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How To Do A Courthouse Wedding

Research Marriage License Requirements

How to Quickly Set Up a Courthouse Wedding

You can’t tie the knot until you get your licensefiguring out the logistics ahead of time is crucial. “The formal and official process of ensuring your marriage is legal will vary from city/county to city/county within each state,” says Jeatran. So you’ll need to do some digging on your specific city’s requirements. “You will most likely need to obtain the license from the relevant city/county office in advance,” Jeatran advises.

It’s a common misconception that you can decide to make it official and hightail it to city hall that afternoon. “Some states have a waiting period so you may not be able to get married the same day that you pick it up,” says Carla Friday, wedding coordinator and founder of Details Made Simple. “There is also an expiration time that the license is good for, so try to get it closer to your wedding date.” If you’re getting married in another country, then you might be able to waive the waiting period and get it once you arrive in town. If not, then have a legal ceremony stateside before jetting off to your final destination, just to cover your bases.

What Do I Need To Get Married At A Virginia Courthouse

You need two items:

  • A Virginia Marriage License
  • An Officiant / Marriage Commissioner

    If you reside from another city/ county in Virginia or live out of state, you will need to get your marriage license from another Virginia Circuit Court. Please contact me for options.

    Virginia Marriage License This will cost you $30 and all you need to get one is an official ID . You can obtain your marriage license at any circuit courthouse in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you are getting married here in the Winchester area, you can get one at either the Frederick County or Winchester City Circuit Courthouse which are both located on 5 North Kent Street, Winchester, Virginia 22601. It does not take long in Winchester, but I suggest allowing 15-20 minutes for them to do the paperwork.

    Officiant / Marriage Commissioner After you have your license you will need someone to actually perform the quick civil ceremony who is licensed by the court. I have been appointed by the circuit court and can perform a marriage ANYWHERE in the state of Virginia. You can come to my area here in Winchester, or I am more than happy to travel to you . Check out my pricing packages or contact me directly to set a date on my calendar.

    Tips For An Amazing Courthouse Wedding

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    Since you already know the best reasons to have a courthouse wedding, you want to move on to how to make this day special. Just because youre getting married at the courthouse does not mean you want to lose the sentiment or fairy tale feeling of a wedding.

    Having a Justice of the Peace Wedding is not really taboo anymore. It just endorses thriftiness and embraces the idea of just marrying for love, and forgoing the huge production. There are many different ways to make a courthouse wedding elegant and special, and most of all, unforgettable.

    Here are 12 Tips for an amazing courthouse wedding.

  • Get an amazing dress You do not have to miss out on an amazing dress just because youre getting married at the courthouse. Wear what you want!
  • Get a good photographer Pictures or it never happened. If you are to invest in anything for this day, I highly recommend putting your money towards a good photographer for memories youll have for a lifetime. If youre in the Tennessee area, check out Amy Hutchinson Photography
  • Spring for a flower or bouquet something about a bouquet just says bride. It doesnt have to be fancy but just charming enough to let people know it is your special day.
  • Include prayer Just because it doesnt happen in a church, does not mean you cant include any religious elements. Say a prayer before and/or after the ceremony to recognize your religious commitment.
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    Summer weddings call for bridal separates and lightweight fabrics. If this two-piece set from Reformation feels too casual for your courthouse nuptials, it could easily be worn to your bridal shower or on your honeymoon.

    What Is The Standard Process For A Courthouse Wedding Ceremony

    12 Tips for an Amazing Courthouse Wedding

    Here is a quick outline of a standard wedding, so you dont find yourself lost on your biggest day.

    The Procession- walk down the aisle, everyone takes their place for the ceremony. The Officiants Opening Remarks- Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today. The Officiant Addresses the Couple- a reminder of duties and roles in marriage. The Exchange of Vows- exchange of promises to each other. The Ring Exchange- give your girl the dream ring that she will brag about for years. The Pronouncement of Marriage- I now pronounce you, husband and wife. The Kiss- your first public display of affection as a married couple. The Closing Remarks- wrap things up with a few last words, if you are religious, a blessing occurs. The Recessional the reversal of the processional, everyone exits their place following the newlyweds, and a party soon follows the ceremony.

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    How Far In Advance Did You Choose To Have A Courthouse Wedding

    Woman A: Eight months.

    Woman B: One monthwe wanted to do it as quickly as possible but since it was just before Thanksgiving when we decided to get married, we figured wed make the appointment for the first day after wed be back from traveling for Thanksgiving. That way, we could use the holiday to tell friends and family.

    Woman C: Three weeks.

    Does City Hall Provide An Officiant

    Yes, they do! San Francisco City Hall assigns an officiant to perform your wedding , who you will meet on the day of your ceremony. These judges serve on a volunteer basis for City Hall weddings. If youd prefer to have a friend or family member officiate for you , they can apply to be a Deputy Marriage Commissioner for a Day.

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    What You Need To Know About Getting Married In Colorado

    Legal DisclaimerWhile anyone can choose to have a symbolic wedding ceremony, each state has its own requirements regarding how to make a marriage legal. This webpage is intended to convey general information only and not to provide legal advice or opinions. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that you will be able to legally get married.

    Who Can Get Married?Good news: pretty much anyone can get married in Colorado . Colorado makes it easy for residents of all 50 states to join in matrimony. The state also allows non-US citizens, same-sex marriages, and proxy marriages. However, there are some restrictions based on age, relationship , and current marital status . For more information and restrictions, checkout Denvers website.

    Whats the quickest and easiest way to get legally married in Colorado?Youre allowed to self-solemnize in Colorado, meaning they dont need the signature of an officiating party. All you have to do is walk into a County Clerks office with photo ID , fill out some quick paperwork, and sign your names. Theres no waiting period, so you can file it right then. Quick, easy, legal. Heres some more info on how to self-solemnize in Colorado.

    Where Should You Get Married?Even more good news: Colorado is gorgeous, and it offers a wide range of locations to fit the style and preference of any wedding ceremony. And of course, if youre looking for something super simple, you can always do the classic courthouse wedding.

    Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

    How to Get Married at the Courthouse & What to Expect

    Depending on your style, level of traditionalism, or religious beliefs, any of these variations will serve you well on your special day when you commit to your beloved. Although writing your vows may seem like a stressful task, here are a few tips that can help you create your heartfelt words of commitment. Simply ensure that authenticity is the driving element to your statement, and youll undoubtedly find the perfect words.

    Besides reading other example vows for inspiration, consider writing down notes about your special relationship. If youre pressed for ideas, start at the beginning. How do you two first meet? What was it that attracted you to this individual more than anyone else? Why are you excited to spend the rest of your life with her? Also, consider some challenges you have managed to overcome together. What do you intend to accomplish in your marriage? How do you see your future together?

    What do you respect most about your partner? If there was one thing you could put your finger on, aside from her charm and smile, what do you covet about her more than anything? How does she inspire you? When you are away from her for extended periods of time, what do you genuinely feel is missing from your life?

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    Where Will My Ceremony Be

    On the day of your ceremony, check in to Room 168 inside San Francisco City Hall.Civil Ceremonies are performed on the second floor of the Rotunda at the top of the grand central staircase.Private ceremonies have more flexibility than public civil ceremonies. For weekday private ceremonies, you can have your wedding on the Mayors Balcony, Fourth Floor North Gallery, or the Fourth Floor South Gallery.

    Where Will We Take Photos

    Leave that to us. We know all the best spots in and around SF City Hall.

    The Fourth Floor North Gallery is a popular place for photos since the light is always perfect. And of course, theres the iconic City Hall entrance. We have quite a few other areas we love to go to and customize our session according to whats going on that day, what the couple prefers, etc.

    We also love taking couples outside SF City Hall entirely. We know some amazing locations!

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    A bridal jumpsuit is a great alternative to a courthouse wedding dress. Style this look with a statement-making clutch or keep it monochromatic for a minimalist vibe.

    Plan Your Wedding Day

    Classic Courthouse Wedding

    A courthouse wedding doesnt have a traditional ceremony, but that doesnt mean that you cant personalize your special day!

    • Attire You can wear whatever you like! You can be as formal or as casual as you want.
    • Vows You can make the ceremony as formal or casual as you want. You might want to say your vows, exchange rings, etc. and remember to kiss the bride!
    • Guests You need at least two witnesses but check with your venue about how many guests you are allowed. These ceremonies usually happen during the week during business hours. Make sure that your guests are available during those times.
    • Check with the courthouse whether you can take photos or video during the ceremony.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Get Married At The Courthouse

    Some states charge a flat marriage license fee and others vary by city or county, so the cost of a civil wedding depends on your location. There are other expenses to consider as well, such as a county-appointed witness or a government-approved officiant. Please contact your city or county clerks office for the exact cost of a courthouse wedding in your area.

    To start, heres a breakdown of marriage license fees by state:


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    Looking for a classic and simple courthouse wedding outfit? This mini dress from Alice & Olivia just might be your answer. Style with a fun pair of wedding heels for an unexpected touch.

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    A Courthouse Wedding How

    Three steps to wedded bliss

    A COURTHOUSE WEDDING is the most efficient way to tie the knot, but you still have to plan. Here are some steps to take if you have one in Mecklenburg County.

    Get a license

    Even if you decide to skip the traditional ceremony in favor of a courthouse wedding, youll still need to start with a marriage license. You can apply for this on the day of your wedding at the Register of Deeds or save time and apply online . Both parties should bring a valid form of identification and social security card. Marriage licenses are good for 60 days, and the cost is $60, which you can pay with cash, credit, or debit.

    Save the date

    Your courthouse wedding actually happens at the Magistrates office , which is located inside the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. Ceremonies are performed here on Mondays and Fridays between 2 and 4 p.m. You can also get married at the Mecklenburg County Jail on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings between 6 and 8 p.m. Both locations operate on a first-come, first-served basis though, so be prepared to wait in line.

    Close the deal

    Gather The Necessary Paperwork

    COURTHOUSE WEDDING : 8 Tips You Want to Remember

    The next step on your courthouse wedding checklist is gathering all the necessary paperwork for your wedding day. Make sure to have your valid marriage license, payment for the license if you havenât already paid, and forms of government-issued identification for you and your spouse. Youâll have to take these documents with you to the county courthouse where your wedding will take place. Youâll also need to have witnesses for your ceremony. A witness must be over 18 years of age and must be present at the ceremony. Some cities require just one witness and others require two.

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    Who Will Marry You In The Courthouse

    At the courthouse, your wedding officiant will be provided and they may be some sort of government official, like a justice of the peace or a notary. While some may feel that this is impersonal, this person will also be very well-experienced in performing civil ceremonies, so that is a benefit.

    It is important to note that a civil ceremony is a secular marriage ceremony. You will not be able to have your officiant do readings from religious texts or invoke specifically religious language.

    If getting married in a place of worship or having a specifically religious ceremony is important to you, then a city hall ceremony is probably not your best route.

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