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How To Package Wedding Invitations

When To Order Place Cards:

How to Assemble Your Wedding Invitation Suite

Order your wedding place cards with your invitations .The Knot Note: Instead of writing each guest’s table assignment on the escort card itself, slip the card into a small envelope that’s tagged with a table number. This way, you can easily swap guests’ table assignments up until the last second.

These handwritten notesâfrom both of youâshould thank guests for their gifts and/or presence at your wedding.

Don’t Forget Your Return Address

While you’ll of course have each guest address on the wedding-invitation envelope, you’ll also want to ensure that you don’t forget to put your return address on the invitation! You’ve likely only ordered so many wedding invitations just like your save the dates and the last thing you want is to not only have a guest not receive their invitation but also not have the invitations returned to you, so you can send them out with the proper wedding postage or guest address.

Create The Complete Package With Your Wedding Stationery

Customizing a matching set of wedding stationery makes for a beautiful experience for your guests, from start to finish. From their very first glimpse of the envelope to sending back their RSVP card, your recipients will delight in the luxurious paper and coordinating styles you’ve chosen for your special day. Select your favorite wedding invitation design from our collection of curated templates, and easily personalize the matching response cards, enclosure cards and reception cards that fit perfectly with it. It’s easy to create the perfect wedding invitation suite for your wedding day. Each card you design for your wedding invitation suite will live on as a special keepsake you can look back on for years to come. If you’re not ready to decide on a wedding invitation, order a free sample kit and get a curated range of unique designs to choose the right one for you.

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How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost

Wedding planning has begun – you pick up your dream wedding theme and venue, captivating gown, and your dream wedding date. Now’s the time to announce your wedding date with your significant others by a wedding invitation.

You want your wedding invitation to be memorable, budget-worthy, and beautifully crafted. It must be one that deserves to be displayed, not just kept inside a drawer.

How much do wedding invitations cost nowadays? Read on to know more about the most recent wedding invitation pricing guide toward creating your personalized wedding invites.

A Complete Look At How To Assemble A Wedding Invitation Suite

Rustic kraft woodland wedding invitations

It is going to be a beautiful experience, especially with both sets of your loved ones there to celebrate all the joy and happiness with you. However, the planning of your dream wedding itself can feel a bit overwhelming. Many of us have been painting the picture-perfect wedding in our heads since we were little kids playing dress up and fantasizing in our own little worlds. Vision after vision, our tastes would change as we got older and grew nearer to the actual time to finally put everything together for the biggest day of our life. So, if youre wondering what details it will take to set the perfect tone we understand and were here for you.

Assuming you probably pray for more hours in each day, because there seriously isnt ever enough time, we have created a resource to help make the assembling process that much easier. There are many nuances to creating a truly luxurious wedding invitation, which you know to be one of the most important details for establishing the overall look and feel of your wedding.

That being said, we came up with a thorough guide on how to assemble your dream wedding invitations to perfection. We wholeheartedly believe that every invitation suite should perfectly match your signature style, while keeping tradition in mind.

With any assembly process, the first step towards success is to create each piece that is needed for the final product. You cant bake a wedding cake without having the right ingredients and decorative pieces first, right?

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Tips For Choosing Unique Wedding Invitations

Choosing unique wedding invitations can be a daunting task subsequently it comes to planning your big day. For many couples, wedding invitations are prearranged in the past the details of the business itself are finalized. Picking wedding invitations that you love is a good artifice to start the process of planning a wedding. lovely and unique invitations can be the icing upon the cake to an already perfect day. The wedding invitation also sets the song for your day, by offering clues to the kind of wedding your guests will attend therefore it is important that you pick a wedding invitation that speaks to your unique style and complements the style of your wedding.

There are thousands of every second types of wedding invitations available, from unchanging and usual to enlightened and funky. The choices are wide and far afield reaching. Choosing that one invitation style that is perfect for the two of you can be a long and intimidating task. You know that you want a unique invitation that begins to say the metaphor of the vivaciousness you are creating as a couple, not an easy task, but it can be done! Finding a unique wedding invitation starts behind a conversation.

How to Package Wedding Invitations sample:

simple wedding invitation package with tammy swales from how to package wedding invitationshow to package wedding invitations sunshinebizsolutions com from how to package wedding invitations

Another How to Package Wedding Invitations sample:

Belly Band Wax Seal Or Customized Stamp

A belly band holds everything together. Its that string or band that wraps around all the cards for a clean, finished look. If this is something youd like for your invitations, budget around $0.20 per invite for materials. Also, if this increases the size of your envelopes too much, you may need to pay added postage.

Wax seals also cost additional in postage because they require special processing. If you prefer the look of a custom wax seal, expect a more expensive postal delivery.

Finally, customized stamps are a great way to add a special mark without adding too much to your budget. A stamp with your and your fiances last name is a sweet addition to any invitation.

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The Cherry On Top Of Your Wedding Stationery

Your wedding suite isn’t complete without the final stationery and accessories that tie it all together. Make your wedding invitations chic both inside and out with envelopes in coordinating colors, optional slip-in liners and more. Personalized address labels or self-inking stamps instantly give your envelopes a custom look and take the hassle out of mailing. Browse a variety of designs to find your favorites and give your stationery a cohesive elegance through and through. After the big day, showcase your favorite wedding photo and express your gratitude to family and friends with stylish wedding thank you cards. Finally, top off the occasion with more good newschoose from moving announcements that let your loved ones know about the next big milestone in your lives together.

Assembling Your Wedding Invitations How It All Goes Together

DIY Wedding Invitations!

So, youve got all your wedding invitations together with your new double envelopes, response cards, and any other information or enclosures youll be sending to your guests. Now how do you put it all together?

What follows are some brief guidelines to help you construct a traditional wedding invitation mailing ensemble. These are merely generally accepted methods feel free to deviate from them if you want.

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Will Minted Mail My Wedding Invitations For Me

Unfortunately, we do not offer mailing services at this time. All of our wedding stationery will be shipped to you flat, ready for assembly. But dont stress: Assembling wedding invitations is very quick and easy, especially if you have an extra set of hands . Our best advice: Host an invitation assembly party. Enlist a couple of pals or family members and show them how to stuff your wedding invitations. Get a couple of bottles of wine and some snacks, and then create a wedding invitation assembly line according to our directions outlined above. Assign everyone a task and be the one to do a final check before the wedding invitation suites are inserted in the mailing envelopes. Youll be done and ready to drop them off at the post office in no time.

Get Your Dates Straight

Include your RSVP information on the bottom right corner of your invitation or on a separate enclosure, and make the deadline no more than three or four weeks after guests receive the invitations. Check with your caterer first to find out when they’ll need the final head count. Remember: The more time you give guests to reply, the more likely they are to forgetbut you’ll need time to put together the seating chart. Plus, your final count may affect the number of centerpieces and other décor elements, which your vendors will need to finalize a few weeks before the wedding.

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Inner Envelope And Outer Envelope

Inner envelopes are a great option for couples who want to personalize their stationary even more. These envelopes enable you to include things like hand done calligraphy for guests names. They also add an elegant touch to your overall presentation. However, if you dont want to spend the extra money or add bulk to your envelopes, dont fret. Inner envelopes are a added benefit and not necessary to create a beautiful invitation.

Outer envelopes are needed to contain all of your materials on their way to your guests. These should be sturdy enough to hold everything while still matching your theme. You can do this with simple and standard envelopes, or custom made envelopes. Some wedding invite packages include the cost of envelopes, while other options add on $30-$100.

Average Wedding Invitations Package Cost

Wedding Invitation Packages by Wedding Paperie

To date, the average price of wedding invites for a total of 100 guests range from $400 to $800. That is approximately $3 to $8 per person on a wedding invitation, according to Price is mostly influenced by the printing method more than the paper type, according to

Usually, the wedding invitation package is fit for 100 guests. But how about the amount if you have more or less than 100 guests? Like, how much do 50 wedding invitations cost? Check out this rundown of the average price for wedding invites per guest:

Number of Guests

You may also view this video for the invitation pricing.

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Include Everyone Invited On Your Mailing List

While this may seem obvious, some couples might decide to cut corners and costs when it comes to mailing their wedding invitations and not follow etiquette tips. Even if you know for sure that your parents, siblings, wedding party, and so on will respond “yes” on their RSVP cards, you still need to send them a wedding invitation. If you had any wedding guests RSVP online after receiving save-the-dates, you also need to mail your wedding invitation to them. While postage does cost money, as does the invitation itself, your guests’ first glimpse into your big day will be the wedding invitation, and you don’t want to take that special moment away from anyone.

Don’t Forget The Rest Of Your Suite

Order your menus, programs and thank-you notes with your invitations. That way, your stationer can include all of the pieces in one order, which may save you money and time. It’s also a good way to ensure all your stationery has a cohesive look, even if you want to vary the design slightly for each element . Also, don’t forget those little items like favor tags and welcome bag notes.

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Some Tips Before You Begin

  • It can be helpful to clear out a large space to work in and and to set up all your materials beforehand to reduce confusion.
  • Make sure you have the correct amounts of invitations and envelopes.
  • Pre-stamp your response envelopes
  • You may want to invest in a small bottle of envelope sealer or glue to save your tongue some troubles. Alternately, you can use a moist sponge.

Wedding Invitation Assembly Invitations Only

How to glam up your wedding invites

Invitations should be inserted into the envelope facing upwards so that invitees should be able to read the invitation immediately upon removal from the envelope. In the past this was thought to mean that a right hander would be thought to be opening the envelope, however this is not a hard and fast rule in modern times.

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Design Your Dream Day With Custom Wedding Invitations

  • 2 size options
  • 3 trim options
  • Gold & silver embossed foil available

Congratulations! Your wedding vision is taking shape, and now you can give your guests a glimpse into what awaits with your custom wedding invitations. We have invite options for every wedding theme, from rustic to elegant, each customizable to include your preferred colours, language and even paper stock. And with our collection of RSVP cards, enclosures and envelopes, you can create a gorgeous one-of-a-kind invitation suite without a high-end budget.

When youâre ready to create your dream invites, explore our wedding template collection. Find a design you love and then make it yours by adding custom details â names, wedding date, address and more. Once everythingâs looking perfect, place your order and let us take care of the rest. Weâll professionally print, package and deliver them to your home in Canada. Your custom creations will arrive looking gorgeous and ready to get friends and family excited for your big day.

How Much Postage Will I Need To Mail My Wedding Invitations

Minteds wedding invitations, without any additional enclosure cards , weigh less than one ounce. However, the best way to confirm the postage required for your mailing is to take a fully assembled invitation suite, including all enclosures and embellishments , to your local post office so they can weigh it and tell you the exact postage it will require.

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The Easy Way To Customize Your Invitation Suite

We support our Shine brides by providing elegantly designed wedding invitation suites with many gorgeous matching accessories, allowing them to set the tone of their dream wedding day before it begins.

Included in each stationery shipment is a very easy-to-follow instruction card for additional assembly support. We want each experience to be seamless and simple for all of our brides from ordering their invitations, to receiving and assembling, to sealing and shipping each envelope out to their very special guests.

To learn more about our process, please explore our wide array of classic and luxurious wedding invitations here.

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