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Where To Buy Sparklers For Wedding

What Makes A Sparkler Sparkle

Buy Sparklers – Wedding Sparklers

To answer this question, youll need to dust off your high school chemistry book and put on your thinking cap.

There are four main components of wedding sparklers, including:

  • An oxidizer
  • A binder
  • A fuel
  • A colorant

The combination of these four elements creates a sparkler.

When lit, the oxidizer compounds in the wedding sparkler begin to decompose, producing oxygen.

This reaction forcibly ejects bits of the burning powdered metal from the sparkler, which creates the luminous and magical sparkle created by wedding sparklers.

Check out the graphic below from CompoundChem if youd like to see the science behind a sparkler!

What Is The Best Way To Light A Sparkler

Image by kiragrafie via Pixabay

You can light the best sparklers for wedding purposes with a match or a lighter. One trick is to light one sparkler with another. This is similar to large gatherings using candles. A single candle can light many others. This makes a great wedding toast, where the light of the couple can light a party full of friends and family.

Who We Are And What We Do

Buy Wedding Sparklers has emerged as the internets highest quality and lowest priced retailer for wedding sparklers, color sparklers, and specialty sparklers. We are proud to offer the largest selection of wedding related products at rock bottom prices and we never sacrifice customer satisfaction just to make a buck. We pride ourselves on offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers. We work day and night to make sure your buying experience is the best it can be.

Additionally, we know how important your wedding day is and that each and every detail makes the day even more magical. Whether youre looking to do a wedding sparkler sendoff line or use them for your reception table centerpieces, our huge selection of products last longer and perform brighter than the competitions at the lowest prices youll find anywhere.

If youre looking for inspiration on how to use wedding sparklers as part of your celebration, please take a look at our photo gallery and wedding sparklers blog to give you some great ideas. We love to share inspiration on ways to use them as they are discovered! That way, you can make your big day the way that you see it in your dreams. From everyone at Buy Wedding Sparklers, we hope you have a magical celebration!

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Amazing Fireworks And Sparklers From Real Weddings

Best Where To Buy Wedding Sparklers from Amazing Fireworks and Sparklers from Real

A wedding celebration is seen to be one of the purest means by which any type of couple can share their love for one another. Viewing as this holds true, it does not come to one as a surprise that pairs is known to put a great deal of assumed right into the preparation of their wedding celebration.

Real Wedding Sparklers Affordable Prices

Heart Shaped Sparklers

Here at Grand Wedding Exit, we offer the true wedding sparklers. Our sparklers are doubled dipped. Through years of research we have seen that dipping the sparklers more than two times makes it more vulnerable. It does not hold together that well, due to the fact that you are overloading the product that produces the sparkle. Our double dipping system achieves a long burn time and the bright smokeless sparkle we desire for our customers. If you decide to take the cheap route when purchasing sparklers, it could cost not just your wallet, but your wedding too! There have been many cases where wedding sparklers fall apart while lit during the exit. This potentially causes burns and injuries to participants holding sparklers. Our sparklers alleviate those issues by offering a high quality virtually ash-less and smokeless display. You can even contact us before, during or after the grand wedding exit if you need help with anything. Whether you need to buy sparklers, need help lighting, organizing or disposing in sparkler buckets, we are here to assist you.

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Sparklers & Our Rapid Ship Promise partners with FedEx Ground to ship sparklers anywhere in the continental United States, usually in under 5 days. With our Rapid Ship Promise , we ship most orders by the next business day or well refund 50% off your order! Shipping is available Monday through Friday. Order in advance with confidence! Our sparklers have a long shelf life when kept in a cool, dry location. Please note that we are unable to offer overnight or expedited service, as sparklers contain flammable materials and are prohibited from air shipping. Sorry, we are unable to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or Mexico. Get more details on our Shipping page, including local pickup information.

Can You Buy Sparklers On Amazon

Amazonsparklerssparklers canAmazoncanweNon Religious Wedding Ceremony Script

  • Non Religious Wedding Ceremony Script.
  • WELCOME. Officiant: Welcome, family, friends and loved ones.
  • Here’s how to plan a wedding when you’re not that into the traditional process.

  • Consider an elopement.
  • Find some aspect of wedding planning you do like.
  • Surround yourself with real experts.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • How To Plan A Non-Traditional Wedding

  • 20 Tips to Plan Your Wedding on a Budget

  • Avoid guest list bloat.
  • Ask for wedding help instead of wedding gifts.
  • Hold the ceremony at home, or outdoors.
  • Do the catering yourself, or hire a family-owned restaurant.
  • Go minimal with the flowers.
  • Skip the groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts.
  • Make your own invitations.
  • 15 Swoon-worthy Small Wedding Ideas

  • Keep it tight. Ditch the giant bridal party in favor of just a couple siblings or BFFs.
  • Opt for standing room only. Have everyone stand for a short-but-sweet ceremony.
  • Surround yourself with love.
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    Are Sparklers Legal In My State

    Excellent question, as this will affect your decisions about sparklers before you have even made a purchase. Each state has different rules regarding fireworks. You need to check your local regulations. This means your best sparklers for wedding purposes are none.

    Additionally, most online shopping sites will not ship to you if sparklers are prohibited in your area. If you are traveling to your wedding, note that sparklers are TSA-prohibited, so you cannot bring them in your carry-on or checked luggage.

    Are The Sparklers Smokeless

    About the Sparkler Superstore – Where to Buy Sparklers

    Yes. When we describe our sparklers as smokeless, we take that to mean they emit less smoke. Where theres fire, there will always be some smoke. Our goal is to make the amount of smoke produced negligible. The same rising smoke you might see from a candle flame is the same tiny amount of smoke you might see emitting from our wedding sparklers. You shouldnt notice the smoke, but if for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with our smokeless sparklers claim, you can contact us for our wedding sparklers guarantee and we will be happy to refund your purchase.

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    Choosing Your Sparkler Sizes

    Sparklers are sold in many different sizes and offer different burn times. It is important to factor in the time that you would like for photo opportunities while the sparklers are still dazzling and full of light.

    Again, remember to check the size requirement of your venue and at the same time consider your budget and any space constraints that could be encountered. A good size to go for is usually a 20 sparkler. These are a perfect size for weddings and are normally priced very well if you are trying to stick to a budget.

    Where To Buy Wedding Sparklers In Tennessee

    Your wedding day will be one of the most important moments in your life. From the wedding ceremony and dinner reception to the wedding grand finale, everything about your wedding should be exclusive and elegant. At Direct Sparklers, we have the very best in wedding sparklers to make your wedding send-off one thatll be remembered for a lifetime. We provide premium wedding sparklers at bargain prices across Tennessee. Our #10 gold wedding sparklers, #20 gold wedding sparklers, #36 gold wedding sparklers and heart shaped sparklers give your special event the glitz and glamour in a safe and fun way.

    • Available in a variety of lengths offering different burn times
    • Instant crowd pleaser and make for stunning wedding photography
    • Wedding sparklers provide easy distribution and cleanup

    Whether you live in Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga or any other city in Tennessee, the best wedding sparklers in the state can be found at Direct Sparklers.

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    Wedding Sparkler Send Off

    ViP Sparklers offers true Wedding Sparklers for your wedding day! Every Wedding Sparkler is made with a steel wire core to ensure a smokeless and ash-less display. Our Sparklers for weddings are double dipped which allow each sparkler to burn evenly and help create a vibrant glow to help execute that fairy-tale ending. We carry the three most popular wedding sparkler sizes and you can easily check below to see which one suits your wedding size. Sparklers for Weddings are one of the hottest trends in 2018 for your wedding exit and will create some of the best wedding photos of your entire night!

    • 10″ Wedding Sparklers ~ Burn time 50 secs to 1 minute
    • 20″ Wedding Sparklers ~ Burn time 2 1/2 minutes to 3 minutes
    • 36″ Wedding Sparklers ~ Burn time 3 1/2 minutes to 4 minutes

    Vip Wedding Sparklers Importance Of True Wedding Sparklers

    Where To Buy Wedding Sparklers

    Best Where To Buy Wedding Sparklers from ViP Wedding Sparklers Importance of True Wedding

    Not only do sparklers bring all the benefits of an attractive wedding celebration send-off, however they also get rid of the subtleties connected to several others. Having a handful of hard grains pummelled at you doesnt also seem pleasant, and also isnt for all the birds that have actually choked on them throughout the years . We all discovered our lesson when wedding send-offs started turning into mass butterfly murder.

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    Years In The Wedding Sparkler Business

    Buy wedding day sparklers from the company that started it all, The Original Wedding Sparkler Company.

    We work with the top wedding reception venues and wedding planners to find the perfect wedding day sparklers. Our wedding sparklers suit any setting, including the perfect seasonal outdoor wedding and your wedding exit. We also sell our 36-inch sparklers for graduation and baby shower events along with any sendoff you have planned!

    Our 16-year reputation for providing quality the perfect sparkler is unmatched. Are you looking for a smoke-free experience? Take your wedding sparklers to the next level with our 36-inch sparklers. You get 3 lbs of sparklers per box. Enjoy your sendoff without the smoke.


    Where To Buy Wedding Sparklers

    There are many options for buying wedding sparklers these days since the demand has grown due to their popularity as a wedding exit item. The wedding photos from sparkler exits look beautiful and lit sparklers are always a crowd pleaser.

    Here are a few of the best options for where to buy wedding sparklers online or locally.

    A Wedding Sparkler Website

    There are many online specialty websites like,, and more. Once you search wedding day sparklers you will discover a wide range of specialty websites that sell nothing but sparklers! Each website offers dozens of sparkler options for sale and ships them directly to you.

    Big Online Retailers

    Did you know sites like Amazon sell wedding sparklers? If you are buying bulk and would rather order from a trusted retailer you may consider a bigger online retailer that offers sparklers. You can also see more reviews that you can trust on a website like Amazon. Youll usually get much better prices here than in a specialty shop online or in person.

    Wedding & Party Supply Stores

    If you prefer to shop in person you can visit a local wedding supply shop or party store. You will generally have less options in this type of store but if you want to shop locally its worth checking out. Some specialty wedding shops or vendors will also discuss your sparkler needs and order them for you to pick up from the shop.

    Fireworks Stands

    Big Box and Grocery Stores

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    What Is A Sparkler

    A sparkler is a type of firework, usually made of a 10-inch long iron wire with one end coated in a solution of oxidizer and specific metal shavings. When lit, the oxidizer will ignite and glow, causing the metal shavings to crackle and shoot small sparks a short distance.

    Image by john paul tyrone fernandez via Pexels

    They are relatively safe when used with caution and many types can be handheld. The un-dipped end of the wire serves as a handle and can also be stuck into a fire-resistant, permeable surface . The best sparklers for wedding purposes typically last 60-90 seconds once lit.

    What Can I Use Instead Of Sparklers At A Wedding

    Buy Sparklers Wedding Sparklers

    3.9/5Wedding Exit Sparkler Alternatives

    • Rice or Birdseed. Rice and birdseed are the oldest and most nostalgic way to send-off a newlywed couple.
    • Bubbles. Bubbles are not something you would immediately think about when coming up with wedding exit sparkler alternatives.
    • Confetti.

    Subsequently, one may also ask, how do you use sparklers at a wedding?

    Ways to Use Wedding Sparklers in your Photos

  • Writing in the Air.
  • On Sparkler Tags or in Holders.
  • Bucket of Sparklers at Guestbook Table.
  • During Bride’s Entrance.
  • During the First Kiss.
  • As a Unity Candle Substitute.
  • Beside above, where can I buy sparklers for a wedding? When deciding where to buy wedding sparklers online, consider these options to find the ones that will work best for your big day.

    • A Wedding Sparkler Specialty Store.
    • âBig Boxâ Online Retailers.
    • Wedding Supply Shop.

    Beside above, what can I do instead of a wedding reception?

    Cheap wedding reception alternatives you should consider:

    • Buffet style. One of the most popular wedding reception alternatives is a buffet style dinner.
    • Cocktail reception. Skip the expensive linens and complicated place settings.
    • Wedding brunch or tea.
    • Serve Bar Snacks.

    How do you send off the bride and groom?

    Here are thirty of our favorite wedding send off and exit ideas to make your special day extraordinary.

  • Wedding Sparklers. Photo op Credit: Rowan Berry + Lavender via Bridal Guide.
  • Bubbles. Photo Credit: Southern Jewel Photography via Bridal Guide.
  • Balloons.
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    A Local Fireworks Store

    Another option if youre looking for where to buy wedding sparklers locally is a fireworks store. Most states allow seasonal fireworks stores to open up shop during the summer months, and that is right during peak wedding season. Your local fireworks store should have no shortage of sparklers on their shelves, however, the chances of find sparklers that are packaged for weddings is pretty slim. If you dont care what the boxes that your sparklers come in look like, buying from your local fireworks store is an excellent option.

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