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What To Wear To A Courthouse Wedding

Sexy And Sleek Bridal Jumpsuit For Court Wedding

What to Wear to a Courthouse Wedding

Above, this bride wears a cream/champagne-coloured high-neck and illusion lace-top satin wedding jumpsuit with a detachable draped waist cape/ train.

This bridal jumpsuit is perfect for a court wedding. She completes the look with a black and white strappy high-heeled sandals, which amps up the glamour of her entire dressing.

Bridal jumpsuits are such a perfect one-piece ensemble for any court wedding and are also a great option for a wedding reception look.

These special pantsuits look good and classy on most body types. Wedding jumpsuits are a super-sleek option for a bride who wants a stylish outfit that she can wear again for occasions, after her big day.

The above bridal jumpsuit style has a long removable train/ waist cape that you can detach right after your registry wedding and wear it in a different look for the reception party. How cool is that?

Courthouse Wedding Outfits For Male Guests

Before picking what to wear to a courthouse wedding as a guest, keep in mind that you should avoid wearing jeans or cargo pants unless the couple has given you permission to include them as your clothes.

If youre hunting for inspiration beyond semi-formal wedding attire, look no further than our ideas here at YeahWeddings!

Tips For An Amazing Courthouse Wedding

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Since you already know the best reasons to have a courthouse wedding, you want to move on to how to make this day special. Just because youre getting married at the courthouse does not mean you want to lose the sentiment or fairy tale feeling of a wedding.

Having a Justice of the Peace Wedding is not really taboo anymore. It just endorses thriftiness and embraces the idea of just marrying for love, and forgoing the huge production. There are many different ways to make a courthouse wedding elegant and special, and most of all, unforgettable.

Here are 12 Tips for an amazing courthouse wedding.

  • Get an amazing dress You do not have to miss out on an amazing dress just because youre getting married at the courthouse. Wear what you want!
  • Get a good photographer Pictures or it never happened. If you are to invest in anything for this day, I highly recommend putting your money towards a good photographer for memories youll have for a lifetime. If youre in the Tennessee area, check out Amy Hutchinson Photography
  • Spring for a flower or bouquet something about a bouquet just says bride. It doesnt have to be fancy but just charming enough to let people know it is your special day.
  • Include prayer Just because it doesnt happen in a church, does not mean you cant include any religious elements. Say a prayer before and/or after the ceremony to recognize your religious commitment.
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    Recap And Conclusion: What To Wear For A Registry Wedding

    If you read up to this point, below are some ideas of what to wear for a court wedding, including a short or knee-length gown, a maxi gown, a dressy jumpsuit, a trouser suit or skirt suit, peplum-top dress and cocktail dresses.

    Do not be afraid to wear off-shoulder neckline dresses for your courthouse wedding if youre comfortable with pulling off the look.

    I also talked about suitable accessories for a court wedding such as sparkly drop earrings, bracelet and/ or wristwatch, court shoes or strappy heeled sandals, bridal turbans , bridal headpiece or feather/ net fascinator hat and a clutch purse.

    Flower bouquets flatter styles of court wedding outfits that look similar to church wedding attires, if thats the look youre going for.

    Finally, I touched on court wedding dressing ideas for men, and what they can add to transform their look from ordinary to special-occasion look.

    For more court/ registry wedding styling ideas, check out my post on 5 Ways to Look Stylish and Stand Out at Your Court Wedding.


    There you have it on court wedding outfit ideas that will stand out and flatter every type of body shape. Thanks for reading. If you like this post, Id appreciate it if you help me share it on social media to help others find it.

    Now tell me whats your favourite of the 10 outfits featured above? Which one are you likely to wear if youre planning your registry wedding?

    Proper Attire For Courthouse Wedding: Dressy Or Casual

    Im having a courthouse wedding, and I am not sure if I ...

    Many people have wondered if they have to dress up for a courthouse wedding since its not as big of an event as a traditional wedding.

    There are three things to remember when it comes to being a guest at a courthouse wedding.

    First, you will be in a public officials office. Even the people who work there will be dressed up. You dont have to buy a formal dress and go as fancy as a traditional wedding. Most people have clothes in their closet that they would wear to work that would be perfect to wear to a courthouse wedding. Casual jeans and t-shirts are typically not seeing from people who work in the courthouse so you probably shouldnt dress that way either

    Second, even though its at a courthouse, this is still a wedding. This is a special day to the bride and groom and should still be treated with some class and respect by dressing up.

    Third, ask the bride and groom how they would like guests to dress for the occasion. If the bride and groom intend on wearing very casual clothes, then it might be best for you do to the same. It will look weird in pictures if the guests are dressed nicer than the bride and groom.

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    Courthouse Wedding Attire For Brides

    With countless possibilities for dresses and other courthouse wedding outfits, making a decision may seem daunting for some brides rather than exciting.

    Whether youre searching for vintage or contemporary ideas for what to wear when you get married at the courthouse, weve got you covered with our suggestions.

    Create A Courthouse Wedding Checklist

    Be sure to bring all the necessary paperwork when you head to the courthouse. “You will need to make sure you have your marriage license and associated paperwork, your ID documents, and witnesses at your appointment,” says Jeatran. Make sure your witness are over 18 and double-check ahead of time that they will be able to attend. “Also check whether you will be permitted to incorporate certain elements that might be important to you. For example, whether you would like to recite your own vows, whether you would like guests to attend ), and whether you would like to document the day with photographs or on film,” Jeatran advises.

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    Can You Wear A Wedding Dress To City Hall

    You can absolutely wear a traditional wedding dress to city hall. But depending on the exact location, you might be limited on spacefor example, a very short or non-existent aisle, a small area to stand at the altar, be mindful of that when shopping for your courthouse or city hall wedding gown. Styles with large amounts of fabric may not be as easy to maneuver in tight spaces. If you’ll be getting ready alone, you may want to skip styles with intricate corsets or button-up backs that you can’t easily do yourself.

    Satin Flutter Sleeve Jumpsuit

    COURTHOUSE WEDDING : 8 Tips You Want to Remember

    Not everyones into dresses, which is why gorgeous jumpsuits like this one exist. Wear it to your courthouse nuptials for a modern outfit you can wear again!

    Did you wear Lulus to get hitched at the courthouse? Show us your civil wedding dresses on Instagram using #lulusweddingsand shop our entire Bridal collection for more big-day options!

    This post was published in January 2021 and has been updated with new content.

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    Cocktail Dresses And Dressy Jumpsuit Court Wedding Styles

    Above left, this bride wore a pretty mustard-yellow strapless chiffon short gown with waist cape for her court wedding look.

    She completes her look with a green and white flower bouquet with yellow accents. Her bouquet gives off a beautiful contrast to her dress.

    Above right: This happy bride flaunts her flower bouquet, wearing an all-white midi-length sweetheart-neck strapless jumpsuit with waist cape and sparkly metallic silver belt.

    She completes her look with a matching white strappy high heels .

    Apply For The Marriage License

    Once you’ve researched and understood all your city’s requirements to obtain a marriage license, it’s time to apply for one. To do so, you’ll need a state-issued ID or driver’s license, certified copies of both birth certificates, your social security numbers, and divorce papers . Make sure you sign with a black pen or the city will send your license back. Some city halls only accept credit cards or money orders, so check to see what the acceptable forms of payment are.

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    Research Marriage License Requirements

    You can’t tie the knot until you get your licensefiguring out the logistics ahead of time is crucial. “The formal and official process of ensuring your marriage is legal will vary from city/county to city/county within each state,” says Jeatran. So you’ll need to do some digging on your specific city’s requirements. “You will most likely need to obtain the license from the relevant city/county office in advance,” Jeatran advises.

    It’s a common misconception that you can decide to make it official and hightail it to city hall that afternoon. “Some states have a waiting period so you may not be able to get married the same day that you pick it up,” says Carla Friday, wedding coordinator and founder of Details Made Simple. “There is also an expiration time that the license is good for, so try to get it closer to your wedding date.” If you’re getting married in another country, then you might be able to waive the waiting period and get it once you arrive in town. If not, then have a legal ceremony stateside before jetting off to your final destination, just to cover your bases.

    Casual Courthouse Wedding Attire As A Guest

    12 Tips for an Amazing Courthouse Wedding

    Posted in Wedding Attire0

    I got a text last night from a really good friend that him and his lady are getting married today at 5 PM at a local courthouse! What do I wear?!?! I’m thinking maxi dress and cute sandals? They are really laid back people and it’s just a casual thing so it doesn’t matter what I wear but I’m female so it’s a natural thing to have a dilemma on what to wear, hahaha.

    Back story: this is a guy I dated for 8 months 4-5 years ago that we ended basically just being best friends. He emotionally shut down when feelings got involved and he never let his walls down. It’s a HUGE deal for him to be getting married. I can not express how excited I am for them!!! He would never let himself get attached to anyone after a divorce years ago and I’m so happy he is letting himself be happy!!!

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    Elegantly Chic Court Wedding Dress Ideas For Brides

    Last updated on By Stella Anokam

    For some women, a courthouse wedding doesnt need any dressing up, but not so for the stylish woman, especially if the location is an upscale court like the infamous Ikoyi registry.

    While the registry wedding calls for a toned-down civil look, who says you cant find outfit styles that ooze both of style and elegance?

    If youre looking for cool ideas of what to wear for your court wedding , in this post were presenting 10 elegantly chic court wedding dress styles some stylish Nigerian brides wore to get married at the courthouse.

    Thats not all, I also shared court wedding dressing tips for men read to the end to see the tips. Finally, get to see my answers to common questions brides and grooms ask about how to dress for a court wedding.

    Now, swipe or scroll down to see the inspirational pictures on what to wear for your courthouse wedding.

    Courthouse Wedding Dress Code

    While there are no strict rules when it comes to a courthouse wedding dress code if you’re getting married at city hall, a courthouse or your local county clerk’s officeafter all, it’s your wedding and you should look and feel like the best version of yourself. However, there are some small details to keep in mind when choosing your attire. Depending on your location, space could be tightmeaning a narrow aisle or crowded waiting areaso take that into consideration when choosing your dress and day of accesories. Cathedral-length veils and trains, voluminous ball gowns and mermaid dresses may not work in more confined spaces. Also, keep in mind who will be helping you get dressed the morning of your wedding. If you’re getting ready alone, it’s probably best to avoid styles with lots of complicated corsets or elaborate button-down backs.

    As a guest attending a courthouse wedding, you should dress for the occasion. Odds are you don’t have to show up in black tie , but you should aim to look put together. Translation: Leave the jeans, t-shirts and club attire at home.

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    Hairstyles And Accessories That Can Be Worn To A Civil Wedding

    Everyone loves accessories. The good news is that at a courthouse wedding guests can still add some accessories to their outfits. It is important, however, to avoid wearing too many accessories or they may look out of place and possibly take the limelight away from the bride and groom.

    Accessories such as hats and pretty headpieces are perfect for a civil ceremony. It is important to remember however that less is more.

    When it comes to hair, a braided style or a loose bun is perfect to give the guest a formal yet casual and spontaneous look at the same time.

    Will The Ceremony Be Taking Place In A Public Officials Office

    Courthouse wedding : The donâtâs and I doâs

    People who work at a public officials office tend to dress quite formally. This doesnt mean that the wedding guests must dress up as smartly as they would when attending a traditional wedding, it just means that they may need to step it up a notch and keep it smart casual, and neat. Again. No jeans or t-shirts.

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