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What To Look For In A Wedding Venue

A Seaside Wedding At A Friend’s Private Beach

WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A WEDDING VENUE | Wedding Venue Questions | Kelly Lamich

The beauty of a beach wedding is that it has the potential not to cost a penny at all when it comes to venue fees. This real couple asked a friend if they could have access to a remote private beach on Rockells Bay in New Zealand for their wedding. With a ceremony on the water and a champagne toast and picnic on the sand, this beachside wedding was such a stunning day, without a huge bill.

Choosing Between Two Wedding Venues

If you have narrowed down your shortlist and are torn between two venues then you may want to step back and look at other factors, reviews, attention to detail and ultimately who do you feel would go that extra mile to make sure your wedding day is perfect. Go with your gut, you cant be more honest then that, go with your gut and follow your heart!

How Far In Advance Do You Need To Book Your Venue

This is another super important factor to consider when choosing a wedding venue and is something youll need to be on top of sooner rather than later, as many venues get booked out one to two years in advance. If you have your heart set on a specific venue, reach out to them as soon as possible to find out their availability.

If your venue of choice is not available on your wedding date and youre dead set on holding your wedding ceremony or reception there, you might need to change your wedding date or start the search for a new venue.

The Tote at Brisbane Racing Club Photo by Lover of Mine

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Figure Out Your Budget

When it comes to how to choose a wedding venue, one of the most important decisions youll make is how much you can spend on a space. And it turns out that your venue and catering will compromise about half of your wedding budget. In the U.S., couples spend an average of $5,400 on their venue alone, with most couples spending between $2,700 and $10,500not a small amount by any stretch. How much youll spend on your venue really depends on where youre planning on marryingrenting a venue in a major city will likely cost more than one in a more rural area. Talk to your partner and any loved ones who may be contributing financially to your big day and come up with a total budgetthen divide that number by half to determine the amount you can spend on your venue and catering .

Vineyard Or Winery Wedding Venues

Are you planning a wedding on a tight budget? look this ...

Beautiful views and great wine? What could be more suitable for a celebration? Wineries and vineyards have become popular venues for great reasons: they offer picturesque settings and incredible photo ops.

Alternatively, you may opt to elope. Worried you wouldnt find the right photographer? Dont worry. Check out We Eloped and capture your elopement experience.

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When Should You Actually Start Planning Your Venue

Amanda DiNardi, founder and lead planner at copper + chloe, a wedding and event planning business, says typically, venue booking should happen about 12 to 15 months ahead of a desired wedding date. But because of the times, many are planning even further in advance with a nearly two-year lead time.

âBrides are booking into 2023, potentially 2024,â DiNardi says. âIf you are having your ceremony on site at a reception venue, then itâs all the same timeline. If you are having a traditional religious ceremony in a church or something, some require 18 months in advance for premarital counseling.â

For anyone planning a wedding who wants to do the bare minimum, DiNardi recommends hiring a wedding planner to help ease the stress of planning and to prevent being overloaded by the amount of work involved. Itâs also important to focus on staying within your budget.

âEstablishing your budget from the moment you get engaged is crucial for every component of your wedding,â DiNardi says. âYou would be surprised how quickly things add up. You never want to overextend yourself if you really canât afford a wedding venue thatâs out of your comfort zone.â

In addition to reading contracts with vendors thoroughly, DiNardi recommends checking with the venue that your deposit is refundable in the event that you have to cancel your wedding for any reason. Since 2020, many have started including cancellation or rescheduling policies.

Things To Look For In A Wedding Venue

ByGrady Savage on Apr 02, 2019

The options for wedding venues are essentially endless these days, from grand to cozy, all-inclusive to DIY-friendly, and everything in between. But what are some specific things you should focus on when youre trying to choose your venue? What are some factors to consider and good questions to ask as youre making that big decision? Heres what will be important for you to know as you move forward with your wedding venue choice.

Five Things To Consider When Selecting Your Wedding Venue

Youve already found the one you want to spend your life with, the next step is selecting the place to host your celebration of your love and commitment to your life together: the wedding venue! The venue is going to be the backdrop in your photos, where you share your first meal as a married couple, where you dance the night away and ultimately one of the most important pieces of the entire wedding planning process. Finding your perfect venue should be an exciting experience for both you and your fiancé, so here are FIVE things to consider when youre selecting your venue.

Leverage Testimonials And Reviews

Looking For A Wedding Venue // Planning a wedding is HARD

According to a 2019 study from WeddingWire, reviews and photos are the most important factors couples consider when deciding which vendors to reach out to while planning their wedding. The study also states that approximately 80% of couples consider reviews to be “very important,” and notes that couples are more likely to consider booking with a vendor that has both positive and negative reviews than no reviews at all.

Of course, providing stellar customer service and memorable experiences is the No. 1 way to garner positive reviews. But what about promoting those positive reviews? And what about those dreaded negative reviews? First, be sure you’re listed on sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google My Business. Promote the positive reviews on your website and social media channels, and be sure to respond to any negative reviews in a thoughtful manner. Be understanding and provide a solution.

As for testimonials: Consider adding a section to your website dedicated solely to customer quotes and stories.

Aunt Suzy Won’t Mind Sitting On Uncle Al’s Lap

Before you set foot out that door, get a firm grip on the amount of guests you think will attend your wedding. Understanding this element is key, as many venues have capacity limitations that will determine whether or not they remain on the “short list”. Also, be aware of “maximum capacity” numbers versus “comfortably seated” numbers. Many venues will provide a maximum capacity number , but that number is usually more than what is “comfortable” for the space.

What’s The Difference Between ‘merlot’ And ‘burgundy’ Isn’t It All Just Red

Do all the resources out there for wedding planning make your head spin? Does the thought of discussing the subtle difference between burgundy and merlot make you sick to your stomach? If so, you might be a bride who would benefit from an “all-inclusive” venue. These venues have relationships with pre-selected vendors for a variety of wedding elements . They then offer these services to the wedding couple in a package for an all-inclusive price. Save for a few elements not included in the package, all the couple has to do is show up on their wedding day. Do you love DIY projects? Do you want to hand pick every single element of your wedding personally? If you answered yes to these questions, it would be good to choose a venue that allowed you to bring in all of the design elements yourself. Linens, centerpieces, ceremony decor–you want to be able to select it all. Thus, venues that simply provide a space for your event would be an ideal choice.

Designated Space To Eat Drink And Dance

Your venue needs to have designated areas where your guests can do certain activities. The Meadow Barn in Sioux Falls is blessed to have a large reception space indoors, acres of space outdoors, and an extensive patio area. Itll be easy for you to envision which activity will go where! Getting these areas correctly allocated on your big day is important for the flow of proceedings. If youre struggling, our team at The Meadow Barn will be able to guide you towards the best option.

The Meadow Barn and The Veranda have fully stock bars and liquor licenses for all your beverage needs!

Where Do You Want To Get Married

Get the Look: A Modern Farmhouse Venue in Los Angeles # ...

First things first, youll need to narrow down the location for your wedding. Are you envisioning a stylish inner-city wedding at a sleek modern venue? Or is a rustic winery venue in the country more your style?

Once youve decided on a specific location and theme for your wedding, youll be able to start your venue search. And if you need some help finding the perfect venue, our team of local venue experts are available for free one-on-one consultations.

A Modern Loft In New York City

Is there anything cooler than a loft wedding in New York City? The owner has a full-service event planning company, making planning your big day so easy. With space for up to 65 guests and the perfect central location , your wedding will truly be a celebration to remember. Evening rentals begin at $1,500.

Advertise On The Channels Couples Use

Your marketing efforts will fall short if they aren’t being directed to the right people at the right time. Most couples book a venue within a couple months of becoming engaged. This means that the window to earn their business is usually pretty small. Don’t let it close without getting your venue in front of them. Here are a few ways to go about doing just that:

  • Create . The social media platform allows you to customize ad campaigns based on a users’ age, location, relationship status, interests, and more.
  • The platform states that 40 million people use it as a wedding planning tool each year, so creating an ad campaign to reach couples can go a long way.
  • Attend in-person events. In-person promotion will always be a valuable marketing tool, and it’s no different for wedding venues. Consider attending bridal expos and creating a booth that makes you stand out from the competition.

Hold Harmless And Indemnification

You may see this clause in some wedding contracts, particularly for venues. It basically means that one party is not legally liable if something goes wrong during your event. For example, if a guest falls down the steps at your wedding and wants to file a lawsuit, the hold harmless may mean that you, not the venue, are responsible. These terms and phrases can seem very scary, but it is my understanding that essentially these clauses in a contract are meant to limit responsibility and avoid certain outcomes if anything should go wrong, says Leanne Valdes of You Name It Events in Geneva, Illinois. The point is mutual protection and clarification before you begin working together. If you feel uncomfortable with this clause, talk to your venue or seek help from a lawyer.

Have Specific Dates In Mind

Wedding Venue Site Visit & Looking for Wedding Rings | October Wedding Planning Vlog | Avia LeVon

As you start the hunt for a wedding venue, it is a good idea to have a date in mind. For some, the wedding date might be flexible based on booking their dream wedding venue, while others have a specific date in mind that might eliminate certain venues based on availability.

No matter what time of year you plan to get married, Elkins Resort is happy to host your wedding. While spring and fall are our most popular time to book, we are also finding that winter weddings at Priest Lake are just as popular and offer a unique and romantic setting.

Wedding Venue Checklist Part : 7 Things You Must Do During Your Tour

Its finally time! Heres what youll need to do during the visit. You can even print this wedding venue checklist and bring it with you!

1. Get a peek behind the scenes

While its easy to be dazzled by a venues beautiful locations, site visits present the perfect opportunity to see what the back-of-house facilities are like. Is there extra storage for anything that needs to be put away during the event? Are the bathrooms clean? Is the parking convenient? Can the venues kitchen accommodate your catering needs? These questions are important because, after all, the back-of-house facilities and the people in them are what make your wedding day run smoothly.

2. Talk about lighting options

The venue manager should go over this category with you along with what options they have available that are either included in the rental or can be added on. In addition to those considerations, make sure to ask about things like: are flame candles allowed or are you limited to battery-powered ones? How many outlets will you have access to inside and outside, and where are they located? How many extension cords can they offer you, if any? Is there a venue electrician you can collaborate with or is there anyone youre supposed to run your lighting plans by ahead of the big day?

3. Bring up permits and licenses

4. Discuss guest transportation options in detail

5. Talk about financial logistics

6. Get details about space access and day of scheduling

7. Figure out all the bad weather options

Are There Backup Options In Case Of Unpredictable Weather

If youre planning to have an outdoor ceremony or reception, be sure to ask if there are any wet weather options at your venue. While most venues do have other rooms or covered spaces that can be utilised in the event of an unexpected weather incident, in some places, you might need to organise a marquee or some other form of backup yourself.

For a picturesque wedding venue that offers both indoor and outdoor options for your ceremony and reception, you cant go past Austinvilla Estate in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland. We also love Belgenny Farm in New South Wales, home to charming rustic barns and sprawling lawns for both indoor and outdoor wedding celebrations.

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