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Where To Buy Linen Suits For Beach Wedding

About Our Wedding Suits

All You Need To Know About Linen Suits

We have been part of Wedding since 2008 and we are proud that we still can provide thousands of Grooms, Guests, and Weddings all around the world. If you want a Summer Wedding Suit or a Black Wedding Suit we have it all! You can design your own Groom Suit and choose to personalize it completely. Don’t let aunt Mary speak about your Suit in a bad way. There is no need to get a wedding suit rental when you can have it 100% made to measure for the same price.

Your Ideal Linen Suit

Linen suits for men from Banana Republic offer the one-of-a-kind blend of style and quality you’ve been looking for. Made from premium fabric, these designer-quality suits offer unbeatable comfort and durability for everyday wear. Check out the polished assortment of suits available in the latest range of fits and colors to match your style preferences and body shape. From timelessly structured suits in classic colors to bold, modern options in vibrant hues and head-turning patterns, there’s a little something for everyone in this collection. Shop Banana Republic’s linen men’s suits today for refined elegance with a sleek, comfortable fit.

Big And Tall Linen Suits

You are a big and tall guy and it is difficult to find the perfect linen suit. No problem. All Hockerty suits are made to measure so there is no size limit, big and tall guys are covered. The same fabrics are available for everyone. And same options available for everyone, of course. Find the perfect big men’s linen suits online.

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Discover The Perfect Mens Beach Wedding Suit

Whether youre a wedding guest, father of the bride or a groom planning your own nuptials, finding the right suit for the big day can feel a little overwhelming. Luckily, once you know the basics its not too difficult to start putting together your ideal wedding get-up. There are a few options when it comes to fabric, but today were going to focus on linen, the perfect fabric for a beach wedding suit.

May 6, 2019 at 7:37am PDT

Isn’t it the perfect wedding beach attire for men?


Linen is one of the most popular choices for suits, and for good reason. Its great quality, strong and highly breathable, so great for summer weddings! When it comes to finding the perfect suit, there are a few general things to consider, and others that depend on your role at the wedding. Firstly, check if theres a theme to follow. You dont want to fork out cash on a perfect suit to find yourself standing out like a sore thumb when the day arrives. Take a look at our linen beach wedding attire for men online.

With a made to measure linen suit you and your groomsmen will enjoy the wedding without sweating

What Should I Wear To A Wedding On The Beach

Pin on Island Importer Weddings

First, well start with a quick hit list in case youre pressed for time. If you want to go in-depth, we have plenty of information throughout this article.

  • Think linen or cotton, not wool.
  • Ties are optional.
  • Casual still requires attention to detail.
  • You dont have to wear dress shoes, or any shoes for that matter.
  • Waistcoats offer dressiness & comfort simultaneously.
  • Keep the colors light.

While we associate beaches with summer, folks getting married on beaches arent necessarily getting married in the summertime. Theres a good chance that if youre reading this, youre planning a destination wedding to a tropical locale during your home countrys winter.

If so, good on you! Its essentially a built-in honeymoon, and your guests will appreciate the opportunity to get out of dodge for a while.

Getting married or even just being in a wedding is an exciting time, and getting to do so on a beach just adds to the fun. Beaches make for wonderful photographs and videos, not to mention good old-fashioned memories.

But deciding what to wear to a beach wedding can be confusing for grooms and guests alike. Typical beach gear is as casual as can be. Men often wear bathing trunks, flip-flops, and sunglasses. Thats generally the end of it.

As you might imagine, this simply wont cut it when you or your friends are getting hitched. Lets explore some different options.

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The Best Wedding Suits For Grooms

We offer a wide range of weddings suits for men to give you the opportunity to find the best suit for weddings. Welcome to a new way to find the right outfit for your special occasions.

Featured in:

How to choose your Wedding Suit

Select the Suit fabric

Choose from a wide range of Wedding Suit fabrics to find the one that matches better you for your special day.

Design your Wedding Suit

Personalize all details so you make your new suit a personal attire for the most special occasion.

Insert your measurements

Get measured at home. You don’t need a tailor, just some help from the bride, the other groom or a friend.

Wherever, However, and Whenever You Want it

Use our 3D men suits configurator to create the best wedding suit for the event of the year. Choose all the details from your Suit so you can create a personal garment that fits you perfectly in size and style.

Your unforgettable moments should be made-to-measure and so does your Suit. We offer a wide range of different Wedding Suits starting with the more classic Blue Wedding Suit and Navy Blue Wedding Suit, but we also provideWhite Wedding Suits. No matter what you want you can design your Suit online and we tailor it to your measurements.

Mens Beach Wedding Attire

Its natural to feel a little nervous on your big day. And if you intend to seal your vows at a stunning coastline, youre likely to stress more about looking and feeling your very best!

The fact of the matter is that beach weddings are the epitome of a partners paradise, celebrating your special moments in one of the most romantic destinations in the world!

Wedding Tropics offers a diverse line of casual wedding attire for men, customized for a tropical wedding and white parties.

From meticulously handcrafted Italian linen to a smooth satin finish, we take care of the details to give you a luxurious experience on a budget! Order now!

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High Quality Linen Fabrics

Design your own Linen Suit. Find the highest quality of breathable 100% linen and linen-cotton fabrics. Create your own version of this lightweight and breathable Suit, choosing among tons of style options. Perfect for the warmer days.

Featured in:

How to buy your men’s linen suit online

Select the Linen Fabric

New linen fabrics every season. The best 100% pure linen fabrics but also comfortable linen-cotton blends. White linen, blue linen, even black linen suits.

Design your Linen Suit

Personalise details on your Men’s Custom Linen Suit such as lapels, pockets, lining. Explore all the options!

Add your measurements

Design your Linen suit and buy it online

Use our online 3D linen suits configurator to choose the perfect spring-summer suit. Choose from all kind of details to create the linen suit you had in mind. Find the perfect linen wedding suits for grooms or your new casual men’s linen suit. By default, it will be a men’s slim fit linen suit, but you can also choose regular fit.

Linen Suits for Men are the perfect Suit for during the summer and those warmer days. Linen Suits will keep you feeling comfortable and cool. Although they come in a lot of different variations our favourite ones are White Linen Suits and Blue Linen Suits.

Summer & Beach Weddings

Stop Sweating Your Balls Off in Suits – How To: Linen Suits || Men’s Fashion || Gent’s lounge

No matter if youre a groom, groomsman, guest, or father of the bride or groom, a linen suit is a cant-miss option for a summer wedding or a wedding on the beach.

Depending on the formality of the wedding, you can opt to wear a full suit, linen trousers and a shirt, rolled up linen pants and a waistcoat with no shoes, or any other permutation of linen garments.

If you need help planning what youre going to wear to your wedding or figuring out what youll wear to a wedding to which youve been invited, our wedding guide will help you.

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Wedding Groom Suit Accessories

You are the groom so you decide what to wear as accessories. If you wear a suit, the most typical thing is wearing a tie, but if you chose a tuxedo, wear a bow tie. That would be the minimum. Consider that it is a good day to wear a cufflinks shirt so you can show your best cufflinks. It also looks great wearing a little flower on the suit lapel, but then forget about wearing a pocket square. Yes, you can wear a groom flower on the suit lapel. Choose one or the other. And feel free to add a tie bar if you feel comfortable with it or a watch if you have one that you want to wear on the most special day.

Why you should not rent a suit

It is just one day, but it is your day. Hockerty made to measure suits are just a little bit more expensive than renting a suit for one day. In addition, you will be able to embroider your initials and keep your wedding suit. And, of course, you can re-use it in other weddings or use the blazer and trousers as suit separates. It makes no sense to get a wedding suit rental when you can have your 100% made to measure wedding suit for the same price.

For the Big Day: 100% Made to Measure

You want to enjoy as much as possible the best day of your lives. Be confident and be comfortable. A made to measure suit helps you with both so you can deal with everything and remember the most important day.

Offer the best suit to your Groomsmen

Similarities Of Linen & Cotton

Indeed, both linen and cotton are often worn during the summer thanks to many properties that they share. For instance, seersucker is a particularly popular variety of cotton suit. Here are a few more similarities between the two fabrics:

  • As it relates to tailored clothing, both are worn in warm weather
  • Both fabrics are made from plant-based fibers
  • Each has a more casual appearance than wool
  • Both have a tendency to wrinkle

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Say I Do In Comfort And Style With A Wedding Linen Suit

Suppose you’re new to the world of suits, or only have some vague memory of wearing something uncomfortable and constricting to a distant relative’s funeral. In that case, you probably aren’t all that familiar with the different fabrics used in a tailored suit. Classic suits are made in a variety of fabrics, with wool dominating. While a well-fitted suit enhances every man’s wardrobe, wool can be a heavy and daunting fabric to pull off, especially in a hot summer and especially if youre planning a beach wedding.

Weddings are not just about the bride anymore. The groom is every bit as important, and hes looking to make his wedding day stylish, comfortable, and memorable for all the right reasons too. Whether you’re a dapper gent looking to take his style game even higher with the perfect lines and cut, or a novice to suits, just hoping to get through the day without overheating, don’t worry! We’ve rounded up the very best wedding experts from the Oliver Wicks team to help you find the perfect linen match for your wedding day.

Explore Men’s Linen Shirts Pants And Suits

Summer+Grooms+Tuxedos+Beach+White+Linen+Suits+Notched ...

Our men’s linen clothing allows you to strike a fashionable look while enjoying extra-soft comfort. Whether you’re browsing our linen suits for men to find the perfect ensemble for a beach wedding or checking out our white linen shirts that keep you cool and stylish in the summertime, we make it easy to find what you need. For both formal occasions to casual walks on the beach, we have you covered.

Within our selection, you’ll find men’s linen pants, shorts, shirts, jackets and vests in a variety of colors. With big and tall to slim fits and everything between, we offer linen clothes for all body types.

Upgrade your wardrobe by shopping our men’s linen clothing today.

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Beach Wedding Clothing For Men Women And Kids

Since 2006 we have been putting destination weddings into color with our large selection of ready made styles, fits, and sizes. For those hard to fit or hard to please, add our exclusive and unique designer styles. Our innovative customization processes include numerous customizable clothing options such as 300+ embroidery colors for our embroidered shirts, 25 different fabric colors, tailored fit, big and tall sizes up to 5XL, as well as many different style options for collar, cuff, button and more.

No matter the size or age of the participants- color choices or style requirements we can dress your entire party and give you the exact formal clothing you are looking for that is made from only the highest quality, natural fiber fabric that before leaving our factory, must endure a 37 point inspection process. With so many things to worry about during the planning phase of your tropical wedding, let us worry about the clothing! Wedding Tropics carries mens beach wedding attire, women, and kids. Linen wedding dresses and clothes for everyone!

Beach Wedding Suits: Tips To Stay Cool & Look Good

Its not at all uncommon to wear a suit to a beach wedding, especially if the reception is in a nearby location with air conditioning. It is a very special occasion after all, and a bit of sartorial decorum to signify this is always a good thing in our book.

The question is, how do you look awesome in your suit while maintaining at least some semblance of comfort? Here are a few tips:

Linen and cotton are your friends: While you can certainly wear a wool suit in a tropical weight to a beach wedding, linen and cotton are better choices. Not only do they tend to be better suited to warm climates, but they will both acquire a bit of wrinkle to them with even minimal wear.

Seersucker is also a great choice but if you dont like stripes, consider solid seersucker instead. You can compare the differences between these fabrics in our guide to linen and seersucker.

This look of being slightly rumpled, elegantly disheveled, or whatever you want to call it, is perfectly suited to a beach weddings casual nature. Furthermore, every guy can benefit from owning a summer suit , so it makes sense from a long-term investment standpoint too.

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