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What You Need For A Wedding

Bridal Jacket Or Wrap

What Wedding Signs Does YOUR Wedding Need?! | DIY Wedding Planning

by SissilyDesigns

Some brides forget that even summer evenings can cool down. A bridal jacket is a good accessory to cover up and stay warm, and can be a very luxurious compliment to your overall look.

Whether you are going to your final dress fitting or the big day has finally arrived and you need to transport your gown to the ceremony, a sturdy garment bag helps keeep your white dress looking pristine.

Check out L& Ls ultimate garment bag as well as other wedding garment bag picks.

Checklist Of Everything You Need To Purchase For Your Wedding

So many brides rush out as soon as they are engaged and start buying lots of stuff for their wedding due to their excitement. Often times you will buy a lot of stuff that you simply dont need to purchase because one of your wedding vendors may already be providing that particular item or its not something you really even need for your wedding. This is where a wedding planner can really come in handy and how a planner can save you money from the start. Buying lots of inexpensive items may not seem like a lot, but every little thing can add up so quickly.

Some examples I have seen in the past is brides that purchase candles and votive candle holders for their wedding when their florist is already providing these or brides that purchase cups, plates and utensils when their caterer will provide these items at no additional cost. There are some things you will need to purchase, but there is a lot of items you dont need to waste your wedding money on when you can put that money towards something else.

Here is a list of everything you will have to go out and purchase on your own for your wedding thats not normally covered by another wedding vendor.

Use Your Negotiation Skills

You dont always have to take the first offer or price you get. If youre looking to cut back, it could be worth talking to the venue or hotel manager. “Many hotel chains will offer incentives such as shuttle depending on rooms which are booked,” says Goldberg. “Use your fabulous negotiation skill set to allow you to provide a stress-free day. Trust me, your guests will appreciate this more than you know.”

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Greece: A Close Shave


Taking the term “groomsman” literally, on his wedding day, a Greek groom’s best man, or “koumparos,” becomes his barber when he pulls out a razor and shaves his pal’s face. But the groom’s day also has a sweet side. After he’s been freshly shaved, his new mother-in-law will feed him honey and almonds.

Week Before The Wedding

Four Things Your Wedding Really Doesn
  • Supply wedding coordinator with a list of supplier requests such as a table for DJ or setup space needed by florist.
  • Print place cards
  • Call all wedding suppliers to confirm arrangementscreate a timetable for day
  • Give ceremony and reception site managers a schedule of vendor delivery and setup times, plus contact numbers.
  • Get manicure, massage, waxing & all your preening and prep
  • Do full wedding dress rehearsal from underwear to veil

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Produce A Schedule Of Events

Addison Jones

Creating a comprehensive wedding day schedule ensures everyone is on the same page about timing and location and helps to make sure the day’s events run smoothly. Include things like hair and makeup appointments, when vendors will arrive, timing for transportation to/arrival at the ceremony location, timing for the couple’s arrival to the reception, speeches and the first dance, when the cake will be cut, etc. Print out copies to your MC, photographer, maid of honor, key family members, all vendors, and anyone else that should be in the know.

What Does The Bride Need On Her Wedding Day

Hi Becka! A fantastic question: what does a bride need the day of her wedding? This is something I wish I knew before I got married, so Im glad you asked. It reminded me of how I felt those last few weeks before the wedding day, worried about things the bride should bring, things not to forget, and most importantly, what to have just in case. You never know what could happen, so it is best to be prepared.

While many of the bridal emergency kits you find online or in-store are a good idea, many of them are chock-full of fillers: things they need to add to make them appear full, although you probably wont ever really need to use them. You dont want to carry around unnecessary things, and you dont want to buy things you really wont use, so THIS is the list I wish I had when I got married: the complete list of things the bride needs to bring on the wedding day. With this checklist, you dont want to be left wishing you had remembered these essentials. And the best part is, they wont cost you much money at all.

Lets get started and I promise you wont forget a single thing! 🙂 Im also explaining WHY you need each item so youll know why the heck theyre in your wedding bag it is frustrating to buy things you need, without knowing exactly HOW theyll help you on your wedding day.

Which of these items would YOU have forgotten to pack? Would you add anything to our list? Tell us in the comment box below after you read the article. Enjoy!

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How Long Should A Wedding Aisle Runner Be

When deciding on the length of your wedding aisle runner, you need to consider the length of the aisle or walkway that the bride and groom will walk down. Once you have this measurement, it is worth adding an extra 3-5 meters to cater to the ceremonial area. This will ensure that you create a chic transitional look as heads turn and watch you walk down the aisle and towards the ceremonial space.

Create Your Wedding Website

Do You Really NEED a Wedding Planner?

Wedding websites are great way to keep your guests up to date with all the plans for your big day, and there are plenty of free options out there. Most also offer a personalised email address which is perfect for keeping your wedmin away from your regular inbox.

If you choose to have a wedding website, you can keep your wedding invitations simple. All youll need to provide is the date and location, plus the URL to your unique wedding website. Guests will be able to log on, get details of the day and RSVP paper-free! For this reason, you need to start curating your wedding website a couple of months before the invitations are sent.

With all of your details decided and two months to go before your wedding invitations need to be sent, you should get your stationery ordered. Weve got an amazing selection of wedding invitations ready to order here, plus templates for your invitation wording. Most companies and designers will let you order a sample of your invite, so you dont need to do a mass order before being certain on design.

Remember, stationery also includes orders of service, place cards, wedding signs and menus, so think about that too. If youre not sure what else you might like yet, let your designer know you might be in touch with a further order.

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Book Your Wedding Entertainment

We speak to no end of couples that are disappointed because they have left it until 6 months before their day to book their dream band, inevitably finding out they have already been snapped up. Please ignore publications that tell you otherwise, if you have something specific in mind, book your entertainment as soon as youve booked your venue to avoid having to compromise. We have many options available and guarantee that well find you an alternative band that you love if push comes to shove but your first choice can be yours if you book well in advance! You can browse through our range of wedding bands here.

Pick Up Your Marriage License

Ah, the fine print. There are four steps to getting your marriage license, and it’s important to know where to go, what to bring, how much itll cost, how long itll take, and how long itll last.

Every state has different laws and requirements, so Google yours. If youre having a destination wedding, whether domestic or international, youll need to research those paperwork requirements as well. Then, make sure you as a couple, your witness, and your officiant sign it.

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Your Wedding Planning Checklist: What You Need To Do And When

So, you just got engaged?! Congratulations!!! This is going to be one of THE most exciting times in your life, and its just the start of your adventures together as a soon-to-be married couple! You should definitely take the time to revel in what just happened. I mean, youre engaged!!!! Once youve let that sink in, youll want to start planning the best party EVER. But where to begin? Let this wedding checklist help you navigate the way!

Each section below is listed in the order we feel is most important for your scheduleand sanity! The timeframe is going to be different for everybody, and this is important: ITS NOT THERE TO STRESS YOU OUT. Trust us, we have seen hundreds of brides plan a gorgeous wedding in less than four, heck even two months. It IS possible. Also, your wedding checklist timeline might not include half of these things. For instance, you might already know exactly where and when you want to get married before you even said Yes! which is great! But if you ARE starting your wedding planning from scratch, this list or priorities will hopefully help, especially if you have a year to plan it. After youve told your closest family and friends heres what we recommend focusing on:

Want a printable version? Download this handy checklist from our fave bridesmaid dress company Bustle & Veil!

Wear Your Shoes In At Home

Wedding Belle

This point is not just for the ladies. Theres nothing worse than going through the torture of uncomfortable shoes when youre trying to have a good time. Wear them lots at home and youll get the blisters and tightness out of the way well before youre doing the conga. For the ladies, if you decide to go down the practical route and opt for some alternative, comfortable shoes for the evening nows a good time to get them sorted!

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Amazon: Keweis Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Courtesy of Amazon

Another choice Amazon find, these are perfect for the couple ready to roll up their sleeves and get involved in some stationary DIY action. You get everything you need for 20 invitations . The romantic design features an antiqued white laser-cut invitation holder, blank kraft paper on which you can print all the details, and a vintage rope to tie the whole thing together before you slide it into the included kraft envelope.

Sure, this option will require a little bit of legwork, but if youre game for the challengeand/or dont have a lengthy guest listthis is an affordable way to go. Plus, if you have any blanks leftover, the design could easily be used in the future for another type of event, think a baby shower or birthday party.

Buying The Wedding Attire And Bands

Purchasing your wedding dress is also an essential step during the planning process. It might take a long time to get a perfect wedding dress, and even after you get one, you still need time for adjustments until it is perfectly fitting. You also need to select thetheme for your wedding party. Choosing wedding bands that you like and those that are perfectly fitting, comfortable also takes time, and therefore this should be on the wedding planning checklist.

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Who Pulls The Aisle Runner At A Wedding

There are a lot of different roles and responsibilities at a wedding and it can be stressful to try and keep the process running smoothly and in order. One question that may have crossed your mind is: who is responsible for pulling the aisle runner at my wedding.

It is the responsibility of the usher to roll out the aisle runner at a wedding from the back of the church to the front.

Makeup Remover Wipes $597


These are THE BEST makeup remover wipes and they come in a fantastic individually-wrapped size so they can go in your bridal clutch and take up very little space. Great for passing out to your bridesmaids, too, since there WILL BE a use for makeup wipes. I cant tell you how many weddings weve planned/attended/stood up in where makeup mishaps happen behind the scenes whether while getting ready the morning of the wedding or during a touch-up session in the bathroom. From getting rid of mascara running to a lipstick that is one shade too dark and you really want to get rid of it dont doubt the power you behold in a makeup remover wipe on your wedding day. 🙂 By Neutrogena.

buy here

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What Paperwork Do I Need To Get Married In Massachusetts

You need to have a marriage license to get married in the Bay State. You can apply for a license from any city or town in the state it doesnt have to be from the town where you live or where your ceremony will be.

You should contact your city or town clerk to find out exactly what you and your future spouse need to do to get a marriage license, but in general, before your wedding youll need to:

  • Fill out a Notice of Intention of Marriage Form You and your future spouse will need to go in person to your city or town clerk to fill out this form. Youll need to provide:
  • Proof of your age, such as a birth certificate or passport
  • Your Social Security number

Buy Or Rent The Grooms Tuxedo

The groom walks out first, remember? Make sure that first impression on your guests is a good one. Step one is choosing between a tux or suit, based on the formality of your wedding, and then deciding whether to buy or rent. When selecting the actual ensemble, focus on fit and function. A well-made outfit will be flattering, but also allow your groom to show off any and all embarrassing dance moves without fear of splitting any seams. Finally, if youre going the renting route, avoid these five mistakes groomsmen make when renting a tux or suit.

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