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How To Block Hotels For Wedding

Questions To Ask Your Hotel

Wedding HOTEL BLOCKS // Why You Need Them How To Book

Once you are ready to give the hotel a call to inquire about the hotel block, you will want to have a few questions ready. Be sure to get answers to these questions:

  • What discount can be offered to the guests?
  • Is there a penalty for not filling up the hotel block?
  • Is there a percentage of hotel rooms guests will need to book?
  • Does the hotel provide transportation to and from the airport?
  • Is the hotel responsible for selling rooms that are not booked in the hotel block?
  • Will we owe damages to the hotel if the entire block is not booked?
  • This will help gauge how many rooms to book in the beginning. We recommend booking a smaller number of rooms in the beginning. Unless they do not charge any penalties for not filling the room blockmost hotels dothis will help you avoid unwanted fines or fees.

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    Reserve Your Wedding Hotel Room Blocks With Us Today

    Are you getting married in the Harrisburg, York or Lancaster area? Warehouse Hotel offers a fantastic home base for your wedding guests. In addition to being conveniently located off Route 283, the hotel sits adjacent to the Spooky Nook Sports Complex, where your guests can enjoy fun downtime participating in games and enjoying the great food at the Forklift & Palate.

    Contact us today to book your rooms or ask a question.

    Asking Wedding Guests To Pay For Accommodation

    The easiest way to ask wedding guests to pay for their accommodation is to include this on the wedding invite, so it is explicit. Given this information, your guests can then choose to go with an option you recommend/ have reserved or select their own option. For template wording on this, visit the below article.

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    How to find the right hotel for your wedding guests

    When researching hotels for your wedding guests, it is crucial to put their needs first and consider what you have previously needed when attending other weddings. Use the below criteria when comparing hotels and also visit them to ensure the pictures match the actual quality:

    • Location is easily accessible and a short distance from the venue
    • Rooms are soundproof so guests can get a decent nights sleep
    • Breakfast is included within the room price
    • There is a late-night bar for those wanting a nightcap
    • There is extensive free parking for guest cars or cheap parking nearby
    • Guest WIFI is free
    • Check-in is 24-hour
    • Early check-in and late checkout
    What price range to select for wedding guest accommodation

    Weddings are expensive so guests should not be expected to pay more than ã100 for a room. Where possible, the ã60 – ã85 bracket will cater for most budgets. If in doubt, it is worth going for a large chain hotel, where wedding guests’ expectations will automatically be managed from the point of booking.

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    Whats The Difference Between Courtesy And Contracted Room Blocks

    As youre researching hotels, you might hear the terms courtesy and contracted tossed aroundbut what do they mean? Well, it’s all about the amount of rooms you need to book. A courtesy room block is a group of rooms that are held for your guests for a set period of timeyou may or may not have to sign a contract and you don’t have to put down a deposit to reserve these rooms. After a predetermined cut-off date passes, the rooms will be released to the public. Courtesy blocks are often reserved for smaller groups of under 30 rooms.

    If youre hoping to reserve more than 30 rooms at a single hotel for your wedding, youll probably end up with a contracted room block. This means that youll sign a contract and put down a deposit guaranteeing that your family members and friends will book a certain number of rooms for a certain number of nights. If you fall short, you can lose your deposit and/or be charged for unbooked roomsthat’s why we recommend starting with a small number of rooms, and adding more rooms if needed.

    Dont Overlook The Check

    Hotel Block for Wedding: How to Book and Expert Tips

    You certainly dont want your out-of-town guests to have to get ready in the lobby bathroom, but that can happen if your ceremony starts before guests are allowed to check in at the hotel you reserved. As a result, we always request early check-in for all guests, Ms. Strauss-Goldman said. If theres no early check-in, your guests may want to book their room the night before the wedding as well.

    Fortunately, we didnt encounter this issue. Guests were able to check in at our hotel at 3 p.m. and our ceremony didnt start until 5:30 p.m. But looking back at our contract I discovered that guests were subject to a $25 early arrival fee if they wanted to check in before noon, which is something we could have negotiated.

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    How To Negotiate A Wedding Hotel Room Blocks Contract

    Lets say youve narrowed your choice down to three hotels and all three give you the same price quote. If youre not familiar with negotiating, you may end up just picking the hotel you like most. Its not a bad way to go about it, but keep in mind that youre in the power position and can come out much better if you negotiate.

    How To Block Out Hotel Rooms For Your Wedding

    EricainWedding Help & Advice

    A wedding hotel room block, also known as blocking out or block booking hotel rooms, refers to the act of reserving a large number of hotel rooms for your wedding guests to use usually the night before or after the wedding . These rooms can either be at your wedding venue itself , or at a nearby hotel.

    Almost all hotels will offer you a discount if you reserve more than 10 rooms. The precise discount will vary from place to place. Some will only offer a 5% markdown, whereas others may reduce the room rate by up to 50%. Usually, you can also barter, to try and knock a bit more off the price.

    If all of your wedding guests live nearby, you may not need to arrange accommodation. But if youve having a destination wedding, or many of your guests are from out of town, reserving a hotel room block can be very useful. Our guide will talk you through exactly how to do it.

    Who Pays for Hotel Rooms at a Wedding?

    Usually, the bride and groom are only expected to pay for their own hotel room. However, some couples also opt to cover the cost of accommodation for their wedding party such as the bridesmaids and best man.

    Whether you do this is up to you. But if youre asking them to stay in the hotel then you should pay. If you dont offer to pay, you should give them the option of getting ready at home .

    When Should You Block Out Hotel Rooms for a Wedding?
    How to Reserve a Hotel Room Block
    1) Research Hotels in Your Area
    4) Request Information

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    Our Wedding Isn’t A Destination Wedding Do We Still Need To Coordinate A Hotel Block

    It depends on your guest list, but it’s likely that some of your attendees will be traveling from out of town to attend your big day. It’s a common courtesy to set them up with a hotel you can vouch for. As well, you may find that you and your fiancé would like to treat yourselves to a night in a hotel following your wedding, and your wedding party might also want a place to crash just after the reception ends.

    How To Block Hotel Rooms For Wedding Guests

    Reserving Hotel Room Blocks 101 ll DIY Wedding Corporate Event Planning

    Not everyone on your guest list lives around the corner. Those that do may not want to drive back home . Make it easy for your guests to find overnight accommodations by blocking off a set of rooms at a nearby hotel for them. Heres what you need to know

    Where do I start?Ah, the beauty of the Internet. First step is to research local hotels in the area where your reception will be taking place. It is a good idea to block rooms at two hotels to give your guests more options. That way, guests on a tighter budget will not feel forced into booking a room at a hotel that may be a bit more pricey. A great service to use is Jetaport. This online service searches all hotels and their prices in your venues area and provides you with a reliable list to choose from.

    What three things should I look out for?Proximity to your venue is the most important. The closer the better! Hotels shouldnt be more then a 20 minute drive from the venue. Also factor in transportation and amenities.

    Things to note:Some hotels offer transportation packages along with their room blocks. Be cautious about booking one of these packages. Usually those room rates end up being higher than their regular rates. This is to offset the cost of the transportation. Tell the hotel that you want to pay for the transportation separately, to keep the room rates lower.

    Also, many times if you book more than 25 rooms, your bridal suite is complimentary.

    What questions do you have about reserving hotel rooms for guests?

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    What Are The Average Savings When Booking Hotel Room Blocks

    On average, group rates are 15% to 25% lower than standard rates, or around $30 to $50 off each room each night, so its also a nice perk to give your guests who are likely already spending a lot to be part of your special day. You might even be able to save more if you use a wedding planner they may have a partnership with the hotel and can score you a greater discount or a suite night comped for your wedding night.

    Who Pays For Hotel Rooms For Wedding Guests

    This really depends on the wedding. Generally, guests tend to pay for their own hotel rooms. With hotel room blocks for the wedding, guests will call in or book through a customized, direct link created and provided by the hotel. This allows them to book the room at the negotiated standard group rate. However, depending on the size of the wedding, the couple may choose to pay for the entire room block or at least for some of the guests rooms.

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    Keeps All Your Guests Under One Roof

    Couples typically find that hotels located close to the wedding venue or wedding activities are most convenient for guests. Consider hotels that are within walking distance of your festivities to avoid additional transportation costs. Not sure? With their strong connections in the industry, Elovaire can assist you in your hotel search to find your perfect location!

    How Do You Reserve A Hotel Room For A Wedding

    Kinnitty Castle Hotel Wedding, Block Table Wedding, Castle ...

    Arranging Hotels for your Wedding

    As a key bit of advice, reserve a block of rooms for your guests at special rates at one or two select hotels with plenty of time before the big event. At most hotels, and as a general rule, the minimum number of guests rooms required to make a block is 10 rooms per night.

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    What Does All Of This Language In A Hotel Room Block Contract Mean

    Before signing a contract to block hotel rooms for your wedding, make sure to read the terms closelyand ask about any phrases you dont understand. One of the most-used phrases in hotel room block contracts is the attrition rate or attrition clause. This refers to the percentage of rooms in the reserved block youre promising to fill, usually between 70 and 90 percent. If you dont fill that percentage of rooms, youll be charged. You may also see the phrase allowable shrinkage clause which refers to the percentage of rooms that can be left unfilled. Especially during the time of COVID, you’ll want to find out if there are penalties for a postponement or cancellation.

    Should You Even Block Hotel Rooms For Your Wedding

    If you are hosting more than 20 out-of-town guests, we definitely recommend blocking hotel rooms for your wedding. By blocking hotel rooms, you are essentially promising to fill the rooms for the agreed-upon timeframe. Keep in mind that the most hotels have a 10-room minimum to reserve a room block, which means that you will need to make sure that at least 10 groups of guests will stay at a hotel for your wedding weekend.

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    Should You Book Rooms For Your Guests Or Should They Book Rooms Themselves

    To make sure youre not squandering a couple thousand dollars at the end of your wedding weekend, its best to let your guests book the rooms themselves. Typically wedding guests will pay for their rooms on their own, so they should make their own reservations since a credit card guarantee is required for all reservations, says Elkind.

    What Do You Need To Book A Hotel Block

    Tips on Hotel Room Blocks

    Surprisingly, the process of booking a hotel block is a lot more complicated than it seems. Thats because you need to know a lot of information beforehand, including a good estimate of how many rooms youll need so you contract enough to meet your guests needs.

    However, Leah Elkind, Sales and Catering Coordinator at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, warns that you dont want to overbook the rooms and wind up well below your minimum commitment. A credit card authorization must also be completed along with signing the contract so that a form of payment is on file for any rooms that the group would like to pay for or for attrition if applicable.

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    Determine How Many Rooms Youll Need

    This depends on your guest list. Figure out how many people are traveling in from out of town that are going to attend, says Ayers. If 50 percent of your guest list is traveling, try to match that percentage. As most guests travel in couples or bunk up with friends, youll want about half the number of rooms for the total number of guests who will need them, plus a little buffer. For example: If you have a 200-person guest list with 50 to 60 percent of guests traveling for the celebration, youll want to hold space for about 120 guests. That equates to 60 rooms, but dont worry about it being perfect If not everyone needs a room, the bridal party or other friends and family will fill in, Ayers adds.

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