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How Much Does A Wedding Planner Cost

Fees For Wedding Planning Services

How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost?

1. Percentage of Your Wedding Budget

There are two types of business models among the planners. First, we have professionals who charge 10-15% of your wedding budget. We do not endorse this price structure because it is a form of price discrimination . Why should you pay $10,000 if you have a $100,000 budget when your friend pays only $5,000 because her budget is $50,000? After all, the planner spends the same time planning for each of your weddings.

How Much Does A Wedding Dj Cost

When it comes to hiring a DJ for your wedding, there are several things to consider regarding what it might cost. As with any vendor, DJs will charge varying prices depending on the packages available and the clients desired outcome. Most DJs are willing to modify packages to meet client expectations, but it may come with additional fees! As we go through a list of things to consider, take some time to jot down your thoughts, so you have a clear idea of what you want.

Though DJs dont exactly work on an hourly salary, one of the most significant things to consider about the cost is the amount of time the DJ is needed. For example, when hiring a DJ for a wedding, it is likely cheaper to hire a DJ for just the reception instead of for the ceremony and reception. Knowing and understanding the timeline for the event will help you determine how long you will need a DJ and potentially help you save a significant amount of money. Be mindful of set up and tear down times, as well. While some DJs include this time in their packages, others dont.

Many couples do not understand the planning many vendors, including DJs, put in before even arriving on site for the event. Playlists, final calls, suggestions for couples, selecting music with the couple, and many other things need to be factored into the time youre paying for. Its much more than a few hours on the wedding day!

The Planner Has Time To Prioritize Your Wedding

Some wedding planners work individually. Others work with big teams. Either way, if your wedding planner has too many wedding on their plate, it could mean that details from yours may or may not get lost in the shuffle. Or at least, you might not always be the priority.

Be sure to find out how many weddings the planner currently has coming up this season, and specifically on the day of your wedding . Then ask them how many more they anticipate working on in those time frames. And finally, dont be afraid to ask how they typically handle any competing deadlines when they work with multiple clients at once.

Supplied with this information, you can do another gut check to determine whether or not you feel like this wedding planner can make your wedding as important to them as it is to you.

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Things To Discuss With The Wedding Planner Before Booking

You need to discuss all your preferences and other requirements with them. This will help you plan your wedding the way you wanted.Let them know your budget, and what functions/events are you planning to have for your wedding. Inform them about the number of guests, dates and duration of various wedding events. Ask for references to be sure of their work.

What Should I Look For When Hiring A Wedding Planner

How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost?

Attend a bridal show with friends, family, or a wedding planner can help you to get ideas and see what options are out there if you are curious or feel stuck or unsure about what you want for all things wedding. The way the media portrays the potential for friends and family to mess up your wedding plans, it might be better just to bite the bullet and hire someone to take care of that special day. But first, have a rough plan in your head of what you need your wedding planner to do and how you want your interactions with him/her to go.

  • Interest – Its important to hire someone who shows interest in your special day, who asks a lot of questions, and is attentive and responsive to requests. This will ensure your wedding day will run smoothly.
  • Personality – This is also an important detail to consider when hiring a planner. Some planners are more laid back, while others take their jobs very seriously and will want to skip the small talk.
  • Capabilities – How much experience does the planner have in planning weddings like the one you want? How many weddings have they already planned this year? How large and expensive will the event be? Will it require a single person running the show, or will a larger team be required to make it the day of your dreams? Will your wedding planner work alone or rein in help?

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What To Look For In A Planner

Match: the best professional in the world can cause you stress if your personalities dont match. As such, one of the first things to consider is personality.

Experience: an experienced person can make an event a great success while a newbie can cause all kind of trouble on your big day. If you have the budget, do not hesitate and pay top dollars for a good planner.

Packages: while we outlined the services included in the collections are fairly standard, look for the fine print and hire the pro that meets your needs.

Fast responses and availability: to avoid unnecessary stress, you want to deal with a planner that answers your phone or returns your calls within hours, not days. The challenge is that the top-notch planners are very busy, but they also know how to grow their business without sacrificing service quality.

Wedding Planner Cost In 2021

Knowing how much a wedding planner costs in 2021 is crucial to hiring the right one, staying on budget, and ultimately planning the most unforgettable wedding.

No matter which type of planner you choose, their services will take a lot off your plate and ultimately help you breeze through wedding planning. From your wedding hashtag to the final goodbyes, how much your planner helps you is up to you and your partner.

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Wedding Planner Near Me

If you decided to hire a professional, there are a lot of questions to ask your wedding planner:

  • Availability of the wedding planner on the wedding date.
  • Costs of wedding planner?s services: what are the payment conditions ? Will the couple have additional expenses for the wedding planner, such as for the travelling, food, parking, etc.)
  • Scope of services: consultation, full-service , wedding day coordination only, etc.
  • Other projects at the same date: are you available for the entire day of our wedding day?
  • Planning experience: how many weddings did the professional plan and coordinated? Did the planner also destination weddings? What was the most unique wedding the professional has ever planned?
  • Network of vendors: does the wedding planner have the specific event professionals to work with? Do they offer discounts within your cooperation?
  • Communication: how many meetings does the professional plan with the client? What are the communication methods: e-mail, phone, meetings? Is planner available on weekends?
  • Staff at the wedding: how many people of wedding planner?s staff will work at the wedding?
  • Emergencies: who will work on the planning processes in case the wedding planner gets sick?
  • Timelines and checklists: does the planner create timelines and checklists for all the process of planning and for the wedding day?
  • References: does the planner have testimonials from other couples and other event professionals?
  • Should I Negotiate With Wedding Planners


    It is not recommended to negotiate wedding planner costs. Wedding planners know how to create a realistic wedding budget for youre wedding, which means that they charge you the appropriate amount that they think they need to plan your wedding.

    Dont belittle the cost of their services by trying to negotiate prices, especially if they already told you a fixed price or wedding vendor contract. If their price is out of your budget, consider working with someone else who offers cheaper rates, or use online checklists and tips to plan your wedding yourself!

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    Price Estimates For Different Service Types

    Here are a few examples of the type of duties you can expect for different service types.

    Day of

    • What they offer: Shows up the day of to make sure everything is in place, serves as a point of contact for final payment of vendors, creates seamless operation on the wedding day.
    • Hours spent: 8-14
    • Cost: $1,000

    Month of

    • What they offer: works out what their duties will be with the bride and groom. You can have them help with one area, such as rentals, wait staff, entertainment, or other responsibilities that you negotiate.
    • Hours spent: 70 on average, but varies
    • Cost: $2,500

    Full service

    • What they offer: helping you pick colours, theme, vision location, and then secure the service contractors to make it happen.
    • Hours spent: 140 hours or more
    • Cost: $4,200

    Other Services Provided By Shaadisaga

    Wedding Venues: Choosing the wedding venue can be a tricky task, but with ShaadiSaga wedding manager, find the best wedding venue to match your dream.Wedding Decorators: Get every corner of your wedding venue decorated perfectly with minute detailing.Wedding Invitation: Invite the guests in style with stylish and traditional wedding invites.Wedding videography: Find an ace videographer to record wedding in style and to shoot pre-wedding video.Choreographers: Prepare dance performances and enjoy the wedding.Wedding Planners: Let the wedding planners capture every fun, emotional and interesting moment.Bridal Makeup Artists: Hire a professional bridal makeup artist and get dolled up for your wedding day.Mehndi Artists: Choose a design and let the mehndi artist do the rest.Lehenga Designer: Design your dream outfit as per the latest design trends.

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    Help I Need To Hire A Wedding Planner But How Much Do They Charge

    Im assuming you mean a wedding planner of the human kind rather than the paper kind!

    The answer is that the cost varies markedly depending on how involved in your wedding you want your planner to be and how much you want them to do.

    For basic assistance from a wedding planner, expect to pay upwards of about $700.

    This usually includes guidance as to what to do, timeframes as well as, potentially, help with the legalities of a wedding or knowing what forms to fill in etc.

    If, however, youre after someone to do pretty much everything you need for the wedding, right down to booking vendors and decorating the honeymoon suite in some cases, prices can rise to between $5000 $7000.

    That said, some wedding planners charge a percentage of the overall cost of the wedding and, of course, there are many full-service wedding planners in Australia who charge in excess of $10,000, as well as those who dont work for a flat fee but charge an hourly rate.

    Most planners fall almost squarely between the two prices, around the $2000 to $4000-mark, but anyone whos hired a wedding planner will tell you theyre worth every cent, especially if youre not an organising type or someone who doesnt enjoy pulling together so many things to create one event.

    Just the lack of having to stress about every last detail of your big day is worth the financial investment and sometimes, you even end up with a lifelong friend!

    Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Planner

    Average Wedding Costs

    Because wedding planners, coordinators, and consultants offer such different services, hereâs a list of questions to get you started as you meet and interview different professionals:

    • What service do you offer, and do you offer different packages?
    • Do you charge a flat fee, bill by percentage, hourly rate, or a hybrid?
    • How often will we meet throughout the planning process?
    • When can I contact you, and do you have a preference for communication?
    • What types of weddings have you planned in the past, and what style do you excel at?
    • Whatâs your background? How did you get into wedding planning?
    • What would you say are your particular areas of strength?
    • Do you have any knowledge gaps/areas of weakness that I should be aware of so that I can have someone else cover these?
    • Have you worked with local vendors and venues in this area?
    • What is your favorite part of wedding planning?

    Donât be shy on the first consultation when youâre looking for a wedding planner! Youâll be spending a lot of time and keeping in close contact with this person, so you want to find someone who is invested in your wedding day and with whom you have a personal connection. You need to know that they have your back as you begin a life together with your partner!

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    Wedding Decor And Floral Services

    Your wedding decor sets the tone for the reception and, perhaps, the ceremony as well. Flowers and decorations can be expensive, especially when requesting flowers that are out of season or must be shipped in. Most couples will choose their wedding theme and colors, and a wedding planner can give great advice on how to tie in all aspects of the wedding with these.

    Wait A Wedding Planner Can Actually Save Me Money

    Surprisingly, yes spending money can save money. One of the key responsibilities of a wedding planner is the wedding budget they make sure you dont overspend. A wedding brings out a lot of emotions. When hiring a planner, its almost like hiring an invisible hand to stop you from racking up impulsive expenses. Many planners can also connect you to better vendors within your budget and get discounts you wouldnt get otherwise.

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    Wedding Consulting: $40 To $150+ Per Hour

    Maybe you have some experience planning events or you have a reliable team of friends and family to help plan your wedding. In that case, you might only need a wedding consultant. This persons job is to help work out the kinks in your plan, advise you on major decisions, and send you on the path towards a successful wedding experience. Make sure you do some research on how to survive your first wedding consultation and have your wedding binder or mood board handy when you go in.

    Once youve decided on what level of investment youd like to make in a wedding planner, youll need to figure out how to tell the difference between a good wedding planner and a great one.

    Does A Wedding Planner Save You Any Money

    How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost?

    Most couples spend $15,000$26,000 on their weddings. Hiring an experienced wedding planner can actually save you some of that cost in the long run because of his/her extensive list of connections and knowledge and experience in how to maximize everything at the most palatable cost. Before you hire a planner, its important to know what your overall wedding budget might be and then estimate 15% of that budget will go to the planner.

    A planner will help keep your plans realistic and budget friendly. If you think you cant afford a wedding planner and your parents or in-laws are dying to give you the perfect gift, consider asking them to cover the costs of the wedding planner. This gift can save time, expense, and stressbetter than any expensive glass set.

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