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How Much Do Wedding Bands Typically Cost

How To People Afford A Wedding

How much does a wedding band cost? – The Wedding Band Show

A wedding can be as affordable as you want it to be. Again, there are no rules that you have to pay a certain amount to have an amazing wedding day.

That being said, different couples have different ways of affording their wedding. From saving and borrowing to being given money or keeping their wedding plans really simple.

Factors That Determine Average Cost Of A Wedding Band/ring

Countless factors determine the price tag on your wedding band. It depends on who made your ring, of course, and where you purchased it. Most importantly though, it depends on what your wedding band is made out of.

A plain wedding band made of white gold will cost 40%-50% less than the same style band made of platinum. Add diamonds or other stones to the design, and you can expect the cost to rise accordingly as both the stones are an additional expense, along with the craftsmanship and time to create the ring. The rarity and clarity of the stones, plus the intricacy of a design, all add to the cost of a wedding band. The width of the band matters too, as a wider band uses more material and naturally costs more.Alternative wedding band materials, like wood and leather, are typically on the less expensive end of the spectrum, though depending on the quality, the uniqueness of the material and additional design elements, they can compete with gold in some cases.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Wedding In The Uk In 2021

There is no definitive answer to what is the average cost of a wedding in the UK in 2021. But there have been several surveys conducted and its worth considering that the answers are from a select number of couples.

According to Bridebooks December 2020 survey of over 4500 couples, the average wedding cost was £14,422 in 2020 and £20,731 in 2019.

Its important to take a pinch of salt with the average wedding cost decrease. The pandemic would have had a dramatic impact on wedding budgets in 2020 and 2021 weddings, should in theory have a higher average cost.

Hitcheds 2019 wedding survey of 2,800 couples found that the average wedding cost was £31,974. Considerably more expensive than the other survey, so it just goes to show that finding the average wedding cost in the UK isnt an easy feat.

What we do know is that its common for couples to spend tens of thousands of pounds on their wedding day. But thats the average and there will be couples spending much, much less than this and wildly over this figure. You know what? Thats totally OK.

If your budget is a little different from the averages, no sweat. You can do this and have your wedding of dreams.

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How Much Is A Good Band And What Am I Paying For

Live music payment varies from state to state. If youre seeking to hire wedding bands in Melbourne or Sydney, the average cost will start at about $2,500 -$3,000 for a 4-piece band.

That generally includes three to four sets, an industry-standard meal and refreshment for acts longer than three hours, and all the lighting and equipment required to play the show. A small deposit is customary at the time of booking. In our case its 20%, with the rest to be paid up at least 7 days prior to the booking date.

These musicians know exactly how to create the right atmosphere for the night, working together to produce a flawless performance. Seasoned artists, like the ones represented by our agency, play perfectly at this level, and range from three piece to five piece bands.

Be wary of calculating value for money based upon the members in the group. This is not always a good indicator of the quality youll receive for the cost. Instead, ask us about what each act offers to clarify what youll receive for the payment you make.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Irish & Ceilidh Band

The Average Price of an Engagement Ring

The average cost of booking an Irish band is £900.

Prices for Ceilidh bands and Irish singers typically begin at £490 with the high-end prices for Irish acts being around £1200.

Whether you are celebrating St Patricks Day or just looking to have a lively and raucous party, booking an Irish band is one way to guarantee an amazing night.

Irish cover bands will perform lively covers of traditional Irish songs, as well as popular covers in their own style.

Ceilidh bands are slightly different in the way that they encourage crowd participation and dancing. Many Ceilidh bands are also Scottish and Welsh, not just Irish!

Find your very own Irish band and Ceilidh act now by heading to our Irish bands and Ceilidh page.

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How To Save For A Wedding

Saving for a wedding is not always easy. But its time for a financial audit.

It may seem scary but its incredibly simple. All you need to do is sit down together and look at your bank accounts. Create a spreadsheet with all of your outgoings and track where you spend your money.

You then may be able to cut some costs and create a goal of how much you can save each month. This will help to determine your wedding budget and your wedding date too, depending on how long it will take you to save up.

Average Cost Of A Wedding Band/ring

The precise amount that the average couple spends on wedding rings is difficult to pin down. Different sources offer different numbers based on varying methods of gathering data. The real expense, for most couples, seems to be theengagement ring rather than the wedding band. Some statistics report that the average cost of a women’s wedding band, plus the engagement ring, isaround $6,000, while the average cost of amens wedding band is just under $500.

ANew York Times survey, also from 2019, puts the median cost of an engagement ring at $1,900, with most people spending between $500 and $3,000 on engagement rings. Other sources place those numbers higher, but with the caveat that the “average” cost tends to get inflated by a handful of big spenders who drop $20,000 or more on a ring.

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How Much Does It Cost To Resize A Ring

Looking for an exact price list for resizing a ring? You won’t find that here. Or likely anywhere. And here’s why:

Jewelers must consider numerous factors when determining ring resizing cost, as each element affects the materials needed and the time and effort of the procedure. Read on to learn what affects the cost of resizing a ring.

Can They Provide A Dj Service

How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Most bands will provide play-listed music through their PA system before and in-between their live sets so gets can get in the mood and the party atmosphere keeps going. This is complimentary for most bands though some may charge slightly extra. If youd like a DJ service after the final live set until the end of the evening then most bands provide this for between £150-£250 on average.


When you are wondering how to pick wedding band music, we think the best people to ask are the bands themselves. Whether you are looking for good wedding music to dance to or background music for your general wedding entertainment, the bands setlists are a great place to start for inspiration. We have the widest range of wedding bands on our books, all of whom have unique setlists for you to browse.

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What Style Of Wedding Ring Do Do You Want

Material and the wedding bands weight will largely determine its cost. Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold are less expensive than rings made of platinum, which is the most expensive metal.

The cost of white, yellow, or rose gold rings will depend on how many karats they are the more karats, the more expensive it will be. However, its important to keep in mind that white gold needs to be rhodium-plated every few years, as it will eventually yellow.

For budget-conscious couples, tungsten is a more affordable option and is a very strong and scratch-resistant metal. Wood, ceramic, and silicone are also popular for their unique style, and they are typically less expensiveespecially silicone, which only costs around $30 per ring.

Your wedding rings width will also play a factor in how much it costs. A thin band is one to three millimeters, a medium band is four to six millimeters, and a thick band ranges from seven to 10 millimeters. The thicker the band, the more material is needed, thus increasing the cost.

If youre going to get a wedding ring that has some bling, expect to open your checkbook a bit more. For wedding rings with diamonds, prices are based on the four Cs of the diamonds: cut, carat, color, and clarity. The four Cs apply to both natural and lab-grown diamonds and are used collectively to rate the overall diamond quality.

What To Look For In A Good Music Supplier

Its hard to know what to look for in a supplier when you might not have ever booked a band, DJ or duo before. We took some notes from previous couples to see what they value in suppliers, and what to watch out for.

Couples love having a professional supplier who can actually offer advice on the flow of music and their formalities. This is such a big part of how your night runs and can be the difference between a reception that feels like its stopping and starting, or a party that feels like it flows on.

Couples also like it when their suppliers can offer music options for both the ceremony and reception. If youre making a statement with your reception music, then it makes sense to add this into the ceremony. The majority of couples say their ceremony is the most important part of their wedding. Were not surprised theyre making their big ceremonies standout with quality musical features.

Another plus is when your musician can also double as a DJ. This could be a great option for having an acoustic ceremony touch with a party feel at the reception.

Couples feel their suppliers could improve when it comes to how animated a DJ or MC is and the timing of important songs. Couples also want to make sure the package they are given matches what has been agreed upon before the big day.

Make sure you read plenty of reviews to see what previous couples say about wedding music suppliers.

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How Much Should You Spend On Wedding Bandsin General

There isnt a simple answer for this, as it depends on your budget and style. A wedding ring could be anything from a plain gold band to a diamond encrusted one it all depends on what you want to spend.

Many couples also select bands with a signature engraving or a special metal that bears some significance to their relationship. The wedding ring is definitely the place to budget beautiful bands can be purchased for as little as a few hundred dollars .

Small But Beautiful Wedding


Because of the limited attendees that will significantly cut down your total wedding expenses, you can actually afford a more elegant and beautiful wedding these days. Why not splurge on your wedding videographer and photographer to have really gorgeous photos and videos of your special day? Or you can spend more on your wedding rings or your wedding dress. Its really up to you and your partner.

The bottom line is a simple wedding budget in the Philippines can still create a beautiful and unforgettable wedding, depending on how you work with what youve got.

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What About Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance can add hundreds of dollars to the overall bill for a wedding. The cost of wedding insurance depends on the amount of protections the newlyweds to-be want to add.

Wedding insurance refers to two different types of coverage: one version guards against deposits and wedding-day property, like special clothes and jewelry. The other is a type of liability coverage.

The in-person restrictions and uncertainty that COVID-19 caused in the wedding insurance industry resulted in consumers being unable to purchase coverage from some of the most well-known providers. As 2021 shapes up to be more normal than 2020, it’s safe to assume that wedding insurance companies will see more couples purchasing coverage. However, rates could be more expensive as companies look to make up their lost revenue.

Wedding Budget Costs Breakdown

Lets break down some of my estimates for the average costs of individual wedding elements to help you gauge what you can expect to pay for your wedding. I have done a little research and used a little common sense here.

Please note these figures may change and may vary depending on many external factors so do take them with a pinch of salt.

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Average Cost Of Wedding Bands In 2019 Male And Female

In 2019, the average wedding ring cost for males was $510 and the average cost of a female wedding band was $1,100. According to the Brides American Wedding Study, wedding rings on average made up three percent of a couples wedding budget. Engagement rings made up 14 percent of the wedding budget.

Millennial Spending On Engagement Rings

How much should engagement ring cost? (2019)

Is $3,000 enough to spend on an engagement ring?

Millennials age 18-34 spend an average of just over $3,000 on an engagement ring, according to a TD Bank survey. This is far below the national average spending of $7,750.

In a survey conducted by CreditDonkey, we found that 59% of Millennials and 65% of Gen Z think that engagement rings should cost less than $3,000. 19% of Millennials answered between $3,000 and $5,000, while 22% said over $5,000.

43% of Millennials also said it’s okay to have a fake engagement ring. And 37% even said engagement rings are not necessary for marriage.

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Are Live Wedding Bands More Expensive Than Djs

Typically, yesa wedding band cost is more likely to be higher than a DJs. On average in the U.S., a wedding band cost is $4,500, while a wedding DJ cost averages $1,000. Remember though, that with a wedding band you are paying for multiple professional musicians to perform on your wedding day, while a wedding DJ is usually a single pro.

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