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Where To Rent Tuxedos For Wedding

The Best Places To Buy Or Rent Wedding Suits

Wedding Tux Rental Denver Tux

Looking for the best inexpensive places to shop for wedding suits, regardless if youre interested in renting or buying? Check out this list of reputable merchants that will help you look your best for your big day.

We talk a lot about brides and the gowns they choose to wear on their wedding day here at The Budget Savvy Bride. But lets do a pivot today and chat about suits specifically grooms suits. In general, we think its a budget-savvy choice to buy a suit versus rent. You will be amazed and likely flabbergasted when you realize how much suit rentals cost.

That being said, buying isnt for everyone, especially if you are opting for a tuxedo. The last thing you want to do is to pony up big money for a tux or fancy suit, only to never wear it again. Seeing an expensive piece of clothing languishing in your closet is just plain depressing.

Considering all the above points, weve got some suggestions for the best places to shop for wedding suits, whether you opt to buy or not. These are also great options for the folks wearing suits in your wedding party.

Robbie & Co Men’s Shop

With a flagship store in New York City, Robbie & Co. offers personalized fitting experiences for wedding suit rentalsâbut if you’re not local, they’ll either ship your attire to your home or arrange for one-time in-store pick-up. With a variety of rental packages available, you can get a suit and all of the necessary accessories without going over your budget. And, for last-minute formalwear needs, the brand offers same-day or next-day black-tie rentals based on availability. “We prioritize service and attention for our clients,” Suh says. “We offer the same conveniences of big-box retailers and online companies, but we also provide individualized care to make sure that each client is ready for their event.”

How Do Online Tuxedo Rentals Work

Trene’ Forbes Photography

When you’re ready to pursue a wedding suit rentalâwhether for yourself or your groomsmen or anyone else in the wedding partyâit’s important to begin the process as soon as possible. “We recommend that clients reserve their looks as soon as they know their wedding date, as well as the wedding colors or theme,” Gierl suggests. “If a shopper is short on time, we’ll do everything we can to outfit their event, but we recommend reserving ahead for the best selection of our most popular styles.” Plus, as wedding season ramps up amid the pandemic, it’s better to start early to get your preferred style. “During this unprecedented time of so many weddings taking place as we emerge from the pandemic, getting fitted early is a must,” Sudhakar warns.

Some companies also offer free home try-ons, or they’ll send sample swatches to help you find the perfect outfit. With so many added benefits, completing an online tuxedo rental is as convenient as can be.

Those who feel more comfortable shopping for a wedding suit rental in-store have that option as well. “We offer in-store measurements nationwide for those who prefer the in-person experience, and personal fittings at our own showrooms,” Gierl explains. Adds Suh: “Booking an in-store appointment offers the most complete consultation because you can see and feel the options in real life.”

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Tuxedo

Rented tuxedos often come with incorrect details, such as this notch lapel jacket

Typically, the cost is anywhere from $150-$400, but rental prices vary greatly depending on the brand name .

More often than not, this price also includes everything else in the ensemble: shirt, shoes, studs, and cufflinks. As such, theres a fair amount of value in that price tag.

If you happen to be a groom, its likely that it will cost you nothing if you get enough groomsmen to pony up for their tuxedos, but this depends on the store you rent from.

What Is The Cost Of Buying A Tux

Wedding Tuxedo Rental

If you choose to purchase a tuxedo, the cost will generally start at around $600 for ready-to-wear and can go as high as you can imagine if you buy bespoke. Tuxedos are almost always more expensive than suits in a similar quality class because of the added production cost of the satin or grosgrain facings.

Note that the price corresponds only to a jacket and trousers. You will spend more money on a shirt, shoes, and accessories if you go this route, unless you already own acceptable substitutions.

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Advantages Of Tuxedo Rentals

A tuxedo rental and a black tie are very high quality garments. These rentals are much more durable and long-lasting than an average retail garment and is fashioned from various high-quality material that will not wear out in time.

  • It is less expensive. The average cost to rent a tuxedo is between $135-$225. A brand-new tuxedo will cost you $500 or more.
  • Easier to match a wedding dress of any formal event or black tie event. This is because of the large selection of formal wear available.
  • A huge number of quality selections from big brands and accessories of different patterns and colors. Peppe Ramundo Tuxedos and Menswear has tuxedos available in well-known name brands and labels like Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, Ike Behar and Ralph Lauren, just to name a few.
  • With changes of body type, rental tuxedos are best option for your occasion.
  • Time is also a factor to consider in buying or renting a tuxedo. Ordering a custom made tuxedo takes weeks to finish. Renting a tuxedo is more accessible without too much cost.

Should You Hire Your Wedding Suit

At the risk of sounding harsh, its better not to rent a tuxedo for your wedding.

There are very few rental outlets that will get you a truly flattering fit. Most simply dont have the training, time, or materials, especially larger rental stores that cater to dozens of clients each day.

Its not impossible to rent a tuxedo and look good in it. Were about to go over some steps to make it as likely as possible if you do go the rental route.

But broadly speaking, a rental tux is never going to look as good as one that was made for you or as good as a dark suit that was made for you, even though the suit is less formal.

Remember, you dont have to wear a tuxedo unless youve set that wedding guest dress code yourself. If the only way you can afford to wear one is by renting, consider changing the dress code instead. A custom-tailored business suit looks much more flattering than a badly adjusted tuxedo!

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Average Cost Of Renting A Wedding Tuxedo

On average, it costs about $135 to rent a tuxedo according to formalwear experts.

Although the average cost of renting a tux is around $135, if you are looking for a luxury tux you may end up paying closer to $200. Owning a tux can be a lot more expensive, however, which is why it is a much more budget-friendly choice than buying.

There are some key factors that will affect the price, so the average price of a tuxedo rental varies.

Elegant Wedding Suits That Are Formal And Wedding Appropriate

Wedding Q& A: Renting vs. Buying Tuxedos and Suits
We specialize in providing formal options for Grooms that suit the formality of the wedding and the Bride. Because we focus on all aspects of the wedding we offer the best choices to make sure you look and feel amazing on your wedding day. The worst option is just to choose a suit that is not wedding appropriate We will make sure this does not happen for your wedding.

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Why Rent From Us

  • Latest tailored slim fit and ultra slim fit styles by designers such as Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, etc. and are made of best fabric such as super 130’s, 120’s wool.
  • Get professionally measured up to 3 times to ensure the best fit before the event
  • Personalized services, we give timely updates to the groom or bride about their groomsmen’s order status.
  • Convenient rental pick-up and return procedures!
  • One-day rentals usually available for pick up 4-5 days before event vs other stores’ 48 hours pick-ups
  • Allow the persons you authorized to pick-up or return your rental items for you
  • Reasonable prices, package ranges $130 – $190, group discount available!

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Tux

Lindsay Hackney Photography

You know that buying a wedding suit or tuxedo can be pricey, so how much does it cost to rent a tux? Exact pricing varies among retailers, but wedding suit and tux rental costs generally fall between $70 to $300.

Some wedding suit rental companies also offer packages based on your needs. You may be able to rent just the jacket and pants for a lower cost, or you can opt-in for a full package that includes additional fashion-forward accessories like cufflinks, pocket squares, a bowtie or traditional tie, and suspenders.

However, if you fall in love with your rented tuxedo style, you’re not totally out of luckâsome companies have buy-back programs for those that want to keep the outfit. “Some of our items are eligible for our Rent to Keep program,” Gierl explains. “This gives renters the option to purchase and keep the items they loved from their order.” As you begin the wedding tux rental process, ask your stylist about purchasing options if you think you might change your mind.

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Should You Opt For A Wedding Suit Rental

Courtesy of Tailored Brands

First, it’s important to make the distinction between a wedding tuxedo and a wedding suit. Generally speaking, tuxedos are more formal than suits. A tux often includes satin fabric on the lapels, buttons and pant legs, as well as accessories like a cummerbund, waistcoat, suspenders and a bowtie. Because of this, tuxedos are generally associated with formal or black tie dress codes. As a result, they cost more to purchase. The price of a new tuxedo ranges from about $700 or $1,000 or more, depending on alterations and customizations. A brand new three-piece suit, while a less formal option than a tux, can cost anywhere between $300 to $800. Prices tend to fall on the higher end of the spectrum for custom suits too.

A variety of factors can influence your choice to buy or rent a wedding suit, with the biggest being cost. Unsurprisingly, it’s more affordable to opt for a wedding tux rental. But beyond that, it’s important to think about your typical fashion choices. Do you attend a lot of formal events? Would it be a cost-efficient choice to invest in a new suit or tuxedo that can be repurposed for future special events? Or, would you rather save money by renting, especially if you want a special outfit just for your wedding day? Take these questions into consideration when planning the perfect look for your nuptials.

Stress Free Weddings For Your Out Of Town Groomsmen

Suit Rentals For Wedding / Wedding Tuxedos Wedding Suits ...

All of the employees at Savvi were extremely helpful in selecting colors matches for my wife when she asked because she was still a little undecided about a few things. The most impressive thing to me was, our wedding was on a Saturday and we picked up Thursday, if something was off there was someone on site to seam/hem it right then and there.

Jacob Sullivan
on Google

Rented my tux here for my wedding and the service and tux were both incredible. I have been in many weddings and the service I received here was far superior than their competitors. I highly recommend!

Ryan Floyd
on Google

The staff was amazing. Their eye for design and meticulous attention to detail was well appreciated. I had a small dilemma with my shirt two days before my wedding and the staff expeditiously had a new shirt sent to my hotel. I recommend them HIGHLY!!

D. Hardy
on Google

The service was great! The employees were VERY friendly. They remembered us each time we walked in the store. They allowed me take a vest to match the suit for the ring bears suit. The suits for the groomsmen were awesome.

Larrisa Lee
on Google

Savvi staff is knowledgeable and helpful. They were always on top of letting me know of the status. I really appreciated the help and guidance. The clothes fit perfect and looked great. I highly recommend!

David Gould
on Google
Matt Christian
on Google
Brittany Woodard
on Google
Lauren Voltz
on Google
Ashley Lauria

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How Does Tuxedo Rental Work

Again, this depends on the store you patronize, but in most cases, its a six-step process:

  • : There are many tuxedo rental options around, especially if you live in or near a big city. If you dont have access to these, big brands like Mens Wearhouse offer online options.
  • Select Style: Chances are a book will be set in front of you with hundreds of different options, ranging from black to grey to blue and brown, various button stances, and different shirts and shoes. Youll have a lot of decisions to make, so either have a good idea as to what you want, or consult a friend whose opinion you trust.
  • Get Measured: In a store, a salesperson or tailor will take your measurements. These measurements will be used to put you into a pre-existing garment that most closely approximates your body, and basic alterations to sleeve and trouser length will be made. Any alterations that cant be undone will not be done, so its important to manage your own expectations and know that a rented tux will not fit you perfectly even though measurements are taken.
  • Place Order: You give someone money, they order you a tuxedo.
  • Wear Tux: The tux arrives and you wear it to your event. While its understandable that spills and even small seam rips may occur, note that cigar or cigarette burns or other major damage will likely result in you having to pay for the garment. So, have a great time, just be careful about the vices you choose to partake in.
  • Welcome To Tuxedo By Sarno

    Whether you are shopping for prom, a Quinceañera , or your wedding, we have what youre looking for. With the most styles and colors for mens suit and tuxedo rentals on the Eastern Seaboard and showrooms in PA, NJ, NY, MA, VA, and WV theres a local Tuxedo by Sarno near you with exactly what you need.

    Our staff cant wait to help you find the perfect tuxedo, suit, and more. We offer free groom try-ons for weddings, a prom program for extra cash, and discounts for larger parties. Our suit and tuxedo rentals fit nearly every body type, we have the most designers and accessories in one place. We also are offering virtual appointments, where we showcase styles to you in your own home.

    No matter if you want to buy or borrow, Tuxedo by Sarno is your hometown store.

    Groomsmen & ushers can be measured for menswear in one city and picked up in another! The popularity of mens suits being used for weddings and proms allows us the opportunity to offer what is more commonly known as tuxedo suits now more than ever. We offer a free groom try-on for those who want to see what their tuxedo rental looks like prior to deciding on a style or fit. read more

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