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My Big Fat Greek Wedding Movie

What Are Comedy Movies All About

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) Official Trailer #1 – Nia Vardalos Movie HD

Everyone loves a good laugh, and what is a better way to laugh than watching a movie? Comedy movies can be all about different topics, from slapstick comedy to humorous situation comedies. There is virtually no piece of our lives that has not been touched by a comedy directors lens. And why is that not surprising at all?

If you have ever visited Italy, you will have realized how important coffee is to the Italians. However, it wasnt always that way. The concept of roast coffee was arrived in Italy in 1575. An Arab merchant brought it to what was then the City state of Venice.

Unfortunately, he did not want to pay the excessive import duties requested by the Venetians and his coffee was confiscated. The Arab merchant returned to his home country, and believe it or not, roast coffee beans became a banned import.

However, it was not long before a Venetian merchant family discovered the delights of roast coffee. In 1683 the first coffee shop opened in Piazza San Marco. The business soon thrived and Venetians flocked to the small coffee shop.

Unfortunately, the rest of Italy had a different idea. Other cities in Italy, such as Florence, were not sure that coffee was a good idea for their inhabitants. As a result, coffee was banned in the rest of Italy.

Roast Coffee In Italy

Coffee Culture In Italy

Coffee Takes On The Rest Of Europe

The Scandinavians embraced coffee. They were soon drinking more coffee than other any other European group of people.

7. Speed

My Big Fat Greek Life

My Big Fat Greek Life

My Big Fat Greek Life is an American sitcom television series that ran on CBS from February 24 to April 13, 2003. The series is a continuation of the 2002 movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding and was produced by Sony Pictures Television and Tom Hanks‘s Playtone Productions for CBS. The two lead characters’ names are changed, from Toula and Ian, to Nia and Thomas.

Series star Nia Vardalos also oversaw the show as one of the co-executive producers, along with Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, who made a guest appearance in one episode as Nia’s cousin.

Early Life And Family

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks was born in , on July 9, 1956, to hospital worker Janet Marylyn and itinerant cook Amos “Bud” Hanks. His mother was from a family their surname was originally “Fraga”. His father had ancestry, and through his line, Hanks is a distant cousin of President and children’s host , whom he played. His parents divorced in 1960. Their three oldest children, Sandra , , and Tom, went with their father, while the youngest, , remained with their mother in . In his childhood, Hanks’s family moved often by the age of 10, he had lived in 10 different houses.

While Hanks’s family religious history was and , one journalist characterized Hanks’s teenage self as being a “Bible-toting ” for several years. In school, he was unpopular with students and teachers alike, later telling magazine, “I was a geek, a spaz. I was horribly, painfully, terribly shy. At the same time, I was the guy who’d yell out funny captions during filmstrips. But I didn’t get into trouble. I was always a real good kid and pretty responsible.” In 1965, his father married Frances Wong, a native of descent. Frances had three children, two of whom lived with Hanks during his high school years. Hanks acted in school plays, including , while attending in .

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding

  • ‘ wife, , saw the play and recommended that her husband produce a movie version. In an interview with the German magazine “Cinema,” mentioned that she hung up when Hanks called because she did not believe it was really him.
  • : Ma, Dad is so stubborn. What he says goes. “Ah, the man is the head of the house!”

    : Let me tell you something, Toula. The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants.

  • Written by & Published by Jim Long MusicCourtesy of First Com Music, Inc.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

Movie Review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

In late June 2016, Nia Vardalos hinted at the possibility of a third film, saying that although no writing has been done, she does have an idea. On April 8, 2021, it was announced that My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 was in development, to be written by Vardalos as an independent film, who will also reprise her role as co-star. The project was also revealed to have been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, in which production will commence once the studios maintains insurance for its crew, with principal photography scheduled to take place in Greece. On October 1, 2021, Vardalos confirmed that the script for the third film had been completed and that it would involve another Greek wedding. On May 15, 2022, it was announced that filming will take place throughout Greece in the summer of 2022, with large portions being shot on Corfu from July 5 to August 3, 2022. The film will be dedicated to the memory of Michael Constantine, who died on August 31, 2021 at the age of 94. In June 2022, Vardalos was announced to serve as director, with a script that she wrote. Principal photography commenced in Athens, Greece on June 22, 2022 and wrapped on August 10, 2022. The project will be a joint-venture production between The Playtone Company, Gold Circle Films, HBO Films, and Focus Features.


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Who Is In The Cast Of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

The film is dedicated to the late actor Michael Constantine who played Toulas father Gus in the first two movies. Michael passed away on August 31, 2021, and the fans and cast members alike were devastated. In a sweet on the films account at the time of his death, they wrote: Rest in peace to the brilliant Michael Constantine, who swore by Windex as Gus, the patriarch of the Portokalos family.

Get ready to pack your bags and take a trip to Greece as the films director and writer Nia Vardalos revealed they are on location filming in Greece. She took to Instagram back on June 21, 2022, to reveal the big announcement of the third movie in a sentimental video for the fans. She captioned the video by writing: Thank you to Playtone, Gold Circle, HBO and Focus! And much love and gratitude to you all for your support as we waited to film. Greece baby. Greece!

Much of the original cast is set to return for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 by the looks of the exciting posts shared on Nias Instagram. On July 18, 2022, the official Instagram for the movie shared a group shot of some of the cast members including John Corbett , Louis Mandylor , Andrea Martin , and more.

What Parents Need To Know

Parents need to know that My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a crowd-pleasing culture-clash romantic comedy. There’s a non-graphic sexual situation, but it’s clear that Toula and Ian wait until they’re really committed before sleeping together. Characters drink beer and wine, and while at a party, Ian’s parents are introduced to ouzo and overindulge. Occasional profanity includes “ass,” “jagoff,” and “bite me,” and Toula’s brother teaches Ian Greek phrases such as “I have three testicles” and “nice boobs,” which he tells him mean something innocuous. Positive messages include the importance of family and finding a balance between independence and remaining connected to your roots.

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Is It Any Good

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 – Official Trailer (HD)

Viewers will fall in love with Nia Vardalos and her family, too they’re an irresistible force, and she’s just plain irresistible. And the story behind My Big Fat Greek Wedding is as remarkable as the film itself. Actress/writer Vardalos created a one-woman show about her Greek family and their response when she married a man who wasn’t Greek. Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson , saw the show and decided to make it into a movie with Vardalos playing herself.

Vardalos and director Joel Zwick balance the specifics of the Greek-American culture with the transcendent universalities of family dynamics, and Vardalos and Corbett have a believable sweetness with each other. The movie is riotously funny but heart-catchingly touching, and it will make you want to go back and hug everyone you’re related to. This is a terrific choice for families with older tweens: The romance is age-appropriate, and the characters are great role models for how to fall in love and treat each other right. This is one movie where no surprises lurk. Just grab the popcorn, put the phones away, and enjoy.

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Early And Personal Life

Vardalos was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on September 24, 1962. She is the daughter of Greek Canadian parents Doreen Christakos, a bookkeeper and homemaker, and Constantine “Gus” Vardalos, a land developer who was born in Kalavryta, Greece. She attended St. George School and Shaftesbury High School in Winnipeg and Ryerson University in Toronto.

In September 1993 she married American actor Ian Gomez. After trying for nine years to conceive through IVF and surrogacy Vardalos and Gomez adopted their daughter, Ilaria, in 2008. At the time Ilaria was three years old and part of the foster care system. In 2013, Vardalos wrote a book about the experience, a New York Times bestseller she titled Instant Mom, and she still donates all proceeds from its royalties to adoption groups. Vardalos also posted an advice column about the adoption process in The Huffington Post.It was announced on July 3, 2018 that Vardalos had filed for divorce from Gomez after 23 years of marriage, and that they had already been separated since June of 2017. Their divorce was finalized two months later.

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Nia Vardalos Wrote The Script With The Knowledge Michael Constantine Wouldn’t Be In The Film

Constantine, who played Toula’s father Kostas “Gus” Portokalos passed away in August 2021 at age 94.

According to a post Vardalos wrote on her Instagram, Constantine knew he wouldn’t part of the third film. “He had told me he wouldnt be able to join us for the third film and his wish was that we go on. I wrote the screenplay to reflect Michaels decision and will always treasure his last messages to me, hoping we were filming soon,” she explained. “We miss you Michael, thank you for bringing my words to life with such passion and accuracy, you will always be with us.”

“He was a beloved friend and a brilliant actor/writer who taught me so much about my craft and LIFE,” Lainie Kazan, who portrayed Gus’s wife Maria Portokalos, . “We shared a make-believe marriage for over 20 years in the movies My Big Fat Greek Wedding 1 and 2 and soon-to-be 3. What a beautiful relationship. Michael you will be missed. Heaven has gained another angel.”

When Can We Expect To See It

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

An official release date has not been announced by Nia or the production company as of yet. Production for the project began just over a month ago in June 2022, so it is likely a theatre release is still well over a year away.

The film is being shot on location in Greece, in fact, in June Nia shared that they were filming in the Plaka of Athens. In July, Nia tweeted that this is the longest amount of time she has ever spent in Greece.

Making this film is the longest time I have ever been in Greece and I am more in love than ever with this country and our people, Nia wrote.

We might be getting a trip to Greece sooner than we think, as the movie just wrapped filming! Nia made the announcement on Instagram on August 4. She captioned the sweet post, Well that is a wrap on My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3! I am overwhelmed with emotions, so much relief and gratitude all day, and now hot tears are pouring down my face. Thank you crew, cast, producers, studio, financiers and our new friends in the town of Varipatades, Corfu, Greece. In these difficult times we are living in, its extremely appreciated when magic happens.

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Talk To Your Kids About

  • Families can talk about cultural differences. Do you know families where the couples come from different backgrounds? How have those differences created problems or opportunities for new, blended traditions?

  • What are some of the elements that make My Big Fat Greek Wedding a romantic comedy? How is it similar to and different from other romantic comedies?

  • How does the movie portray Greek-American culture? Where might it have been exaggerated for the sake of comedy? Where did it seem like an accurate reflection?

  • Once Toula receives a makeover, she’s able to find a husband. Can you think of other movies in which an “ugly duckling” gets a new look and suddenly enjoys a better life? What message does that send about body image?

  • In theaters: April 19, 2002
  • On DVD or streaming: February 11, 2003
  • MPAA explanation: a mild sexual situation and some language
  • : August 13, 2022
  • Unsurprising but still enjoyable sequel to beloved romcom.

    age 12+

  • A harmless comedy that will make your mouth water.

    age 14+

  • Superb tale of a girl’s struggle for her dreams.

    age 13+

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What Do We Know About The Story So Far

The plot of the third film remains mostly a mystery as Nia has not revealed the full plot as of yet. She announced that the script was completed back on September 30, 2021, via Instagram. She asked fans to keep their idea pitches to themselves as her script was a done deal.

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Nia did give us an inside scoop that Ian and Toula are not grandparents in the upcoming movie but as for the rest, we will have to wait and see. The director and star revealed that she wrote the screenplay to honor Michaels wishes at the time when he told her he would not be able to join for the third installment.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding : Plot Cast And Everything Else We Know

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

The first My Big Fat Greek Wedding, released in 2002, was directed by John Zwick, and the second one by Kirk Jones. Fans are excited to see Nia Vardalos take the reins in her story and show off her visual style. The movie comes to us from the mighty production power of companies Playtone, Golden Circle, and HBO.

The original My Big Fat Greek Wedding followed the journey of Fotoula “Toula” Portokalos , a shy woman surrounded by boisterous personalities. Freshly turned 30, she works for her Greek immigrant parents in the family’s restaurant, has always done so, and has little hope of achieving any of her other dreams. To overcome her parents’ and her culture’s expectations, Toula courageously enrolls in college to learn computer technology. This leads to her landing a new job and more independence. For the first time in her family’s history, she also begins dating a kind, non-Greek white man named Ian . Her big personal leaps lead to a whole new, happier her, true love, and of course, the titular big fat Greek wedding.

Here is everything we know about the franchise’s third installment and why we can’t wait to see more of this big fat Greek story.

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