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How Much For A Bartender At A Wedding

Do You Pay For Drinks At A Wedding

Wedding Q& A: Bartending

As a wedding guest, you dont usually pay for the drinks since the couple includes them in the catering package they get. However, some weddings have a cash bar than an open bar.

You should still bring some cash with you when attending a wedding to pay for your drinks just in case. If you also only convinced the couple that youre bringing a plus one, assume that you must also pay for their drinks.

Average Cost Of An Open Bar At A Wedding

Alcoholic beverages are a staple in wedding receptions across many cultures. Consequently, many couples choose open bars despite the relatively high cost to indulge their guests.

As mentioned earlier, several factors contribute to the overall cost of an open bar. Depending on the selection of drinks, the price can be classified into three: low-range, mid-range, and high-cost.

How Much Should You Tip A Bartender

Experts say you should then tip between 15 and 18 percent of the final bill. This lets the bartender know you were unhappy with the service and may prompt them to try to figure out what they did incorrectly. Again, everyone has off days, so you should still leave a tip even when service is less than on the ball.

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Make A List What To Buy: Alcohol And Mixers To Stock Your Bar

If you dont want to complete your bar with every booze known to man, heres the basic list you need:

Its nice to have some kind of background for your bar ideas for wedding, some data to rely on. If you are serving a full bar, your diy wedding bar shopping list for 100 guests would most probably include:

  • Beer: 6 cases
  • Gin: 2 to 3 liters
  • Scotch: 2 liters
  • Diet coke: 2 cases
  • Coke: 2 cases
  • Now all you need to do is to decide where to buy alcohol for a wedding, and voila! Also, dont forget to buy ice, ice buckets, ice chests or coolers, stir sticks, glassware, if your venue doesnt provide it, garbage bins and bags. You might also need sliced lime, cherries, olives, and other ingredients if you are going to serve mixed drinks.

    Making a DIY wedding bar can seem quite frustrating at first, but in reality, it only requires several simple calculations. Do not forget, that all the numbers above are nothing but statistics you know your guests better. So feel free to change the numbers as you see them.

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    To Go Full Service Or Individual That Is The Question


    There are many different types of bartending services from full bar setup. Some individual bartenders show up for service only, and there are fully inclusive services that include setup and breakdown. If you havent decided where youre going to have your wedding, then youll want to figure that out first.

    If youre hosting at home or outdoors, you definitely need some kind of bartending service. If youre going 100% DIY, it can be tempting to throw a few friends in the rotation of tending the bar, but this is not as genius an idea as it sounds. Miscommunication is a wedding day nightmare, and asking guests who are partaking in such an emotionally charged day can create chaos. And if theyre drinking themselves? That could lead to legal issues.

    Hire a wedding bartender who will bring an atmosphere of professionalism and ease to your party. You want the drinks pouring seamlessly because the bar is one of the most significant parts of your party.

    If youre booking a venue, brainstorm with them. Some venues have an in-house bartender that they require you to use. This means theyve found someone they trust and know how to work with to give you a smooth experience. Some venues allow you to bring offsite alcohol and others require that you purchase alcohol from them.

    All of this requires that you decide how much of your wedding will be DIY and how much of an all-inclusive package youre looking for.

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    How Many Bartenders Should You Hire Per Guest

    The general rule is one bartender for every 50-75 guests. This is kind of a wide range that changes depending on what type of bar service youre offering. Is it a cash bar? That means the bartender will move a little slower because theyll have to handle transactions in between drinks. If its an open bar, your bartender will be able to serve a higher volume.

    If youre offering a full-bar, that ratio will be closer to 1:50. This is because cocktails take longer to make than wine and beer. If youre nixing the liquor, then your bartender will be able to serve a bigger volume, closer to 1:75.

    However, its important to remember that the bartender you hire is the expert on how much volume they can reasonably handle, and theyll be able to give you a number.

    Limited Bar Or Full Bar

    To fit a tight budget, some people will offer whats called a limited bar. This means the hosts pay for the alcoholic beverages, but the selection is, well, limited. Maybe you provide only beer and wine. Perhaps you go with beer, wine, and a signature cocktail or champagne. You can spin this option in many different ways and save.

    A limited bar is a great option that generally doesnt affect guests enjoyment of the night. Its better than cash bars, because no guest wants to pay for drinks, but it also lowers the price per person for an open bar.

    The opposite of a limited bar is a full bar, which means that guests can order any drink they like at the wedding reception. It takes more money to offer a full service bar, but for some couples the party is worth it.

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    Wedding Bartending Service Options

    We have several packages that you can select from, depending on whether you want beer and wine only, a limited cocktail selection or the works. We can also put together a customized package depending on your needs and your budget.

    Our bartenders are all trained and appropriately certified to ensure that your guests enjoy the festivities responsibly and safely. We are licensed and insured, and we are always in strict compliance with state liquor laws and regulations.

    We want your wedding day to be fun and enjoyable for you, your family and every guest. We go the extra mile to ensure that you enjoy world-class service and hospitality along with the most creative and delectable beverages you can imagine.

    How to Find the Best Wedding Bartender in Salt Lake City

    Brides and grooms have to make many decisions when planning their big day. The catering menu, cake tastings and dress fittings are just a few of the many responsibilities that require your time and attention.

    At Copa Bar Service, we understand how stressful this can all be, and we are committed to taking at least one worry off your plate.

    Now You Know All There Is To Know About Open Bar Weddings

    Private Party Bartending Wedding Set Up Tips & Tricks

    Hopefully, this post helps steer you in the right direction when it comes to deciding whether or not you should have an open bar wedding. Remember: Theres no right answer. Every wedding is different. Its all about weighing the pros and cons and making a decision from there.

    Up next, find out even more ways to give your guests a memorable experience with our post on 33 ways to wow your wedding guests.

    Find the perfect wedding venue!

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    Your Final Tip: Dont Forget To Tip

    Tipping is a part of bartending culture, and its up to you to provide a gratuity of 20% or more to your bartender. Some guests may choose to leave a tip if you have an open bar, but they shouldnt feel like they have to. Ask your bartender if the gratuity is included and if its not, make sure you have a plan in place to remember to tip them at the end of your event.

    Having a bartender on your wedding day will ensure that everyone has a great time and a drink in their hand. It brings an air of professionalism, ease, and exclusivity that adds to your wedding experience. If you follow these tips, you can rest easy knowing that youve communicated properly with your bartender and that your day will be as memorable as you want it to be.Are you looking for an easy way to service cocktails on your big day? Try our Spritz Sampler, classic Spanish wine cocktails in a can. Theyre compact, easy to serve, and perfect for a summer wedding.

    How Can I Save Money

    Some bartending services may offer discounts to non-profit organizations. Inquire with the service to see what kind of discounts they offer.

    Compare at least three bartenders in your area to see what they are charging and have to offer.

    You may not need a professional service to help you with the event. Instead, consult with a friend or family member who may be able to help. Instead of paying $300, you could pay them $50 to $100 instead.

    Consider placing an ad on Craigslist to see if anyone is qualified. Oftentimes, people will be more than happy to do the job for a few hours.

    Talk with local bartending schools to see if any new graduates may interested in the job.

    Advertising Disclosure: This content may include referral links. Please read our disclosure policy for more info.

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    Wine Bottle Per Table

    You can always opt for other alternatives if an open bar is out of your budget. Instead of an open bar, you can provide a good bottle of wine for each table of 5 or 6. This option will save you a considerable amount of money.

    One bottle of wine can fill up to five glasses. Two to three bottles per table with 5 to 6 guests is considered ideal. Below is a list of some fine but inexpensive wines.

    Wine Brand Price

    McBride Sisters Red Blend $20.99

    A to Z Chardonnay $15.99

    J Vineyards California Pinot Gris 2019 $15.99

    Cupcake Vineyards Prosecco Rosé $11.99

    Borsao Tinto Garnacha $8.99

    La Vieille Ferme Rosé 2018 $7.99

    Beringer Founders Estate Pinot Noir $6.9

    Glassware Hire For Weddings When Hiring Our Bartenders:

    hire wedding bartender

    Glassware is important, Some caterers will supply this as part of their service. Great news, but from our extensive experience, Caterers will only have the cheap banqueting glassware in their arsenal. Little half pint glasses you would expect to find in a cheap pub. If they claim they can cater cocktail glassware, keep an eye on said costs. What happens too many times, is they then outsource cocktail glass hire from an external company.

    You not only pay a whole other cost, you also pay for a separate delivery & collection service. Along with a commission for the event company sourcing this for you.

    If they dont have the glasses as part of their internal stocking. Do not accept the outsourced supply.

    Glassware hire, hire glassware for party

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    How Much Alcohol Will My Guests Drink

    For weddings, we plan on your guests having 2 drinks for the first hour and 1 drink for each additional hour of your event. For example, a 5 hour event would equal an average of 6 drinks per person. Some of your guests will drink very little and some of your guests will drink a lot, but it all seems to even out.

    Helpful Tips!

    Heres a list of questions to ask your bartending service and things for you to consider, when deciding on who to book for your wedding bartending needs

    Compare Rates From Different Bar Caterers

    The best way to have an open bar on a budget is to compare rates from different bar caterers. The factors that affect the overall cost are the selection of alcoholic beverages, the number of guests, duration of the wedding reception, location of the venue, and the bartender fee.

    If you ask a bar catering company to host the open bar, the bartender fee will most likely be included in the package. You must ensure that the bartender has liability insurance. Note that you can hire a bartender if the bar catering company or the venue doesnt provide one.

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    What Is Bartender Liquor Liability Insurance

    Lets start at the beginning. Bartender liquor liability insurance provides bartenders with comprehensive coverage, annual and event policies, and an instant, quote-free process.

    With a base policy that includes general and liquor liability as well as tools and equipment coverage, bartenders can choose which coverage is best for their business. Bartenders have the option of liquor liability only or general liability plus liquor liability.

    Bartender liquor liability includes general liability, liquor liability, and inland marine .

    In addition to these coverages, bartenders can also include event liquor coverage only or event general liability plus liquor coverage, depending on the needs of your business. Event liquor provides one to three days of coverage liquor liability. Event general plus liquor coverage includes one to three days of coverage, which includes liquor liability, and general liability.

    Wedding Bartender Rates: How Much And How To Negotiate

    Wedding Bartending Budgets

    If you’re choosing to have a bar at your wedding reception, there are numerous reasons that you should hire a bartender to take care of all the details. It can get a bit pricey, but well worth it in the long run. This article will give you some excellent tips on negotiating good wedding bartender rates so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your wedding.

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    Just A Tip Or Two For Tipping Bartenders

    No one wants to do mental math after a night out, but hopefully, these tips have made your next night out with friends a bit easier when you find yourself arriving at the tip line of your bar tab. Using this guide, you’ll bet the one pointing out to your friends that maybe they should tip a little extra.

    What Are The Cons Of An Open Bar Wedding

    Every wedding will see its fair share of unique challenges. Make decisions that help manifest the big picture, but also fit your budget restrictions. Sure, open bars are tried-and-true crowd-pleasers, but consider the pitfalls before placing a deposit on bar service.

    1. A big open bar can leave you with a big outstanding tab.

    The last thing you want to do is start your marriage off with wedding debt. Again, set a budget and stick to it. If your alcohol budget doesnt accommodate a full, premium open bar, dont force it. Your loved ones dont want to see you sacrifice your financial well-being to provide them with cocktails.

    2. Guests could take advantage.

    Unfortunately, open bars are often taken advantage of at weddings. A seemingly endless supply of alcohol can easily lead to overconsumption and overindulgence. It can also leave you with an astronomical bill if your contract allows for an open tab.

    3. Unlimited booze = unforeseen complications.

    Not all couples are looking for a rowdy ceremony. Be aware of the potential issues that could arise as a result of unlimited alcohol. If you have a lot of family tension or a group of wild friends, it may be more beneficial in the long run to try and limit consumption.

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    How Much Do Bartenders Charge Per Hour

    Nonetheless, the average hourly payment for a bartender at a private party is around $25 $50 per hour. The average flat rate cost ranges from $150 to $250. And just like it was stated above, some bartenders operate with a time minimum as well as a specific rate for additional hours outside of the contracted time. For instance, if a bartender served four stipulated hours for a flat fee of $180 with their hourly rate being $50, every extra hour will cost you exactly that hourly fee .

    However, if you are going to throw a party on the 25th of December, expect to pay around 30 percent more than on an ordinary day. For instance, a bartender who normally charges $40 dollars per hour may ask for a 15-dollar increment .

    Book A Licensed Wedding Bartender In Austin

    How to Hire a Wedding Bartender

    It is likely required by your venue that your bartender have a license and insurance that is up to date. Ask your planner or venue about the laws for serving alcohol in your state. While your old college roommate might pour a mean drink, its unlikely they will be able to legally serve as a bartender at your wedding. A licensed wedding bartender in Austin, TX will keep things running smoothly throughout the evening. They wont overpour and can tactfully decline drinks to anyone whos had a little too much.

    Explore licensed ATX wedding caterers and bartenders in Austin.

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    What Should A Bartender Wear At A Wedding

    If working a wedding, formal party or holiday gig, you may be asked to wear a tuxedo shirt. Unfortunately, it does get hot during some of these events and tuxedo shirts are warm. Id recommend not rolling up your sleeves during the party unless you get a cue from other servers or it appears to be acceptable.

    Do You Tip Bartenders At A Wedding

    Much like other wedding vendors, it is customary to tip your bartender. However, the gratuity might already be included in the bill, especially if the bartending service is part of the package you got.

    But what if you hired your wedding bartender separately? A tip amounting to at least 10% of the bartenders fee should be appropriate, and its also the amount to be split if there are multiple bartenders.

    Should you have a tip jar in your wedding bar? A tip jar is not needed, but guests can always tip the bartender if they feel the need to.

    However, weddings often have an open bar, so having a tip jar is not needed. What youll do instead is to tip the bartender after the reception once you confirm that gratuity is not included in the bill.

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