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When Should I Make A Wedding Website

Your Wedding Website Should Be As Unique As Your Love Story

How to Make Your Own Wedding Website

Whether youre planning a stunning fairytale wedding or a laid-back, breezy affair on the beach, you want your wedding website to match your style. That means you need plenty of design options with customizable layouts.

Wedding website builders have dozens, if not hundreds, of designs to choose from. Options will range from simple to elaborate, so theres something for every taste. Some wedding website builders even have themes that correspond to designs for paper invitations and stationery.

What To Include On Your Wedding Website

Sitting down with your partner to create your wedding website is definitely an exciting moment. The whole wedding experience starts to feel real for both you and your guests, and you can finally start your countdown until the big day. But once youve chosen a wedding website template that you love what exactly do you fill it with?

Your wedding website will become a go-to resource for your guests to refer back to again and again before the big day. You definitely want to ensure that all of the relevant and practical details are covered, while still making it unique and personal to you and your partner.

However you dont want to overload your guests with unnecessary information, offend anybody, or use it as a platform to post your entire photo album from that time you guys trekked Europe! There can be a fine line between just enough, and way too much.

So what exactly should your game plan be when creating your wedding website? Read on for our top tips when it comes to what to include, what not to include, and how to make it a personal reflection of your love!

Write A Welcome Message

Once the design is selected, start by writing a welcome message. This is the first page guests will see when they find your wedding website, so welcome them accordingly. Most wedding website templates will have a text box to write a welcome message, but what you put in the space is up to you.

The most important information to include, though, are your names, the wedding date and location. Of all the wedding details, these are most valuable to guests, so include that up front. Next up, you can write a note that’s short and simple, or share more intimate details about your relationship and the proposal. Get creative and let your personalities shine. Guests will love to read more about how you met and got engaged, so including those details is a great idea if you’re up for it.

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The Wedding Website Trend

With the explosion of social media, so much of our lives are online these days. Theres no surprise to hear that its become popular to also use the internet to share information about weddings. Many magazines and wedding bloggers are positive about the use of wedding websites. You can set up an online hub with details about the day, photos of the wedding party and more about you as a couple.

While this may be great for some, others may not be as keen to put their plans out there in this way. Like with all wedding trends, its OK to pick whatevers right for you as a couple, and not feel you have to do something just because everyone else is. If youre struggling to decide, heres some of the pros and cons of a wedding website:

Example Wedding Website Design from SquareSpace

When Should You Create A Wedding Website

Bridal Shower Etiquette: Invite Q& A

If youre wondering when you should create a wedding website, you might worry that friends and family will think youre rushing into building your site too soon or that youre falling behind.

Heres the easy answer: Its never to early to create a wedding website. Many couples launch their wedding website as soon as they get engaged.

In these early stages of wedding planning, your site may tell friends and family members about your engagement. As your wedding plans progress, youll start filling in the details. Once you book your venue, you can announce the date, time, and place on your website to correspond with your virtual or printed save-the-dates.

You will update the site throughout your journey to the altar, adding information such as hotel recommendations, your wedding weekend schedule, your registry, and perhaps an option to RSVP online.

Dont worry about completing your wedding website in one sitting. The benefit of an online wedding resource over printed correspondence is that you can keep updating it over time.

For couples who worry that they waited too long to build a wedding website its going to be okay. Just as its never too early to create your wedding website, its almost never too late to do so, either. You can create a simple and elegant wedding website in just a few minutes with one of these top site builders.

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Pick The Right Design

Step one in your how to create a wedding website quest is to find a custom design that works with your weddings theme and style. Are you modern or classic? Romantic and vintage, or fun and funky. WeddingWire will help you find the wedding website template that best speaks to your color scheme and style. And if youre looking to create a website thats totally you, you can feature one of your engagement photos or a favorite snapshot as your website backdrop!

What Is The Best Destination Wedding Website

Although there arent many dedicated destination wedding websites, there are some general websites that have destination wedding themes. And others with features that are just better suited for a destination wedding. Below are my favorites.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Purchases made via these links may result in a small commission to us, at no additional cost to you. Its one of the ways we keep this site running.

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Add All Of Your Wedding Information

Once youve chosen a template and selected your domain name, you can start filling out your website with all of the content that you want to share with your guests.

If you dont have specific details about your venues parking or dress code yet, dont worry. You can always go back and add in more details as you figure them out.

You can also upload some photos of you and your fiance. Those gorgeous engagement photos you just took? Perfect. The pictures from your most recent trip together? Ideal. Just make sure that all of your photos suit the color scheme and aesthetic of your wedding template.

To Collect Rsvps Easily

How to write personal vows? Should I do a First Look? Wedding Tips

Because guests can RSVP on your site by simply replying to the invitation, you can easily track them. Youll know if plus ones or additional guests are coming to your wedding by allowing your guests to give additional details since a textbox on a website can hold a lot more info than a paper invite.

This way, you can update your vendors such as your caterers to prepare and adjust accordingly. It helps save you from any unnecessary expenditures or becoming less prepared for your guests.

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Your Attendee List Is Extremely Small

If youre only inviting a handful of your closest friends and family, a vow renewal website might feel a little excessive . Consider sending out a more detailed invitation and simply providing the occasional email update if necessary. Its also worth considering the demographic of your attendees, as those under 30 may find a website more helpful than those over 60 who are likely used to more traditional communication methods.

When Should I Create A Wedding Website

Now that you know what a wedding website does, you may be wondering when you should make one for your special day.

You can start creating your website as soon as youre engaged. No one will see your site until you publish it, so feel free to play around with different wedding website design ideas and add in information as you acquire it.

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Wedding Website Domain Name Vs Provided Url

If you sign up to create a wedding website through a popular site like or, youll be provided with a free address. Whats the difference between a provided website address and your own wedding website domain name?

First of all, you dont get much choice about the free address thats provided with a wedding website service. Youre likely to end up with something super long like –

Choosing to purchase your own wedding website domain name frees up the options. You can choose a more succinct URL, and its more likely that your name will be available to use.

When Should We Create Our Minted Wedding Website

Wedding Invitation Wording â 4 Things You Should Not Say ...

Id recommend setting up your wedding website when you send out your save the dates . That way you can add your URL on your save the dates! You can have it just be in save the date mode with a quick announcement of you wedding date until you nail down more details. Once youve signed the contract with your wedding venue, you can add more details .

Youll definitely want to have the RSVP function up and running by the time you send out your wedding invitations. That way people can use your Minted wedding website to RSVP, which is so convenient.

I told you it was easy. I didnt lie! Hopefully this how to create a Minted wedding website guide helped you! Is there anything that this how to create a wedding website guide is missing? Creating a Minted wedding website will take you no time and is super fun to put together.

Hop on over to Minted and check out all of the amazing themes to choose from and throw your simple wedding website together! Once youre done, come on back and let us know how it went. What theme did you choose? Congrats on checking another item off of your wedding checklist!

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The 6 Best Wedding Website Builders: Which Is Right For Your Special Day

Our independent research projects and impartial reviews are funded in part by affiliate commissions, at no extra cost to our readers. Learn more

Website builders are an important tool for wedding planning. The best wedding website builders will help you communicate with guests while showing off your own personal style. This page will review the top six wedding website builders, starting with our quick comparison chart and then delving into each platform one-on-one.

What The Purpose Of A Wedding Website

  • One-stop shop for your guests to find your wedding registry and wedding details, RSVP to your wedding, learn more about you and your love story, meet your wedding party and see some pretty pictures.
  • A place for your guests to quickly find information about your wedding on the go. by on the go, I mean while in-route to your wedding when they realized they forgot the wedding invite .

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Wedding Websites That Do More

When wedding websites first became popular, they seemed like just another trend. Who knew they would quickly go from a just-for-fun add-on to a fully functional element of wedding planning?

Todays wedding website builders offer whole suites of useful tools that make planning your wedding easier, more efficient, and less labor-intensive. The best wedding website builders allow you to track RSVPs, message guests, integrate your registry with ease, find and manage your vendors, and get hotel recommendations delivered to your dashboard.

Some builders offer bells and whistles, like options for guests to contribute to your wedding playlist or photo gallery.

How Much Does A Wedding Website Cost

Should You Put Prices On Your Website? – Wedding Video Education

Planning the wedding of your dreams is expensive. Couples can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars on their big day, and high-end luxury weddings can cost upwards of 6 figures.

Fortunately, wedding websites dont have to subtract from your budget. The cost of creating your own wedding website can range from a few hundred dollars down to nothing at all.

For couples on a budget, the good news is that many of the best wedding website builders are free. You might be surprised how much you can get for no cost. There are free wedding website builders that incorporate stress-saving planning tools, hundreds of designs to choose from, and even a personalized mobile app for your wedding.

Dont just think about the cost of your wedding website builder. Consider the value, too. Whether value to you means luxury runway-inspired designs or functional features like the ability to create multiple events with separate RSVPs, a paid service might be worthwhile if the features make your life easier.

Just as you can find deals and discounts on your wedding vendors, there are ways to reduce the cost of your wedding website. Look for promo codes and special sales that will save you money, either on the website builder itself or on other aspects of your big day when you sign up for a paid account.

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Digital Just Isnt For You

Lets be real: Some of us are more tech-savvy than others, and not all people like having everything exist online. If youre the more traditional type, then foldable invitations with maps, detailed instructions, and RSVPs might feel more genuine than a website. As long as you have the time and financial means, there are still many options for getting information across.

As you can see, creating a vow renewal website is great for staying organized with planning your special day. If you’re thinking about putting together a grand celebration with all your friends and family, creating a wedding website may be the best option for you.

Making A Wedding Seating Chart Template For Guests At A Wedding

In order for the invited people to quickly find their place at the festive table, at the entrance to the banquet hall you need to put a special easel on which the seating diagram will be depicted. The main steps of how to make a wedding seating chart for wedding guests are:

  • Write a complete list of all guests.
  • Print and send out wedding invitations.
  • Wait for answers so that you know exactly who will be present on holiday.
  • Divide the updated guest list into groups: relatives, friends, colleagues, and distribute who, with whom to sit.
  • Choose the option after discussing the option in the restaurant with the organizers.
  • Design cards for each table.
  • Distribute the names of guests according to them.
  • Order or make your own easel.
  • At the entrance to a restaurant or banquet hall, you should place a poster.
  • Put cards on the tables with numbers corresponding to the numbers of the cards on the plan that stands at the entrance.

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