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How To Find A Wedding Band Music

Booking A Wedding Band With Experience

Planning Wedding Need To Find A Band-Booking Prices Information

Our biggest tips here though are to look for an experienced wedding band. A band with history of performing at wedding venues will get guests singing and dancing with a mix of all genres, making sure that everyone is happy!

Many bands tend to lean towards one specific style as a way of displaying their sound and what they do best, but double check their song list or even ask if they play enough tracks and music choices in their set for all wedding guests to enjoy.

Whilst The Hustle include a mix of songs from pop punk, hip hop, rock, indie and more, we certainly have a specific style and look that appeal to a certain style of wedding.

You may be tempted to hire a band for your wedding by looking at local bands, cheaper pub bands or even thinking about whether to book a DJ or a wedding band.

Of course, you can choose whatever you like but its important not to cut corners on your live music.

A professional band for a wedding will know exactly how to run an event properly, deal with restrictions, help you with your planning and get guests up and dancing all night long. A wedding gig is much different to that of a pub or local bar, so get the best and dont settle for less on your music, bands and wedding entertainment. You wont regret it!

What You Should Know Before Hiring A Band For Your Wedding

Your talent sets the tone of your event.

Once you’ve decided to book a wedding band instead of a DJ, it’s time to find the right talent for you. But before you jump in, we recommend preparing. Here, representatives from two elite groups walk you through the process of hiring your entertainment. After all, your music sets tone for your entire event, so it’s important to choose carefully.


How Much Does A Live Wedding Band Cost On Average

As you start your search for wedding bands in the UK, you’ll find that prices for bands can vary. As a guide, you might find prices for a high-quality party band start from £300-£350 per musician, but this is purely a starting point. Fees vary depending on location, band style, time of the year and experience of the function band. Find out more on our blog: What Affects The Price of a Wedding Band.

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Cost Of A Wedding Band

The average starting price for a reception band performing for three hours after dinner, including sound gear and light production, is $4,000 plus a 10% tip. Pricing varies widely based on four main factors:

  • The day of the week: Weekdays are the least expensive, followed by Friday and Sunday. Saturday is typically the most expensive.
  • The time of year: During the off-season, you’ll see lower rates or more discounts offered. At the higher end, with an experienced band providing coverage for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception on a Saturday in July, youd be looking at $8,000 to start.
  • The number of band members: Adding pieces like a horn section or additional roles like an MC will hike up your bill. Extras can also be on the production side, such as additional sound gear and sound tech for the ceremony, lighting, video screens, and effects.
  • The region: In general, large metropolitan areas see higher rates. For example, the average wedding band in Seattle charges more than the average band in Portland.
  • Ask for a band’s “rider” before booking to avoid the surprise of hidden costs. The rider usually covers things like dressing rooms, meals, travel and lodging charges, and any other accommodation for the band.

    Review The Contract Before Signing It

    Tuckertainment :: Where Are The Great Wedding Bands Hiding ...

    Before signing a contract and booking a band for your wedding, in addition to ensuring the wedding date, time, venue and fees are listed correctly, Jim shared a list of other contract points couples should have in their wedding band contract:

    • The name of the band and the instrumentation/personnel who will be performing at your wedding
    • If you are booking a band based on a video youve watched of the band, confirm if the performers in that video are the same performers that will be performing at your wedding
    • A payment schedule with a cancellation clause that specifies how that effects deposit and balance payments
    • Confirm what the band will wear: Black tie, etc
    • A set up time and breakdown time may be helpful depending on the logistics for your wedding, including ceremony and cocktail hour if the band will perform for these events as well

    Your contract may come with a rider, a list of requirements the band needs that clarifies what the band is supplying and what the couple is providing. If youre hiring a local band, Jim explains, the rider may include stage dimension minimums, power requirements and meal needs that the couple must provide . For couples flying a band to a destination wedding, the rider would include air travel and hotel requirements. And just like the rest of the contract, you can negotiate the riders details.

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    What Songs Will A Wedding Band Perform

    Professional wedding bands usually have extensive song lists – they’re experienced musicians and will cater the songs they play to fit the mood of the night . A wedding band’s first priority is hitting the right tunes at the right time, getting your guests dancing, and making sure the evening is unforgettable. Unlike a pre-organised Spotify playlist, wedding bands will ‘read the room’, providing the right musical atmosphere to suit the moment. Make sure you tell the band the song you’d like them to play for the first dance well in advance – they might already know it, but best not to risk it!

    Can Our Wedding Band Play Our First Dance

    Check out the band’s song list on their profile page, to see if they already know the song.

    If not, most wedding bands will be happy to learn and perform your first dance, often free of charge. Send us the song request as soon as you can, so we can make sure the band has adequate time to learn it.

    If the band cant perform your song live, they can play it through their PA system instead. They can either use their own device to play the track, or plug your device into their system instead.

    There’s a higher chance the band will know the song already if it’s included on our most requested first dance song list.

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    What Type Of Music Do Wedding Bands Play

    Since weddings are mixed generation events, the majority of our wedding bands perform pop songs across the decades, designed to appeal to all ages and fill your dancefloor.

    These bands can be broadly divided into two categories:

    • bands with a rock, pop and indie-oriented sound, featuring guitars, drums and vocals,
    • bands with a soul, Motown and funky pop sound, often featuring keyboards and brass.

    A typical wedding band set might include upbeat, danceable songs by artists as varied as The Beatles, Prince, Oasis and Dua Lipa.

    If you’re looking for something more unusual, our brass and drums bands are an increasingly popular alternative to the classic guitar band format, whilst ceilidh bands go down well with kids and grandparents alike.

    You can also check out our soul & Motown bands or jazz & swing bands.

    For more offbeat wedding band music ideas, see our alternative wedding bands.

    What Time Will The Wedding Band Arrive And Set Up

    Search Party – Boston Wedding Band

    Our bands generally quote to arrive early evening at around 5:30 pm/6 pm to set up just after the wedding breakfast and speeches have finished. If the band are performing in the same room as the meal, the venue staff will need to turn the room around and this is when the band will load in for the wedding party.

    If you need the band to arrive before the meal due to space or time constraints, most bands are happy to do this and will quote extra for their time.

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    Use Reddit Or Another Online Forum

    It wont matter where you are in the world nor how popular the song was if you can ask every music enthusiast alive today. Say hello to the r/tipofmytongue subreddit. A collection with over 1.3 million people who are willing and happy to help you find your missing song.

    You can post anything from I need help with a song that has these lyrics to There was a music video from the mid-2000s where two guys were at a bar. If someone is familiar with it, theyll comment with the name of the Artist, Title of the Song, or a link to the music video. Use this subreddit to find the lyrical information you seek.

    Can I Request Songs For The Wedding Reception

    Many live bands that specialise in weddings are happy to include requested songs in their setlist, so if theres a particular tune that the newlyweds wish to have as their first dance song, then you simply need to ask the band to cover it.

    Experienced live bands that specialise in providing entertainment for a wedding reception, like The Hustle, are more than happy to learn and perform requested first dance songs and more.

    Whether theyre those well-known big hits that are perfect for the whole crowd to party to, or obscure curios that the guests have never heard but that may mean the world to the special couple on their special day.

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    When Will The Band Arrive And Set Up

    Bands performing at a typical evening wedding party would normally arrive at around 5pm or 6pm. They would then take 60-90 minutes to unload their equipment, set up and soundcheck.

    Most wedding music bands will aim to begin their first set anytime from 7.30pm, after the first dance. But we recommend they start later than this if possible, particularly in summer.

    Feel free to ask us about any specific timing requirements you may have. For example, you may need the band to avoid sound-checking during dinner or speeches.

    Which Are The Best Wedding Music Bands In The Uk

    Search Party Wedding Band

    The best wedding music bands in the UK can be found on, ahem, Function Central!

    We’ve spent years handpicking the most talented bands from all corners of the UK and gathering them together in one place.

    To be accepted onto our books, acts must meet the strictest standards of quality and professionalism. We monitor feedback closely and only retain bands who consistently achieve a 5-star performance rating.

    If you’re finding the choice of bands too overwhelming, browse our top 10 most requested wedding music bands in 2021.

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    What Else Do We Need To Provide

    Just make sure that the band has access to a power supply on the day, and a minimum of two separate domestic power sockets to plug into.

    Please also make sure your wedding band has the food and refreshments that they need on the night. Bands performing in the evening will require a hot meal to keep their energy levels up!

    Depending on the venue, some bands will also need reserved parking or a secure changing room. Check the band’s profile for more details.

    Consider The Type Of Wedding Band You Both Like However

    Since theres usually more than just the bride and groom at a wedding, its important to remember that you are actually entertaining a crowd – in a wedding setting – and there are usually a wide variety of ages and musical tastes within that audience .

    However, when you employ the services of an experienced wedding band, with hundreds of weddings under their belt, you do have a lot of room for manoeuvre when it comes to style, genre, size and vibe. Some bands will offer a variety of shows during the night, even changing outfits to suit the style of music theyre playing during that segment others will stick to a particular genre such as funk or Motown and might be more suited to what your own style is a band that can play any of those styles, with energy and commitment, reading the crowd and switching accordingly might be what you want its your call ultimately.

    Perfect Day Band

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    How Many People Are In A Wedding Band

    Typically a wedding band will comprise 4-5 musicians. The line up will feature lead vocals, bass, guitar, drums and keys. For bigger spaces, larger lineup bands can be found featuring additional instruments such as trumpet, saxophone and additional vocalists. If space is at a premium, then looking at a 3 piece / Trio option could be a great way to go. With over 900 wedding party bands to choose from, youll see a great variety of lineups and can choose the perfect band to suit your requirements.

    Do I Have To Pay Travel Fees/porterage

    How to find a wedding/dance band-Patrice & The Show – Always On My Mind

    You may have to factor in travel costs if the band is not local. Most musicians have a set radius from their home and charge extra for any travel outside that area. Encore has wedding bands all over the country, so we can usually find someone close to your location .

    The standard rate is £0.47 per mile, per person, so if the band needs to travel 50 miles each way, thats an additional £47/person for 100 miles of travel. This amount is included as a rough guide each band will set their own fees.

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    Selecting Songs For Your Wedding Music Band

    Before your event, we recommend giving your chosen wedding music band two specific song lists. One should be songs and musical genres you absolutely want to hear, along with when you want to hear them . The other list should be songs and musical categories you dont want them to play.

    Give some thought to your guests in attendance. While nobody is disputing that it’s your special day, you also want your friends, family and loved ones to have a good time. You might add some classic songs and/or fast and slow songs to encourage everyone to dance.

    WeddingWire offers plenty of resources for finding the right wedding live band to suit your musical desires. Don’t forget to check online reviews for advice from couples who have previously hired your band. Start your search and find the live wedding music to complete your celebration!

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