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What Are Wedding Websites For

How To Choose A Wedding Website Provider Without Losing Your Mind


My mother texted me, appalled.

Did you know this magazine recommends that your wedding should have branding?

Unfortunately, I did. I’m in the early stages of planning my own wedding, and have been to a fair amount of friends’ nuptials. So at this point, on invitations and wedding signage galore, Ive seen enough intertwined initials surrounded by curlicues or signals of the couple’s interests , to know that creating a ~visual identity~ for ones wedding is par for the course maybe even a requirement these days.

One of the ways that design takes center stage in contemporary weddings is through the wedding website. When people are on the cusp of matrimony, they create a site with all the relevant information about their upcoming event, and often, themselves as a couple. The color scheme, fonts, and general look and feel of the site often carries over to the paper invitations and actual wedding.

These websites are, granted, extremely helpful for guests. For most weddings Ive been to, I refer to the website not the paper invitation, which has been lost somewhere for information about where the heck Im actually supposed to show up, and when. The websites also help guests find valuable info like which hotels to book, how to RSVP, and how to find your online gift registries. Modern AND helpful: Oh my!

Just dont stress too much about that visual identity, OK?

For Finding A Versailles

Venue Report

With “reporters” who research the latest event spaces, this directory has the hottest hotels and party pads, plus off-the-beaten-path locales like a glamping venue in Montana that can accommodate 250 guests. The experience is seamless: Filter results by region, price, and capacity, review essentials like site fees and curfews, and contact venues directly.

Is A Wedding Website Really Necessary


With so much technology available to help simplify the wedding-planning process, it is often a foregone conclusion that every couple will create a wedding website. However, not everyone wants to publish their nuptial details for everyone to read. We dive into the issue and weigh in on whether or not you need to create a wedding website and what to consider.

The primary purpose of the wedding website is to give guests a central hub where they may find information about your big day. Queries about the location, dress code, registry, travel plans, even your social media hashtag can all be found on the average wedding website, and some also allow guests to share their well-wishes for the happy couple. The wedding website can serve as a wonderful networking tool for guests, and allow for the couple to post important notifications regarding the event. If privacy is the main factor causing concern, we get it. Who wants their wedding date and location or personal photos visible to anyone with a search engine? The good news is that many sites allow you to change the privacy settings and even password protect the information. So only people who know the password can access your full wedding website.

Fashioning a wedding website is a handy tool for many modern couples, but the practice is by no means a necessary component of wedding planning. If you feel that a dedicated website is not essential for your own big day, by all means skip it.

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Wedding Websites That Do More

When wedding websites first became popular, they seemed like just another trend. Who knew they would quickly go from a just-for-fun add-on to a fully functional element of wedding planning?

Todays wedding website builders offer whole suites of useful tools that make planning your wedding easier, more efficient, and less labor-intensive. The best wedding website builders allow you to track RSVPs, message guests, integrate your registry with ease, find and manage your vendors, and get hotel recommendations delivered to your dashboard.

Some builders offer bells and whistles, like options for guests to contribute to your wedding playlist or photo gallery.

So Whats The Best Choice For Me

The Top 5 Free Wedding Planning Website

If you want a central hub for all your wedding planning tasks, the ability to send matching digital stationery to your guest list, and set up a customizable RSVP wedding website. Get started with WedSites.

If creating your own custom website is the most important thing and you dont mind not having any wedding related features, use Squarespace or Wix.

If the gift registry is the most important thing to you, and you live in the US. Go with Zola.

If youre only considering something thats free, use Joy.

If you dont mind all the ads, want a suite of planning tools and a US vendor directory at your fingertips, go with The Knot.

If you want a modern design with an app for your guest to download, use Appy Couple.

If having a luxurious design is the most important thing to you, go with Riley & Grey.

If its important for you to have physical stationery that perfectly matches your wedding website, go with Minted.

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In This Post Youll Learn:

These days, about everything is online. We shop, network, date, source information and lots more online! In general, the Internet is a bank of information that attracts people. So, why not take advantage of creating a wedding website? Wedding websites for couples have displaced formal invitation cards.

Moreover, it is also cost-effective and quick to use. Hence, we all need to know the basics of how to make a wedding website. There are lots of benefits to it and we will look at some.

Up to date itinerary

During the course of planning a wedding, a lot of things will change and many modifications will happen. Having a website will keep your guests informed about the current situation at the wedding. And this is much better than sending out tons of altered wedding card invites before the wedding.

Once the wedding pages are up to date registered guest mails will receive alerts and get the information. You see? Fast and easy!

Its free of charge

Couples often spend money and time choosing stationeries for a wedding and the whole place gets littered with paper. Wedding website pages are so easy to build, quick to use and very eco-friendly. Thus, you need to set up a website with your mail address and secure with a password.

Then upload as much or little info as necessary. Conclude by giving the guests some inspiration with quotes about love, and youre good to go!

You can give it your personal touch

Guest list well managed

Wedding gift registry

  • Easy URL
  • RSVP
  • Do You Really Need A Wedding Website Pros Vs Cons

    Hey, loves, Emma here and today were tackling the wedding websites: do you need a wedding website? If youre newly engaged, youre probably excited to go ahead and get a wedding website, tell everyone on your Facebook feed the good news, and maybe even lock down the date right away. In this post, youll find out everything you ever needed or wanted to know about the wedding website: do you need a wedding website? Whats the big deal? Should you get a wedding website, or can you make due without one? Is a wedding website free? Im also tossing in a healthy list of pros vs. cons to get the discussion started. Lets get down to business, shall we?

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    These Are The 5 Best Wedding Websites To Use For Your Wedding

    So much has changed technology-wise over the past few years that it can be hard for wedding websites to keep up! But some new and not-so-new wedding websites have launched and re-launched with some great designs and tools that are way cooler than we could have ever imagined. And while were pretty sure well see more and more wedding websites and technologies arrive in the very near future to make not only planning your wedding easier but make the experience fun for guests, we wanted to review whats currently available so you can pick the best, cheapest, and easiest-to-use wedding website out there.

    To Have As An Everlasting Memento

    wedding website demo’s

    While the primary purpose of having a wedding website is to help you during your wedding day, it can also be used as an everlasting memento to reminiscence the sweet moments you went through on that day. You can allow guests to download the photos they want at any time. A wedding websites final use is to allow you and your guests to relive all the special moments for many years to come!

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    Include Detailed Travel Information

    Whether your celebration is local or youre having a far-flung destination wedding, there will be guests coming in from out of town, so its a good idea to give them the 4-1-1 on travel and accommodations. Include information about the nearest airport or the best way to get to town, as well as the websites, phone numbers, and booking codes for any local hotels where you have a room block. Dont forget any discounts youve secured for airport shuttles or rental cars.

    A Website Is A Website Is A Website

    General website providers are offering some templates built specially for weddings. This might make sense for you if youre someone who already uses these sites, so you know your way around them. The biggest plus is that they offer a lot more customization features the templates allow you to play with fonts, pages, and layouts to a greater degree than the other providers. However, these sites generally dont provide the RSVP and registry integrations at the same level as dedicated wedding website providers.

    Wix offers this, but I immediately found it difficult to navigate. The most viable one is Squarespace. $12/month for 12 months gets you a custom domain and 8 templates to choose from. The RSVP and registry features are pretty basic, but the design and customization is sleek and simple, just like Squarespaces other offerings.

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    What Are The Best Wedding Websites

    Its not easy to narrow down the countless options for creating a wedding website. Couples around the world are counting on our ranking of the best wedding websites, and we wont let them down.

    Our reviews take into account every piece of data to make sure youre getting the most dependable information possible. A more expansive discussion of our ranking methodology is below.

    We graded every wedding website builder on these factors:

  • Cost, because weddings are expensive enough
  • Variety of features, because you deserve a site that works as hard as you do
  • Functionality of wedding-specific features, because those features matter most
  • Quality of designs, because your wedding website should match your style
  • Ease of use, because you dont have time to waste
  • The Knot was our pick for the best wedding website builder. But there are a lot of close contenders to consider.

    Frugal couples who want cutting-edge features without the cost can check out Joy, the site we named Best for Couples on a Budget. If you want more features at your fingertips, Appy Couple offers the Most Interactive Features.

    Theres a wedding website builder for every couple, from those with lavish tastes to the cost-conscious and everywhere in between . The best all-purpose site builders for engaged couples are Wix and SquareSpace. Zola and Zankyou are the best combination registries and wedding website builders.

    It Makes Wedding Planning Easy

    25+ Wonderful Wedding Websites

    A wedding website with the inbuilt RSVP Manager sure does make wedding planning even easier. With customizable RSVP forms, you can manage RSVPs, meal preferences, stay assignments, and much more! Youll have a ballpark on the number of guests attending your wedding and can plan accordingly. Also, instead of getting a ton of calls for directions on the day of the wedding and other ceremonies, use the in-built map navigation system on wedding websites.

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    When Should You Create A Wedding Website

    If youre wondering when you should create a wedding website, you might worry that friends and family will think youre rushing into building your site too soon or that youre falling behind.

    Heres the easy answer: Its never to early to create a wedding website. Many couples launch their wedding website as soon as they get engaged.

    In these early stages of wedding planning, your site may tell friends and family members about your engagement. As your wedding plans progress, youll start filling in the details. Once you book your venue, you can announce the date, time, and place on your website to correspond with your virtual or printed save-the-dates.

    You will update the site throughout your journey to the altar, adding information such as hotel recommendations, your wedding weekend schedule, your registry, and perhaps an option to RSVP online.

    Dont worry about completing your wedding website in one sitting. The benefit of an online wedding resource over printed correspondence is that you can keep updating it over time.

    For couples who worry that they waited too long to build a wedding website its going to be okay. Just as its never too early to create your wedding website, its almost never too late to do so, either. You can create a simple and elegant wedding website in just a few minutes with one of these top site builders.

    What Is A Wedding Website

    A personal wedding website is a website created by an engaged couple. Its primary purpose is to act as a central hub for your guests to access information about your wedding day or weekend. Typically, wedding websites include details on the date, location, travel plans, and even the dress code for your wedding. Modern updates to these websiteslike tracking RSVPsare also backend tools that can aid in the planning process.

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    What Is A Wedding Website And Why Do You Need One

    EricainWedding Etiquette

    In the process of wedding planning, youll need to inform your guests of many important details. Not only will they need to know the wedding date, time and venue, but they may require accommodation details, directions, gift ideas, and much more. A wedding website is an excellent way of sharing this information.

    Prior to the internet, the only way of getting details out to your invitees was to send a huge wedding invitation suite containing a multitude of inserts . Wedding invitation suites are still used today, but they can be expensive to print and post. And if you change your plans, youll have to contact each guest directly to tell them or send out a correction, such as a change the date card.

    Creating a wedding website is the modern solution to these problems. You can easily share information with your guests, and add and edit details whenever you like. Your guests can find out whatever they need to know about your big day instantly, and even send their RSVP electronically.

    How Do You Make a Wedding Website?

    Wedding websites usually consist of a homepage and a navigational menu, pointing wedding guests to the various details they might need to access. For example, you might have a page for your gift list, and another page containing travel details .

    There are four main ways to make a wedding website. Lets take a look at each one.

    1. Use a Wedding Website Service
    2. Use a Website Builder
    3. Make Your Own Site from Scratch

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