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How Much Is A Wedding Dj On Average

What Questions Should I Ask When Hiring A Wedding Dj

DJ Average Joe

Hiring a DJ for your wedding is about more than simply checking that they’re available on the right day and suit your budget. You need to select a trustworthy professional who shares your musical tastes and understands your style.

Beyond the standard DJ hire cost, some of the most important questions you should ask a potential DJ are:

Are You Booking Your Dj Directly Or Through A Dj Agency

Yes, this factor determines the cost. The reason for this is that a booking agency will add a fee on top of the DJs fee. So the average cost for a wedding reception is $1500 through a smaller DJ agency. If you book from a larger DJ agency the starting price is usually $2,000. These prices do not necessarily include travel time or set up and breakdown although often it is all included in the price. A full PA system is also included in this price. You might just have additional sales tax to add. Of course if you add ceremony or cocktail hour the overall price will be higher.

Now, if you book your DJ directly and NOT through a DJ agency, you might be able to get your DJ for as low as $1,000 for your wedding reception. Since now there isnt an additional finders fee you could haggle a bit more. That said, you would need to have a good referral for this DJ and trust that they have trusted equipment not to mention the ability to provide a Certificate of Insurance which many venues require. So proceed with caution and make sure you know what to ask your DJ.

Wedding Dj Cost Factors

Like other elements of your wedding, the cost of a DJ depends on a variety of things. Of course, DJs are more expensive in larger metropolitan areas. In more rural locations, where the cost of living is generally lower, the price will be less.

The time of year when youre getting married will come into play, as well. Some DJs will be able to offer a discount in the off season or during the week, whereas a Saturday in June will always be full price.

Most DJs will be willing to travel within a reasonable distance from their home base. Some will charge an extra fee per mile outside of their accepted radius. There also may be extra charges in particularly congested cities where parking is expensive and its more difficult to load and unload equipment.

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Wedding Specialist Djs $1500 $2000

Of course, Were biased because our team happens to fall into this category, but theres a reason this option costs more.

Wedding Specialist DJ Companies have lots of experience. Theyve performed for hundreds, or even thousands, of weddings and have years of experience. These DJs invest in regular training and skill development in music research, mixing, music production, MCing, lighting setup, audio setup, and so much more.

They make sure DJs are equipped with the best equipment and attend industry events to learn more about weddings and whats happening in the DJ world. To put it short, Wedding Specialists live and breathe weddings. Now thats not to say that they wont work the occasional birthday party orcorporate event, but most DJs in this category will focus the majority of their time on being wedding professionals. Wedding Specialist DJs charge a premium because they deliver a premium service.

Things you can expect from wedding DJ specialists:
  • Thorough music planning consultations
  • Dedicated customer service staff assigned to your wedding day
  • Industry-standard, professional and high-quality equipment, plus backup equipment
  • Backup plans for everythinga pro will plan for things that could go wrong, so if something does happen, you never notice

Wedding Dj Pricing Guide

How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost? (5 Tips to Save)

You can find venues, florists, hairstylists, and wedding DJs in every price range. But does that mean one is as good as the other?

At Mint DJ Events, weve seen it all!

Heres what various wedding DJ prices likely indicate.

Budget-Friendly DJ

Expect to Pay: $500-700

Sort > > Price: Low to High. Sound familiar?

While this might be fine when youre buying a toothbrush, it may not be the best idea for something as crucial to your wedding as the DJ. After all, so much of your wedding day centers around music, plus a wedding DJ is so-much-more than just a DJ.

Of course, if your professional DJ friend is only charging you $500 as a favor to you, thats a different story. But wedding DJs in this price range are typically just starting out in the business. Theyre probably doing this part-time as a side gig and may have schedule conflicts that lead to them not showing up.

Professional Full-Time DJ

Expect To Pay: $1,300-$3,000

Professional, full-time DJs with a full range of services are making this kind of money for a reason.

They are talented, experienced, and 100% committed to making sure the weddings they perform at are as close to perfection as possible. They typically spend 10-30 hours of prep time for a 5-hour weddingTHATS dedication! Theyre available for questions, have plenty of song suggestions, and can MC like a boss.

Theyre also going to be fully licensed and carry the type of insurance that most venues require.


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What Are You Paying For When Hiring A Professional Wedding Dj

Many couples are often surprised when they hear how much it costs to hire a wedding DJ. However, it is essential to remember that wedding DJ prices have a lot to do with their role in wedding receptions or ceremonies and the value that a DJ adds to the event. Here is a breakdown of what you are paying for when you hire a professional wedding DJ.

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Dj Music & Entertainment Company

  • What is included in your wedding DJs pricing?
  • How long has the company been in business? .
  • Who will be the DJ at your event? Can you contact him/her directly?
  • How much experience does the DJ who will be at your wedding ceremony/wedding reception have?
  • What is the deposit rate?
  • When is the total balance due?
  • What is your cancellation policy ?
  • What type of equipment do they use?
  • Do they have contracts to guarantee theyll be there?
  • Will they help you with planning the ceremony or wedding reception?
  • What is their backup plan if the original DJ cannot make it?
  • What makes your company unique?
  • Remember, youre interviewing them, too, so feel free to ask Why should we hire your DJ company, versus the others?You can also ask, why do their professional wedding DJs cost the rate that they do? Hint: Their answer should not be based on all their great equipment, lighting, etc. Most people dont know the difference between D.J. equipment or lighting brands, so this is irrelevant.

    The other common answer is their music library. Having a 500,000 song library to play music from is good, but your DJ will actually only play about 20 songs per hour, and those songs need to be your favorite songs, not the DJs favorites! Remember the goal is for you and your guests to have a good time.

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    How Much Will My Wedding Dj Cost

    Wedding DJ Pricing Guide: Updated for 2022 / 2023


    When it comes to Wedding DJ pricing, there is a very big price range starting from $350 to as much as $3,500++. In larger cities like Toronto, Mississauga, Montreal, Vancouver there are hundreds of DJs offering Wedding services.

    In order to determine your budget and plan your wedding entertainment, you need to consider the following questions.

    Where should I start my Wedding DJ Search?
    What am I comfortable in spending for my Wedding Entertainment?
    Should I stick to basic music and lighting or should additional services such as Photo Booth, Dry Ice, Up-lighting be considered?
    Does paying more for my DJ mean they be of better quality?
    How do I compare pricing of DJ companies in my area?
    Should I go with a large DJ company or should I stick to a small company or an owner operator DJ?

    All these questions may sometimes be overwhelming to couples who have never hired a DJ before. Therefor, it is important to spend some time doing your own research in order to make sure you hire the right DJ company to ensure your wedding is fun and memorable. Kooltempo DJ Service had been working with thousands of couples since 2006 across southern Ontario and one thing we always advise our clients is to do their own research and select the DJ carefully as it is one of the most important choices that they would make when planning their Wedding.

    Beginner DJs $250 to $500

    Owner Operator DJs $500 $800

    Professional DJs $700 $1400

    What Does A Professional Wedding Dj Actually Do

    Full Circle Wedding DJs in Action

    Great wedding DJs are a lot more than disk jockeys who simply play music. They are aces at helping your wedding go smoothly. They will help you create and stick to a timeline. They will keep the mood going from the ceremony to cocktail hour and through the reception. They make stellar introductions and direct guests to where their attention should be at a given time.

    Most DJs will have their own database for you to record your favorite songs, must-have playlists, and songs to avoid. You can also provide them with your wedding party names and any other announcements youd like them to handle. The right DJ can advise on the best flow and timing for the first dance, father-daughter dance, and mother-son dance as well as things like the cake cutting, toasts, and bouquet toss.

    And, of course, a DJ creates a great dance party! Good DJs know how to keep the mood going with a balance of upbeat and slow songs. Theyll also be the one to announce things such as last call and offer information about your transportation and after-party.

    Plus, professional wedding DJs are used to coordinating with other wedding vendors. They can talk to your officiant about microphones and work with your wedding planner on , for example.

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    How Big Is Your Venue

    Wedding DJs want to make sure every guest in the building is having a great time. Theres nothing worse than sitting in the back of the room and being unable to hear the music over all of the chatter and eating around you.

    This is why larger venues will be more expensive to cover since DJs need to bring more speakers for the highest sound quality.

    How To Find A Wedding Dj

    Because there are so many options out there it can feel a bit overwhelming finding a good wedding DJ. Here are a few ways to find a good DJ:

    • Ask friends and family for recommendations
    • Visit

    Good luck in your search for a wedding DJ and best of luck on your big day!

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    How Popular Is The Dj

    Do you plan on hiring a freelance DJ or scouting one out through a premium agency? Is the DJ new to the job or do they have years of experience entertaining thousands of different people?

    As a general rule of thumb, the more popular and experienced the DJ is, the more money they will charge per hour for their services.

    How To Save Money On A Wedding Dj

    Why Some Wedding DJ Costs That Much

    There is a pretty sharp contrast between the average cost of a wedding DJ versus the average cost of a wedding band. Spoiler alert: the wedding DJ price is typically A LOT lower!

    • No extras: Cut out the extras like extra lighting or other superfluous add-ons that DJs try to up-sell you on
    • Reception only: Just book your DJ for the reception
    • Rising star: Find a young up-and-coming DJ that you like but doesnt command top rates yet
    • Negotiate: Almost everything in life is negotiable. It cant hurt to ask if a DJ has any flex on his or her rates

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    You Deserve An Above Average Wedding

    For the most part, the average wedding DJ costs about what theyre worth. But do you really want an average DJ? Theres a lot that goes into a professional DJ experience that the beginners and hobbyists dont do. For example

    Price vs. Value

    Setting a wedding budget is super important. After all, you dont want to start your marriage in debt. But while its good to save money when and where you can, its also important to remember that the lowest price does not equal the best value.

    If you only ask yourself What does a wedding DJ cost? youll only be getting half the picture. You also need to consider what your DJ can do for you.

    At Mint DJ Events, we have an entire team of DJs who are not only extremely talented, they are fun, professional, and LOVE to create moments that make your wedding day utterly magical.

    What Services Does A Dj Offer

    Your DJ’s main function is of course to provide music at the reception and create a great atmosphere for guestsâwhatever that means for you. DJs are total pros at reading the room and working the crowd. So whether youâre looking for nice sit-down dinner music followed by an all-out dance party, or you want something more buttoned-up, the best and most experienced DJs can do it all. Beyond the music itself, you might have your DJ be the emcee, add lighting, or even a live music aspect .

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    $3500 And Up: The Celebrity Rate

    DJs with a lot of experience who have made a name for themselves. Exceptional MC and coordination skills and highly customized introductions. These guys have years of improv classes under their belts and fancy websites. They get more work than they need and only take the weddings they really want. You pay them to charm the socks off of you and everyone you know.

    Backthird DJ rates are in line with the samples given above. Some of our couples prefer only DJ services, while others combine DJs with live music. To discuss your wedding needs and choose your DJ, contact us today.

    How Much Should A Vancouver Wedding Dj Charge For A Wedding


    This is a reasonable question that I face pretty regularly when people contact my company for the first time. A lot of wedding planning websites will tell you to expect to pay 5-7 thousand dollars on average for a wedding package but this is not necessarily true. There are a lot of different factors involved in the cost and I believe that people should make their own choices about what is right for them and their wedding based on fact not marketing.

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