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How Do I Find A Wedding Website On Minted

Our Wedding Website From Minted

How to Make a Wedding Website with Minted

For any of you couples looking for recommendations on wedding websites, we opted to go with Minted for our site .

You can check out the link here to see it in full:

Minted charged $35 to create a site, which seemed like a good deal to us, especially since it included a custom URL and hosting.

We also chose to go with Minted because I absolutely loved all of their designs. Unfortunately, the templates are still in development and werent quite as customizable as I had hoped. So since Im admittedly a little picky about website design ? I ended up kind of overriding the system and pieced together my own templates by using the add pages option. It took some extra work, but actually went pretty quickly once I got the hang of it. The only other hiccup was that Minteds RSVP system required us to enter guests emails in order to invite them to the wedding which we didnt have for everyone and then only those specific guests with approved emails could RSVP. Which we worried might get complicated. So instead, we ended up just linking instead to a Google Form that we created on the RSVP page, and it ended up working out great .

So in the end, we were really happy with how the website turned out. And we had tons of feedback from our out-of-town guests who especially loved our page of recommendations for places to eat and visit around Kansas City. Wedding website for the win!

Connect The Dowry To Your Minted Wedding Website

1. Find your registry on The Dowry:

Once you pull up your registry, copy the URL you find in the browser .

Log in to your Minted Wedding Website Manager and from your dashboard click “Pages” from the top navigation. From the left side navigation click “Gift Registry.”

2. Select “Add Registry.”

3. Select “Custom” from the retailer drop down menu.

4. Add The Dowry registry “title” and “description” for your guests to see on Minted wedding website. Paste The Dowry URL you copied during the first step.

An example:

Title: The Smith Registry

Description: Shop the products we have chosen from our wedding registry on The Dowry. All the products are handcrafted by American artists. We can’t wait to make our home unique and special with these heirloom home goods. Love, The Smiths

5The Dowry logo

Graphic Design Thats On Brand

When youre on a roll, its silly to stop! Especially when the path youre on is smooth and beautiful. Im talking about end-to-end graphic design a cohesive style that reflects you + your celebration from the website and invites to the day-of essentials and post-wedding thank yous. We encourage you to take a stroll down Style Lane to see what we mean.

Minteds unique ability to offer 1400+ design templates is the result of a vast and dynamic network of independent artists at the top of their field. The good news for you is that no matter your color palette, typography preference or general style loves, you have a bottomless treasure chest of options to choose from. As if that isnt enough, you can still customize to your hearts content!

When your wedding website is aligned with your paper goods , your guests get a cohesive first impression thats congruent with who you are and what they can expect at the celebration. Ultimately, this sets both of you up for a party like no other!

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How Do I Find A Couple’s Wedding Website By Searching The Groom’s Name

Enter the URL — got it

go to home page and enter bride or grooms name — PROBLEM – site is not searchable by grooms name!

Help! How do I fix that?

on July 24, 2015 at 4:46 PM

  • WWKatie on July 24, 2015 at 4:20 PM

    You need to add the groom as a user on your account!


  • on July 24, 2015 at 4:21 PM

    Why don’t you just put GROOM NAME wedding state into google?


  • on July 24, 2015 at 4:22 PM

    Didn’t you post this the other day?


  • on July 24, 2015 at 4:46 PM

    Thank you WWKatie!! That worked< 3

    I did post it but did not get an answer…..


About Modern Mix Vancouver

Minted Weddings

As a lifelong Vancouverite, theres a pride and joy that comes from being one of the first to discover something new in your city and then sharing about that experience. Thats the feeling thats fueled Vanessa Choots passion for blogging and content creation on her Canadian lifestyle blog

Since 2008, Vanessa has kept her readers and followers in the know on local happenings, facilitating for the discovery and support of brands, businesses, and experiences available in Vancouver. Vanessa combines her expertise in living a modern Vancouver lifestyle with a approachable relatability that inspires her followers to think hey, if she can do it, I can too!

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It’s Your Wedding Invitation On Steroids

Your wedding website is kind of a big deal. It’s the digital home base for all things related to your big day. From directions to dress code, it’s your wedding invitation on steroids: accessible from any device, updated in real time, and able to hold way more wedding information than a linen paper card. Plus, it acts as a teaser to get your guests excited about the events to come!

It all sounds great in theorybut how do you actually create one? You’re in the right place! We’ve teamed up with our friends at Minted to give you The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Wedding Website, from choosing the right template to what to include, as well as how to spread the word about your site.

Ready to craft a functional-yet-fabulous wedding website? Let’s go.

Lodging And Travel Accommodations

Depending on the location of the nuptials, the couple may arrange travel and lodging accommodations. This will be helpful information for you, especially if you’ll be traveling from out of town. If the couple reserved room blocks at nearby hotels, you might be able to book a discounted stay or coordinate travel with other guests. You’ll also need to know if they’ll be providing transportation to and from the ceremony and reception, which will help you plan travel logistics for the wedding day . Look for this information before making your own transportation arrangements to simplify your prewedding to-do list.

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Add More Information Later

As additional wedding details become finalized, add the info to your wedding website. Initially, your guests will want to know the wedding date, location, and time, but eventually, you’ll want to include extra details to help them as they make their plans, such as travel information, hotel and lodging suggestions, a schedule of events, dress code notes, directions, and more. Your guests will likely look at your wedding website multiple times in the months leading up to your wedding.

Minted Wedding Website Tier Options

Making a Multi-Language Wedding Website using Minted

Minted offers 3 different wedding website tiers:

  • Free

Lets take a quick look at each below.

The basic wedding website tier is great for couples on a budget that still want to have a beautiful wedding website to display all of their details for their upcoming big day. The free wedding website plan displays all the options needed for your wedding day choose from over 1400+ designs. What I absolutely love about this option is that you can find matching wedding stationery. The website is like an added bonus, especially since this tier is free. Free Wedding Website Plan Includes:

  • Hundreds of unique wedding website designs
  • Matching wedding stationery available

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Discover Everything You Should Be Avoiding When It Comes To Creating Your Wedding Website

While not every couple will have a wedding website, most modern brides and grooms choose to include wedding information online. Try to avoid these things when it comes to your wedding website!

Whether youre a graphic design expert or you have a much more basic understanding of design and the internet, wedding websites are a popular way to give your guests all the information they need for your big day.

There are plenty of helpful sources on the web that make creating your personalized site easy and fun, so it’s no wonder couples from all over the world are logging on and completing this new item on a to-do list. However, theres an etiquette to follow if youre going to partake in this 21st century bridal tradition, so read the tips below!

While you know yourselves and your guest list the best, we’ve put together a list of four common faux pas that you may want to avoid:

Make The Site Searchable

Many of the website builders will charge extra for you to create or use a customized web address, or URL. Buying one, however, makes sense.

First, theyre inexpensive . But, more important, a custom address, like instead of, can make your website easier for guests to find when looking for it on search engines like Google. This is something many attendees end up doing, regardless of whether you had included the URL on your save-the-date cards or wedding invitations.

Industry experts recommend keeping a site active for about a year after the wedding, since the general rule is that guests have up to a year to buy the couple a gift.

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Do I Even Need A Wedding Website

Raise your hand if youve ever felt personally victimized by wedding websites. Dont worry, this is a safe space! Weve all seen wedding websites that have missed the mark. Maybe you were struck by the 400 images on the front page or spent ages searching for the details that mattered for you as a guest. If youve been burned before, we get it. It can be tough to see how a wedding website may even be necessary at all. Your guests will still get invitations, your registries will still be accessible online and your VIPs can still get their shout-outs in the program and/or Grand Entrance. No harm, no foul. Right? Welllll, we believe that skipping a wedding website might actually be a big mistake. In the immortal words of Julia Roberts. huge. And today, were joined by household name Minted to talk about the 5 major ways a quality wedding website can serve you.

Lets start with the basics, shall we? The reason wedding websites exist in the first place is to make your life easier! And done well, they can literally save you hundreds of hours hunched over spreadsheets and RSVP cards, building phone trees and collecting up-to-date contact info for all of your guests one by one, etc. How so?

Can You Rsvp On Minted Wedding Website

Designer Wedding Websites from Minted

4/5You willwebsiteyouIfwillwebsiteRSVPRSVP

Also question is, how do I find someone’s wedding site on minted?


  • Access your Minted account from the top right corner, using the drop-down menu to select “Account”
  • Furthermore, how do you edit an RSVP on minted? You can edit an RSVP response on behalf of your guest.To update an RSVP response:

  • Visit your wedding website dashboard.
  • Select the guests tab.
  • In this way, is minted a good wedding website?

    If you’re not already familiar with here’s the scoop: they’re a top choice for stylish and affordable wedding invitations, wedding stationery goods, decor, wall art, and unique artsy gifts. A free wedding website on Minted literally takes 10 minutes to setup, and will integrate with your RSVP list.

    How do you word a wedding RSVP?

    For the Wedding Guest: How to Fill out a Wedding RSVP Card

  • Include full names.
  • Write legibly.
  • Don’t include the names of uninvited guests.
  • If filling out entrée options, write down the initials of each guest next to the option they want.
  • Send out the RSVP card ASAP.
  • Go to the “details” page in your wedding website dashboard.
  • Under “Website URL”, enter the desired address, between 10 and 40 characters.
  • We’ll let you know at this time if the URL you’d like is available.
  • Select a custom domain
  • Save your changes.
  • These are the 5 Best Wedding Websites to Use for Your Wedding

    • Zola.

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    Premium And Custom Tier Options

    • In addition to all of the features of the free option, for a one time $15 fee, youll receive specialized services for website privacy, your own URL, photo gallery, and custom pages.
    • For a one-time fee of $98, the custom tier offers the same features as the free and premium packages, but youll work one-on-one with an independent artist to create completely original designs for your website and matching wedding stationery.

    Walkthrough How To Signup For A Minted Wedding Website

    We want to give you a bit of a feel for what you can expect from your Minted website. With that in mind, weve put together this brief walkthrough outlining some of the major features.

    Step #1 Choose Your Website Template Minted has 1458 different wedding website templates to choose from at the time of publishing this article. Styles range from vintage to bohemian, or from bold typography to destination. Each has a matching invitation to go with it, and all of the templates have additional matching stationery to really complete your whole ensemble.

    Step #2 Choose A Color Scheme and Layout Next, choose a color scheme and website page layout from 4 different layouts. If you did an engagement photo shoot, this is the perfect spot to host your photos. Most templates offer a minimum of 2 color changes.

    Step #3 Minted Account Signup for a free Minted account if you dont already have one. Simply add your name, email address and create a password.

    Step #4 Enter the most important details!

    Step #5 Features The Dashboard view provides a good overview of all the options to personalize your wedding template.

    The following basic features are available to you under a free plan:

    • Create an event for your wedding ceremony or reception
    • Add your wedding guests and track RSVPs
    • Add your wedding party attendants
    • Provide travel accomodations
    • Wedding date
    • Welcome message
    • 2 Separate images at the top
    • Everything
    • One large photo
    • Only text

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    Travel Information And Accommodations

    Think about what youd need to know in order to plan a trip and provide this info to your guests so they dont have to do lots of legwork: lodging suggestions a list of local airports, train station, and car rental companies maps and driving directions public transportation information and wedding venue parking details.

    Comparing And Contrasting The Price Of Wedding Planner With Price Of Website

    MINTED WEDDING INVITATIONS: Everything You Need to Know! | This or That

    While personal wedding websites are mostly to give the guests information on the wedding such as the date, time and location, the websites can also include things such as blogs and planning bibliographies in which viewers of the wedding website can interact with the bride. Weddings brought to life from personal wedding websites may lack in creativity and originality as many of them suggest traditional weddings and encourage brides to look at celebrity weddings for inspiration. Most brides see personal wedding website, particularly free ones, as a more cost-efficient way of planning and informing friends and family about their wedding, however, some of these websites promote expensive wedding products and ideas as opposed to less expensive and more realistic items. With free or fee-based websites, the user receives their own domain name for the website. It is also important to note that wedding planners are to help the bride while the wedding website caters more to the guests. Most wedding websites are used for both planning purposes and personal pages.

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