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When Do You Send Wedding Invitations

Is It Ok To Put Rsvp On Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitations : When Do You Send out Wedding Invitations?

An RSVP wedding card is a piece of the wedding stationery suite, along with the main invitation and any enclosure cards, if they apply. You need a complete and final wedding guest list before you can mail out your cards. Remember, if youre hosting a ceremony-only wedding, RSVP cards are not required.

Welcome To The Bride Files

Depending on the type of person you are, you can keep it very simple or go for a more detailed fashionable style. Either way, guests will see your personality come through.

So how early is too early to send out your wedding invitations?

I spoke up with Emma from and she gave us an insight into what cards to send and when.

Here is Emma’s guide:

One year to go

Emma recommends that one year before the big day you send out your Save the Date cards. These are a really useful way of letting people know to keep that date free, especially if you plan to get married abroad.

Six months before the wedding you should begin to think about what design you might like for your stationery, whether it be nice and simple or a bit more detailed. At this time, Emma recommends ordering samples of your favourite designs. Companies like offers brides two free samples of whichever style they like.

5 months before

Once you have done this and roughly five months before your wedding date you should get organised on your guest list so you have a rough idea of how many invites you will need.

At the latest, four months before the big day you should make the final decision on what stationery you are going for. The company should then send out proofs to you and you can spend a couple of days making some small changes, if needs be. Try and get your proofs back as quickly as possible so they can go ahead and print your wedding invitations.

3 – 2 months before

When To Order The Invitations

We recommend ordering your wedding invitations and other stationery 4-6 months before your special day. Many couples choose to order it all at the same time so they can move on to the next aspect of their wedding planning. Whatever you decide, make sure you allow enough time for printing, address gathering, postage to you, and also mailing out to your guests .

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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Masterclassyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

Planning the ultimate wedding weekend may seem dauntingbecause it is. It takes a team of experts, from planners and producers to talents in design, floral, entertainment, food, fashion, and more, to create a wedding that both speaks to who you are and provides a joyful experience for all of your guests.

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When To Order Stationery Sample Packs

Do you send a Wedding Invitation to someone that you know ...

When should you mail your invitations? Before you even get to that question you have go right back to the beginning of the timeline and ask: when do I order a stationery sample pack? . Paperlust recommends ordering samples 9-12 months before the wedding or, if you have a short engagement, ASAP! You want to allow for shipping times , so always check how long it will take to get to you.

Once your sample pack arrives, you can narrow down your choice of paper and print type, as well as format, and get to picking your dream design online.

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What To Include On Save The Dates Vs Wedding Invitations

Curious about what to include on save the dates? Save the date cards are not meant to be super formal or full of information, unlike wedding invitations.

Treat your save the dates like a sneak peek of whats to come. Its like your own little teaser for the big day!

When crafting your save the dates, youll want to include:

  • you and your partners names
  • your wedding location
  • your wedding date

And if youre really ahead in the planning process and have already created your wedding website when youre sending out save the dates, drop that link on the card, too!

When To Send Out The Save The Date

These are best sent out eight months before the wedding, if youre having a long engagement, but at least 4 months. Everyone seems to be getting busier and busier these days and you want to give everyone time to clear their calendar, especially for interstate or overseas guests or for a destination wedding. If you think lots of people are going to need to book annual leave and accommodation to attend your wedding, dont leave it too late . You also want to make sure that there is plenty of time between sending these and your wedding invites.

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Wed’s Expert Advice Onwedding Stationery

From save the dates to RSVPs, the etiquette of invitations can be complicated. With the help of stationery experts, here’s how to tackle the task

Words Lucy HigginsImage Laura LikesYour invitation will be the first taster of your wedding for your guests, and can set the entire tone of your day. It can be an overwhelming task, as you choose the design, the lettering, the wording – not to mention those tricky decisions such as how to say children aren’t invited, or you’d like money as a wedding gift. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite stationers from across the region to help you out with the big questions…I have no idea where to start! Any tips?Anon Design Studio:Knots & Kisses:ER Stationery: Laura Likes:Polly Crossman:Watercolour Woodshed:Should I send save the dates? When should I send these out?ADS: PCLL:What do you think should be included on the invitation? When do you recommend these are sent out?ER:LL:PC:WW:How do you word any tricky parts ?ADS: ER:KK:LL:PC:What about RSVP cards?ADS:PC:WW: What are the new trends in wedding stationery?ADS: ER:KK: LL: PC: WW: Can you help me with a personalised design for my invitation?ADS:ER:KK:LL: PC:WW:

Resources Related To When To Send Wedding Invitations

How To Send Wedding Invitation To An Unmarried Couple

Not sure which wedding invitation design is right for you? Try one of our free wedding invitation samples to better understand our quality, cardstock and designs. Also, if youre looking for some inspiration to add to your invitations, play around with our hashtag generator for great wedding hashtag ideas. And if youre looking for additional wedding planning help, make sure to visit our resources on how long it takes to plan a wedding and our wedding planning checklist.

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How To Mail Wedding Invitations + Etiquette Tips

Mailing your wedding invitations seems pretty straightforward, right? Not so fastthere are a few important things to remember before sending them out. Heres a step-by-step to show you how to mail wedding invitations so that they get delivered to your wedding guests without any snafus.

Step 1. Stamp and address all of the response card envelopes.This is standard wedding invitation etiquette and an important courtesy to extend to your guests. Feel free to hand address the response card envelopes with your return address or use labels. Guests will find it that much easier to drop their responses in the mail, which means you get a more accurate head count without having to call so many late responders.

Step 2. Stuff the envelopes with your wedding invitation ensembles.Do you know how the different pieces should be arranged before going into the envelope? It can be tricky, but no worries we also have advice on how to Assembling Your Wedding Invitations.

Step 3. Have one stuffed envelope weighed at the post office.Many wedding invitation ensembles can be mailed for one standard postage stamp or the cost of a wedding stamp. However, if you choose a uniquely shaped invitation or if you upgrade to a thicker paper, you may surpass the weight limit per stamp.

Avoid having your invitations returned due to insufficient postage but simply taking one ensemble to the post office to have it weighed.

Final Tip: Request Hand Canceling

Best wishes, brides and grooms!

Return Address On Wedding Invitations

Lets chat all about the return address to include on your wedding invitations when you send them. The address you choose plays a pretty important role in the planning process!

Is someone in your family helping you confirm the guest list and contact the caterer? You can have their address as the return address, if theyve offered to collect and make note of guest responses.

When sending your wedding invitations, if the mail is unsuccessfully delivered, itll go to this return address, so youll want to consider who will be collecting that returned mail or following up with those guests in another way.

Typically, the return address on the wedding invitations and the return address on the envelope for the RSVPs will be the same, but you can always mix that up if necessary!

Pssstwanna see the prettiest wedding invitations you can buy online?! Weve rounded up only the finest invites!

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How Much Should A Guest Spend On A Wedding Gift

There isnt a hard and fast rule! The only thing you definitely dont want to do is spend more than you can afford to. Things you can consider are approximately what your meal cost will be, what youre spending to attend, how close you are to the couple, etc. If youre considering a gift for a destination wedding, this is really up to you and your budget. Some couples forgo a registry given the costs guests will incur to travel and attend their nuptials.

Do We Have To Send A Wedding Invitation To All Our Colleagues

Do You Send Wedding Invitations To Parents

Your wedding day should include all the people you want to be there and this is not always going to be everyone at the office. The only exception to this may be inviting your boss. If you work closely with your boss on a regular basis, then for political reasons, you will want to send them an invitation.


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When To Send Wedding Invitations For Destination Weddings

Timeframe: 3 months in advance

There are many benefits of hosting a destination wedding. This tactic is a great way to make the wedding an intimate gathering of your closest loved ones.

If you dont have the heart to trim your guest list, getting married somewhere far away will deter casual acquaintances from attending. Everyone you know can feel good about getting invited, but youll only be surrounded by your best friends on your special day.

Although your loved ones would do anything for you, its still polite to give them plenty of time to prepare for your destination wedding. If youve ever tried to make travel plans last minute, you know how expensive plane tickets and hotel rooms cost.

For destination weddings, its best to give your guests at least three months notice before your special day. This gives them plenty of time to request days off from work if necessary and book everything at a reasonable price.

How And When To Send Your Wedding Invitations

Find out the proper etiquette for sending your wedding invitations out and how to do it by reading this article

We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy lifes biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

Etiquette also governs how and when you should dispatch your wedding invitations. Here are the things that you need to keep in mind for sending out your wedding invites.

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When Do You Send Out Wedding Invitations

Invitations are one of the most important parts of wedding planning, as they provide guests with the essential information needed to attend your special day! Inviting your wedding guests may seem like a simple task, but when you consider timing, RSVPs, and the rest of the invitation suite, it can become overwhelming very quickly! Were here to share everything you need to know about sending out your wedding invites.

When To Send Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Design Your Own Seal and Send Wedding Invitation

Design: Claudia Owens

Often times, couples will host a rehearsal dinner the evening before the big day. While not necessary, its an opportunity to do a run-through of your ceremony, allowing your bridal party to know where they should be .

Afterwards, its a wonderful time to gather with close friends, family members, and their plus ones. It can be as formal or casual as you wish, and youre welcome to invite out-of-town guests and other friends, or keep things intimate with just your wedding party.

Since a rehearsal dinner is usually held the night before your wedding, it doesnt make a significant impact on travel arrangements. Therefore, you can send out rehearsal dinner invitations 4-6 weeks before the event.

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How Far In Advance Should I Start Looking At Wedding Invitation Styles

Lets backtrack just a bit. Youll want to give yourself ample time to check out the huge selection of invitations available and find the style that best fits your weddings theme and color scheme. Starting about six months before your big day, we recommend browsing online stationers or reading reviews of local stationers on a site like WeddingWire, then visiting a few to see their offerings. This will give you enough time to proofread and order your invitations, as well as enlist a calligrapher to address the envelopes, if desired. Calligraphers do tend to book up quickly, so its best to hire one sooner rather than later.

Formal Or Casual: What To Include

First, decide what will be written on your invitation and how it should be worded. You and your fiancé may feel that since committing to one another is a very significant event, you would prefer to use formal phrasing on your wedding invitations.

This formal phrasing can work for any style of wedding. Its particularly appropriate if you will be having a more traditional wedding with a religious ceremony, followed by formal reception. It can give your guests a heads up to the fact that your event will be classy and elegant.

However, if you and your fiancé are hosting a more casual event, the phrasing on your wedding invitations can likewise be more casual.

Regardless of how formal or casual the phrasing on your wedding invitation is, there are some basics that always must be included: who, when, and where. This means the invitation should give the full names of the couple, and the full names of the hosts if youre using formal phrasing. It should clearly list the time, date, month and year of the wedding. Dont forget the full address of where it is being held! If you are requesting an RSVP, this should be written on the lower left corner of the invitation.

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