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How To Hire A Wedding Band

Can I See The Wedding Band Perform Live Near You Before Booking

How To Hire A Wedding Band

All of the wedding bands for hire on ACE Music Booking Agency are active live performers. The wedding band selected for your booking may be regularly playing live in your local area. If it is a public event near you, pop along and have a listen. Please bear in mind that they may not be able to grant you access for private events.

Narrow It Down To 3 Bands

After youve done your research, narrow your choices down to 2 or 3 bands. This gives you a better chance of one of the bands being available on your wedding date while keeping yourself from getting too overwhelmed by too many options. Prioritize your list in order of first choice, second choice, and third choice.

Lets Start With A Few Reasons Why A Live Wedding Band Is A Good Idea For Your Wedding :

  • the energy of a live band is contagious
  • the interaction with the audience, i.e., your guests is incomparable
  • theyll directly adapt to what is working for your wedding tribe
  • they might be able also to animate your ceremony & cocktail with different styles
  • youll have a proper mic setup: great for your wedding speeches and announcements!

Basically, a fun and dynamic band will keep the excitement going all night!

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Do I Need A Live Band

You may be wondering if you need to book a band at all. Would a playlist work instead?

If you want to create a mind-blowing atmosphere and a truly memorable evening for your guests, you should definitely book a wedding band. A great band will have incredibly talented musicians who know how to read the crowd and play the perfect song to keep your dance floor full all night long. They will interact with the crowd and create a spectacular show with their professional sound and lighting equipment . A playlist just cant compete!

Do I Need To Provide Anything For The Musicians And Bands For Hire

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Live Wedding Band?

You are welcome to offer your chosen wedding bands anything included in your event planning. The musicians and bands for hire need a space to perform and payment for their performance. The space they need is scalable based on the number of musicians and bands for hire in their line-up. The musicians have experience in everything they need to perform and they can tell you in more detail.

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Is There Anything Else I Need To Know

Youre bound to have lots of queries specific to your wedding. Whether they be about dress code, logistical obstacles or otherwise, feel free to email a list of queries to your chosen agency and theyll be sure to offer answers and advice. In the meantime, you may find our FAQs page is a great place to start.

Discuss Meals And Breaks

Live bands will often rotate on breaks so that even while your guests are eating there is still live music being played throughout the typical four-hour reception. When musicians are on a break its common for the couple to provide meals for the band on-site. Your contract will list how many meals are needed. Talk to your venue and caterer about vendor meal options when negotiating contracts with them to solidify pricing and menu items. You dont want to be surprised on the day of the wedding with a second bill from the caterer.

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What Happens If A Live Wedding Band Becomes Ill

Illness is something all wedding bands for hire should be prepared for. This may mean another live wedding band stepping in for your event. The replacement live wedding band should be well versed in the music that the initial live wedding band performs. You will not hear any difference, although they may appear different. If the live wedding band is unable to provide a replacement, let us know and ACE Music Booking Agency may be able to help you hire another live wedding band of similar quality.

Whats This Pli And Pat All About

10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Band for a Wedding Reception

If youve had quotes in already, you may have seen the term PLI floating about, but whats it all about?

Every self-respecting wedding band should be able to provide a Public Liability Insurance Certificate on request should the band then be held responsible for an accident, theyll have the appropriate insurance to cover themselves. Some venues, especially listed buildings of historical value, may even insist that the band have a minimum level of insurance if the band dont already meet this requirement, there is the option to look into single day insurance instead.

Similarly, PAT tests arent a legal requirement, but are generally requested by venues to ensure that any equipment older than a year old is safe and acceptable to use.

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What Do I Need To Provide When Booking A Wedding Band

  • A power supply to hook up all the amplification equipment. They may also need chairs without arms.
  • The band will appreciate a meal as there is generally no time for them to leave the venue to eat.
  • Parking, as the band will have a lot of kit to transport. If there is no parking near the door, they must be able to unload near the door and then move the car.

Live Wedding Bands To Fit Your Entertainment Perfectly

Request free quotes from available wedding bands to hire near you and . There is a wide variety of local wedding bands available near you. Including recommended pop rock wedding party bands to hire for your event entertainment.

You may also be interested in live wedding music bands.

There are many types of music artists available near you. Request the type of music you like and find suitable affordable wedding bands.

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Festival Nights Starting At 1910

With a slightly more specialist setlist and set up, festival-style wedding bands tend to sit at a slightly higher price point than your standard function acts. These high energy bands give your big night the feel of an iconic summer festival, and guests and bookers cannot stop coming back for more. One of the countrys most sought after in the ever popular festival style’, Festival Nights have just finished another summer of back-to-back weddings across the UK and Europe. Their peerless live show has gifted them a massive reputation, making them a surefire hit with all your wedding guests.

Four Tips To Help You Pick

Pin on Family and Groups

A wedding is a special event and the reception is a time to celebrate and create great memories with family and friends. Theres no better way to do that than with an exciting live band . But since there are probably hundreds of bands for hire in Texas alone, how do you find and hire the wedding band that will make your reception a smashing success?

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Set An Approximate Budget

When searching for a wedding band, its a good idea to get a feel for the costs involved before settling on your entertainment budget. Youll no doubt come across pub bands on Facebook who are willing to travel across the country for beer money and a pat on the back, but if youre after a band that exudes quality, charisma and professionalism, youll need to come up with a sensible budget that will cover exactly what youre after.

TIPAs a general rule, you might say that the average cost per musician lies somewhere between £250-£350, which amounts to anything from £750 – £1050 and above for a trio and upwards of £1000 – £1400 for a 4-piece band in their home town.

Is The Magic Number

I always recommend shortlisting about 5 bands that youd love to see performing at your wedding. How do you pick these 5 bands you may ask? Your budget should whittle down your choices a bit but also have a good look at each bands promotional material in detail. Have they got a good video, audio, reviews, booking options and fair pricing? Will their song selection fit your wedding theme and entertain you and your guests all night? Check out the League of Gentlemens profile for a good example of loads of great promo that shows you exactly what youll get on the day.

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Meeting & Asking The Right Questions

Meeting your band and chatting with them will help you clarify what they can do and allow you to share your vision of the wedding and discuss every little detail. To conclude a successful meeting and have all the right elements in hand to make your decision and hire the right wedding music band, make sure you ask the following questions:

  • Are they familiar with your wedding venue? Have they ever worked there?
  • What is the style they are most comfortable with?
  • Can they accommodate special requests?
  • Do they have their own sound and acoustic equipment? If so, will the speakers and other equipment be adequate enough to cover the size of your wedding venue?
  • How many breaks do they usually need? Can they take care of the music while they are on a break?
  • Do they take on more than one event per day?
  • Can they play ceremony and cocktail hour music?
  • What type of outfits do they usually wear for their performances?

Hiring Tips For Your Wedding Venue

How To Hire A Band

Lets have a look at questions you should ask your wedding venue before you hire that cool band of yours. Some of these questions will be easy to get answers to and you may already have them. Some may require your venue and band to liaise on so Id always recommend introducing them to each other. Many of the answers to these questions are very important for any wedding band you hire too. Your wedding will run like clockwork with the more of them you can all tick off the to-do list.

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Soul Supreme Starting At 3770

Soul & Motown bands are perfect for any wedding or event looking to bring a touch of glamour to proceedings. The uptick in price is down to the fact that, in order to nail that classic Motown sound, the band has to be a little bigger than other acts. Soul Supreme are, simply put, the ultimate Soul and Motown function act. They take a loving glance at one of musics best-loved genres bringing their own fresh, contemporary edge to the very best songs from the imitable Motown record label – all delivered in a scintillating live show that your guests will find truly unforgettable.

How Do I Get The Best Deal

To summarise, you will get the best deal on your wedding band if you follow these top 5 tips!

  • Use Your Agency Spend time looking through the different types of band available. There are so many to choose from and some great deals to be had! We are on hand to help you find the band that suits your budget and style.
  • Book Early Take advantage of this years prices and ensure your band is available by booking as early as you can!
  • Find A Local Band Save money on travel costs and keep your carbon footprint down at the same time. Its a win-win!
  • Book Off-Peak Booking a wedding band is a bit like booking a holiday. Choose an autumn or winter date to bag the best price .
  • Ask About Amendments Remember that bands are often able to perform with a reduced line-up to keep your costs down. Its not always an option but youd be surprised at how versatile bands can be!
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    Should I Hire A Band Or A Dj For My Wedding

    Budget and space permitting, wed always recommend hiring a wedding band over a DJ.

    Live music has a way of unlocking emotions and strengthening social bonds. It creates a unique and inclusive atmosphere that you and your guests will remember for years.

    Bear in mind that if your wedding band can’t cover a specific song or genre, most can play recorded music through their PA between sets, and some even offer their own DJ service.

    For example, you could ask a swing band to play chart music before, between or after their live sets.

    That said, there are of course some scenarios where a DJ wins out.

    What Happens When The Band Isn’t Playing

    How to Hire a Band for Your Wedding

    All our wedding bands for hire provide mp3 music during their interval, free of charge. This means they’ll be able to keep the music going until closing time.

    Many bands are able to upgrade to a more advanced service using virtual DJ software so that they can mix songs and take your guests requests.

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    Make Contact With The Band

    Four weeks before the date we’ll send out our ‘Final Confirmation’ email which will put you in direct contact with the band. For a busy band performing 50-100 weddings a year, this is the ideal time to start focussing on your day and make the final arrangements. At this point, you can also expect to receive an invoice for the balance which will need to be paid by bank transfer before the day of the wedding.

    In days gone by you could expect to pay wedding suppliers by cash or cheque on the day but this ultimately caused issues such as bouncing cheques and a drunk best man in charge of thousands of pounds in cash – not always a good idea!

    Popular Wedding Bands Are In High Demand

    This is more relevant than ever with 2021 shaping up to be very, very busy for the wedding industry but regardless, popular wedding bands are always in high demand and book up quickly so signing a contract which secures them for your special day is an important step! We offer up some extra help here explaining how far in advance you should hire a wedding band.

    For more on booking contracts, you can have a peek into our industry-standard, regularly updated booking contract T& Cs and general FAQs if you like but please get in touch if you have any questions. We are always here, happy to help, obligation-free.

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    Can We Choose The Wedding Band’s Music

    Yes . Have a look at the band’s song list on their profile page, then compile a list of your preferred songs and send them to us.

    The band will then try to include as much of your favourite wedding band music as they can on the night.

    Do be aware though, that they may not be able to fulfill each and every one of your requests. This is because they may need to add or remove songs with certain tempos or dynamics, “on the fly”, depending on audience reaction.

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