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How To Decorate A Wedding Table

Simple Wedding Table Decor

How to Decorate a Wedding Reception Table

31. Mini Lanterns

If youre looking to keep your wedding table arrangements rather simple, mini lanterns can be a great option. You can choose to leave these mini lanterns with a simple battery operated tealight candle or decorate the centerpiece further by adding flowers to the top.

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32. Table Runner with Flowers

To fully decorate your tables without going overboard on wedding table centerpieces, consider adding a simple table runner that matches your color theme. To complete the look, add a garland of flowers, too.

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33. Glass Votive Geometric Terrarium for Candles or Succulents

Your votive candle holders dont have to be elaborate to still make a statement on your tables. Consider this classic terrarium look to display your candles or even succulents.

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  • Glass Tea Light Holders
  • For miniature tea light candle holders, consider this glass set that will make it appear as if your mini candles are floating within the glass.

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    35. Farmhouse Pottery Candlesticks

    These fun candlestick holders will add a simple layer of sophistication to your tables with their sleek yet classic design.

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    36. White Marble Place Card Holders

    The simplicity of these white marble place card holders is a unique style in its own right. Keep your name place holders simple yet fun with a handwritten card held up by a cube of marble.

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    Wedding Table Ideas On A Budget

    If you want to save money on your reception tables decor, there are plenty of affordable and amazing wedding table ideas to pick from. Here are a few of them.

    • Long live DIY! If you, or someone you know, is crafty, make the centerpieces and other wedding table decor yourself. Fill glasses or vases with strings of lights or votive candles, purchase your own fabric for your tablecloths or table runners or create your own flower arrangements.
    • If you are hosting a buffet-styled reception, use chic plastic plates and plastic silverware that look like the real thing instead of renting expensive china. This will help cut down on the cleaning costs as well.

    Make these gorgeous but simple DIY succulent centerpieces for your wedding reception tables. What you will need: Moss table-runner with loose succulents, mini terrariums and mica flakes.

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    • Glassware can also double as party favors. Use customized or personalized wine, pint or mason jar glasses for each place setting that your guests can take home at the end of the wedding reception. You can have them engraved with your names, initials and the wedding date or you can tie on a small tag with a note and a ribbon.
    • Grab old pieces of reclaimed wood, vintage jars and vases, or thrift store candles and trinkets to create unique and stunning wedding centerpieces. Tie the look together with inexpensive ribbons, or not.

    Use Items From Your Home

    From decorative pillows and blankets to chairs and rugs, there are many personalized decor elementsfound in your homethat represent your style as a couple and preserves your wedding budget. Look around your house and get creative with ways you could use décor you already own to decorate your wedding reception. In addition to saving money, you guarantee your wedding will feel like you.

    Image by Carmen Lopez Photography. See more of this real wedding here.

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    Rustic Wedding Decoration Ideas


    Got an ugly wall that needs covering or just want to make a cute rustic feature? Stack wooden crates on top of each other it can be only a couple, you dont need to do a whole wall! and fill some of the gaps with flowers and others with cute decorations like a lantern.

    We adore these vintage wooden apple crates which have real character to them.

    Square And Rectangular Tables


    Gayle Brooker

    Square and shorter rectangular tables can work wonders on a party space that’s not super well definedmaybe your wedding is on a lawn or patio, or under a tent at a vineyard. Establishing borders creates a sense of place, and square tables usually do the trick. You don’t have to line them up like you might with banquet tablesthe beauty of working with squares is the freedom to arrange them in different angles for a dynamic reception space.

    1. Add Formality

    Just as you don’t want to overcrowd your tabletops, the reverse isn’t always great either: Exposing surfaces can set a casual tone if you’re not careful. The main culprit? A too-short tablecloth. Drape floor-length linens over your square tables to instantly dress up your space.

    2. Use an Even Number of Chairs

    Squares are solid shapes, but they need some symmetry, so place an even number of chairs on all sides. Otherwise you’ll be left with awkward, lopsided table arrangements

    3. Round Things Out

    Incorporate round accents to soften the edges. Your options are endless here: Place votives and round chargers on the tablesconsider wood slabs and coasters for a rustic theme or smooth marble trays for a cool, contemporary feeland suspend circular or cylindrical lighting from the ceiling.

    Find more reception décor ideas and inspiration right here.

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    Pull Seasonal Inspiration For Tablescapes

    Christy Tyler Photography

    Those saying “I do” around the holidays have plenty of inspiration to work with from the start. Most holidays are synonymous with certain colors and patterns, which can take the guesswork out of wedding venue decorations. If you want your holiday wedding theme to look tasteful, focus on the tablescapes. Settings and centerpieces can bring your vision to life without looking too overpowering or kitsch. If you’re planning a winter wedding, for example, incorporate a luxe ruby and emerald color scheme, or use plaid and burlap accents to fit a Christmas theme.

    Setting The Perfect Table For Your Wedding Reception

    Youve selected a venue, found your dream dress, and all of your invitations are at the printer. Your wedding plans are coming along nicely, but now its time to focus on the reception. Planning the layout for a reception and setting the perfect table isnt always glamorous, but its such an important part of making sure your wedding day goes smoothly. Why? Because you and your guests will most likely spend more time at the reception than anywhere else! It needs to be organized, comfortable, and, of course, beautiful.

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    They Suggested The Following

    • Scatter petals in a heart shape and use as a table centrepiece
    • Use sprigs of lavender or wheat as napkin rings or in name place settings
    • Simply scatter rose petals on white tablecloths
    • Put a jam jar filled with wheat on every table
    • Buy inexpensive fishbowls and fill with a handful of petals
    • Tie a bunch of lavender to the back of each guests chair

    Wedding Decoration Ideas: 35 Ways To Transform Your Venue

    How to Decorate Wedding Tables With Tulle

    From rustic wedding decorations to floral installations, these are the best ways to decorate your wedding venue.

    We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy lifes biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

    Whether your wedding venue is a blank canvas or already comes with some decoration, theres so many amazing touches you can add to make it personal to you.

    Weve picked 35 amazing wedding decoration ideas thatll transform your space, with lots of DIY ideas to keep the cost down too.

    From rustic suitcases to Moroccan-style lounge areas, bunting to vintage bikes, lanterns to neon signs, the hardest thing youll have to do is pick between all these incredible wedding decoration ideas.

    Dont miss our wedding table decoration ideas too theres so much you can do there that weve kept this focused on just the decorations that are going to bring your venue to life!

    NB: We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy lifes biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

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    Buffet Or Dessert Table

    If the meal or snacks will be served buffet-style, the table will require some decorative accents. Tablecloths to match the guest tables should be included, and you may want to add a few floral arrangements to fill in empty spots or frame the space. Rope light strands can line the table or be hidden in tulle in dimly lit spaces.

    How To Decorate Your Sweetheart Table

    Your sweetheart table should be the center of attention at your wedding reception. Heres how to give yours that extra oomph.

    Your sweetheart table is the most important table at your wedding reception, so it should really stand out among the rest. Yes, you could match it to your guests, but wheres the fun in that? Add a few extra florals, a jazzy tablecloth and a few other decorative elements to make yours super swoon-worthy.

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    Include Pop Culture References

    One of the most creative wedding decoration ideas is to include references from pop culture. Perhaps you and your S.O. are Star Wars fanatics, or maybe you can quote every episode from The Office. If your relationship has been significantly touched by a movie, TV show, song or book, include references in your decor. The options are endless: replace table numbers with names of your favorite movies, create a menu inspired by a TV show or use a cake topper with your favorite song quote. With some creative thinking, you can find a personal way to include pop culture moments that define your relationship.

    Things To Put On Wedding Tables

    How to Decorate Every Type of Reception Table

    When it comes to personalizing your reception table decor, there are plenty of small ways to make it special beyond your place settings and centerpieces:

    • Sprinkle each table with confetti, rose petals, or even a selection of autumn leaves if youre getting married in the fall. Having a beach wedding? Scatter shells around the table.
    • Design your own dinner menus that incorporate your theme and colors and leave one on top of each place setting.
    • Add a runner to each table. Choose a fabric that incorporates your colors but also has a fun design or pattern on it to jazz things up.
    • Each table will likely be numbered so that guests know where to sit. Incorporate that number into your decor with a hand-decorated sign or small flag.
    • Decorate vertically. If your venue allows it, consider hanging decorations like paper lanterns, flower arrangements, or some greenery above the tables.

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    Tips For Decorating Wedding Tables

    • Choose your wedding color scheme and/or your wedding theme before buying or renting the wedding reception table decor
    • Dont be scared to go for an eclectic look, especially when on a budget. Unique and creative wedding table ideas and decorations add to the fun
    • Not every table has to have a uniform look and feel. Feel free to experiment with color, shapes and unique pieces that distinguish a table from the next. They will certainly help your guests break the ice!
    • Consider round or oval-shaped dishes for long or square tables to soften the look
    • Table numbers or folded napkins that are triangular or diamond-shaped add more visually appeal to a round table
    • Formal place settings take up more table space than informal ones
    • Add an original wedding sign to the bride and grooms chairs

    Original elegant and modern wedding centerpiece.

    Sophisticated and magical wedding table ideas for a candlelight reception dinner.

    These are some of the many beautiful and fun wedding table ideas to help you decide what to put on wedding reception tables. Now, dont be shy and to discover thousands of other ideas to make your wedding as exceptional as these!

    Illume The Memorial Table With Charming Lights And Candles

    If natural and rustic themed memorial table decorations can add an idyllic flair to your wedding decor, then using charming and scintillating decor accessories for your memorial table setup can usher in a stunning and grand appeal. Elevate the decor of your memory table at wedding by spreading LED White Artificial Foam Rose Flower Garland Vines and place White Flameless LED Candles in front of the photo frames which will not just look warm and bright but it is also a fabulous way to pay tribute to your late loved ones. If you prefer to use decor accessories that will make your memorial table decorations look more extravagant, try placing the Clear Long Stem Cylinder Glass Vases filled with Rose Gold Mini Rose Floating Candles on the table to ooze elegant radiance. Using candles to decorate your memory table at wedding can be a wondrous way to remember your loved ones in heaven and while adding a spectacular glow to your memorial table.

    The memories of lost loved ones are always fresh in our minds and hearts and so including decor accessories and things in your memorial table decorations that hold special meaning for you is a thoughtful way to remember a deceased loved one at your wedding. Do leave your thoughts and ideas as comments below on how else would you make your memorial table decorations look phenomenal.

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    Rent Items To Save Your Wedding Budget

    Wedding rentals are a budget-friendly couples best friends. There are endless rental opportunitiesfrom seating to decorthat are offered at a fraction of the cost. As a bonus, youll save time and money not having to find everything yourself. Not to mention, you dont have to worry about transportation on the day of the weddingwhat a win.

    Use Terrariums As Centerpieces

    How to Decorate a Wedding Buffet Table

    Kayla Barker Fine Art Photogrpahy

    Not a flower person? There’s no need to splurge on floral centerpieces if they don’t fit your taste. Create a rustic tablescape with a cluster of succulents and leafy green garlands in an earthy wood basket. Consult your florist to learn about greenery options that can replace traditional floral arrangements.

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    Table Decorations And Displays

    As guests move from the ceremony to the reception, welcome them with personalized display signs. Chalkboard, rustic, floral, vintage and other styles help lead your guests toward gift tables, guest books and festive party favor tables with ease. Add confetti, balloons, photo signs, flower petals or candy on these tables for decorative detailing throughout the area.

    Pretty In Mercury Glass

    Bring big style to your reception tables with numbers that are just as pretty as the florals. Here, mercury glass numbers are used to accent a soft, seaside color palette. Creating your own mercury glass display might be easier than you think if you can find glass or acrylic numbers, you can achieve this faux-paint effect.

    GET THE HOW-TO: Create Your Own Mercury Glass in Three Easy Steps

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