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How To Sell A Wedding Dress On Ebay

How To Price & Care For Your Dress

How to Make Money by Selling Wedding Dresses on eBay

If your gown is new you can sell it for about 50% of the original price tag. This is because newer gowns are being searched by brides looking for these hot styles. If your gown comes with a designer name, or even a popular indie tag then you could even price it a little higher.

Second-hand wedding dresses can range from designer labels to highly sought-after indie designs that have been discontinued. Do some quick research on the web and see what other similar gowns are selling for. Depending on the platform you choose, they will help you pick a good selling price as well.

Consider getting your gown professionally cleaned. It will cost you a few hundred dollars but will ensure that your gown is in its best condition and is much more desirable for the bride making the purchase. And since some retail sites offer return periods, it will ensure that theres less of a chance that someone will want to make a return.

How To Sell Your Wedding Dress: The Ultimate Guide

Are you ready to kiss goodbye to your wedding dress and send it to a better home? Heres everything you need to know about how to sell your wedding dress.

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Its probably not something youll want to think about, but after your big day is over and youve taken a million amazing snaps in your wedding dress, you might be considering selling it.

Of course, you dont have to sell your wedding dress. Theres a whole host of things you can do with it after the big day, including preserving it, framing it, donating it to charity or customising it into a whole new outfit.

That said, a lot of brides opt to sell their wedding dress, and were always getting asked how and where you can do this. It can be beneficial in many ways, not least because it recoups some of your wedding costs. It can also be lovely to see your dress go to a new home.

If youre hoping to sell your wedding dress after your wedding day, follow our top tips and youll soon be ready to send it to a very excited second owner.

Image: Matt Lee

Selling your wedding dress is a great idea, particularly if you bought one which was slightly over your budget, as it allows you to make at least some of the money back.

Image: Matt Lee

So Youd Rather Donate Your Wedding Dress

Photo by Christine Grace Photography via Bridal Musings

Search specifically in your local area for any bridal shops that run off dress donations. While local thrift stores are a great option, places like Brides For A Cause sell donated dresses and raise funds for women-focused charities. While they may have specifics that they do or dont accept, its a great way to clear up space in your own closet.

With multiple locations on the west coast, they accept most gently loved gowns within the last 5 years. Dont live nearby? They accept gowns shipped in, too! About 80% of their net profit raised is donated to local and national women-focused charities. Theyll take care of cleaning for you, and provide you information for tax deductions as well.

They boast an exquisite, hand-selected collection of unique and designer pieces as well as rare and vintage gowns. About 30% of proceeds from each sale goes toward charities that empower women and end child marriage. So youre contributing to a more sustainable climate, and also sustainable change.

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No : Get Your Wedding Dress Professionally Cleaned

If youre planning to sell your wedding dress, have it professionally cleaned. Potential buyers are brides themselves, and they want their new dress to be immaculate not spotted with wine stains or cake from your own celebration.

Taking your dress to the dry cleaner is an added expense, but it can help you sell your dress more quickly. Youre also more likely to have a satisfied customer.

According to BravoBride, a site where you can buy and sell used wedding items, you can generally have your gown cleaned for $100 to $200. The exact price youll pay depends on your location and the intricacy and fabric of your gown.

My dress was relatively simple it was ivory satin with only a little bit of beading around the bodice. It was in fairly good condition, but it did have some spots from grass and dirt around the hem. I was able to get my dress cleaned for just $95.

How Can I Sell My Wedding Dress

Married At First Sight: Stacey Hampton selling pre

Jul 20, 2021Wedding Dress, Wedding Tips

For something thats only being worn once, wedding dresses are expensive garments. Buying a wedding dress carries a heavy expense for any bride. Unless youre planning on holding onto it for sentimental reasons, you may be thinking of recovering some of these funds by selling your dress instead.

If youre looking to sell your wedding dress, you may be wondering where and how to do it. You could sell your dress on popular websites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist, but you may not get nearly as much money as you would like for it.

At Savvy Bridal, we want our clients to be aware of their options when looking to sell their wedding dresses. Here are some essential tips to follow and some places you should consider for selling your dress.

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Have A Fair Returns Policy

Be considerate of the fact that wedding dresses are a large purchase, and think about the returns policy youd be drawn to if you were buying a second-hand dress.

Youd probably want to be able to try the dress on at home, then send it back if it wasnt quite right, so mention that youre happy for other brides to do the same in the listing. Its likely to mean your dress will attract more attention, even if it does take a little longer to properly sell.

Sell My Wedding Dress

Sell My Wedding Dress is an aptly named site that lets you sell your wedding dress and other wedding accessories online. The site is a classifieds website in that it enables you to list your dress but doesnt provide any features to help you sell it, such as delivery, payments, or buyer protection.

There are two options to list your dress. A basic listing is $19.97 for a wedding dress, and it lets you add five ads and five images. A premium listing costs $27.97 for a wedding dress and doubles the number of ads and photos you can list. It also includes options that increase the exposure of your ad.

When creating your listing, be sure to add photos and all the information anyone would need to buy your dress.

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Is It Best To Sell My Wedding Dress Locally Or Online

There are clear benefits to both selling online and selling locally. If you choose to sell online, you gain access to a nationwide audience, which increases the chance of someone liking your dress. Of course, the competition is also stronger.

Selling online also means you wont have to meet someone in person. This can be a positive if you are busy or dont want to deal with strangers. Many sites provide you with some form of selling assistance, whether through payments, dealing with shipping and returns, or advertising your dress.

Selling locally has its benefits too. Sites such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are entirely free to use, so you keep all the profits. Additionally, you dont have to worry about your dress getting lost during shipping, because youll physically meet up with the person buying the dress.

Meeting up in person also allows the buyer to both see and try the dress on. This can increase the chances that they will be happy with their purchase and less likely to request a refund.

Tips For Buying Used Wedding Dresses

Taking Pictures of CHEAP EBAY Dresses!

Buying a used wedding dress can be a bit of a gamble, but as long you’re cautious, it’s a thrifty way to snag a designer wedding dress for half the retail value. Plus, if you get lucky and buy a preowned wedding dress from someone with a similar body type, you may not have to make too many alterations, which also cuts down your costs. Did we mention buying used wedding dresses is eco-conscious, too? It’s an excellent way to reduce and reuse.

As long as the gown you found looks to be in good condition , a used wedding dress can be a terrific deal. A few tips: Since your dress will probably have to be custom-tailored to your body regardless, a larger size is easier to work with where alterations are concerned. Fabric can always be subtracted, but adding more fabric that perfectly matches the rest of the gown can be difficult . And because you’re getting the wedding dress for a steal, you can put some of the money you save toward making sure it fits like a glove .

More words to the wise: Look carefully into your site or salon’s authentication and return policies before committing to anything. That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect in the event your dress is damaged or misrepresented.

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Reputable Wedding Dress Resale Sites

We took the guesswork out of this process and came up with a list of reputable sites to sell a preowned wedding dress. Keep in mind that these websites are also great resources to peruse if youre interested in buying a used wedding dress. Theyre literal goldmines for buyers and sellers.

Most importantly, reselling your wedding items after the big day is one of our favorite wedding budget hacks! Its worth noting that while selling your wedding dress online can absolutely help you recoup some of your costs, its not typically an easy, quick, or convenient task to tackle. These sites each have different benefits and costs involved, depending on the level of work youre looking to do yourself.

Weve outlined all the details below. Whether you want to sell your wedding dress locally or resell your wedding dress online, this thorough guide will empower you to choose the option thats best for you!

Be Realistic About Pricing

The average cost of a wedding dress in the US is about $1,600, including alterations. But the majority of used bridal gowns sell at or below $1,000. Research what similar dresses are being sold for, taking age, wear, and designer into account. If the used dress is less than two years old and in excellent condition, you can expect to recoup between 50 to 70 percent of the original value. Several sites have calculators to help estimate the value of a used wedding dress. And assess the dress honestlygowns with significant stains or rips that would be expensive or impossible to repair or clean may not sell at all.

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Best Places To Sell Your Wedding Dress

There are a few different options you can consider when looking for a place to sell your gown. Many people sell their wedding dresses online on marketplaces that sell used wedding items, while others focus on selling locally. Wherever you decide to sell your gown, there are many tactics you can try to get the price you want.

Facebook Buy And Sell Groups


Another local option to sell your wedding dress is on Facebook Buy and Sell groups or through the Facebook Marketplace.

These groups will sell almost anything, so you wont be marketing to brides only. The upside is that the buyers are local, so you dont have to worry about shipping your dress.

Include lots of photos, a good description, and a competitive price when listing your dress. You may have to negotiate on the final price, so leave some bargaining room.

Itll probably take you longer to sell your dress via Facebook, but there are no fees to create a listing.


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The Best Places To Buy Or Sell Used Wedding Dresses Online

This post is the ultimate guide to selling a wedding dress online. If youre considering selling your wedding dress, weve rounded up the best information to help you decide the where, how, and why so you can turn your used dress into cash! If youre not sure what to do with your dress after the wedding day is over, why not consider selling it to another bride?

Selling A Wedding Dress Locally

Selling your wedding dress to a bride near you seems like a good idea. Namely, because you dont have to deal with shipping. Unfortunately, there are other challenges involved in selling a wedding dress locally.

If you dont want to take the online route to sell your wedding dress, consider a local resale store. You might think it would be easier to just drop your gown at a consignment shop and collect payment. Unfortunately, thats not how it works. It could take much longer to sell your wedding dress than youd like. Most importantly, youll probably get less money for a used wedding dress when selling locally. Due to lower competition in a local market, there wont be any urgency for a bride to spend more.

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The unfortunate reality is that you probably wont find stores that will buy your dress for cash to resell it. Its uncommon to find shops that will buy wedding dresses upfront at all. Its more common for shops to hold gowns in their stores and take a commission on the sale price. The other possible option would be that a shop would give you the small commission on the wedding dress resale, keeping the lions share of the purchase price for themselves.

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A Short Rant About Buying A Wedding Dress On Ebay

In my head right now I am singing here comes the bride. Take a minute if you will to do the same and get into the right mood.

Anyway, thats the kind of mindset I need you in, as today I am sat at home waiting for the arrival of my eBay wedding dress. I have never bought a wedding dress from eBay before in fact I dont know if I have even bought a regular dress from eBay before. Its jolly exciting anyway.

I wish I could tell you all about it and post a picture, but that would rather spoil the whole groom not seeing your dress thing wouldnt it? I could ask him not to look, but what groom is really going to think sure, Ill let the whole of the internet look, but Ill be sure to avoid that one blog post.

Ive never been into wedding dresses as a thing, so have no idea if its even going to suit me. Ive never looked at wedding dresses for fun, never even tried one on before, even just to pretend. I am a complete wedding dress virgin. Today will be my actual first time.

Shopping for a wedding dress on eBay however was actually much harder than I thought it was going to be. Whats with the pictures?? Its almost like the sellers dont actually want any bids.

This is how I imagine these people must be thinking:

Or worse still..

No, people of eBay, you are wrong.

Just no.


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