, aim for six to nine months ahead of the wedding date If destination, shoot for nine to 12 months.

    Why? Your guests might have their own special moments to celebrate or personal and professional commitments they need to move around to attend your wedding.

    What? Include your names, the wedding location, and the wedding dateand mention that what theyre reading is a save-the-date, with an invite to follow. If you like, share a link to a personal website for updates.

    Pro tip: If there are major holidays happening around the time that your save-the-dates are planned, then adjust the mail-out date accordingly, so your note isnt missed or misplaced.

    Paper Plane Destination Wedding Save The Date

    Save the Dates: What Information to Provide

    Remember the paper planes you used to make when you were a kid and bored in class? Who knew that one day theyd be the inspiration for your destination wedding save the date?! Not only will this idea inspire your guests to book their flights, it will stir some childhood nostalgia in the process.

    Georgia Yates Design via Etsy

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    When To Send Save The Dates: All Your Save The Date Questions Answered

    Planning a wedding in 2020, was difficult given the uncertainties we all faced. It seems likely that our lives are on track to return to a place where we can make plans and stick to them again. Hallelujah! When planning a wedding, one of the first questions youll likely find yourself asking is when to send Save the Dates. Of course, first theres the engagement, the endless stream of bubbly and what feels like a blanket of love. Once the initial haze wears off, the lucky couple will set a date. Sending save the date wedding cards is a step that should theoretically follow shortly after. Sometimes this can get pushed to the side when the avalanche of items on the wedding planning to-do list starts piling up. Its wise to think ahead and prevent this from happening by marking your calendar with the approximate date for when youll do the actual mailing. This brings us back to the original question: When should you send your save the dates?

    Are Save The Dates Necessary For Weddings

    If you want to make certain that your guests will be able to attend your special day, then yes save the dates are necessary for weddings. If you skip these and just send the wedding invites, your guests may* have enough time to prepare. It really depends on the number of guests, whether theyre coming from out of town or how tight their schedules are.

    All that to say, yes Save the Dates are important if you want to ensure that the people you invite are able to attend.

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    When To Send Save The Dates For Local Weddings: 4 To 6 Months Before The Wedding

    Your ceremony and reception venues are in your hometown, and most of your guests are local. For a local wedding, give your guests at least four to six months advance notice of your wedding date, and follow up with your invitations as soon as possible.

    Expert Wedding Planning Tip: It is important to think about large seasonal events that may impact the receipt of a save the date, if possible do not send save the dates during the peak of the Christmas holiday season, as they can get lost with all of the other mail that arrives during that time of the year.

    In summary, heres a basic timeline for when to send save the dates:

  • Choose your location and set the date. These two items are intertwined. You may fall in love with a location and select from available dates. Or you may choose a special date and a venue in your preferred location later down the line. The location can be approximate a city will do.
  • Take your engagement photos. You can schedule your engagement photo shoot any time after the proposal.
  • Design your save the dates cards. Use your engagement photos in your design for the ultimate personal touch.
  • Mail your save the dates. The basic rule of thumb is to send save the dates 6 months before the wedding. For a destination wedding, it is customary to mail save the dates 8 to 12 months in advance. For a local affair, send save the dates 4 months in advance.
  • Follow your save the dates with your formal invitations about 8 weeks before the wedding.
  • Sending Electronic Save The Dates


    One of the main reasons to send digital save the dates is convenience. Traditional save-the-date cards require ordering, proofing, printing, waiting for delivery, addressing, applying postage, and physical mailing, all of which can take weeks.

    Since most online stationery sites are so easy to navigate, you can select and pay for your design within an hour flat, all with a few clicks.

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