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When To Rsvp For Wedding

What Does Rsvp Mean

How to Formally RSVP to a Wedding

The term RSVP stands for the French phrase répondez sil vous plaît and its considered impolite to leave your hosts hanging. An RSVP is a polite request for you to inform the host whether or not youll be attending their event so they can plan accordingly.

Its important for the host to have attendance numbers so they can account for the amount of food needed and the seating arrangements. This will assure that everyone is comfortable and has a good time at the party.

The You’re Dead To Me Approach

Heres one way of looking at late RSVP wedding etiquette thats a little brutal. If you haven’t heard from somebody by the RSVP deadline, they’re a no. Plain and simple. I really wanted to go this route for my own wedding, but my level-headed bride-to-be was a little more charitable than I was willing to be. My feeling was that if someone couldn’t bother to send back a little envelope, I didn’t want care if they celebrated with us or not. A word to the wise: don’t go this route. It’s petty and vindictive, which I am, but not a good look for any happy couple.

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Should We Include Our Registry Info On Our Invitations Or Save

Including registry info on the wedding invitations or save-the-dates is considered impolite because it can give the impression you’re asking for gifts. But go ahead and put your registry info directly on your wedding website . If you’re planning on having a wedding shower, you can put your registry info on the bridal shower invitations . You can also tell your wedding party, parents and close friends where you’re registered, and let them fill guests in.

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Online Wedding Rsvp Wording

If you’re asking your guests to RSVP online, you don’t need to include an RSVP card, but a website may look out of place at the bottom of your formal wedding invites. Include a small card with the RSVP information on it instead.


1. Kindly respond by September 10th

Using the following website:

What About Destination Weddings

6 Common Questions about Wedding RSVP Cards  ElisaAnne

A destination wedding takes a bit more logistical planning and coordination than a wedding taking place close to home. Both wedding guests and the bride and groom must worry about travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, and other special factors.

The RSVP date for a destination wedding should be at least six to eight weeks before your wedding.

Invitations for destination weddings are typically sent out not weeks before the wedding, but months experts suggest 4-5 months in advance. That way, guests can determine their travel plans and decide if they can afford to attend.

Dont forget to alter your RSVP date timing when planning a destination wedding! Coordinate with a wedding planner to make destination wedding planning easier.

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What is the proper wedding RSVP etiquette for guests? Generally speaking, all you have to do is respond to your invitation before the bride and grooms deadline and fill out any required information.

Your RSVP may include whether or not you will be bringing a plus one , who your plus one guest will be, and you may need to choose your meal depending on the receptions style.

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I Invited My Friend And Their So To The Wedding But They Recently Broke Up Now They Want To Bring A Friend I Don’t Likecan I Tell Them No

If you worded the invitation by having their partner’s name on the envelope , you have every right to say no. As a rule, invitations are nontransferable when people are invited by name. Explain that you’re not friendly with their proposed guest and you’d prefer the wedding be limited to close friends and family. If you invited all of your single friends sans dates, let them know they won’t be the only one coming solo .

What Is A Wedding Rsvp

We just grew up hearing the words Wedding RSVP, but what exactly is it? Before we talk about how to respond to wedding RSVP, lets now more about it. Did you know that the abbreviations RSVP isnt in English word? They are French words that state repondez sil vous plait. These arent tongue twisters. This is a polite gesture between the sender and the receiver. When you translate it in English, that means please respond. So literally, if you put the word wedding and the abbreviations, RSVP means the invitation you have received requires a response from you if you will be attending or not.This may look superficial, but this is the most traditional and formal way of replying to an invitation. But in this modern era, some people choose to do it over the telephone or via email. Some even use social media to send an electronic invitation. In wedding RSVPs, you can see the wedding date, venue, time, and seat number. But whatever form the wedding invitation may be, one thing is for sure. They need your confirmation!

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New: Check Out Our Guest List And Rsvp Response Timeline Calculator

We pulled the data, crunched the numbers, and came up with some hard figures based on our users guest lists. We took a sample size of a half-million digital wedding RSVPs our users have received since the first of the year. So, what does the timeline really look like for issuing and receiving digital wedding RSVPs?

A Visual Look at the Average Online RSVP TimelinePercent of RSVPs Received by Week

Not surprisingly, after we crunched the data there was indeed an RSVP response sweet spot. The majority of RSVPs were received within the first five weeks since invitations were first sent. The most popular week for guests to submit their RSVP was Week 3, accounting for 13% of total RSVPs.

You can expect to have received around 50% of your RSVP responses by about four-and-a-half weeks after you first send out your invitations. On average, the rate of response will begin a slow but steady decline thereafter . We can estimate that you will receive around 80% of your responses after about seven weeks if you allow for a two-and-a-half month RSVP timeline.

Percent of Total RSVPs Received by Week

As illustrated in the chart above, the average wedding RSVP was submitted during Weeks 3 and 4. Responses tend to trail off after Week 5, with Week 6 and beyond accounting for only 28.4% of total RSVPs received.

A few important things to remember while considering this data:

How To Decline A Wedding Invitation Sample Wording

Wedding Tips & Advice : How to Reply to an RSVP for a Wedding Invitation

Dear Charles & Audra,

Thank you so much for inviting us to join you at your upcoming wedding. Unfortunately, we will not be able to attend as we will be out of the country on business that weekend. We are sad to miss this special event and will be celebrating with you from afar on the big day.

Sending our love and best wishes. Congratulations!

With love,Matt & Shea Simmons

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Choose The Right Wording

According to Keel, oftentimes guests don’t really know what RSVP means, nor do they understand that a response is needed, even if they are declining the invitation. “Using wording such as, ‘The favor of your reply is requested by ‘ in place of ‘RSVP’ makes it crystal clear,” she says.

Manage Who’s Invited And Track Who You Have And Haven’t Heard From

Group Parties For Easy RSVP’ing

Put household members such as families or couples into one group. Any group member can respond to the online RSVP for the entire party.

Manage Plus Ones

You have full control over who can and cant bring a guest. Collect information from those bringing a plus 1 .

Import Your Guest List

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Reminders For Late Rsvps

The wedding RSVP due date has come and gone, and there are still a handful of guests who havent given you an answer. This is a frustrating, but all too common, occurrence that every couple has to deal with.

Once you are past the RSVP deadline, theres no need to feel bashful about reaching out directly to anyone who has not responded. Dont be rude or abrasive, but ask them directly if theyll be attending!

If you choose to send an email or text to someone who has not responded, consider this message wording:

Hi Dan! We just wanted to make sure that you received the invitation to our wedding on June 5th. Our vendors need a final headcount, so please let me know if you can make it!

We recommend calling guests on the phone once their RSVP is late, if youre comfortable calling. Talking on the phone helps you to get an immediate response, while text or email leaves the chance that they could continue to not respond.

If you do choose to call friends or family on the phone, be sure to be polite and ask how theyre doing before asking them for an answer. While it is surely frustrating to have to chase down your guest list for a response, they most likely just forgot.

If you call and a guest still isnt sure if they can attend, give them a hard deadline to meet even as little as 24 hours. They are already late, and you need to finalize your guest list!

How To Address Wedding Rsvp Envelopes

6 Common Questions about Wedding RSVP Cards  ElisaAnne ...

Speaking of addressing, now that youve nailed your RSVP card wording, you might be wondering how to handle your RSVP card envelopes. Generally speaking, be sure to include the name and address of the recipient on the response card envelope. Its traditional to address guests using the proper courtesy title before his or her name: Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Miss. When addressing the married couple-to-be, only use the couples first names.

Here are three basic tips to remember when it comes to addressing and preparing your wedding RSVP envelopes:

  • Print The Address on The EnvelopeDont make your invitees do more work than they have toyou want to make it super-easy for them to write their name, check a box, and mail the reply back to you. Therefore be sure to print the address to which you want the RSVP cards to be mailed on the front of the envelope. Most companies will offer RSVP envelope addressing as part of their services to you .

  • Send Them to the Right PersonWhile you do have to address your response card envelopes, you dont necessarily have to address them to yourself and your partner. If youve hired a wedding planner or coordinator, s/he may prefer to receive the response cards. Or perhaps your parents are helping with the planning or actually hosting the wedding. Identify the person that will be responsible for collecting, tracking, and generally organizing your invitation RSVPs, and address the response card envelopes to that persons preferred mailing address.

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    Specify The Number Of Guestsif You Were Given A Plus

    If you were given a plus one, then now’s the moment to make a decision. Indicate the number of people in your partypresumably one or twoand write in the full name of your guest. Couples need this information to correctly fill out seating charts and place cards, so they do need the name of your plus one by the RSVP date.

    And, in case you were wondering, no, the reply card isn’t your time to decide you should be given a plus one just because you had a great date last week!

    What Shouldnt I Do Not That I Would Have Anyway

    Aside from waiting too long like we noted above, there are a couple common donts that plague event hosts commonly:

    • Guests who dont provide the required info that an RSVP requires. This might be forgetting to make a meal choice, not identifying if you plan to bring a +1, or forgetting to include the meal preference of another guest in your party.
    • This probably goes without saying, but dont fill in or plan to bring with you a random if your host hasnt specifically offered you a guest.
    • Do your best to make sure you arent going to make any changes after submitting your wedding RSVP back your host is probably using this info as soon as they get it to plan anything from budget to seating.

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    How Much Time Is The Right Amount Of Time

    Though it will differ depending on the situation of your wedding, we would recommend leaving between 6-8 weeks for a guest to respond to your invitation. This not only gives you plenty of time to send them out and to get a response but allows a contingency for any potential delays that might occur. Pro tip: if youre planning a destination wedding or in a location not close to home, wed recommend leaving up to six weeks for people to respond, as some of your guests may have to organise their diaries to confirm if they can attend.

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    If youve already sent out save the date cards to some of your prospective guests, then you would hope that theyd done exactly what the card was designed for. But leaving a larger amount of time allows people to consider their decision and make travel and accommodation plans accordingly. Moreover, a six to eight-week time frame means your potential guests cant put off responding to the invitation but also be sure that most of them wont have made other plans by the time your invitation arrives.

    How Can I Remind Guests To Rsvp For My Wedding If Theyre Late

    How to Word an RSVP Wedding Card | Wedding Invites

    Its frustrating when guests dont RSVP within the dates given! Choose one of these polite but firm reminders for your guests who are late to respond.

    If the final RSVP deadline date has passed, dont be afraid to ask the guest directly if they are coming, either through an email or over the phone. Giving them a short window of time to respond with an answer is well within your rights as they are already late and youve got a wedding to organise!

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