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How Much To Preserve A Wedding Dress

Brides Against Breast Cancer

9 Money-Saving Tips on Wedding Dress Alterations – 2018

Support the fight against breast cancer through Brides Against Breast Cancer. This nonprofit is dedicated to providing early cancer awareness and detection programs as well as reducing the environmental impact of wedding dress manufacturing. The organization resells pre-owned wedding dresses at affordable prices, using the sales proceeds to help breast cancer causes.

Accepted items: Wedding dresses of 35 years in excellent condition and bridal accessories.

How to donate: Use the donation form on the website, email, or contact client service directly to receive shipping instructions.

COVID-19 update: The organization continues to accept wedding dress donations through the mail and is relaunching its online store in early 2021.

Additional Wedding Cleaning Tips Or Comments

Susanne Melnyk on September 02, 2019:

I have a 71 year old wedding dress that my mom wore and then 38 years later I wore and I pulled it out of the wedding preservation box for my son’s fiance and it has yellowed even though it was out of light and preserved in a box for 33 years. What can I do — It has long vertical panels of lace and I think it is satin but it may be silk. I have not been able to verify as there is no fabric label to do so. HELP!

Connie Lawless on October 01, 2018:

I washed my sister’s 64 year old dress and except for the smell it turned out clean. I than hung it to dry the only thing I haven’t gotten out is the musty smell and I’m working on that

Kimberly on March 30, 2018:

My dress is from the 1800’s. Help.

Pauline M. Conley on June 19, 2017:

Thank you for having all of this information. I am making items for brides to wear on their wedding day out of their GrandMother-in-laws dress, which has yellowed and I put a kettle of water to boil, then dropped in two sliced lemons. with the ends discarded. then I turned down the water to a simmer and put in some of the lace to test it. I let it simmer 10 minutes and it is working!! I will let you know how it turns out and try to post pictures of what I do with the lace and gown.Here’s hoping!!

on March 13, 2017:

my dress is made of Bombazine and lace. It’s from 1964. Will this method be safe for it?

on September 18, 2016:

Kelly Miller on May 09, 2016:

on June 23, 2015:

Shirley J. Bush on October 28, 2013:

Where To Donate Wedding Dresses

Donating your wedding dress is a great way to honor it and give it new life. Through your generosity, someone else can experience the same joy you felt on your wedding day. You can donate to thrift stores, charities, community centers, and many other types of nonprofit organizations. Here is a list of several charities and organizations accepting wedding dresses during COVID-19.

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My Dress Is Way Too Expensive Or Delicate

Some brides are concerned that the preservation process may damage the lace, fabric or elaborate beading on their wedding dress. However, a reputable preservation company will have in-depth expertise in cleaning even the most delicate and intricate bridal fabrics. Regardless of the price of fabric, almost any wedding dress can be safely cleaned and preserved by a reputable wedding dress preservation company.

Why Should I Preserve My Wedding Dress

Does anyone here want a wedding dress that makes you look ...

Whether or not youre the sentimental type, there are plenty of reasons to preserve your wedding dress. A pristine gown makes a beautiful heirloom, upcycles easily into other gowns or accessories, and is better for resale or donation down the line. And besides, you spent a lot of time and money on your wedding dress you might as well get a full lifetime of enjoyment out of it!

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Storing The Wedding Dress Improperly After The Wedding

Its okay not to rush your gown off to get preserved the day after the weddingyoure a busy newlywed. But you should neatly hang your dress in a safe place until you return from the honeymoon. You dont want to add to the stains and wrinkles by leaving it on the floor.

Many wedding dress preservation companies are mail order you simply put your dress in a special mailing bag and have it shipped to them. If drinks were spilled on the gown, make sure they dry before you place it in the bag.

Ways To Repurpose Your Wedding Dress

If you find that your wedding dress doesnt meet the donation criteria of a few charities, transform it into something new! There are plenty of creative ways to repurpose your wedding dress.

Reuse the fabric for creating home decor and cherished keepsakes, such as pillows and baptism gowns for your children. Need new formalwear? Alter or hem your gown into a fun cocktail dress. If youre not a fan of cutting up the dress, consider using it as a photo prop for your newborn. Lastly, you can use the buttons, beads, and other trimmings to make DIY jewelry and accessories!

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Where To Sell Or Buy A Used Dress

After youve decided to buy or sell your wedding dress, you might be wondering where to do so. Consider utilizing multiple sites, especially if you need to sell or buy your dress quickly. Sites typically take a commission from the sale, which ranges depending on how hands-on you want to be during the process.

  • Nearly Newlywed: $25 listing fee and 40% commission for hassle-free selling
  • Tradesy: 19.8% commission fee on sales over $50
  • Still White: one-time $20 fee $30 for a premium listing

Wedding Dress Preservation Is Too Expensive

How Wedding Dresses Are Resized : Wedding Dresses

There are indeed some companies that charge over $1,000 for wedding dress preservation. However, for wedding dress preservation, of even the finest of dresses, price does usually not equal quality. There are very reputable preservation companies that are also very affordable starting as low as $179, including three accessories and insurance. Because of the high volume of gowns they handle, they can offer a lower price without sacrificing quality. Your wedding dress is likely the most expensive piece of clothing you will ever own. Why not give your investment the long term care it deserves?

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Wedding Dress Preservation: Keep The Memories Beautiful

It is possible to keep your wedding dress in pristine condition until death do you part. If you have never heard of the preservation process before, youll be surprised to know it is a concept that many modern brides embrace and invest in.

Preservation specialists use a variety of techniques to clean your gown, the first step in the preservation process. One technique they use is called wet cleaning. They delicately scrub your gown by hand to remove stains and smells . Sometimes they use a dry cleaning method, pre-treating the stains and then placing the gown in a dry cleaning machine. Both methods leave the dress sparkling and as good as new.

You can next decide if you want to wrap it up and stow it away, or put your gown in a glass framed box display. It all depends on the amount of space you have in your home. When wrapping it up, preservationists use special tissue paper that will not stain the gown or cause wrinkling. Its then placed in a box with a see through panel for your viewing pleasure. The box should be an acid-free paperboard box which is sturdy enough to support your fabulous frock.

Seven Steps For The Best Press

  • Begin with the bodice. If your gown is plain, you can press it on the outside. But if there’s an abundance of lace and decoration, you’ll want to press the bodice on the inside, placing a plush towel over your ironing board first.
  • When the bodice is completed, move on to the sleeves. Using either a pressing mitt or hot pad, slip your hand inside the sleeve, then press the sleeve against the mitt. When you’ve finished, stuff tissue paper inside the sleeve to keep it wrinkle-free.
  • Next, press any bows using your pressing mitt, and stuff with tissue when finished.
  • To press your train, find a place where you can hang it about 5 inches off the ground. Begin at the side seam and work your way around to the front, then to the back of your gown. Make sure to press all the way up to the waistline and down to the hem.
  • After all the pressing is complete, attach two ribbon loopers with pins to the bottom of your train and hang on a hanger .
  • To keep your gown wrinkle-free until the wedding, hang it from a doorway. Spread a sheet out along the floor, then hang your gown from either a hook or the top of the door. Now, gently lay your train on top of the sheet. If possible, attach the bottom of the train to a hanger and hang it up across the room from the front of your gown.
  • To transport your gown, bring the two hangers together, then place the gown in a bridal bag. When you unzip the bag, your dress will be wrinkle-free — and aisle-ready!

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Can I Preserve Other Clothing And Accessories From My Wedding Day

Talk to your preservationist about including other items such as jewelry and shoes in your box. It may not be the best idea depending on the type of materials you’ll want to include, but your professional will have an opinion on how to store them properly. The Knot’s service can accommodate everything from veils and garters to shoes and handkerchiefs. Cleaning and preserving a dress with one accessory costs $345that’s bumped up to $400 for two accessories. You can also inquire about additional add-ons.

Average Cost Of Preserving A Wedding Dress In 2021

How Much Does Wedding Dress Preservation Cost?

In 2021, the current average cost to preserve a wedding gown is between $240 $285.

  • For best results, find a dry-cleaner who uses virgin solvent for cleaning wedding gowns.
  • Some professional cleaners may use either dry-cleaning or wet-cleaning, depending on the gown fabric.
  • The leading causes of bridal gown yellowing are the plastic bags that many brides keep their gowns in.
  • Ideally, your dress should be cleaned/preserved within days or weeks of your wedding.

To promote long-term preservation of your wedding dress, it is recommended that brides have their gown professional cleaned immediately after their big day. Perspiration, food, drops of wine or champagne all result in darkened stains over time and is highly unlikely the stains will be-be removed after they set.

TIP: Include wedding gown preservation on your registry list so guests can give this important wedding step to you as a gift.

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Open The Wedding Dress Bag With Caution

Whether youre taking out your dress to examine its state , eliminating the chance of permanent creases) or simply reminiscing with your loved ones, always handle it with proper care. Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Since your body produces natural oils, be sure to always wash your hands first.
  • Make sure youre not wearing any lotions or perfumes, since these can also transfer onto your fabric and always be careful of nail polish.
  • Invest in a pair of clean, white cotton gloves . These will keep your dress white and sparkly.

Since you may be sharing these moments with fellow friends and family, always encourage them to take the same steps .

Wedding Gown Service Options Include:

  • Press Only
  • Clean Only
  • Clean & Press
  • Clean, Box & Preserve

Use our Gown Cleaning & Preservation Price Calculator to get an instant online estimate on the cost of your preferred service for a wedding or other special occasion dress.

The cost to Clean, Box & Preserve a christening gown is a flat fee of $105.

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How To Prepare Your Wedding Dress For Donation

While most charities and shops offer to clean your donation items, some have a few guidelines about donations. Others may also charge an extra fee for cleaning. Here is a checklist to follow in making sure your donations are in the best conditions.

1. Contact the Organizations in advance. Ask what they need specifically, as well as for their donation schedule and protocols. Most charities and thrift shops that accept wedding dresses require them to be less than five years old.

2. Inspect the gown for wear and tear. When left in storage for too long, some items and certain types of fabric may develop mold. If your wedding dress looks to be in bad condition, the charity will most likely have to throw it out.

3. Wash or dry clean in advance. This step is graciously helpful for the volunteers, especially if youre donating your wedding dress or other items during the pandemic. According to the CDC, the COVID-19 virus can remain on surfaces and certain fabrics for a couple of days. You can also use a disinfectant spray on non-washable items.

4. Double-check items before packing. Ensure you havent accidentally packed items you planned to keep. Always check the pockets for small personal items, such as wallets and money.

Cherish Your Wedding Forever With Our Expert Wedding Attire & Bridal Party Alterations As Well As Our Preservation Offerings Prestiges Professional Alterations Steam Pressing And Preservation Services Include Cleaning And Hand

Come WEDDING DRESS Shopping with Me! Tips for Brides! | ALEXANDREA GARZA

Our garment care specialists offer extensive knowledge and expertise in preserving wedding gowns and special occasion dresses. We have painstakingly preserved thousands of gowns, each of which receives supreme care and attention. We can take care of any of your gown needs, whether you need it finished only, cleaned and finished, or cleaned and preserved for the next generation.

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Why Should I Frame My Wedding Dress

For most brides, theyll be choosing to preserve their dress anyway. That means getting it dry-cleaned and then keeping it safe in an acid-free box. Framing takes this one step further and turns your preserved dress into a keepsake or piece of decor that you can proudly display in your home.

If youve got a wall in your bedroom you need filling or a large landing area youre not sure what to do with, displaying your dress there is a lovely thing to do.

Image: The Beautiful Frame Company

Why Do I Need Alterations On My Wedding Dress

Lets preface by reminding you that most mainstream wedding dress designers produce their wedding dresses based on a size chart. This size chart is set to a series of measurements that allow the wedding dresses to be mass-produced. As a result, most bridal stores sell brands of dresses that are mass produced in a factory. Each designer or brand operates using their own size chart. For most, it consists of the following measurements: bust, waist, and hips. Please see below actual size charts from two famous bridal designers.

Back to the bride.

The ordering process generally goes a little like this:

  • You say Yes to the Dress
  • Your sales associate takes your measurements
  • Together, you review the size chart to see where each of one of your measurements match up
  • If you are lucky, your three measurements will match up perfectly to one size
  • You will proceed to order your dress in that size.

BUT- truth is, for around 90% us, this simply wont be true. Most brides will have one or more of their measurements falling into one size, while another measurement falls into a completely different size. For example, your bust measurement may put you into a bridal size 10, and your waist measurement may better fit a size 6, while your hips match a size 12, like our founder Dafra.

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