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Can You Rent Trees For Weddings

Sawyer Family Farmstead In Cashiers North Carolina

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Perched in the Blue Ridge Mountains among gorgeous fir trees, Sawyer Family Farmstead offers a breathtaking view of the Western North Carolina Highlands and Lake Glenvillethe largest body of water east of the Mississippi River. Your guests will love the location just a few hours from major cities including Asheville, North Carolina, Greenville, South Carolina, and Atlanta.

Allocate Space For Entertainment

While tables, dance floors, and various decor features will take up most of the space in your tent, its important to leave room for other day-of elements like your live band or other entertainment essentials. With an intimate setting as a unique benefit to a tented space, sometimes leaving too little room for a large orchestra can result in cramped spaces and limited dance room, says Jeremy Davis, bandleader for The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra. Talk with your planner or day-of coordinator to ensure plenty of entertainment space is allocated to avoid unnecessary overcrowding.

Play With Scale Size And Design

If hosting an intimate affair or an event suited for a larger guest list, choosing the right size for your tent is crucial to finalizing the layout for your reception or ceremony. Christen Ryan, founder of Ryan Designs, emphasizes the importance of diversification when it comes to tent sizes and their aesthetics. Keep in mind that some tents have poles that take up space throughout the interior and to consider your surroundings when choosing decor pieces so that every aspect of your design relates to the overall vision,” Ryan says.

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Buying Vs Renting Wedding Table Linens

Plain and Simple, it is less expensive to buy Wedding Table Linens then rent!

Lots of folks think that renting is so much easier and worth the money, but some just dont have the extra dollars in their budget, so buying just might be the way to go!

A few simple questions can help you decide along with a pro’s and cons to both renting and buying, and some ideas for what to do with wedding table linens after the big day if you decide to buy! We want to help you make the right choice!

Rent Palm Trees For Weddings Themed Parties Corporate Events And More

Crystal wedding trees

Artificial trees for weddings are boring! Imagine having real palm trees at your wedding, theme party, or event right here in CT, NY, NYC, or NJ? With CT Palm Trees event rentals, now you can! The look on your guests’ faces when they walk into a tropical paradise unexpectedly is priceless. Our palm tree event rentals offer the finest trees for your event, right from South Florida. SO if you are looking to rent trees for your wedding, look no further!

When renting trees for your wedding or event, we handle delivery, set-up and pick up based on your schedule. No need to worry, our staff will create an amazing night for you and your guests that will be talked about for years to come.

We offer various palm trees for rent for your wedding, or event, and will not rest until you are 100% satisfied with your choice of trees for the big day.

In recent years, we have done many event rentals in NYC, NJ, and CT. Our company has worked with numerous high-end clients such as The New York Jets, Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Carnival Cruise Lines, Kopari, Chelsea Piers, Liberty Travel, Grand Central Station and more. Take a look for yourself right here in our gallery!

Then, contact us to reserve your wedding or event!

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Rent Trees Ferns Palms

Our “Living Base” is an understory of Ivy and Ferns that covers the base of the tree and makes a small island around it.

Elegant and lush, these treeslike giant bouquetsbring opulent energy to your event setting.

Ferns, Ivy Living Arches, Living Walls Rentals

Rent Fountains, Ponds, Streams or a Zen Garden for your special event

Rent any size tree Ficus, 6′ to 14′, any quantity, or species

Rent enormous Bamboo trees

Rent Palm trees and/or Ficus fences to create a solid backdrop or divider of green

Rent lighted trees, trees with cordless twinkle lights, mood lights, place a lighted tree anywhere, no plugs required

Rent or lease big Ferns for lecturns, podiums and weddings, Living Wedding Arches covered with Ivy and Ferns “living walls”

Free delivery and pickup for orders over $400

Please call to discuss your needs.

To Save Time Money And Headaches Work With What Is Already There

Can you rent plants for a wedding. Ad get everything that you need to create the wedding website of your dreams! Wedding costs add up quickly and we understand that. Tree, rental, san francisco, ficus with lights .

Working with us is a breeze. Our goal is to liven up your space with simple and fast indoor plant rental, giving you gorgeous plants that will complement your unique space. In the ideal location with exactly the right facilites and host.

It’s having to give the gorgeous pieces back. You can search using any reliable search engine. There are three rental tiers to choose from.

Gives you the option to purchase the plants and planters or take advantage of our affordable lease program includes our guaranteed foliage replacement! This means that you have to make the most of these loaners while you have the chance. Best of all, they’ll generally ship their pretty goods just about anywhere.

Borrow my garden can help find the atmosphere youre trying to create at your event. I rented a gown from rent the runway for a wedding i attended last summer and returned it afterwards. You can rent your wedding flowers!

Heres how our office plant service works: We sell, lease and maintain tropical, indoor plants and decorative containers for various businesses in the area. Find the rental company that serves your location.

Ad get everything that you need to create the wedding website of your dreams!

It’s a great concept to buy some flowers to practice with

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Tollander Tree Farm In Kimball Michigan

A Christmas tree farm since the ’50s, Tollander Farm retired from selling Christmas trees in 2003. Now it’s available to the public as an event space, complete with a handicap-accessible barn and ample tent space. Between the historic 100-year-old barn and the thousands of wild-growing evergreens, it’s the perfect backdrop to your nuptials.

Find a Christmas Tree Farm or another amazing venue near you here!

Curate A Striking Entrance


Set the tone for your tent by crafting an entry worthy of a one-of-a-kind event. Caitlin Campbell, senior event coordinator and designer at True Event, recommends grabbing your guests attention with an entrance adorned in eye-catching decor. We love when a couple wants to go bold with flowers or other decor options to get everyones attention, she says.

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Bring The Outdoors In

With your surroundings proving to be a significant influence on your overall theme and tented design, why not bring elements of nature into the interior of your day-of space? We love to add natural components to our tented weddings by cutting saplings from the land and bringing the outside in, says Sherry Spencer, partner at Southern Blooms, adding that this helps create a more intimate space by filling the high ceiling.

We Have A Large Selection Of Decorations And Centerpiece Rentals

At A& S Party Rental, we know that your decorations and centerpiece rentals are an important part of your event theme. Whether you are looking for decorations for weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties or any elegant gathering, we are sure to have something to meet your needs. We offer candlesticks, dramatic candelabras, crystal cylinders and vases, Manzanita trees, and crystal tress. They can all provide beauty and elegance for your wedding or event.

You will be amazed at how much of an impact a single item can add to the event atmosphere. Adding decorations and centerpieces rentals are a simple way of adding a unique and customized look to your event. With so many items and options to choose from we can match your event style. Rustic, elegant, and everything in between.

Need other items? Check out our wide variety of table and chair rentals as well as glassware and dinnerware rentals too. We are the Party Rental Superstore for Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio.

Need help? Make an appointment today to speak to one of our event specialists or stop by our showroom to see how we can help you transform your event.

Phone: Dayton- 937-885-5454 or Cincinnati 513-315-9110.

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Ct Palm Trees Event Rentals

Having a work party? Maybe you are planning a huge corporate event. Thinking about throwing a luau or tropical themed party at your home or business? Let CT Palm Trees event rentals give you and your guests an unforgettable night! What is more fun than a party or event in the tropics? Especially when the tropics are delivered right to your home, business, or event!

We will handpick the best palm trees available based on your needs. With years of experience in event rentals, we can gladly help with the layout of your event, and offer our insight into what palm trees will look best, and even where to place them.

Event rentals in NYC, NJ, and CT are what we do, and we know planning an event can be very stressful, that is why we are here to guide you every step of the way. From before the event, during, and even after pick up, we are here to ensure everyone has an amazing experience that will last a lifetime! We look forward to helping you plan your next event rental with CT Palm Trees.

Trinity Tree Farms In Issaquah Washington

Long Island Centerpiece Manzanita Tree rental

With a rustic barn and spacious lodge, Trinity Tree Farm can host both your ceremony and reception. It can also provide you with a list of vendors it works with often, so you know your day will run smoothly. And as if row after row of lush green Christmas trees isn’t stunning enough, there’s a crystal-clear view of Mount Rainier in the distance.

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Tree Rentals For Weddings And Events

The #1 way to save on the cost of your wedding, while making it an absolute dream to look at is to use artificial plants for rent, such as greenery trees, wisteria trees, cherry blossom trees, and more. We create custom, beautiful towering trees in all colors upon request. The cost savings come in when guests have to spend less on flowers, and do not have to pay for live trees to be imported or created by florists for 3-4x the price.

Embellish Tables With Candlelight

A flattering component that ornaments your tablescape as well as creates softness throughout the ambiance of your space, Melissa Davis, owner of Melissa Davis Designs, recommends adding candlesvarying in heightthroughout the layout of your table. The amber glow from the candlelight will add charm to the atmosphere of your tents interior,” she says.

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Work With Natural Tones

Ashley Culicchia Cash, owner and creative director of The Graceful Host, advises couples to look to their surroundings for design inspiration. Incorporate natural tones into your color palette that mimic the landscape of your setting, she says. Wooden details aided in outlining the rustic design scheme of this airy tented reception.

Wedding & Event Chandelier Experts


If the past year has taught us anything, it is the importance of family, community and celebrations among friends. This is necessary for life.

My name is Ben Lawles and I am the owner of Signature Chandeliers.

My company was founded on the desire to provide breathtaking chandeliers, meticulously cleaned and maintained to the highest standards.

I am pleased to say that we have not only achieved our goal, but are redefining what quality chandelier rental should look like in 2021.

My team and I look forward to working with you and your clients to creating that wow factor for your distinguished guests!

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Some Questions You Might Have:

  • Why should I buy all of those, what in the world would I do with that many tablecloths?In reality, most weddings use somewhere between 10-20 tables. That is not a huge amount of table linens. Yes, its more than a few but if you see the above ideas on what to do with the linens that savings can be a win/win when you purchase instead of rent!
  • I think that would be too much work?Most of us wash and dry clothes on a regular basis! Doing a few loads of your purchased table cloths doesnt take too long. And if you take the linens out of the dryer right away and hang them, there might not be any need to iron! A little sweat equity will allow you a huge savings in the end!
  • How much will I really be saving?When you take into consideration the cost of renting your linens which can be all across the board, if you need delivery of the items, or if you will pick them up and drop them off you have invested money that will never be seen again! You have nothing to show for those dollars! By purchasing, you have a flat rate, you get to keep those linens, re-sale, or donate! One of the most popular sizes in table cloths is the 120 round! For the sake of comparison this size table cloth rents for $18.00. You can purchase this size table cloth for $13.99. That savings can vary but even with a savings of $4 per table cloth, that certainly adds up!
Renting Pro’s:

Distinguish A Seating Area

Create a living room in the middle of the tent to give purpose and focus near the dance floor, suggests Aleah and Nick Valley, founders of Valley & Company Events. Stage oversized comfy chairs, coffee tables, and pews as you would in your own home, and accent with chandeliers overhead to bring the indoors out.” A cozy space will encourage guests to sit and chat all night, all while admiring the tents ambiance and decor.

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Bring Focus To Your Head Table

Conceptualizing a floral display that hangs horizontally above your head table is a unique way to create a focal point inside your tent. Francie Dorman and Britt Cole, cofounders of 42 North, crafted this striking installation using soft florals, chandeliers, and romantic drapery. We played with the tents negative space elsewhere using layers of draping for a luxurious and intimate environment, they said.

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