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How Much Does A Wedding Cost

How Much Does A Wedding Typically Cost

How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost?

The average wedding cost can be hard to know for sure, as we cant ask every couple. Wedding experts like The Knot have done large surveys and research, however, giving us a ballpark cost for weddings this year.

The Knots 2020 survey found that the average wedding costs $19,000, a drop from previous years. This is very likely due to the coronavirus pandemic, which led to many couples having smaller, more intimate weddings.

Other estimates also land around the $20,000 mark as the average cost of a wedding. That being said, you can throw a gorgeous wedding for as little as $5000, or even less depending on your vision!

Who Pays The Costs Of The Average Wedding

With such a high price tag, it can be hard for many couples to cover the costs of the typical wedding. Many get help from their parents while others use savings or even charge wedding-related purchases on their credit cards.

The charts below show how costs are split among the couple, their parents, and other generous contributors, along with how couples come up with the funds to pay for their special event.

Percent of wedding paid for:


Here’s where couples draw money from to pay for their part of the wedding:

Do You Pay For A Wedding Upfront

You wont have to pay all of the costs for your wedding right away. Most vendors require a deposit when you book them, but youll have some time until the wedding to pay off the rest of their fees.

You can also use credit cards or loans to slowly pay off your wedding, although you may incur interest.

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% Percent: Venue Catering And Rental Costs

The biggest part of your wedding budget will go toward the big ticket items, which covers the cost of renting out your venue space, hiring caterers for food, alcohol and rentals, such as tables, chairs and dinnerware. Some couples also include the price of their cake in this 50% chunk of their budget.

Consider A Wedding Day Other Than Saturday Releases 2013 Wedding Statistics

Most weddings fall on Saturday evenings. To reduce your expenses, switch it up a bit and pick another day. Accordingly to Emoré Campbell, a Day of Wedding Coordinator, choosing a weekday not only cuts your price from the get-go, but also leaves more room for negotiation with vendors. If youre feeling really adventurous, how about a brunch wedding who doesnt want a waffle cake, after all?

Weddings can add up to be hugely expensive, no matter where or when you have them. Regardless of your budget, be sure to spend those dollars on memorable items and services After all, newlyweds tend to remember the celebration with their loved ones more than any of the details.

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Average Cost Of A Wedding In The Us By State

The average wedding cost by state from The Knot 2019 Real Weddings Study is likely a good cross-reference point for couples who are moving forward with both their ceremony and reception in 2021. As with previous years, keep in mind too that these couples come from all over the U.S. and have entirely different wedding budgets, locations, number of guests and styles.

What they end up spending naturally variesâa lot. Throwing a wedding in a densely populated, expensive destination costs more than it does in a smaller or less populated location . See the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. by state , below:

  • Alabama: $25,500
  • NorthDakota& SouthDakota: $29,200
  • Ohio: $29,300

Mychelle LeVan Photography

Our respondents are also tapping professionals to help them pull it all off, as our study shows that nearly a third of couples hired some form of a wedding planner . Many wholeheartedly embrace or blend their cultural customs, while others intentionally turn tradition on its head by paying homage to pop culture , nixing old-school activities or reinventing big moments to suit their individual style . Today’s couples want their wedding to be a true expression of their unique love story and for guests to leave saying, “That was so them.”

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How Much Does A Wedding Reception Venue Cost

One of the first decisions youll make when planning your wedding is choosing your wedding venueand there are lots of types of wedding venues to choose from, from barns to ballrooms! Youll likely spend a large portion of your budget on your wedding venue cost , so its important to do your research before selecting your wedding site. The average wedding venue cost in Australia is $6,000, with most couples spending between $3,000 to $11,000. Note that these are only averages and pricing varies widely depending on a variety of factors, like whether in-house catering is included.

The average cost of a wedding in 2019 was $33,900 (including the engagement ring, ceremony and reception.

Before you sign the contract for your wedding reception, it really pays to go through the items one by one to avoid extra charges and surprises after your wedding reception. Make sure that you are well aware of the extra charges that might come up post-wedding.

Some couples choose to have their wedding ceremony and reception in separate locations. A wedding ceremony is shorter than a reception and doesnt include catering, so the cost of a ceremony venue is typically cheaper than wedding reception prices. In Australia, the average starting site fee for wedding ceremonies is $600.

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Additional Wedding Venue Costs

Although weve mentioned pretty much everything thats included with the average cost of a wedding venue, there are some peripherals that need to be accounted for.


Make sure to inquire parking, tips, taxes, and third-party vendor fees.In downtown areas parking is often off-site and very expensive. Before placing your deposit, compare the cost and convenience of parking vs the cost of transportation.

When researching your venue make sure to specifically ask who is providing services. Its not uncommon for a banquet hall to hire outside contractors or formal business partners to fulfill some of the obligations. There may be a fee hidden in the fine print, and theyll require an individual tip.

If youre wondering who else has a tip coming to them, many venues provide bathroom attendants, bartenders, and coat checks. They are all in the customer service industry and should be assessed and compensated just the same as a waiter at a nice restaurant.

One last thing you should consider is cleanup. There will be leftover food, dirty linens, and decor to dispose of. Whos going to handle that? If its not expressly written in your venue contract you may be on the hook for additional fees.

How Much Does A Wedding Cost For 150 Guests

Wedding Budget – How much does a Wedding Cost?

For many, getting married is one of life’s major milestones and one they want to celebrate.

Whether you believe no expense should be spared on your big day or think weddings are just a complete rip-off, it is no secret that things can get very expensive very quickly.

There is a popular theory that as soon as the word “wedding” is mentioned to a venue, photographer or anything you would book for this event, there is an instant mark-up.

It’s been dubbed the “wedding tax”, and it means you may be paying significantly more for services purely because they are for a wedding.

Having a wedding isn’t as simple as saying “I do” and it’s a lot more expensive.

The average cost of a wedding in 2019 was $33,900 , according to The Knot’s 2019 Real Weddings Study.

The average American wedding costs $30,000, according to The Knot, a popular wedding planning website.


That money could buy a nice new car or be a 20% down payment on a $150,000 home. It’s also more than many Americans earn in a year.

How do wedding costs get so out of hand? And what can you do to keep costs down when it’s your turn to tie the knot? I’m getting hitched in less than three months, so I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit. Here’s what I’ve found.

Ironically, most people I know always say things like “We don’t want a big wedding” and “It doesn’t have to cost much.”

  • Church/Officiant Fee: $500
  • Food: $40/plate x 100 = $4,000
  • Open Bar: $3,500
  • Total: $20,750

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Average Cost Of A Wedding Venue

If you dont know anyone that has barn, a marquee or a great hall then this is one cost you probably cant avoid. You cant get married wherever you want, as there are laws that dictate where a marriage in the UK can happen, so will need to pay out for an official venue.

The average cost comes in at £5,406. However, there are of course venues that will be significantly cheaper if your heart isnt set on a stately home.

Many people get officially married in a registry office, and then have the big party elsewhere, meaning you can avoid those big costs that come with actually getting married in a fancy venue.

Either way if its a relatives garden or a manor house setting up a wedding fund is the first step.

Can You Really Get Married Drunk In Vegas

Luckily, Nevada laws allow for you to be able to get your Las Vegas marriage annulled, based on the very fact that you were intoxicated at the time of the marriage. Wedding chapels are not supposed to marry people who are under the influence, but based on our experience, they dont follow that rule too well.

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Average Cost Of A Wedding Cake

Like your venue, this is another area where it completely depends on your budget and your taste.

There are 4-tier options with intricate handmade sugarpaste flowers or theres a simple 2-tier option with ribbons and a wedding topper. That said, the average cost of a wedding cake is said to be around £300.

However, this is very much an area where you can keep costs down. Opting for a single cake with accompanying cupcakes or seeing what your local supermarket offers is going to cost you far less than the average.

You can also try out making your own one , who can whip you up something spectacular for just the cost of the ingredients.

Tips To Lower Wedding Costs

Cupcake Weddings on Command: Holy Matrimony! The Cost of ...

If you and your partner are looking to lower your wedding costs and stick to your strict budget, then these tips are here to help. Now, how much does a wedding cost with these helpful cost-cutting tips? Lets find out exactly which areas you can adjust to lower your wedding costs.

1. Choose A Wedding Theme That Allows You To Save Money

A good wedding theme can go a long way, but did you know that certain wedding theme ideas may be more cost-effective than others?

For example, destination weddings will end up with pricey travel and trip expenses, summer weddings may involve added expenses due to wedding season being in high demand, and fairytale weddings can get rather high in costs through trying to make the arrangements as elaborate and as perfect as possible.

For wedding themes that are most cost-effective, consider something like a rustic wedding. Rustic weddings are a popular theme allowing for beautiful decor, but with a purposefully aged look. You can get creative by finding ways to upcycle or repurpose vintage items for a stylized, rustic wedding theme.

Other good wedding themes would be adhering to a powerful wedding color scheme throughout your venue to make your venue pop while also controlling your budget.

2. Use Online Wedding Invitations

If youre looking to limit your wedding cost, simply opt for digital wedding invitations. Not only will digital invitations save you money in printing and mailing, but theyre also a more environmentally friendly option.

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Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding

Feeling dizzy yet? Dont worrywhile the costs are adding up quickly, there are ways to save without compromising on your dreams. Here are some tips from experienced wedding planners.

  • Revisit the guest list. There, we said it. You can quickly drive your wedding costs down by trimming the guest list, as the headcount affects expenses across the board, from invitations, to food and drink, to venue costs. Cutting your guest list by 1020 people could save you as much as $1000.

  • Off-peak wedding, anyone? A warm summer wedding sounds lovelybut it costs handsomely. Opting for a less popular wedding season, such as winter, could help you save on ceremony venues, photographers, reception halls, and many other expenses.

  • Ask a friend. A great way to save on wedding costs is by calling in favors from friends. Rather than hiring a professional at a premium rate, you could ask talented friends to help out with things like the invitation design, flower arrangements or your wedding website. Every little bit helps!

  • Now youre aware of how much things cost, arm yourself with the tools to track your budget. Read more on how spreadsheets can transform your wedding budgeting here.

    What To Do Before Planning Your Wedding

    Before getting married, you and your partner should understand some legal aspects that you need to fulfill. According to Philippine law under Executive Order No. 209, both you and your partner have to fulfill these requirements:

    • Both parties must be at least 18 years old, male and female
    • If you or your fiancé is below 25 years old, you must get parental consent or advice
    • Must not have any legal impediments

    Once youre sure that you fulfill these criteria, its time to identify your needs and wants for the biggest day of your life. This will help you estimate the cost of the wedding that you need to shell out.

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    The Look Of Love: Average Wedding Attire Costs

    Its good to know that more than 50% of those who got married in the past 10 years think that splashing out on the brides dress, the wedding cake and photography were items worth spending on. Lets estimate how much it will cost you to look your best on your wedding day

    • A wedding dress typically costs around 2000

    • The grooms attire typically costs 800

    • The brides hair & makeup will cost around 200, depending on the stylists experience

    In total, the average cost of the wedding attire hovers around the 3,000 mark.

    How Much Does A Small Wedding Cost


    The average wedding size is 131 guests, according to The Knot. Having so many people present for your big day is a wonderful way to celebrate, but it’s also one of the reasons weddings have such a high price tag.

    With catering alone averaging $70 per person, every 10 people you can cut from your guest list could save you as much as $700.

    A smaller wedding could also enable you to reduce the size of your venue and save on alcohol.

    As many as 92% of couples serve alcohol at their wedding, and the average cost of adult beverages is approximately $2,300, according to The Knot.

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