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When To Get Fitted For Wedding Tux

Where Can The Groom Rent A Tux Or Suit

Hooked Weddings Episode 4.9 : Fitting A Suit or Tuxedo

The best option for locating a tux or suit rental store is to ask your friends and family for a recommendation or try an online search. Its important to be comfortable with the company and its services to make sure theyre adequately equipped to accommodate your requests up to a couple of days before the wedding.

What To Wear To A Suit Fitting

It comes strongly advised to wear a similar, if not the exact same long-sleeve shirt that you will be wearing with the tuxedo, on the day of the event.

Equally, it would also help to have the shoes that you will be wearing too, but at the very least in a similar style and of the same color that you intend on wearing.

Generally, the more you can match your event attire to what you wear to the fitting, the more successful it will be.

Groom Vs Groomsmen Attire Q& a

Q: Is it improper for the groom to wear a double-breasted tux while the groomsmen wear two- or three-piece suits?

A. While I love fashion and have my own personal opinions regarding wedding attire, Ill admit that Im no Tim Gunn . But I believe that your wedding day is an occasion where you and your fiancée should feel free to make your own decisions about your attire. Regardless of whether its proper, if theres something you really want to wear on your wedding day, and your fiancée approves, go for it.

However, I realize that you dont want to end up looking like a fool on your big day by making a major fashion faux-pas. This is definitely a question you should discuss with your wedding day attire/tux or suit shop vendor as well as your fiancée. Your tux vendor should be an expert in this area and can help guide you in the right direction, keeping the type and formality of your wedding ceremony in mind.

Personally, I think it really depends on the tux and suits you select. If the fabrics match nicely and the styles are very similar, it could end up looking great. However, if the fabrics and styles dont mesh well together, the whole look could appear off or sloppy, which you definitely want to avoid. Talk it over with your tux vendor.

Whatever your decision, rock it. This is your day, and you should feel amazing in whatever you ultimately decide to wear. Cheers!

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Rule 5easy On The Colors

Black and white. Done and done. Leave the powder blue and orange to Harry and Lloyd and stick to one pop of color. Your pocket square, vest, or cummerbund is acceptable. Your bowtie is not and neither is your tux lining . Note: Colors like midnight blue and charcoal fall into the category of black and white. Welcome to the insanity of fashion. Bonus Pro Tip: Midnight blue works best with lighter hair and will actually appear darker than black at night because as everyone knows, midnight is darker than regular night. You are now fashionable.

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Pin by Karen Whibley on Winter Weddings

Professionals are armed with knowledge and insight that can make your life easier. If you want to know whether a certain look will be flattering on the groom or groomsmen, ask the staff or in-house tailor in the store. You can also gather suggestions, opinions, and recommendations.

Similarly, you can ask your relatives and friends for their opinions. Although the decision is ultimately up to you and your partner, it is nice to have a diverse opinion base. This will help your decisions be better informed.

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Don’t Get Caught Out By Rental Outlet Services & Policies

A final thing to consider before signing any rental agreement is the policies of the rental place.

Not all contracts are created equally. Beware of anything with pages and pages of legal language. It may indicate serious care for high-quality merchandise. But, its just as likely to mean hidden fees designed to nickel-and-dime you after the fact. So how to rent a tuxedo with peace of mind?

Be sure you like the terms and conditions for all the following:

Rule 14accessorize With Purpose

Suspenders: With a vest or cummerbund, suspenders are essential they keep your pants on your waist at the ideal height of a properly sitting vest or cummerbund. In other words, wear suspenders or else pants fall down go boom. If youre not wearing a vest or cumberbund, make sure your suspenders offer some contrast with your white shirt so as not to compete when you ditch the jacket.Pocket Square: And we do mean square . Linen is more conservative and easier to fold. Silk is festive and flashy but more cosmetic a puff fold works. Whatever fits your personality .Cufflinks: Keep on keepin it Bond. Simple silver or gold to match your studs and watch metal. Also cant ever go wrong with onyx. And let your tailor know you want to show a little cuff.Watches: Sorry, Panerai fans. Either wear a classic-sized watch that matches your other bling, or leave your wrist bare. Big faces are distractions from brides faces.Boutonniere: Make sure you get your left lapel buttonhole opened by a tailor and maybe snag a boutonniere loop to keep the sucker in place. Otherwise, this falls under flowers and flowers belong to the bride.

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Organize The Wedding Party

With Generation Tux, we make coordinating your groomsmen and wedding party rentals a breeze. Design a look for your wedding party and easily add them to your event. From there, simply text your party with a link to the look youve designed and well take care of the rest of thetuxedo rentaldetails. With the ability to track all orders in your group from start to finish, you can see exactly where things stand anytime from anywhere.

Where Can I Rent A Tuxedo For A Black Tie Event

Getting fitted for our Tuxes

At Generation Tux, we have a range of black-tie formal wear options. All of our tuxedos are made from 100% Merino wool, come in several styles and colors, and are available in a range of sizes and fits. Check out our website and browse through our collection. Once youve landed on a favorite tux, you can personalize your look with our hundreds of accessory options.

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What Color Should Be Used For The Vest Or Tie

If youre considering deviating from the standard black and off-white, its very important to get the brides input. If your fiancée doesnt go with you to pick out your attire, be sure to ask her the following questions:

  • What color is your wedding dress? If its white, make sure you know if its white or off-white. This information is imperative if you want your vest and/or tie to match the brides wedding dress.
  • What are our wedding colors?
  • Could you show me a picture or give me a sample of our wedding colors, so I can take them into the store?
  • What are the colors of the bridesmaids dresses? Samples?

How Long Does It Take To Get Fitted For A Tux

I plan on marrying my soon to be wife in a tuxedo. I know, isnt she lucky. But I had some questions about the process, especially how long it took to have it fitted. Besides, time is of the essence these days. With a little bit of research, here is what I found.

So, how long does it take to get fitted for a tux? It generally takes between 15-30 minutes to get fitted for a tux. This will give the tailor sufficient time to take all the necessary measurements, including the chest, waist, shoulders, and sleeves while also ensuring it matches and suits both shape and stance.

Getting a tux may sound like a lot of fun. And it certainly is nice to wear.

But, getting fitted is not so ideal.

Its a little bit awkward, I get it.

Thankfully, the process shouldnt take too long and youll have the tux you always wanted in little to no time at all.


  • 6 Finally
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    Do I Need To Make An Appointment For My Tuxedo Fitting

    It comes generally recommended to make an appointment, or at the very least, contact the tailor in advance.

    Not all tailors will require an appointment, but it can save you a lot of hassle and bother.

    Its also peace of mind and allows the tailor to be aware of your arrival, making any arrangements necessary.

    It goes without saying but some tailors, especially the more reputable ones, are more likely to be busy and have other appointments.

    My Children Are Attending This Event What Is The Tuxedo Rental Process Like For Kids


    There are few things in life that rival the cuteness factor of a little guy in a dashing tuxedo. While in-store formal wear rental can be challenging with a child in-tow , with Generation Tux, renting formal wear for the little guys in your life is easy and hassle-free. Many of our formalwear options are available in Boys sizes, all the way down to 3T.

    We also carry Big & Tall sizes.

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    Wedding Tuxedos And Formal Wear: 20 Rules

    The conventional wisdom from wedding industry is that its your wedding so choose whatever formal wear you please, from a casual navy blazer to a khaki suit to a daring orange tailcoat or traditional Scottish kilt.

    Our take? Bad idea. Ignore all that and stick to one guiding principle. WWJBD What Would James Bond Do? Bond would never tolerate the indignity of getting stuffed into a peach cummerbund. Hed demand simplicity, formality black.

    For those who obsess over latest trends from Milan, a word to the wise: You may go from feeling all set to upset when, ten years down the road, you realize your wedding day look was a product of times, and oh how times have changed. So go ahead and skip over to picking the music for the reception if you please. Everyone else? Closely follow The Plunges 18 rules on formal wear.

    Planning The Grooms Wedding Attire

    For starters, there are quite a few things its up to the groom to take care of. Selecting his groomsmen and their outfits is a big part of it. Its also important to pick all of your suits, ties, and shoes with the brides colors, fabrics, and vision in mind.

    Its not as simple as just ordering a suit and putting it on that day. You have to make sure it fits on your body and that it has all of the finishings, like ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks. There are also other aesthetic things for the groom and groomsmen, like getting haircuts before the big day.

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    Make Sure Your Suit Is Wedding

    Before you greet your loved one on the aisle, its important to have your outfit ready to go! From the length of the sleeves to the fit of the shoulders, a perfectly-fitted suit is quite the sight for all to behold. Your bride will be stunned when she sees you at the end of that aisle in a perfectly tailored jacket!

    The rest of this article is about the timeline of getting, fitting, and tailoring your suit before your wedding. As with all timelines, its dependent on how much time you have until your wedding you may not have enough time to be nit-picky with your suit if youre getting married in two weeks.

    How Long Should I Wait To Get The Guys Fitted For Tuxes

    Getting Fitted For Tuxes at Mens Warehouse

    Posted in Wedding Attire1

    I’m getting married this September and just wanted some suggestions on how long to wait to shop for tunes? I’m not sure of the process and how long it will take when we find a style to go with. Should I also go to this with the guys or is it just a guy thing?

    on February 17, 2014 at 10:35 PM

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    Rule 8find The Right Cut And Fit For Your Body

    Alright men, lets suit up. First and foremost, certain cuts and combinations work better for different body types. The highlights:

    Short and slender: Single breasted jacket, mid-sized lapel.Short and stocky: Wider collar lapel, absolutely no cummerbunds. One-button tuxedo or top button of a suit should fall on the natural waist, not above it, to product a longer lapel line.Tall and muscular: Classic single-breasted can complement this physique.Tall and slim: Pretty much anything. Classic single-breasted is probably best, double-breasted will also work .

    Finally, fit matters. If the jacket almost fits but you think maybe you can squeak by without alteration, pony up the 40 bucks to slim down the shoulders. You always look better in a properly fitted suit or tux, whether you have the physique of Tony Romo or Tony Siragusa.

    What The Tailor Will Look For

    Your tailor will probably ask you to try on the suit in front of them. You should bring with you the shirt, tie, and shoes you expect to be wearing with the suit, so that the tailor can see how the trousers fit on your waist, how certain shirts effect jacket fit, how certain shoes look with the length of your pants, etc.

    They will also be interested in the kind of fabrics in the suit.

    They will probably go through the same seven fit issues listed above, and as professionals, will be able to see the issue. It may be at this point that they can give you a timeline as to when youll get the suit back, but it also depends on how many clients they have.

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    Keep It Sleek With A Traditional Black Tux

    The black tuxedo is the tried-and-true option for grooms interested in traditional attire. Its sleek, timeless, and sophisticated. For those who may be worried that the classic look might not offer enough personalization, fret not. While the color palette remains, there are still many ways to make it your own: the varying shape of lapels, fabrics, and jacket lengths. For evening weddings in the colder months, consider opting for a velvet tuxedo. If youre looking to switch up the silhouette a bit, double-breasted jackets are great for those who love a vintage moment and want to make their shoulders look very, very good.

    Rule 3a Tux Is Best Buy If You Can Rent If You Must

    Buy Black Slim Fit Tuxedo by with Free Shipping

    Chances are if youre getting married, so are a ton of your friends. The tux will pay for itself in three to four events, and if your fiancée can spend $3,000 on a dress shell only wear once, why cant you spend $500 on something youll wear repeatedly? Fairs fair. You might even get someone else to pick up the tab. Of course, if you know you wont wear those tails again or youre a yoyo dieter whose weight fluctuates 30 pounds every other month then sure, rent the tux.

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