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What To Include In Wedding Invitation

Tips For Outer And Inner Envelope

What information to include in your Wedding Invitations

Lastly, the envelope you can do a single envelope that has the return address and your guest address on the front, you can also print your return address on the back flap thats another option. And another way of doing it a more formal way is to have a outer and inner envelope and this serves more as protection for the inner envelope and it protects your invitation suite.

So the outer envelope would be where you print your return address and you put your guest address on there. Andthen the inner envelope would just have your guests name. Theres no need to put or print another address on there because its already gonna be on your outer envelope.

This way it protects the envelope inside because usually when you mail them out, it runs through these rollers and the envelopes kind of shoot through there, it can leave marks on the outside of the envelope. But if you have an inner and an outer envelope youll be protecting whats inside and only the outer envelope will get dirty.So thats a very popular option as well to order both envelopes for wedding invitations.

Hosted By Divorced Parents

To include divorced parents on the invitationeither for the bride or the groominclude the mothers name first followed by the fathers name on a separate line without an and separating them.

  • For divorced mothers who are not remarried, use the courtesy title Ms. followed by whichever last name she prefers .
  • To include stepparents on the invitationfor either the bride or the groom list the mother and stepfathers names first, followed by the father and stepmothers names.
  • List the mother first regardless if the father is remarried and the mother is not.
  • The bride should consider including her last name if multiple sets of parents, with different last names, come before her on the invitation.

Formal Invitation Example

Brunch Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

A little alliteration goes a long way. This classy bridal shower brunch invitation reads: “brunch and bubbly.” A few other wording examples we like for brunch-themed wedding shower invitations include:

All you need is loveâ¦and mimosas.

First comes loveâ¦then comes brunch!

Before this Miss becomes a Mrs. / Let’s gather for brunch and give her best wishes!

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How To Present Your Contact Details On Your Wedding Invitations

  • If all of the elements of your address are separated by single lines then you do not need to add commas to the end of each line.
  • If your address is written across one line the commas are required between the house name, road, town and county.
  • No comma is required between the county and the postcode.

What To Include In Your Wedding Invitation

What to Include in Your Wedding Invitations (The No

The wedding invitation sets the theme for your wedding. When guests see a rustic invitation with informal wording, it lets them know that the event will be casual. When they see a classic wedding invitation with traditional wording, they will expect a formal event. Like your wedding, invitations can be as simple or as grandiose as you want as long as they accomplish the following jobs:

  • Tell guests the critical information about the wedding: who is getting married, the wedding date, and the wedding location.
  • Recognize the hosts of the wedding.
  • Convey the tone and formality of the wedding, including the dress code.
  • Indicate how guests should RSVP, if no response or other enclosure cards are included.
  • Recognize the couples parents, if they are not also the hosts.

If you are writing your own invitations from scratch, follow these requirements line-by-line as you fill out this piece of your wedding stationery. Each section outlines what information should appear, and in what order, on a traditional wedding invite. Once you understand the various components of invitation wording, feel free to get creative with your own personal touches and style, using the language that feels right for you and your partner.

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Be Mindful When Seating Couples And Single Guests

Draft a seating plan that fosters a comfortable dynamic for solo guests. For singles, there are fewer things more awkward than being sandwiched between an old married couple or a PDA-heavy pair. But creating a singles-only table could give off the impression youre corralling your single pals. Instead, place them between outgoing and friendly couples who theyll likely get along with. Thats sure to create a more communal feel to the event, and itll help them meet people organically.

Tea Party Wedding Shower Invitation Wording


Hosting a formal afternoon tea party is one of the most popular bridal shower themes. Whether you’re looking for examples of wedding shower or couple’s shower invitation wording, “love is brewing” is a sweet thematic phrase that isn’t bride-specific . Some other cute and clever quotes for your tea party bridal shower invitations include:

What better way to celebrate the bride-to-be / Than coming together over a cup of tea.

Before the bride throws the bouquet / Let’s enjoy a cup of tea on this very special day.

While the bride is still a Miss / Let’s sip some tea and share her bliss.

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The Invitation Suite: What To Include In A Wedding Invation

Its your wedding, so its entirely your choice! Its also dependent on how much information you feel your guests need. Some invitations have all the information on one card, others have an elaborate 4-5 piece suite. There are many options, just ensure the following information is included:

  • The name of the person hosting the wedding
  • You and your fiances name
  • The event and the date and time
  • Ceremony and reception location
  • The person/people who are invited to the wedding
  • When and how to RSVP

How To Write A Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Wording: What Not to Include

After youve decided on the information youre going to include, its time to decide whether youre going to format it. You can experiment around with font types, text size and color using our easy online editor. Use the alignment buttons, letter spacing and line height to play around with presentation until youve found a look and layout youre 100% happy with.

If youre still struggling to fit all of your text onto your invitation, then consider moving some over to an info card. This is a place for information such as additional directions to your venue, gift list, dietary requirements anything extra youd like to add.

You can also choose to leave blank space on our designs so you can handwrite some of your text yourself. Most couples choose to leave a gap for the guest names and type the rest of the information. If youre going to handwrite names, we recommend investing in a calligraphy or fountain pen so you can really make an impression. Practice on paper until you get the lettering right and be sure to double check the spelling of your guests names. Or if you have enough budget, you can source a professional calligrapher to do this for you.

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Married Engaged And Cohabitating Guests Traditionally Receive A Plus

As a rule of thumb, Amber Harrison, the head of weddings at Shutterfly, says only married, engaged, and serious couples receive a plus-one. But this isnt a hard-and-fast rule. I advise, and I see more and more, that take a good look at their list and say If we only have one or two single friends who dont get a plus-one, will they enjoy themselves? Will they feel uncomfortable? How can we make them have a great time? Even if theyre not necessarily in a long-term relationship, maybe they can bring someone, suggests Harrison.

What About Invitations For International Guests

If you’re inviting just a few overseas guests, send their invitations along with the ones for your other guests, but make a point to give them a heads-up. Give them a call or send them an email with the details, as well as information about booking hotel rooms, so they can start to arrange their travel with time to spare.

Does half of your family live abroad? You might want to consider bumping up the timeline for them and the rest of your guests. Start designing your invitations a few weeks early and plan to send them out a minimum of 12 weeks in advance.

Be sure to follow up promptly with anyone you haven’t heard from to make sure they have plenty of time to book their flights.

You will also want to have all of the information available on your wedding website as soon as save-the-dates are in the mail. Sure, it means you’ll have to start ironing out the hotel room block and transportation information sooner than you’d expected, but you’ll be happier in the long run. Those overseas guests will have all the information at their fingertips, and you’ll have even more crossed off of your to-do list.

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Wedding Invitation Wording: Informal Alternatives

Here, we’ve put together some informal variations on the formal wording, “request the honour of your presence”:

  • “request the pleasure of your company to celebrate the marriage of” which has a slightly more relaxed tone, yet is still formal.
  • “invite you to celebrate the marriage/wedding of” is a less formal option.
  • “invite you to the wedding celebration of” is another one that works well as a less formal option.
  • “invite you to share in the festivities” also works well for informal weddings or for couples who are having a party after getting married at an earlier date.
  • “would love you to join them in celebrating their wedding” is suitable for casual and informal weddings, and sets the tone for a fun wedding.

Stationery by Finer Details and Silent Word Studio | Photo by Ivana Milchanska via One Fab Day

Eight Details To Include When Wording Your Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations  what to include

A request to attend your celebration can be phrased and arranged in countless ways to reflect the style of the occasion and the changing times. Landing on the proper wedding invitation wording is pivotal for so many reasons. For one, what you write on your invitations will set the tone for your big day. And for another, the proper wording relays important information to guests.

“The trend is that you do whatever makes good etiquette sense and makes you feel good,” says Jerome Brownstein, engraving consultant at Ross-Cook Engraving in New York City. Nevertheless, there are certain customary elements you should include. Always include a line dedicated to who is hosting the celebration, which is traditionally the bride’s parents. If that’s not the case for you, change things up. Whether you’re paying for the wedding yourselves or are having a same-sex wedding and therefore have two families that are hosting, you should feel free to select wording that works for your unique situation. Each part of your wedding invitation will depict your specific nuptials, so it’s important to keep in mind that there’s always wiggle room.

If you’re having a casual, laid-back beach wedding, or a religious one steeped in tradition, there are ways to give guests the information they need prior to attending the event. Whatever your wedding style, we’re laying out exactly how to word your invitations.

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What Time Should We Put On Our Wedding Invitations

A good rule of thumb is to call the wedding for at least half an hour to 45 minutes before you want the ceremony to begin, and state that time on your invitation. Its also important to be very intentional with what you plan to have guests do for that window of time before your ceremony starts. Its important to make this very purposeful. You dont want your guests sitting in their seats waiting or thinking that youre running late, says etiquette expert Elaine Swann. Have something ready for your guests to do. It doesnt take much, but you want to create a moment that allows your guests to arrive at that time and be involved.

Meet the Expert

Elaine Swann is a lifestyle and wedding etiquette expert. She is the founder of The Swann School of Protocol and the author of Let Crazy Be Crazy.

According to Swann, something as simple as serving spa water, setting up a photo area, or the signing of the guest book is a great way to fill this time intentionally and to be sure guests aren’t sitting down and waiting for too long. Listing this activity on a handheld program or large sign is another great way to make it clear that the start time was intentional.

Details For Rehearsal Dinners Welcome Parties Brunches And More

Many couples wish to communicate details about before or after-wedding gatherings without having a separate mailing for each event. Maybe you want to share rehearsal dinner information with some guests, welcome party information for out of town guests, or invite all of your guests to a farewell brunch. These cards are typically smaller than the invitation itself, and can be worded more informally if you choose.

Your save the dates and wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding, and also help guests plan for your big day! Working directly with a wedding stationery professional will ensure that your guests feel informed and excited.

Bio:Hello Tenfold is a stationery design studio dedicated to infusing style and personality into your wedding invitations. Founder and designer Ellie Snow combines her love for art, design, history, and paper to create life-long keepsakes at a variety of price points, from digital files to flat printed, letterpress, and foil stamped invitations. Ellie works closely with brides and grooms to create custom or semi-custom paper goods that match the style and personality of their event, and strives to make each customer feel like her most important.

Thanks toLissa Gotwals,LAmour Foto,Taken By Sarah, andEstudio Rojo for the photos used in this post.

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What Information Do I Need To Include On My Wedding Invitations

If you still arent sure how to format your wedding invitations and are looking for ideas for your wedding invitation wording, then here is a list of what to include on your invites:

  • Names of the happy couple
  • Date and time of the ceremony and reception
  • Names of the wedding venues
  • RSVP contact details
  • RSVP deadline

You may also wish to add your guests names to make it clear whether partners and children are invited, so this can be done by hand. Add a space for the names to your wedding invitations or even a dotted line.

If you are inviting all your guests to all parts of the festivities then you can go ahead and include this information directly on your invitations, however, if some guests are invited only to the evening reception then we would recommend creating separate evening wedding invitations. Similarly, if the coronavirus pandemic has affected the size of your guest list, you can create separate invites for the small number who are invited to attend the ceremony and those who are invited to view the livestream of the wedding then attend a larger celebration at a later date.

We would also recommend that you use our guest information cards to include all the finer details such as directions to your venues, accommodation options, gift list information etc. This will allow you to free up space on your wedding invites and to make sure that your guests have all the information they need to arrive at the wedding on time!

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