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Where Can You Buy Silicone Wedding Bands

Rose Gold Silicone Wedding Rings

Why I Wear a Silicone Wedding Ring and Why You Should, Too. Woodworking Tip

The safe, versatile silicone wedding band. Breathable and hypoallergenic. Lifetime guar

Want to see more rubber wedding rings + styles + colors? Want to buy silicone wedding rings of your very own? Visit the shop to get started.


Would YOU wear silicone rings versus traditional wedding rings? Why or why not? Tell us what you think of these, tell us if you plan to buy silicone wedding rings, and let us know what color you love the most. I really like the Pixie pink, that specialty hot pink style, as well as turquoise always a favorite. Classic black, you cant go wrong! I think the hardest part about buying silicone rings is picking out one color! )

Happy Planning!

The Wedding Ring Shop At Walmart

In the name of greater consumer accessibility, Rinfit is proud to partner with a variety of approved vendors excited to stock silicone wedding rings. The Wedding Ring Shop at Walmart is one of the places those looking to invest in a silicone band will find exactly what theyre searching for.

From diamond silicone wedding rings for women to bold bands for men and the multi-set options in between, The Wedding Ring Shop hosts the styles and looks customers love.

How Do You Size A Silicone Wedding Ring

Wedding ring sizing is done by millimeter measurements, so to ensure you get the right fit follow the following steps:

1. Cut a thin strip of paper or string and loop it tightly around your finger.

2. Mark the paper or string where the loop meets tightly around your finger.

3. Measure the paper or string distance with a ruler to get the right measurement.

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How To Choose The Best Silicone Ring For You

Whether youre looking for a silicone engagement ring, wedding band or lifestyle ring, with all the companies above offering a range of different ring sizes, widths, colors and styles, youre spoilt for choice.

If youre looking for the best silicone wedding bands for men and women, as alternatives to metal wedding bands, then its worth considering that plain colors such as black, or metallic effect rings such as silver, gunmetal, platinum or gold rings are popular choices as they look more traditional.

Where Can I Find Silicone Wedding Bands

Premium Silicone Wedding Band For The Active/Working ...

Because silicone wedding bands arent a mainstream ring style, its noteasy to find them at your local store. We recommend searching online for thewidest range of choice, best pricing and good service.

Etsy is currently an excellent source for silicone wedding rings, with a range of ring designs for men and women. Check the reviews on each store before you commit and communicate clearly with the seller as to what youre looking for. Also check the after sales policies, just in case you need to return the ring.

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How To Clean A Silicone Ring

Theyre easy to clean with warm water and soap you can scrub it with an old toothbrush, which will help remove dirt especially if you have a textured ring design. Silicone is heat-resistant so you can normally use hot water to help clean it up without worrying about damaging it.

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Why Own A Silicone Wedding Ring

A Case For Non-Metal

Comfort: One of the main benefits of silicone is that it offers a much more comfortable option compared to traditional metal. In everything from athletic pursuits to professional applications, its in your best interest to give one of these rings a shot. They dont catch or slip, and theyre also much more accomodating of your fingers. Made from flexible materials and featuring temperature-regulating designs, you can kiss the days of sweaty and swollen fingers goodbye.

Safety: One of the most compelling reasons to wear a silicone wedding ring is to protect your fingers during potentially dangerous activities. Whether youre an auto mechanic tearing down an engine or even just a DIYer who plays with power tools, its never a good idea to mix rings and heavy machinery. Whats more, frequent gym-going also puts your digits in danger, with the risk of weights, kettlebells, or ropes going awry. In contrast, silicone rings are designed to break under load, so while you might lose your band, youll save your finger in the process. Oh, and if youre not familiar with the term ring avulsion, give it a quick Google search itll convince you otherwise if youre doubting the safety benefits of silicone rings.

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Do Silicone Rings Shine At All

Silver-look silicone wedding band. See it here.

Silicone rings typically have a rubbery, matte look but can sometimes beshiny depending on the individual type of silicone. Its more of a glitterysheen rather than a polished shine. However, they will never exhibit the shineyou see from metals duh.

Having said that, for some people, the matte texture and extra frictionof silicone wedding bands make them comfortable to wear and when well-designed,they can look stunning. It all comes down to good craftsmanship and cleverdesigns.

How Durable Are Silicon Rings

Simply Klever Silicone Wedding Ring Review

Customizable silicone wedding bands. See them here.

They might look fragile, but silicone wedding bands are very durable.The material is so strong that it resists scratching, chipping, breaking orgeneral damage from exposure. Theyre also highly heat resistant.

However, they arent meant to be worn forever.

Over time, silicone wedding bands will start to show their age. In suchcases, the best option is to replace the ring. Considering that theyre soaffordable, replacing a silicone wedding band isnt difficult or expensive todo.

There might, however, be an emotional tug and you may not want to partwith the original wedding ring. This is a factor to consider before committingto a silicone ring.

This is what one of our readers said about this:

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What To Look For In A Silicone Ring

Why would I get a silicone ring instead of a standard metal ring? Many people choose to purchase a silicone wedding ring to wear when theyre traveling, going to the gym, or doing something outdoors, like hiking or spending a day at the beach. Some people even feel more comfortable wearing them to work, especially if they work in an industry like construction.

What color options are available for silicone rings? You can have fun picking one out that matches your personality, and you can opt for a shade that mimics platinum, yellow gold, or silver, or you can choose something brighter and more fun.

Can I still get a traditional metal ring? Of course! You can wear your silicone ring when youre out hiking or playing sports and then wear your metal ring the rest of the time.

Silicone Rings Infused With Metal

Want the best of both worlds? These silicone wedding rings from the thin elements collection are infused with bits of metal. Buy here.

Heres the metal infused silicone wedding bands we spotted in copper, gold, silver, black, and even rose gold.

rubber rings via hererubber rings via heresilicone wedding rings via here

There are other styles available. This style of silicone rings is designed to wear one-at-a-time and features a slanted brick-like design.

silicone wedding rings via here

Other popular colors include turquoise, black, white, grey, and navy blue.

silicone rings via heresilicone rings via here

These hammered style silicone wedding rings feature a ton of bold colors like red, goldenrod, and jade. Here are some top picks!

silicone rings via here

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The Best Silicone Rings Of 2021

June 18, 2021 | By Mallory Paige

Silicone rings keep fingers safe while climbing, working with machinery, or hitting the gym. Heres our guide to the best silicone rings to suit every style and budget.

Why silicone rings, you ask? Well, theyre durable, affordable, easy to clean, nonconductive, and comfortable. Theyre a great option for the gym when you dont want to beat up your traditional wedding ring, a necessity when working with heavy machinery, and a great option for climbing, traveling, and daily life.

If youve ever cringed listening to someone talk about ring avulsion when a ring catches on something and does serious damage to ones finger you can imagine the importance of a silicone ring. And from the variety of colors and styles available, its clear theyre also growing in popularity.

We tested rings for more than 2 years while lifting weights at the gym, climbing, swimming, paddling, cooking, woodworking, and living daily life. Here are the best silicone rings for every budget and style.

Scroll through to see all of our recommended buys, or jump to the category youre looking for:

Best Overall: QALO

QALO wins top awards for durability and versatility. Weve worn our QALO rings through all manner of outdoor activity and havent had any issues with the medical-grade silicone stretching or breaking. And we like that theres a huge selection of color options and styles available.

Runner-Up: Groove Life

Silicone Wedding Bands That You Can Stack

3 Silicone Wedding Ring Silicone Wedding Band for Men ...

Perfect for the person who craves a bit more detail.

Not all silicone wedding rings have to be smooth. Some are braided to be a slightly more detailed accessory. These ones from Egnaro, which are sold in eight colors as well as an assortment of variety packs, are quite thin, so while you can wear them alone, you can also stack them.

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What Are Silicone Wedding Bands

While traditional wedding rings are typically made of metals like gold and platinum, silicone wedding bands are rubbery and flexible. They can be worn just like any other ring and can be customized to suit the wearer’s personal style with plenty of different colors and details. They’re also more durable and often less expensive than precious metal rings. Silicone wedding rings are a safe alternative as well, due to their non-conductive and flexible nature that makes them far less likely to cause ring avulsion and other related injuries.

Silicone Wedding Band Cons

Womens white silicone wedding band. Find this here.

All these advantages make silicone wedding bands a highly attractive option for active couples or people who want something offbeat. However, there are some cons to keep in mind if you do decide to go with a silicone wedding band.

  • Its non-traditional. DuhYes, it is non-traditional and youre probably here because youre looking for a non-traditional ring. But with an alternative ring comes questions, comments and even judgement from friends and family. You may very well get the question, Why didnt you buy gold or platinum? Consider if this is something that is important to you.
  • It doesnt look like a wedding ring. This again ties to the fact that this material isnt a traditional ring wedding ring style. It might not evoke images of marriage as a gold or platinum band might. However, it has every bit the same symbolism as a precious metal.
  • Theres no shine. If youre used to the shine of traditional wedding bands, a silicone band might put you off at the start. It might seem cheap or plastic. However, high-quality designs have their own unique style and can be very attractive.
  • Theyre not heirlooms. Its highly unlikely that you will be passing on your silicone wedding band to the next generation or that they will wear it with reverence and admiration. If youre looking for a ring with that sort of impact, look for precious metals and gemstones.
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    Are Silicone Rings Expensive

    Custom engraved silicon wedding band. See this here.

    Silicone rings are very affordable, often costing around $50 or less.This makes it easy on the wallet and also easy to replace if necessary.

    Of course this is also the downside of silicone rings in that they dontlook expensive and there may be a fair bit of judgement on your choice ofwedding rings by friends and family. They will never be family heirlooms andits unlikely your children will be waiting to wear your silicone wedding bandat their own weddings in the future.

    If this bothers you, then why not opt for a traditional metal? Or ifnot, you can always have a precious metal ring down the track as an anniversaryring.

    At the end of the day, you know why you chose a silicone ring, so thatsreally all that should matter.

    How To Care For Silicone Rings

    Why Silicone Rings Make Sense – My New Wedding Ring

    Silicone rings are really easy to take care of. Offman recommends cleaning them with a simple soap and water combo but says not to put them back on until theyre completely dry.

    They should not be worn in the shower, she adds. If worn wet, bacteria can grow where there is no airflow between the ring and the skin.

    Ahead, we’ve rounded up 20 stylish silicone wedding rings to shop now.

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    Who Wears Silicone Wedding Rings

    Anyone and everyone who wants a more durable and less expensive band can opt for and wear a silicone wedding ring. These flexible wedding bands are especially popular with athletes and those whose occupations don’t allow them to safely wear metal rings. Soft yet strong, they’re less likely to become damaged or cause injury in tough environments. Non-metal wedding rings are also particularly great foryou guessed itpeople who have metal allergies.

    But again, if you don’t fall into one of those categories, don’t let that stop you from slipping on a silicone wedding band. Newlyweds of all kinds can wear these babies! Some choose to also buy a traditional ring and only wear the silicone one when at work or the gym or while traveling , while others wear them all the time. The choice is yours!

    Saferingz Silicone Wedding Bands

    Best for:SafeRingZ specialize in safety-focused metal-effect silicone wedding bands for women and men. These rings are made in the USA from medical-grade silicone, a 100% non-conductive material. Although non-conductive, they come in traditional colors such as gold, gun-metal, platinum and black.

    Other things to know about Safe RingZ:

    • Available in 3mm, 6mm and 9mm widths
    • Their Titan range is a selection of these rubber bands for men designed specifically for those with larger fingers
    • Most of these rings are slightly less expensive than the other silicon ring brands ranges
    • Custom engraving and personalization is available.

    Best for:

    • Enso Rings are known for their mens and womens silicone wedding bands, including thinner, metallic colored rings suitable for everyday wear, and stackable wedding and engagement rings.

    Other things to know about Enso Rings:

    • Ensos Elements collection is infused with precious metals for a more realistic metal sheen
    • They offer a lifetime warranty which rips, tears, stretching, wear and tear, and even discoloration
    • Ring engraving is available
    • You may have already heard of them from the TV they received an investment on Shark Tank on 2017

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