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What Is A Pave Wedding Band

What Is A Pav Setting

Micro Pave Engagement Ring – One of my BIGGEST Pet Peeves Often Seen on Micro Pave Diamond Rings

Pavé , from the French word for paving, is a setting in which several small diamonds or gemstones accentuate the main stone, creating a field of sparkle. Usually, the diamonds are so closely set that the metal beneath them cant be distinguished from the diamond to help with this, most buyers pick white gold for their band in order to ensure minimal visibility of the metal prongs that hold the diamonds in place. The pave setting may also be referred to as a bead setting, and if the paved stones are especially small , a micro-pavé setting.

Because of the added shimmer, a pavé setting can make a diamond look larger than it actually is, allowing you to save money by choosing a smaller center stone. A pavé setting is different from a ring with side stones, because of the number and density of stones: A pavé setting resembles a street paved with diamonds, while a side stone ring may utilize larger diamonds or gemstones to accentuate the focal stone.

Why Shop Pav Wedding Bands At Morgan Jewelers

Although we are headquartered in Salt Lake City, Morgan Jewelers has several stores throughout Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon. At each location, we carry luxury bridal jewelry from world-renowned brands. You can browse through wedding bands from Benchmark, Love Story, and many more designers. Each store is run by an experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience. Find a location near you today!

Your Style Our Signature

Taking all this into account, weve designed our signature Sidney pavé halo setting to be low profile and low maintenance. Just the way we like it. Available in multiple shapes both with or without a pave diamond band, Sidney combines a sculptural, trellised basket with a bezel setting for a no-prong look that you can feel good about.

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Do Pave Settings Save You Money

As you might know, small diamonds are abundant, dont require too much faceting and therefore quite inexpensive. So you would think that a pave setting wouldnt cost too much, going on the price of melee diamonds alone.

However, this isnt necessarily the case with pave settings. Creating a pave setting requires more labor, effort and materials than most other ring settings. Most pave rings are hand crafted, with each tiny diamond placed one by one into position by the jeweler. In addition, the diamonds need to be carefully chosen to ensure uniformity and consistency.

This is a labor-intensive process which requires highly skilled craftsmanship. The end result is a more expensive ring setting.

To illustrate this, compare this 14K white gold 1.8mm solitaire ring to this similar pave ring. The price of the pave setting is almost twice that of the plain band setting.

Micro Pave Ring Settings What Are They And How Do They Look Like

French Pave Diamond Wedding Band 18kt Gold ( ...

As the name suggests, micro-pave settings actually refer to the use of tiny diamonds and requires precise technique from a skilled bench jeweler to pull off.

The result of placing extremely small diamonds in this fashion can give rise to honeycomb-like arrangements. When seen at a distance, micro-pave setting rings are spectacularly brilliant. Upon closer inspection, they give a very delicate and smooth appearance due to the minimal use of metals.

This Blue Nile setting which features intricate rows of micro pave-set diamonds can only be pulled off by a master craftsman. With 3 rows of diamonds on each side of the shank, it offers sparkle and brilliance when seen from any angle.

Flawlessly engineered, this 4 prong setting from White Flash wraps the center diamond securely and floats it above a row of brilliantly set pave diamonds. The sleek thin band helps to create contrast and elevates the center stone towards the viewer.

This fluid rose gold ring features a sublime micro pave made of 8 stones on each side of the shank. Carefully selected to create a size gradient, the side stones draw your eyes towards the center showpiece.

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Additional Pav Wedding Band Collections

The perfect blend of glamour and sophistication, Love Story crafts beautiful wedding bands to match each unique love story. And with a love designed to last, nothing less can be expected from their handcrafted wedding bands. Bold and brilliant, Love Story wedding bands are adorned with two rows of hand selected pavé set diamonds, a treat for those who prefer to indulge in added radiance. Alternatively, Alberts Diamond Jewelers offers an in-house collection of pavé wedding bands. Find subtle dainty designs to lavish diamond heavy pieces. Alberts Collection of wedding bands are varied to fit any bride’s unique style.

What Is A Pav Engagement Ring Setting

A pavé setting is a type of engagement ring setting in which the shank of the ring is lined with small diamonds. These diamonds are held in place with metal prongs or beads, creating the appearance of a line of continuous small diamonds.

Pronounced pa-vay, pavé originates from the French word to pave in this case, as in paved with diamonds. In a pavé setting, small diamonds line the band. The metal prongs or beads that hold the diamonds in place are barely visible.

The pavé setting adds extra sparkle to an engagement, all while emphasizing the beauty of the center diamond. Pavé settings are available in a wide range of styles, from modern settings to a range of vintage designs that incorporate pavé-set diamonds.

Diamonds are pavé set when theyre as small as .01-.02 carats. Diamonds smaller than that are considered micro-pavé .

A jeweler typically drills holes into the band and carefully places the small diamonds into the holes. Tiny beads or mini-prongs are formed around each diamond to secure them in place. With a pavé ring, the effect is one of continuous sparkle.

Look through recently purchased pave engagement rings with different shapes of center stone to get some inspiration.

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French Fantasy Or Beaded Beauty

If youre thinking of going with a pavé diamond ring for your engagement ring, youve probably come across two types. And, youve probably thought to yourself, Whats the difference? Lets clear things up for you.

Well start with french pavé, or fishtail pave depending on who you ask, a unique detailing that holds your diamond accents in v-shaped grooves . The french pave shows less metal while looking straight down at your ring, and gives the illusion of a row of floating diamonds encrusting your band. This one is for the diamonds as the main course, metal on the side crowd.

Beaded pave is true to its name. Your diamond accents are secured with tiny, bead-like prongs. From the top-view, youll definitely see those little metal beads, but youre trading off for more sparkle in the profile view. Contrast lovers, this one is for you.

Pav Setting For Engagement Rings

2.50 CARAT DIAMOND RING | What a Pave Solitaire 2.50 Carat Engagement Ring Looks Like On A Finger

Recommended Providers: If you are looking to buy the perfect engagement ring for your proposal, you’re sure to find it at James Allen. Their comprehensive selection and world-class service is unmatched. And if you are looking to stretch your budget even further, a lab diamond ring from Clean Origin provides excellent value per carat.

Curious about the pros and cons of the pavé setting for your engagement ring?

Perfect, you’re in the right place! In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Is the pavé setting style good for engagement rings?
  • Pavé setting vs solitaire setting as well as other styles
  • Where’s the best place to buy a pavé set engagement ring?
  • And much much more!

When you own a pave engagement ring setting, you are choosing a popular and versatile ring setting. Whether you’ve chosen the look of French pavé, scalloped pave, or micropave, your ring will be stunning.

You will love the attention a pave engagement ring will draw as the light bounces of the road of diamonds that lead up to your gorgeous center stone.

Let’s get into it!

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Matching Pav Wedding Bands

Why let your stunning pavé engagement ring be lonely? Pair your engagement ring with a gorgeous matching pavé wedding band to create a solid expanse of shining light encircling the finger. Or, mix it up and pair your pavé engagement ring with a bezel set wedding band or a prong set wedding band for a unique ring style ! Make sure you read up on womens diamond wedding bands before you buy.

Where To Buy Micro Pav Diamond Engagement Rings

There are several factors that affect the quality and value for money youll get when shopping for an engagement ring. Of these, one of the most crucial is the jewelry vendor you choose to buy from.

As weve covered in our reviews of engagement ring and diamond jewelry stores, not all places that sell engagement rings are equally good. Its common for vendors, both offline and online, to offer poor value for money, or to sell diamonds that arent particularly attractive or desirable.

Over our 20 years in the diamond industry, weve vetted a huge range of diamond sellers, giving us a hands-on understanding of which diamond jewelry vendors are the most reputable, reliable and customer-friendly.

Weve listed our four recommended diamond jewelry vendors below. All of these vendors offer large collections of high-quality diamonds in every price range. They also provide GIA or AGS certificates for their diamonds, letting you know that youre getting what you pay for.

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Popular Pav Wedding Band Collections

Gabriel & Co features several breathtaking pavé wedding bands that highlight this extravagant design. A popular choice is an eternity band, where diamonds are pavé-set continuously along the entirety of the ring. Other brilliant pieces include stackable pavé wedding bands that are bold and playful, offering the bride-to-be the option to further personalize their look. Crafted with the modern woman in mind, Shy Creation wedding bands boast unique features. The collection is full of ultramodern pieces that highlight texture and geometric angles. Shy Creation further gives pavé wedding bands a luxe appeal with polished finishes and captivating burnished diamonds.

A. Jaffe is well known for their innovation and master craftsmanship. Pavé wedding bands can be found within the Seasons of Love collection, where luxurious bands and ultra-wide bands are adorned with pavé-set diamonds to create intricate patterns. A more modern spin of this delicate classic can be found in the Metropolitan collection which features diamond halos in contemporary silhouettes. From Shah Luxury comes elegant, romantic bands. The Carizza collection has pavé diamonds accenting yellow gold bands bringing a striking contrast to the design. Promezza pavé wedding bands are crafted in half-continuity on curving silhouettes for a distinct appearance.

What Is A Pave Ring Setting And Should You Buy One

Round Brilliant Pave Diamond Wedding Band

The word pavé originates from a French term and is directly translated as to pave. So, what is a pavé ring setting and how does it actually looks like in real life?

Basically, a pavé diamond ring is a design where many tiny diamonds are set closely together with minimal spacing between them. These smaller diamonds are typically held in place by small amounts of precious metal beads or shared prongs.

Another way to remember the design is to visualize a road surface that has been covered, or paved, with gems.

In well-crafted settings, the pavé shanks create glistering rows of sparkle and help accentuate the center stone. As you can see in the example above, the profile view shows a streamlined row of diamonds lined up neatly on the shank .

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French Cut Diamond Pave

French Cut Diamond Pave looks like this:

Whereas traditional diamond pave sits in the shank of the ring, U diamond pave creates a U shape in the setting, French cut diamond pave looks like small Vs are notched in either side of the stone. This look may not be favored by all but as it is the most labor intensive style of diamond pave, French Cut Diamond Pave is a look that is revered everywhere in the world and create a truly luxe and elegant effect with any style of diamond engagement ring.

Famous Pav Engagement Rings

Celebrities are known for wearing engagement rings featuring eye-poppingly large center diamonds, and those dazzling gems are often accented by delicate pavé set diamonds to further accentuate the rings sparkle. Natalie Portmans engagement ring features a pavé halo as well as pavé diamonds on the band . Reese Witherspoons 4 carat Ashoka diamond ring features pavé accents along the band, as do the engagement rings of famous brides Blake Lively and Katherine Heigl.

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The Different Types Of Pav Settings Available In The Market

Over the years, bench jewelers have developed better fabrication techniques and infused the creativity from talented designers into modern ring settings. If you have a flair for the dramatic and love things that glitters, pave designs will help your jewelry stand out from the crowd and provide that extra glamour.

Lets check out the various types of pave ring settings available in the market today

Pave To Last An Eternity

What Does Pave Setting Mean? | Finding Your Engagement Ring Style

Many love the look of eternity rings, which include an unbreakable line of diamonds or gemstones. Pave wedding rings or engagement rings can be styled in an eternity setting.

Eternity settings ensure that no matter how the ring turns, the design remains the same. Wedding bands often roll on the finger, and this can be frustrating for those who want designs front and center. Eternity bands always look the same no matter how they move on the hand.

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Heres What You Need To Know Before Buying A Pave Setting

Shopping for an engagement ring on a budget? Youre not alone in fact, its more the rule than the exception these days. There are beautiful and stylish ways to maximize your ring budget. First, youre in the right place: Shopping online for an engagement ring can save you 40 to 50 percent off brick-and-mortar jewelry stores. Second, consider a setting that incorporates extra-small stones, like a pavé setting.

Whats The Difference Between A Wedding Ring And An Engagement Ring

Though there are a few key design differences, the main thing that sets these two types of rings apart is when theyre given. An engagement ring is typically given during the proposal , while wedding rings are exchanged during the marriage ceremony between both partners. And while an engagement ring typically features a prominent center stone, wedding rings dont have one focal point per se. They feature either rows of smaller stones or simply a clean solitaire band. In this, theyre more like the super-talented backup singer whose role is to gracefully point the attention to the star: your engagement ring.

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