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How To Stuff Wedding Invitations

The Easy Way To Customize Your Invitation Suite

Wedding Invitations – How to Stuff Them

We support our Shine brides by providing elegantly designed wedding invitation suites with many gorgeous matching accessories, allowing them to set the tone of their dream wedding day before it begins.

Included in each stationery shipment is a very easy-to-follow instruction card for additional assembly support. We want each experience to be seamless and simple for all of our brides from ordering their invitations, to receiving and assembling, to sealing and shipping each envelope out to their very special guests.

To learn more about our process, please explore our wide array of classic and luxurious wedding invitations here.

Tissue Paper: Yes Or No

When your wedding invites came from the printers, it probably came with tissue paper on top of each individual invite. Traditionally, the tissue paper is there to prevent the ink from smudging, and you can choose to keep the tissue paper or not. While most inks used wont smudge, you can keep the tissue if the tissues appearance and color fit with your invites theme. However, you should also consider whether your chosen envelopes can still hold all the elements of your invitation with added tissue paper without looking overstuffed.

Where To Buy Inexpensive Wedding Invitations

Not sure where to get wedding invitations that are cheap enough to fit your budget? If you’ve ruled out working with a professional stationery designer, The Knot Invitations should be your first stop. Our wedding stationery website has almost 300 stunning designs to choose from, meaning you’re pretty much guaranteed to find one you love. Search by style, season and color to make finding the perfect invitations easy peasy. The icing on the cake? You can easily score these wedding invitations on a tight budget. You’ll spend less than $2 per invite if you’re buying 100 or more, and less than $3 per invite if you’re buying under 100.

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How To Apply The Vellum Jacket And Wax Seal

If you also have a vellum jacket and wax seal included in your order, please follow the below steps on how to elegantly wrap your suite with some out finest embellishments.

1. Your vellum jackets will ship to you flat, ready for assembly. We recommend folding the left side of the jacket along the pre-scored line to make it easier to slide your assembled suite into.2. Slide your suite into the folded area of the jacket and pinch with your left hand.3. After your suite has been centered within the vellum jacket, you may fold the right side along the other pre-scored line.4. Once both folds have been made and your jacket slightly overlaps on the front of your invitation, you may place your wax seal to hold the flaps closed. Please note, you will need to expose the adhesive on the back of the wax seal before placing in place.

Can You Mail Envelopes With A Wax Seal

How Assemble Wedding Invitations Stuff Together With Rsvp ...

Speaking of thickness, yes! You can actually mail wedding invitations with a wax seal no problem. You can also mail invitations with wax seals inside the envelopes. Youll want to keep two things in mind, though:

  • A wax seal does affect postage. There will be an additional surcharge . This is because the wax seal itself is not machinable. It adds a certain thickness that requires hand sorting.
  • Youll want to either make the wax seals on the envelopes directly, or use the permanent adhesive if using wax seal stickers.
  • Learn all about Wax Seals here, including how to make them!

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    How Much Do Wedding Postage Stamps Cost

    The cost of stamps for your wedding invitations depends on a few different things. First, you’ll need to consider the weight, shape and size of your mail. Heavier or oddly shaped invitations will require more expensive postage. The location you’re mailing to and speed of delivery are also important factors. If you want to send your invites first class , expect to spend a little bit more on your wedding stamps. Similarly, if you’re sending any of your invitations outside the US, postage will be more expensive.

    Currently, a single first-class stamp for invitations weighing up to one ounce costs $0.58. These are also known as forever stamps . If your stationery is on the heavier side , a single first-class stamp costs $0.78. While that may not seem like a big deal at first, that’s a $20 difference if you’re buying stamps for 100 invitations. Aside from these prices, your envelopes must be flat, rectangular, letter size and made of paper. They also shouldn’t have any attachments such as string, buttons, wax seals or clasps.

    If you’re shopping online, you can save on shipping by buying your wedding stamps in bulk. Or, avoid shipping costs altogether by visiting your local post office to buy postage in person. One last tip: If you’re buying forever stamps, you can maximize your budget by purchasing them early onâthey’ll maintain their value even if the cost of postage increases in the future.

    How To Stuff And Seal Your Wedding Invitations

    Wedding invitations now come in all shapes and forms. They are flat cards, folders, squares and rectangles they have single lined envelopes double envelopes

    They have all sorts of enclosures response sets reception or party cards rehearsal dinner invitations brunch invitations

    So, how do you assemble your wedding package?Do you use the tissue sheets that came with the wedding invitation order?What is the best way to seal the envelopes shut?What is the best way to mail your wedding invitations?

    The basic rule of thumb is that the prettier things should show when your guests open the envelope up. If there is a pretty motif or monogram, it is nice when it shows right away. More information oriented pieces get tucked behind the more attractive pieces. Since most enclosures are smaller than your invitation, they still lie on top, but are slipped down further inside the envelope.

    At Blacker and Kooby, we have learned that each wedding invitation has a life of its own. We help brides figure out how to assemble their invitations in the most attractive and logical way.


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    Whoops You Missed The Rsvp Date

    While the goal is always to send the RSVP card in ASAP, mistakes do happen and sending back the wedding RSVP card can slip your mind. If this happens and you do plan on attending, don’t just send the card back in and hope for the best. Send it back in, yes, but also pick up the phone to call the couple personally. Couples are often working with tight guest lists and, if they assumed you couldn’t be there, they may have moved on to inviting other wedding guests. They will likely understand and will be thrilled you’re joining them on their wedding day, but the proper etiquette is to connect with them and confirm.

    In the same vein, one last tip. If you’re close with a couple and must send your regrets for their wedding, reach out personally to let them know, in addition to sending in the card. Even if it’s technically correct RSVP card etiquette to simply send regrets through snail mail, it may not be the most considerate move. Remember, if you’ve been invited as a wedding guest, it’s because the couple wants to celebrate with you!

    Wedding Envelope Addressing Etiquette Tips

    Wedding Invitations : How to Stuff Tri-Fold Wedding Invitations

    Before you get started, here are some helpful tips for addressing your outer envelopes:

    Do not use any abbreviations, except for Mr., Mrs. or Ms.Do not use symbolsSpell out the word “and”Do not use initialsUse figures only when writing house numbers and zip codesWrite out the words “Street,” “Boulevard,” “Avenue,” etc.Do not abbreviate state names

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    Wedding Invitation Assembly Liners

    Paperlust also offer a large range of printed and specialty stock envelope liners. These do require a little bit of assembly, but for the impact it will create it is well worth it.

    First, insert the paperlust liner into the envelope until it hits the bottom.

    Then, hold the liner down on the inside where the flap folds over and then fold the flap down. This is to crease the liner, so use your fingers and run them along the top edge of the envelope to give it a nice firm crease.

    Next, open the envelope flap only, leaving the liner folded.

    Then, grab the glue stick that we provided and run along the top two edges of the liner, making sure to give it a good coat all the way along.

    Finally, fold the envelope flap down to adhere the liner to the envelope. This will be more than enough to hold it in place. Do not fold the liner up to meet with the envelope flap as this could result in an uneven attachment and cause bunching of the liner in the bottom of the envelope.

    Our Favorite Usps Wedding Stamps

    Want some more inspiration? We’ve got you covered. While custom wedding stamps might be a thing of the past, the United States Postal Service still has some really cool stamps for wedding invitations. Check out our favorite picks below.

    Anyone on the hunt for heart-themed stamps for wedding invitations can stop their search right here. This adorable postage stamp features a red heart made up of even smallerâyou guessed itâred hearts!

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    How To Assemble Wedding Invitations

    Assembling Wedding Invitations

    HomeDIY Wedding

    Once your printer has delivered your wedding invites, they come in stacks and have yet to be sorted out. It could be quite confusing and overwhelming, with all the cards coming at you in different sizes. There is a conventional way of putting these stationaries together, so read on to learn how to assemble wedding invitations.

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    Should You Choose To Mail Your Invitations With Double Envelopes The Invitation Should Be Assembled In The Inner Envelope As Previously Instructed

    How to stuff wedding invitations with inner envelope. Make sure that all of your envelopes both inner and outer are addressed and stamped accordingly before assembling. Start with the wedding invitation which you should place face up. Opening a wedding invitation is unlike opening any other piece of mail.

    When youre ready to mail your wedding invitations this is the proper way to assemble them into the envelopes. Place the reception card if applicable face up on top of the invitation or tissue. The outer envelope will be stamped and addressed after the invitation and other enclosures are placed in the inner envelope.

    If your invitations were received flat fold them. This envelope will contain the invitation and all other enclosures. Lay your wedding invitation down with the wording facing up.

    Insert the wedding invitation into the inner envelope with the front of the invitation facing the open flap of the envelope. If your invitations included tissue paper place that over the writing of your invitation. Tuck your response card.

    If a sheet of tissue paper came on top of each invitation its your choice whether. Several enclosures usually accompany the invitation itself and there is a thoughtful order to how they are placed inside the outer envelope and even a few things to think about when you stamp and mail them. How to stuff a wedding invitation properly.

    Assembling Wedding Invitations Invitations By Dawn

    How To Assemble Wedding Invitations With Double Envelopes

    Specify The Number Of Guestsif You Were Given A Plus

    If you were given a plus one, then now’s the moment to make a decision. Indicate the number of people in your partypresumably one or twoand write in the full name of your guest. Couples need this information to correctly fill out seating charts and place cards, so they do need the name of your plus one by the RSVP date.

    And, in case you were wondering, no, the reply card isn’t your time to decide you should be given a plus one just because you had a great date last week!

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    Can You Mail Vellum Envelopes

    Translucent vellum has been really popular for wedding invitations lately. It even comes in envelopes! But can you mail invitations in vellum envelopes? This one is a bit riskier than something like a wax seal, but definitely can be done.

    This suite was my own personal Change the Date when we postponed our wedding from 2020 to 2021. It was in a vellum envelope with some star-shaped confetti for guests to see in the envelope which is really fun! My brother didnt like it, but heyit could have been glitter!

    We had no issues with these envelopes, but as vellum is a little more brittle than other papers, it could potentially crack or break in the mail. Ive mailed plenty for my clients though! If youre more worried about mailing issues, Id avoid the vellum envelopes, but we can always use vellum for your wedding invites in other ways inside the envelope! Contact me if youd like more info on these euro flap vellum envelopes.

    Wedding Invitation Assembly Invitations Only

    Wedding Invitations : How Do I Stuff Wedding Invitations?

    Invitations should be inserted into the envelope facing upwards so that invitees should be able to read the invitation immediately upon removal from the envelope. In the past this was thought to mean that a right hander would be thought to be opening the envelope, however this is not a hard and fast rule in modern times.

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    Assembling Wedding Invitations: A Step

    Youve ordered your wedding invitations, purchased postage, and addressed the envelopesnow what? Once youve received your finished invites from the printer, its time to get everything out the door! The first step of understanding how to stuff wedding invitations is to make sure all of the various stationery pieces are in the proper order. Save time by following our guide to correctly assembling wedding invitations.

    Addressing & Sending Wedding Invitations

    Opening a wedding invitation is unlike opening any other piece of mail. Much care goes into addressing both the inner and outer envelopes. Several enclosures usually accompany the invitation itself, and there is a thoughtful order to how they are placed inside the outer envelope, and even a few things to think about when you stamp and mail them. Learn more.

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