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What To Write On A Wedding Invitation

Wording Wedding Invitations For Modern Families

Creative Writing Tips for Students & Teachers : How to Write a Wedding Invitation

Part of the reason so many couples have moved towards more modern and casual wording options is that family life is a whole lot more complex than 80-odd years ago.

Weve got to consider that many couples pay their own way, their parents could be divorced, or even not in the picture.

So if you arent sure, apply these overarching principles:

  • the people paying for the wedding should be listed first.
  • It comes down to giving proper respect to the individuals that are hosting the wedding, first and foremost. If you as the couple are paying for the wedding great! You can skip mentioning your parents if you want to.

Modern wedding invitations dont need to include the full names of the couple either.

Examples Of Wedding Invitation Wording

This traditional invitation assumes that the brides parents are still together and are hosting:


request the pleasure of your company

to celebrate the marriage of their daughter






followed by a reception at LOCATION OF RECEPTION

If the original traditional wedding invitation wording doesnt fit your situation, its easy to adapt. Heres an example:



request the pleasure of your company to celebrate their marriage




followed by a reception at LOCATION OF RECEPTION

If your big day is going to be a laid-back affair, formality might not feel right for your wedding invitation wording. Heres one way of keeping it relaxed and simple:


would love you to join them at their marriage celebration on DATE.

Ceremony at TIME, PLACE.

Dinner and dancing to follow.


Still unsure of how to choose your perfect wedding invitation wording? Were here to help. Book a free consultation in our Chester studio and we can discuss the design and wording that will be right for you.

Destination Wedding Invitation Wording: Inviting Guests To A Hometown Reception After The Dw

Are you having a hometown reception after your destination wedding? Youll need to send an invitation for your hometown reception that doubles as an announcement for your destination wedding. I cover this in more depth in this blog post about post destination wedding invitations but below is an example of appropriate wording to help inspire you.

Example of a Hometown Invitation Sent After the Destination Wedding

They got their feet wet and played in the sandAnd oh yes, they joined their hands!Tabitha & Jonathanwere joined together in marriageon July 13, 2024 at St. Vincent IslandIn celebration of their union, please join us fora post destination wedding receptionon August 22, 2024 at 3:30 PM

Design by: Paint the Day Designs via Etsy

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Including Deceased Parents In Wedding Invitations

This can be a sensitive subject. If a parent is no longer alive they arent able to host your wedding but you might still want their name on the invitation.

Adding the word late in front of their name is a way to show that they are no longer here in the world but you still honour them on the invite.

How To Write The Time On Your Wedding Invitations

32+ Beautiful Picture of What To Write On A Wedding ...
  • Writing out the time in words: this is the most traditional way to write the time on wedding invitations and will need to include reference to the morning or the afternoon. For example: at two oclock in the afternoon.
  • Writing out the time in numbers: separate the hours and minutes by a full stop or a colon. You will then need to add am or pm leaving a space after the minutes. For example: at 2:00 pm.
  • Writing out the time in the twenty-four-hour clock: you do not need to include am/pm with times in the twenty for hour clock.

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What To Include In A Covid Conscious Invitation

Social events give people something to look forward to, those moments in life that bring friends and family together, those moments worth celebrating. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we socialize, celebrate and capture that excitement. Keep in mind that the main aim of an invitation is to communicate to your guests the information they need to know related to your event. With the coronavirus, there are more precautions and pre-event notices the guests will need to know. So, no matter if youre throwing a birthday party, a wedding or a baby shower weve got 5 top COVID invitation tips & COVID party invitation wording examples to help you safely navigate event planning during a pandemic.

Wedding Invitation Wording Guide

Wondering how to word your wedding invitations? It seems simple, but once you get started, you may realize just how complicated wedding invitation wording and etiquette can be. Wording and etiquette questions are some of the most common ones I get from clients.

Ive compiled all the info you need right here, along with some invitation wording samples you can use, so lets dive in!

Lets start with the basics. Every wedding invitation is composed of the following parts:

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What To Write On Wedding Info Cards

All our invitations come with the option to add a matching info card a place to add any extra details that wont fit on your main invitation.

Inviting children

If youre inviting children to your big day, then make this clear on your invitation by including their names or the parents names + and family. If youve chosen not to invite children, a note such as: As we have chosen an intimate service, its only possible to accommodate the children of immediate family. will politely let your guests know they need to arrange a childminder.


If your wedding venue isnt the easiest to find, add some directions for guests. For example, Follow signs for Bramley on the A3 for nine miles until you reach Gate Barn House. Or if your evening reception takes place at a separate venue to your ceremony, include directions to let guests know how to get to your second location.

Gift list

You can add details of your wedding gift registry or a brief note to say: No gifts please. If youd like to give any monetary donations to a charity thats close to your heart, the info card is also a good place to mention this.

Wedding website

You can add the url of your wedding website or the hashtag you want guests to use when they share photos from your special day.

Dress code

Set out whether theres a dress code: black tie, semi-formal, cocktail attire, summer suits, etc. You can also specify if theres no dress code.

Dietary requirements

Social media preferences

Transport info

Wedding Invitation Wording: 17 Example Templates To Make Your Own

Creative & Practical Writing Tips : How to Write a Wedding Invitation

Whether you’re going for traditional or informal, it’s a second marriage or you want to include your children, you’ll find the perfect wording here to adapt for your wedding invites

We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy lifes biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

The hard works not over once youve chosen your wedding invitations from hundreds of beautiful designs. Then comes the tricky task of your wedding invitation wording.

Your invites need to communicate the vital details of your day as well as give a sense of your theme and relationship. Formal or informal, evening-only or full-day, parents hosting or just you two whatever your wedding, weve got the invitation wording templates to help you get it right.

It may seem simple enough, but its actually quite easy to miss out some vital piece of information on your wedding invites. You dont want to embarrass your guests because you forgot to put down a dress code!

You’ll see below that we’ve got a section on how to word a same-sex wedding invitation, but all of these different wording examples can be adapted for a same-sex couple.

Heres what to include in your wedding invitations:

  • Whos hosting the wedding
  • The request to come to the wedding
  • The names of the couple
  • The location of the ceremony
  • The date and time
  • Reception information
  • Dress code
  • RSVP details
  • Wedding website address

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What Do You Write On A Reception Only Invitation

Wedding ReceptionOnly Invitationinvitationinvitingtoshouldare invited toreceptionyou will

Popular Wedding Reception Invitation Wording

  • Formal – private ceremony with public reception. Mr.
  • Casual – private ceremony with public reception. Guy Meets Girl.
  • Formal – destination wedding with belated public reception. Mr.
  • Casual – destination wedding with belated public reception.
  • how do I invite friends to my wedding reception? Heartwarming wedding invitation messages

  • My dearest friend!
  • You are invited to be an honorable guest at our wedding ceremony.
  • We wholeheartedly want to invite you and your entire family to attend our wedding ceremony.
  • A lot of things in life are temporary â they come and go.
  • One may also ask, is it rude to invite guests to reception only?

    Contrary to popular belief, it is very rude to invite guests to the reception only. While folks may not say anything to you, they will be very upset by it.

    How do you write an invitation message?

    Tips for writing an invitation letter

  • Address the recipient of the letter politely.
  • Use formal or informal language depending on the occasion.
  • Mention the relevant details about the time, venue, and date of the event.
  • Extend a pleasant and polite invitation.
  • Mention the purpose of the event.
  • Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording

    If you are having a formal, traditional wedding, you may find that traditional wording will be more suitable for your wedding invitations. Using traditional wording will create a cohesive tone for your wedding and will also insinuate to your guests that your wedding will be a formal, rather than casual, affair.

    Traditional calligraphy wedding invitations by Lala Design

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    For Guests Who Ask To Switch Invitees

    Sometimes, in situations where two or more guests are invited but one of them can’t attend, the other asks if they can bring their kid instead since it wouldn’t make a difference in the guest count. “Just be clear this isnt necessarily about the guest count its more so the type of event that youre hosting,” Swann says.

    “Were hosting an event thats very adult-driven and so we would have to ask you to make other arrangements for your children/child.”

    Invitation Wording For An Outdoor Wedding

    New Designs Archives

    As restrictions on large events continue to loosen, guest lists are growing, venues are booking up, and outdoor weddings are coveted. The event industry is experiencing a moment of limbo between wanting to celebrate in person with friends and family, but still worrying about the possibility of contracting the virus. According to the CDC, masks are not needed for large outdoor events, unless gathering in an extremely crowded area with rising COVID-19 cases and/or unvaccinated individuals. If you are nervous about the spread of the Delta variant, an outdoor wedding is the safest option for a sizable wedding.

    While outside events are safer, they arent foolproof. If you want to take that extra step and require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test upon entry, communicate this on your invitation. This is an extra step your guests will be happy you took to protect them.

    With the Delta variant becoming a growing concern, have asked that all guests provide either proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test to enter the venue. We will all feel a little safer boogying down on the dance floor together virus-free! Information about where to get your vaccine and/or COVID test can be found on our wedding website. We cant wait to see you IRL on our big day!

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    Do You Put Reception To Follow On Wedding Invitations

    If your reception will be at the same location, indicate reception to follow to let guests know they dont need to go anywhere else. If youre having a reception at another location, you can either include it on the invitation or, more formally, print a reception card with the time and location.

    Keeping this in consideration, What does reception to follow mean on wedding invitation?

    This line lets your guests know whats happening after the ceremony so they know what to expect. If the reception will be at the same location as the ceremony, you can simply say, Reception to follow or Dinner and dancing to follow.

    Secondly What can I say instead of Reception to follow? If the wedding ceremony and reception are held at the same venue, a separate line is added to the bottom of the invitation. The most common choices are: Reception to follow, Dinner and Dancing to follow, or Cocktails, Dinner and Dancing to follow.

    How do I say Reception immediately following?

    If the reception will be at the same location as the ceremony, you can simply say, Reception to follow or Dinner and dancing to follow. If the wedding ceremony and reception are held at the same venue, a separate line is added to the bottom of the invitation.

    Your Guide To Wedding Invitation Wording And Etiquette

    Wedding invitations are far more important than any other invitation youll ever stamp and send out. The main objective is the same as others though. Its to make sure that guests know the who, what, when, and where of the event.

    And although wedding invitations are much the same as any other invitation, they are more than just a simple invitation they offer a visual statement before the guest even reads the words. They convey the formality and tone of your wedding through the formality of the paper, letter font, and style the more formal your wedding, the more formal the wedding invitations.

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    Invitation Wording For A Virtual Wedding

    If you are worried about the new Delta variant of COVID-19 coming in to crash your big day, youre not alone and there is no shame in playing it safe. Children, the elderly, and unvaccinated individuals are at the highest risk for contracting the new strain of the virus. If your guest list is mostly composed of these groups, an online wedding may be your best option. A great way to make people that cant be there physically feel included is by upping the ante on the invitation. Send your invite accompanied by a small bottle of champagne with your event details so they may virtually toast to your union. Feel free to use the below to get your guests in the wedding spirit, even from afar.

    With concern for the spread of the new Delta variant, my partner and I have chosen to do an intimate ceremony, but that doesnt mean we arent ready to party! Please don your finest threads and enjoy a glass of champagne as you watch us take our vows from the comfort of your home. We cant wait to see you there! Virtual event details for joining our special day are below.

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