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How To Share Your Wedding Website

Keep Your Site Exclusive

How to Share Your Wedding and Engagement Photos on Social Media

You wouldnt want uninvited guests crashing your wedding, would you? The same goes for your website.

To make sure your website is only available to people on the guest list, protect it by setting up privacy barriers. One method is to disable search engines from finding your website. This means the link will not show up on Google or other search engines.

Another method is to protect the site with a password. Make sure to include the password you choose in your save-the-date cards or invitations.

Link To Your Wedding Registry

Guests will likely want to explore your wedding registry, so let them know they can easily access it through your wedding website. This feature is especially helpful if you have multiple registries, as you can link to all of them on one page.

Once guests go to your wedding website to view the registry, they will likely explore additional pages that provide FAQs, a wedding date reminder, and other information theyll need for your big day.

Give Guests Gift Options To Choose From

Some wedding guests feel uncomfortable purchasing expensive home goods or ordering from a registry. Many friends and family would rather provide you with experiences. Moreover, many newlyweds may be combining two households and likely dont need more stuff.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can include a wide range of wedding registry gift ideas for your attendees to choose from that include a variety of price points. Your college-age cousin may not have the same gift budget as your mother-in-law.

For couples who love to experience new things together, include a honeymoon fund that your guests can purchase for you on your wedding website. Include options like:

  • A romantic candlelit dinner for two: $150

  • Afternoon jungle zip-lining excursion: $250

  • Boat tour for two: $175

Excursion registry options also give you a super fun way to thank your guests! You could send Thank You cards with photos of the unique experience they gave you, or share videos of adventures on your website post-nuptials.

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How To Build Your Free Wedding Website

The beauty of free wedding websites today is that they are SO much easier to use than they were even a few years ago. As technology has advanced, so have they. Which is great news for all of us! So, what do you need to create your free wedding website? Heres what we recommend:

Wedding e-mail address: Grab a free Gmail address that you can use for all your wedding correspondence and your website. That way you can have everything in one place, including notifications about guest RSVPs.

-A few great photos: If you have engagement photos, this is the place to feature them. If not, any photos you love will work. You can also choose to include photos of your wedding party and family members. Its fun to introduce them to your guests ahead of time!

-Your love story: Each site on this list has the option to include information about you and your partner. Take advantage of this! Its a great way to share how you met, your relationship timeline, and to tell guests about the proposal.

-The event details: Your free wedding website is where you want to share everything from your ceremony, reception, and rehearsal dinner info. Its also where you want to including hotel options and wedding transportation if any. And in times like these where wedding details might change, its a great way to keep guests updated on everything they need to know.

Have you already built your free wedding website? Which ones your favorite?

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Dazzle Your Guests With A Stunning Wedding Website From Zola

Invite guests, manage RSVPs, share your registries &  more ...

A wedding website is a wonderful tool that you can use to share all of your wedding information with your guests in one convenient location. By using a combination of methods to share your wedding website, you can increase the chances that all of your guests find their way onto yours and use it to its full potential.

Have you already built your website?

If not, Zola makes it simple to create wedding websites that are beautifully designed, easy to navigate, and convenient to share. If you already have your colors chosen, you can even search by colors for the website to match.

Once your website is shared with loved ones, head on over to the vendor marketplace and start prepping for all the other important details of your special day. Youll find DJs, photographers, caterers, and moreall of whom are certified and Zola-approved.

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How Do I Share My Website With My Guests

Woohoo, congrats!

Copy the link from your Manage Website page here and send it out via email, text, or print it on your save the dates and invitations!

If you want to contact your guests through Zola , go to Guest List within your Zola Weddings dashboard and follow these easy steps to send a message to all of your guests:

  • Before getting started, make sure you’ve added email addresses for your guests, if you want to send them a message
  • Check the small square to the left of “Name” to Select All guests
  • Choose “Send Message”
  • Type your message in the field, click “Send Message”
  • Don’t forget to share your websitepassword if you have one

If you want some pointers on what to write for a website announcement, we suggest something like this:

“Dear guests,

We are so excited to invite you to our big day! Check out our Zola website at< yourwebsite> to see all the details. Can’t wait!”

For Finding Hidden Gems: Facebook Recommendations

Facebook Recommendations

Yes, Facebook has been around for what seems like forever, but now, with its new Recommendations tool, guests can tap their network of friends to find cool stuff to do in your wedding location. When you write a Facebook post looking for advice on local places or services, you’ll have the option to turn on “Recommendations.” Your friends can comment with suggestions, and you’ll see all of them mapped out for easy access and saved in one place. Best of all, you’re getting recommendations you trust. For example, if you’re looking for things to do while in Napasimply ask your friends! It’s likely your friends will recommend places like the Model Bakery for the best English muffins or the Carneros Resort for a place to stay.

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Conclude With The Big Day

To finish off your love story, add a sentence or two about how excited you and your future spouse are for your wedding day. Something like, “After 6 years together, we can’t wait to celebrate with all of you on !” While the rest of the love story should be written in third person, this part may be written in first person.

Scenario : Wedding Website Wording For When Youre Recently Engaged

HOW TO CREATE THE PERFECT WEDDING WEBSITE IN 2020 (Easy Tutorial) Planning A Wedding In Ghana – TIPS

So, you got engaged in 2020 hey, me too! Congrats, and yay for silver linings in the weirdest year ever. Are you already feeling overwhelmed with questions from family and friends? Feeling like you cant possibly make any decisions just yet? Or, perhaps youve already made a plan to have a micro wedding as soon as possible, and a big party when you can. No matter what your plans are shaping up like, or if they havent shaped up at all a wedding website will allow you to put all the information in one place and give you a place to send people so you dont have to have the same convo on an endless loop. So hop over to Squarespace and build yourself a totally custom wedding website, and steal some pre-written wedding website wording.

DONT:Leave it blank. Theres no need to wait until youve got it all figured out to share your news. Everyone is curious about what youre thinking, so you may as well give the people what they want.

PRO-TIP: Share your engagement and/or love story. Youve got a website going, and you may as well fill it with some love and joy. You can share photos and videos, the story of how you and your beau met, and the details of how you got engaged. You know your Great Aunt Peggy wants to know the story anyway, so why not put your wedding website to work? Then you can come back once the details start to come together.

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How Often Should You Update Your Wedding Website

You may assume that your wedding website cant be changed once youve uploaded it and shared it with your guests. However, this isnt the case. You can update your wedding website at any time and for any reason.

For example, you may want to:

  • Upload new photos from your latest photoshoot.
  • Answer a few questions you forgot to include in your FAQs.
  • Notify your guests about a major change to your wedding venue, date, or time.

You can alert your guests about these updates by sending them a text message or email along with your wedding website link.

For Keeping Your Planning Crew Informed And On Point: Google Drive

Google Drive

Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, photosanything and everything can be uploaded, stored, and shared in Drive for seamless viewing and editing by anyone with a Gmail account. Want to pull up your guest list, budget, vendor contacts, or decor inspo during a venue walk-through? The mobile app is there in a pinch. Need to share important dates with your fiancé, parents, and planner? The hub links directly to Google Calendar, so no one can complain about being left out of the loop.

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Why Have A Wedding Website

Are you wondering whether you really need a wedding website? The answer, of course, is that you dont *need* to do anything that doesnt suit you and your partner.

If you are thinking of having a website for your nuptials, though, they can be a great way to keep guests up-to-date on whats what.

Lots of sites now let you build in things like guest lists , details of your gift list and accommodation recommendations for your guests.

The other thing lots of wedding websites offer is a personalised email address. This is great if youre doing most of the coordination of your big day yourself, as you can keep all your wedmin away from your regular inbox.

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How To Share It

Manage your RSVPs, share wedding day details, collect ...

So, youve made your wedding website. How do you share it so that guests know where to find all of your thoughtfully curated information?

The best way to share your wedding website is on all of your wedding stationery. Make sure that your link is somewhat short and easy to type in, and add it to any wedding stationery that gets mailed to your guests.

For your Save the Dates, you can include your names, wedding date, location, and your wedding website. This allows guests to start thinking about their travel plans. If you send your Save the Dates in advance of having your hotel room blocks figured out , you can easily put More Info Coming Soon in that section.

If youre having a wedding shower, your wedding website link is perfect to share on the invitations. It saves you from the clunky wording about where you are registered. Having your registry ready and linked on your website prior to your shower invitations being mailed is very helpful to your guests.

REMEMBER: Do NOT include your shower information on your wedding website unless ALL guests are invited! We never want someone to feel less than if they didnt make the cut for your shower, but theyre still on your guest list.

A simple, For more helpful information, please visit our website at works great!

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How To Encourage Your Guests To Explore Your Wedding Website

Creating a wedding website can be a ton of fun. However, it also takes up a lot of precious wedding planning time. You have to write out all of your FAQ answers, research local lodging and transportation options for your guests, and get the design just right.

After all of that work, you want to make sure that your guests use your wedding website to its full potential.

To encourage them to explore your website, try out these strategies:

  • Prompt them with an informative message: When you share your URL on your save the dates, invitations, enclosure cards, and Facebook posts, make sure to include a brief message explaining why your guests should visit your wedding website. Without this message, they may not realize how important it is to check it out.

Here are some short and sweet message ideas you can use for inspiration:

  • Check out our website to RSVP and learn more about our special day: insert link
  • To learn more about our wedding, registry, and more, visit our wedding website:
  • Get all of the details about our wedding day and RSVP here
  • For directions, lodging suggestions, and other FAQs, check out our wedding website

  • Invest in a custom domain name: Typing in a complex URL with a string of numbers, letters, and slashes can be difficult for your guests.

To make things easier on them, consider purchasing a custom domain name. With a custom domain name, your wedding website URL will read as, rather than

What Is The Purpose Of A Wedding Website

The main purpose of a wedding website is to allow the couple to share information with wedding guests. More dynamic than printed invitations and less time-consuming than calling upwards of 100 wedding guests individually, wedding websites offer an opportunity to get important, developing information out to many people in a short span of time.

Beyond broadcasting announcements, wedding websites can aid in planning your big day. The sophisticated sites created with the best wedding website builders can integrate budgeting, vendor management, and RSVP tools. The wedding website streamlines and simplifies the process for guests and for the happy couple.

Some couples love exploring the fun little extras wedding website builders have to offer. After all, what better way to take a step back from the stress of planning a wedding and really bask in the excitement of your big day approaching? For these people, the purpose of the wedding website is to help them enjoy the moment.

Reminisce with your spouse-to-be as you write your own love story to share with your guests. Create your own personalized app that family and friends wont be able to stop talking about. Invite your guests to help you curate the perfect playlist to get the party started. Indulge in luxury site designs and matching stationery .

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