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Who Can I Hire To Decorate My Wedding Venue

Hiring A Traditional Wedding Caterer

Looking For A Wedding Venue // Planning a wedding is HARD

Okay! So youve decided to go the tried-and-true traditional wedding caterer route. You dont want to procrastinate finding a wedding caterer, but you shouldnt attempt to book one until youve come up with a rough guest count, booked a venue , and have decided on a general budget for food. Once youve checked those boxes, get Googling, researching, and talking to friends and family. Also check with your venue to see if they have a preferred list of caterers they allow you to work with.

Unlike many other types of vendors, there are likely going to be a limited number of wedding caterers in your area in your price range . Once you figure out who they are, youll want to narrow it down to those youre interested in. Thenassuming you have more than one choicecontact them to get a rough price quote and set up a tasting. With many wedding vendors, its easy to get a feel for their portfolios through online research. But all the photos in the world arent going to tell you how food tastes or if it was served on time.

How Do You Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Decorator

When youve found a decorator you can work with, its important that you maximise its services by letting them do their thing!

Wedding decorators are experts at what they do. They have worked with hundreds of couples and these experiences gave them advanced skills and creativity in wedding decoration.

So, make sure to solicit as many ideas as you can from your chosen decorator. Even if you already have a good picture of what you want to achieve, it is the decorators expertise that will make it come to life.

Make sure to inform them of your expectations, budget, and timeline so they can give you a more realistic insight about your decoration goals.

If you have limited time and budget, give the wedding decorators some flexibility to defer from your expectations. This way, they can produce the best wedding decorations based on the available resources and close enough to your original idea.

Most importantly, trust the artistic instinct of the wedding decorators, whether youre getting married in a garden, a barn, or a church. With their experience and knowledge in working with different wedding venues, you can trust that your wedding decorations will look great on your special day.

Read our helpful article on how to decorate you wedding right:

Products And Hire Gallery

From backdrops and centrepieces to drapery and lighting, we have a vast selection of high-quality products, along with the expertise, to create the perfect setting for your big event.

If youre after a specific product, Just ask us, chances are, well either have it or will be able to source it for you.

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Set Up A Free Website For Your Wedding

You can create a free personalised website for your wedding, using, a wedding website provider. This will help you update guests about your big day, let you keep track of RSVPs, set up a gift list and guest book, and share photos after your wedding.

There are free templates to customise your website’s design, and tools to help you share your timetable, seating plan, travel tips and even add an FAQ section. These make Getting Married popular with forumites, and former MSE Sally used it to set up a website for her wedding.

We saved money on invites by creating a website with all the details of our wedding it meant we could keep the paper invites short and sweet.– Former MSE Sally

It’s worth noting, however, that Getting Married is owned by a wedding gift list company . So although you can create a website for free, it does encourage you to set up a Prezola gift list. This is completely optional, and you can add a link to another site instead, if you already have a gift list elsewhere.

You’ll usually need to pay for a premium subscription if you want to set up a honeymoon fund or create an option for cash gifts although this is currently free if you sign up for Prezola.

Thing To Remember When Hiring A Wedding Marquee

I can do this
  • Read our full guide to the costings of a marquee wedding – and what it entails
  • Having the right site for your marquee is important – drainage, sloping, and exposure will all play a role in its suitability, make sure your marquee rental company do a site visit ahead of your wedding to assess the space
  • As with searching for a venue, it’s good to have an idea of your guest numbers before you approach any rental companies
  • Don’t forget about the rest of the rentals, from chairs and tables, to generators and portaloos, having a marquee wedding is about more than just renting the marquee, discuss your requirements with your chosen marquee company and visit our recommended rental suppliers
  • Don’t forget the floor – part of what sets different marquee companies apart is the flooring they provide with their rentals, ask about the flooring options when you make your initial enquiry

Read more of our Frequently Asked Questions about all things weddings

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Lay Out A Comfort Station

Aaron Delesie Event Planning by EKS Events

Be the consummate hostess that you are by considering guests’ needs. A comfort station is the perfect way to ensure they have everything they may require to fully enjoy the festivities. Visualize all of your wedding plans to better understand how the day will play out and gather a few things that you believe could mitigate any factors of stress like parasols, blankets, flip flops, etc. Then gather vessels like baskets, barrels, and trunks to artfully display those items in a stunning visual.

Mix Shapes On Your Tablescape

Carlie Statsky

Perhaps flower arrangements aren’t enough for your ideal table decor setup. If you want tablescapes that wow, incorporate mismatched china shapes to add depth to place settings. Adding an angular plate to a round charger is a simple detail that will make an aesthetically pleasing impact.

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Average Wedding Decorator Cost

A decor expert can do wonders, so one option is to hire someone to help you decorate. But whats the cost of a wedding decorator?

According to Thumbtack, the average cost of a wedding decorator nationwide comes out to about $700 to $1000 in total. Some decorators charge for a package deal, while others change by the hour. Hourly rates for wedding decorators can range anywhere from $25 an hour to $100 or more.

The Wedding Lady has a wedding package just for decor services, which comes out to $1,500. For this price, you have access to all their decor in addition to assistance with setting up and cleaning up for the wedding.

There are a few important factors that will affect the cost of a professional wedding decorator. Your location is one factor decorators are typically more expensive in big cities or other high income areas.

Another factor is how much work the decorator will put into your wedding, from design to decoration purchases to set up on the big day. An hourly rate will reflect the amount of work a professional puts into your wedding.

For those charging a flat rate, there may be other wedding decorator fees depending on what services you need from them.

With these prices, is it worth it to hire a decorator? If youve already hired a wedding planner, you might want to take advantage of their decor services, but you dont need to rely solely on a planner for your decor.

Top 10 Wedding Decorators In Perth

I Trained As A Wedding Cake Decorator | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

EDITOR’S CHOICE: We’ve handpicked the best of the best wedding decorators in Perth to help you pick the right one for your big day.

Weddings are no easy matter they require perseverance, dedication, creativity, and ambition to plan, from the massive aspects, like venue and vendor selection, to the tiny little details, like the aesthetic integrity of the candle votives. Thats why we recommend using the services of a wedding decorator, a devoted stylist with whom you and your partner can consult to create a unified atmosphere and creative vision for your wedding celebration.

To help you smooth along the process, weve created this list of the top ten wedding decorators in and around Perth! You and your partner can use this list to access some of the most elegant, luxurious, opulent decorations to be found in the greater metropolitan area, from sumptuous aisle runners to eye-catching arches to awe-inspiring centerpieces and so much more. With this list, you wont have to do any late night internet sleuthing or detective research to find the perfect decorator we have everything youll need to find your trusted stylistic collaborator right below. We hope you and your partner enjoy browsing through this list of the very best wedding decorators in Perth!

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Use Terrariums As Centerpieces

Kayla Barker Fine Art Photogrpahy

Not a flower person? There’s no need to splurge on floral centerpieces if they don’t fit your taste. Create a rustic tablescape with a cluster of succulents and leafy green garlands in an earthy wood basket. Consult your florist to learn about greenery options that can replace traditional floral arrangements.

Go To A Thrift Store For Your Dress Or Suit

Wedding dresses and suits or tuxes are often a sizable line item on wedding budgets. But they dont have to be. You can find beautiful, vintage wedding dresses and tuxes or suits in thrift stores. Make a day of it and see what you can find. Your wedding finery may need a little mending or tailoring, but even with that cost added on it will be much less expensive than a new dress.

You can also discover affordable wedding dresses online. Visit eBay and Craigslist, or explore Etsy for affordable originals. Nearly Newlywed offers gently worn wedding dresses for resale, and Rent the Runway lets you rent a stunning wedding dress for four days. Even high-end and popular stores have affordable dresses in the mix. Check out Nordstrom, Anthropologies BHLDN line, and Davids Bridal.

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Include Pop Culture References

One of the most creative wedding decoration ideas is to include references from pop culture. Perhaps you and your S.O. are Star Wars fanatics, or maybe you can quote every episode from The Office. If your relationship has been significantly touched by a movie, TV show, song or book, include references in your decor. The options are endless: replace table numbers with names of your favorite movies, create a menu inspired by a TV show or use a cake topper with your favorite song quote. With some creative thinking, you can find a personal way to include pop culture moments that define your relationship.

Your Wedding Coordinator Will Not Bus Tables Or Take Out The Trash

The Tithe Barn

Caterers and bartenders are generally responsible for the busing of tables as part of their contract, as well as removal of the trash created by the event and the cleanliness of the areas that they use. Your coordinator should be in great communication with the venue staff as well as the catering team and the bartenders, therefore, there should not be a reason for the coordinator to be handling trash. If you are hosting a more casual wedding with limited catering there should still be a clear breakdown in responsibilities including but not limited to assigning trash removal to a friend or family member if your catering is a drop off buffet and will not be staffed.

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Ways To Maximize Your Wedding Decorators Services

  • Communicate your vision clearly. Since almost all decorators take some level of your design preferences into consideration, it is important to communicate your vision, especially your must-haves, clearly. Be sure to provide inspiration photos if you have them, instead of simply trying to describe something you like. Show the decorator your wedding attire, floral inspiration, color scheme, and venue so they can develop an understanding of what styles you are drawn to.

  • Organize any decor you are supplying. Clearly label boxes, take pictures of things you have a specific vision for, and label the purpose for individual items. This will not only streamline the decorating process, but also ensure that your decor is placed in the way you intended.

  • You will be charged for broken or missing items, so do your due diligence to return everything in-tact! Have your MC make multiple announcements about not taking centerpieces or decor pieces. Believe it or not, some wedding guests assume the items they see are up for grabs. Some centerpieces, especially large floral pieces, are commonly given away at weddings, so they arent totally wrong for thinking this may be the case. If your decor items are rentals, be sure to have the MC clearly communicate this to guests. Your decorator works hard to collect these pieces and they often arent easily replaced. If items go missing, that usually results in a pretty hefty surcharge!

  • Event Planning Stylists & Decoration Hire

    At Forever & a Day events, we specialise in full-service Weddings and Event Planning, Event Styling and . We aim to provide all our clients with a unique & completely personalised experience through the bespoke moments we create. Creating memorable uniquely-tailored high-class experiences for all our clients. We have a stunning collection of wedding decoration for hire, and beautiful prop hire for all types of events.

    Event Planning + Decor Services

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    Yes Your Guests Can Be Florists

    On your way up the aisle why not ask the guests at the ends of each row to each hand you a flower and create your bouquet as you go, this works particularly well if the bride is not been given away by anyone. The Essex Occasions company have some fantastic floral decorations, here you could advise guests to each takes a flower upon entering to help create that guest-made bouquet.

    You Can Expect Your Wedding Coordinator To Work With You To Select A Responsible Individual In Your Wedding Party A Family Member Or A Close Friend To Handle And Transport The Gifts Home For You

    I postponed my wedding four times because of the pandemic

    We’ll double check under the gift table’s skirt and behind things to make sure no stray card or gift is left unaccounted for, hold the doors for your designated gift transporter while they load, and even unlock their car for them while their hands are full. We just don’t want to touch the gifts if we can avoid it.

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