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Where To Get Sparklers For Wedding

Wedding Sparklers Return Policy

What Size Sparklers Do I Need for My Wedding or Event? (2017)

Most goods purchased from have few refunds due to the nature of the product. If a customer purchases a product, but the customer believes that it is inconsistent with what is advertised in wedding sparklers ad, please send an email to with a detailed description of the problem. Please be sure to send the customer’s account information along with the product name purchased on wedding sparklers will conduct an audit to determine if the delivery has not been delivered as promised. In addition, if the item is unusable, operational or damaged, will repair, replace or refund it. However, 90 days after the purchase, cannot return the product.

Why You May Need To Buy Wedding Sparklers

Couples need to buy wedding sparklers if they plan to do a sparkler exit, which can accomplish two important things:

  • it will give you incredible photographs, and
  • it will give a sense of finality for the evening
  • A sparkler exit also gives you a chance to see everyone one last time before you say goodbye for the night. Bid farewell, wave goodbye one last time, and wave the ol iconic Just Married sign and tin cans-on-strings as they jingle behind you as you drive off into the sunset or into the moonlight or straight to the airport to catch your flight to Maui.

    Some couples do a wedding sparkler exit because its popular and on-trend at the moment. Others dont care so much about whats trending theyre doing a grand exit because its functional! A grand exit is one excellent way to put a definite end time to your reception.

    PRO TIP: One couple we worked with needed to get guests out the door by 11pm, not a minute later, or the venue would charge for another hour and that was expensive. As an alternative to something obnoxious like flashing the lights or the DJ packing up abruptly we transitioned guests into a romantic wedding sparkler exit underneath the moonlight. It worked out perfectly!

    Wedding Sparklers Lighting Up The Party

    Best Where To Get Sparklers For Wedding from Wedding sparklers Lighting up the party. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

    Not only do sparklers carry all the advantages of a gorgeous wedding celebration send-off, but they additionally eliminate the nuances attached to several others. Having a handful of difficult grains pummelled at you doesnt also seem pleasant, and isnt for all the birds that have actually choked on them throughout the years . We all learned our lesson when wedding send-offs began transforming into mass butterfly murder.

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    Why Buy Sparklers And Colored Smoke From Utah Sparklers

    Since starting in 2017, we have supplied sparklers to thousands of brides and are 100% confident that our sparklerslight easily, and stay lit, to ensure the perfect send off.

    All of our productsare in stock year round, ensuring what you want will be available when you need it.

    We offer free shipping with orders $50 and more.

    We do our best to ensure every customer is completely satisfied. We dont make you buy sparkler packages. With Utah Sparklers, you purchase only the number of boxes ofsparklersthat you need saving you money and preventing costly leftovers.

    A safety and tip sheet is included in every sparklerorder.

    36 inch wedding sparkler

    Where To Buy Cheap Wedding Sparklers In Bulk Free Shipping

    36 inch Wedding Sparklers

    Best Where To Get Sparklers For Wedding from Where to Buy Cheap Wedding Sparklers in Bulk FREE Shipping. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

    A wedding celebration is attended be among the purest means whereby any couple can reveal their love for one another. Viewing as this holds true, it does not come to one as a shock that combines is understood to place a great deal of believed right into the preparation of their wedding celebration.

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    Must Haves For A New Year S Eve Wedding

    Best Where To Get Sparklers For Wedding from 10 Must Haves for a New Year s Eve Wedding. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

    A wedding is a huge milestone in our life. Every bride-to-be has her very own strategies about the wedding and also tries to make all the practices of the wedding celebration one-of-a-kind and also delightful. Something that is gaining popularity at wedding is the wedding sparkler. Once, we were made use of to throwing rice or birdseed over the bride and groom while they dash to their honeymoon train. Now, making an archway for the groom by holding sparklers above their head is taking its area. When you pass through the guests, simply envision all the glimmers around you.

    Sparklers For Reception Or Ceremony

    Most couples choose sparklers for wedding exit lines or memorable photos, but the ceremony can be a great place to use them as well. If you hand them out to your guests before the ceremony, you can have a pretty cool effect at a designated time. You may want your guests to light their sparklers for weddings during your vows or sand ceremony for an added dramatic effect.

    No matter your preference, knowing your planned usage will aid you in your purchase decision. Certain circumstances demand a long lasting light, while in other situations, shorter sparklers will serve you just fine. Research your options, and settle on a size that will best serve your needs.

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    Sparklers & Our Rapid Ship Promise partners with FedEx Ground to ship sparklers anywhere in the continental United States, usually in under 5 days. With our Rapid Ship Promise , we ship most orders by the next business day or well refund 50% off your order! Shipping is available Monday through Friday. Order in advance with confidence! Our sparklers have a long shelf life when kept in a cool, dry location. Please note that we are unable to offer overnight or expedited service, as sparklers contain flammable materials and are prohibited from air shipping. Sorry, we are unable to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or Mexico. Get more details on our Shipping page, including local pickup information.

    Stars In Our Eyes: Tips For Sparklers And Fireworks At Your Wedding

    How to Light Wedding Sparklers (2017)

    Grace Elizabeth Photo & Film via Authentic Bohemian Botanical Summer Garden Wedding

    Interactivity and experiential lighting has been a hot topic in wedding design lately, and we adore all the new ways in which couples are experimenting with this. But with the 5th of November coming up soon, were also reminded of some traditions that endure, and that can be just as mesmerising every time theyre seen: fireworks and sparklers. Elevating the guest journey means creating unexpected magic at every turn, and what better way to do this than these twinkling shows of light and colour!

    Wedding Suppliers We Love

    Ive listed below some tips on having an exciting, impactful, and safe sparkler or firework experience at your wedding the key thing is to be prepared, and to have as many hands on deck as possible for coordinating timings!

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    Vip Nightclub Bottle Sparklers

    Are you looking for a way to increase the bottle sales at your restaurant, nightclub, or party space? Consider investing in some premium VIP bottle sparklers from to make a lasting impression on your guests and clientele. Unlike traditional party sparklers, our 45 Second VIP Bottle Sparklers burn like a free-flowing fountain, shooting between 6 to 8 inches high, and burning between 40 to 50 seconds. For a shorter burn time, consider looking into our 30 Second VIP Nightclub Bottle Sparklers. We also carry VIP Sparkler Clips to easily attach bottle sparklers to your spirits.

    Amazing Fireworks And Sparklers From Real Weddings

    Best Where To Get Sparklers For Wedding from Amazing Fireworks and Sparklers from Real Weddings. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

    You can likewise use sparklers as favors or giveaways for wedding events. There are wedding celebration support manufacturers which provide collections of personalized suits and also sparklers.

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    Forgetting To Speak To Your Photographer In Advance

    This is not the type of photo to ask your photographer to shoot at 5 minutes notice! In my opinion, the best results are achieved by using off-camera flash. This is when the flashguns are mounted on stands or held by guests, rather than be attached to the photographers camera. For this to work, the photographer will need radio triggers. Not all photographers use these as standard, so its best to mention youd like a sparkler photo with as much notice before your wedding as possible so that the photographer can potentially order radio triggers and practice using them.

    Wedding Photographers theres a section at the bottom of this article if youre researching settings & light position.

    Section : What You Need To Know About Wedding Sparkler Safety & Laws

    36"  Gold Sparklers  Long Sparklers for Weddings and ...

    Wedding sparklers can make the final moments of your wedding extra special creating a photo-worthy backdrop as you enter your new life of marital bliss.

    However, before planning a wedding sparkler send off, it is important to familiarize yourself with wedding sparkler safety and laws to guarantee the perfect ending to your perfect day.

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    When Is The Right Setting For 10

    If you plan to use your sparklers inside, our premium 10-inch sparklers are a great choice. Our premium sparklers have a steel wire core for smokeless and ash-less use. This is important because no one wants to have a fire detector go off during the ceremony. These premium 10-inch sparklers are also great for toasts, for use during the couples first dance, or during the cake cutting ceremony. 10-inch sparklers allow you to add a bit of sparkle to almost any part of the wedding ceremony giving you flexibility to use them exactly how you want for dramatic effect.

    Everything You Need To Know About Purchasing Wedding Sparklers

    With so many purchasing options available, it can be hard to figure out the best type of wedding sparklers for your grand wedding exit.

    Fortunately, it isnt rocket science and boils down to three main factors: quality, quantity, and size.

    Quality is key: Cheap vs. expensive wedding sparklers

    One question we often get asked is about the difference between cheap and expensive wedding sparklers.

    And our answer is always the same.

    It isnt about price, but rather quality.

    When shopping for wedding sparklers price is obviously an important factor.

    However, you should be more concerned about purchasing high-quality sparklers that will ensure your exit goes off without a hitch.

    Typically more expensive sparklers are higher quality sparklers that will shine brighter, burn longer, create a smokeless and ashless burn, and keep you and guests safer.

    When searching for quality wedding sparklers that exhibit these qualities, some key factors to look for include:

    A steel wire core

    This element is key to ensuring a smokeless and ashless send off experience for you and your guests.

    Yes, it may cost more, but the bamboo or wooden cores used in cheap sparklers will result in a smokey send off that will ruin photos, damage clothing, and cause a mess for the cleanup crew.

    The length of the flammable compound

    Contrary to popular opinion, it is not the length of the sparkler, but rather, the length of the flammable compound that is key to longer burn time.

    A strong core

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    Safely Using Wedding Sparklers

    Sparklers can get 6 times hotter than a pan of cooking oil, so its important that guests holding them are aware of this. Using extra-long sparklers means than the metal the guests are holding may get hot before the sparkler has gone out, so its important they understand to drop it in the provided bucket of water* before the metal gets too warm. I always recommend gloves, but not everyone wants to wear them. If youd like to provide gloves for guests to protect them, Id recommend some cheap magic gloves from eBay or Amazon.

    *A metal bucket should be used for this. Sparklers can stay hot for ages afterwards, so they should not be left on the ground. If theres no metal bucket available, wet grass is probably the best alternative.

    High Quality Celebration Sparklers In Bulk

    How to Have the Perfect Wedding Sparkler Departure

    We offer a variety of length, starting with the shorter #10 sparklers. This style is ideal for any kind of event and may be easier for smaller hands to hold. Our longer versions include #20 and #36 varieties. These look great at events and can add a touch of drama to the atmosphere.

    Our sparklers offer an attractive combination of low cost and maximum burn time. While we cant claim that our sparklers will be completely smoke free , our products are designed to minimize smoke. This makes the area much more comfortable for all guests, whether they choose to light up a sparkler or not.

    You can hand out sparklers to use as part of event activities or give them away as party favors. No one will be able to resist igniting their sparklers and waving them around to create fun shapes, letters, numbers and more in thin air!

    Modern couples are skipping the wedding bird seed and going straight for the sparklers. This unique addition is growing in popularity because it is both visually stunning, fun for guests and affordable for whoever is paying for the wedding. Dont forget to give them a try at other gatherings to add a bit of excitement thats safe for everyone! From birthday parties and anniversaries to cookouts, festivals, weddings and other events, our sparklers will be a big hit with your guests!

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    Not Planning Your Sparkler Photo Around Sunset

    The best time for your wedding sparkler photo will depend on the final look youd like to have. My favourite time for a sparkler photo is at dusk rather than after dark. Theres a couple of reasons for that!

    Firstly, I think a deep blue sky and a little ambient light on faces look great.

    Secondly, doing the photo earlier in the evening when everyone is a little soberer is a bit less risky. If your guests have been doing Jaeger bombs at lunchtime, then its probably best to fake it and have a specialist retoucher work some Photoshop magic!

    Once youve agreed a time, remember to let guests know!

    Choosing The Right Sparklers For Your Exit

    Lets assume youve decided to have a grand exit at your wedding and that youre going to use sparklers during it. Next, you need to choose the right sparklers for your needs. There are a few different sizes of available. Since youre probably not an expert on sparklers in general, knowing which size to choose can seem a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, it essentially breaks down to how many guests you will have at your wedding. Additionally, how long each one lasts plays a role, as well.

    The average wedding these days will have 250 or more guests in attendance, and 36 inch sparklers are perfect for large weddings. Since they last for nearly four minutes, they give you plenty of time. You can make your way through your exit line without having to feel like youre rushed. Keep in mind that you need to account for the time it takes for everyone to get ready. They need their sparklers lit and to make your way down the whole exit line. Only 36 inch wedding sparklers will give you plenty of time to accomplish both.

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