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What Types Of Weddings Are There

Dont Beat Yourself Up After A Presentation

Types of Brides | Most Awkward Wedding Moments by ZomCom

We are the hardest on ourselves and its good to be. But when you finish delivering your speech or presentation, give yourself some recognition and a pat on the back.

You managed to finish whatever you had to do and did not give up. You did not let your fears and insecurities get to you. Take a little more pride in your work and believe in yourself.

What Exactly Is A Wedding Style You Ask Well In The Simplest Of Terms It’s What You And Your Partner Want Your Wedding To Look And Feel Like

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It’s everything visual, but it also relates to the ambiance of the event. The setting, the flowers, the lighting, the textures of your dress or linensthey can all be made cohesive by deciding on a distinct wedding style.

The best part about nailing down your wedding style? It helps you refine your focus and cut through the wedding-inspiration noise. Once you’ve determined the aesthetic you’re going for, you can zero in on the details that fit.

It will also help you communicate more effectively with your wedding vendors. If you say the words “rustic chic” or “classic elegance”, they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about. Which is really refreshing when there are so many decisions to be made.

So clearly it’s important to choose a wedding style. But how do you do it?

We’ve listed the 6 most popular wedding styles so you can get a sense of what speaks to you.

Reading For A Victorian Wedding Ceremony:

Sir Philip Sidney, My True Love Hath My Heart

My true love hath my heart and I have his, By just exchange one for another given I hold his dear and mine he cannot miss There never was a better bargain driven My true love hath my heart and I have his.

My heart in me keeps him and me in one My heart in him his thoughts and senses guides He loves my heart for once it was his own I cherish his because in me it bides:My true love hath my heart and I have his.

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Use Diamonds As Your Decorations

As platinum is the traditional symbolism for a 70th wedding anniversary, use diamonds as part of your decorations to represent their marriage. Synthetic diamonds can be used as centerpieces on the table by filling glass vases with them.

You can also use grey balloons to help get the full glitz and glamour effect you are setting as the theme for this occasion.

What Types Of Marriages Are There

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Lets not mistake types of marriage with types of wedding. Types of wedding refer more to how you plan on celebrating your marriage. For example, types of weddings could be rustic, beach wedding, ballroom, destination, etc. The types of marriages that I will be covering are civil, religion, and common law.

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What Are The Different Types Of Wedding Ceremonies

A number of different types of wedding ceremonies are available to couples wishing to get married. In general, they can be grouped into religious and non-religious types. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Catholic ceremonies are examples of religious wedding ceremonies. The different beliefs and traditions of these religions are reflected in their wedding ceremonies. Non-religious ceremonies may have a variety of different components, but often still include the exchange of wedding vows.

For many people, marriage is a rite of passage that involves various holy elements. They often desire to have religious ceremonies that reflect their faith traditions. Depending on the religion of the couple, these weddings could take place in a church, a temple, a cathedral, or even outdoors. Interfaith ceremonies include elements from different religions, and may be a good option when the members of the couple have different faiths.

Types Of Wedding Receptions: Pros & Cons Of Each Style

There are so many creative ways to celebrate your special day and whatever your personal style and your wedding budget, theres a perfect reception type to express who you are as a couple. Here are some great ideas on what types of wedding receptions you can have at different times of the day:

1. Breakfast or Brunch Reception

If youve always loved brunches, this might be a great option for your wedding reception. Your guests can enjoy a traditional brunch menu including items such as omelets and eggs benedict, and drinks like Bloody Marys and Mimosas.

Pros A Brunch reception can be a great way to save on your reception budget, and would allow you to leave for your honeymoon the same day.

ConsA morning reception means that youll have an early ceremony as well, and probably not as much time to get ready than if you had your wedding later in the day.

2. Lunch Reception

Similar to the brunch idea, you can do a lighter version of a dinner reception, with either a buffet or plated meals. This way you can still do a morning wedding but have a little bit more time to get ready.

Pros The lunch option just as brunch is a more budget-friendly alternative to a full dinner and you can still leave on your honeymoon the same day if you choose.

ConsWhile you would be saving on your cost, a lunchtime reception wouldnt have the same party vibe as an evening one.

3. Afternoon Tea Reception
4. Champagne and Cake Reception
5. Cocktail Wedding Reception
6. Dinner Wedding Reception

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Types Of Wedding Ceremonies A Guide

As Wedding Know How editors, we write about things that we love and we think you’ll like too. We have affiliate partnerships and sponsorship and may generate some revenue from these at no cost to you.

While most peoplethink about the wedding reception, the wedding ceremony is what makes the unionof two people symbolical and meaningful.

Most weddingceremonies are rooted in tradition, with associated rituals to celebrate loveand lifetime partnership. Since there are many ways to say I do,how do know what type of wedding ceremony will work best for you?

Lets take a lookat the types of wedding ceremonies.


  • Know What You Want
  • What Is A Celtic Wedding Ceremony

    Different Types of Bustles for Wedding Dress

    Celtic culture once spread far and wide around Europe, so its hard to say exactly what a Celtic wedding ceremony is, as it can potentially incorporate all sorts of elements! Before there were churches and temples, Celts used to worship their gods and goddesses in nature, under the open sky.

    So, youll find that a lot of Celtic ceremonies are held outside and that before the ceremony, the four elements of earth, water, air, and fire are usually called upon or acknowledged.

    Celtic wedding ceremonies have been popularized in the U.S. via TV series and movies such as Braveheart and Outlander.

    Ireland and Scotland have seen a wave of tourism from couples coming to these shores in search of having a Celtic wedding ceremony. Some couples want to celebrate their own Celtic heritage and others are simply drawn to this sort of ceremony, which celebrates love between the couple and a communion with nature.

    There are many elements of a Celtic wedding that can be included in your ceremony, such as a handfasting, an exchange of Claddagh rings, and/or jumping the broom!

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    What Is A Wedding Ceremony

    The ceremony isthe meat and potatoes of a wedding, so to speak. Its where the marriage vows,exchanging of wedding rings, pronouncement of marriage, and other rituals takeplace. A wedding ceremony isnt just a formality, it makes your big day morememorable and meaningful.

    Depending on thecouples preferences, a wedding ceremony may have religious or legal significance,or it can simply be a symbolic union.

    In the past,wedding ceremonies were typically structured and formal affairs. Today, theyare still so but there are more ways to personalize the ceremony and make themmore relaxed events.

    What Is A Victorian Wedding Ceremony

    More and more couples are having period-themed weddings, perhaps due to the popularity of period series and movies. One kind of wedding ceremony like this is Victorian-themed wedding ceremonies.

    Queen Victorias reign from 1837 to 1901 brought many changes to to popular ideas of love, romance, and marriage. When Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, she refused to wear the expected crimson robes she was supposed to wear, and instead wore a white wedding gown changing the bridal fashion game forever.

    This being the time period it was, things were pretty heteronormative, with gender roles and expectations clearly defined. Interestingly, Queen Victoria is said to have kept the traditional vow of to honor and obey despite the fact that she outranked her new husband!

    For a Victorian wedding ceremony in this day and age, you could ask guests to dress up in period costumes. Remember, though, that some guests wont be on board with this so youll have to go in knowing that.

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    Wedding In India The Types Of It:

    1. Civil Marriage:

    This one is the biggest progress in the Indian society. Civils marriages is solemnized by a Government official, without any religious ceremony. However, the conditions of civil marriage will vary from country to country. Some will require the bride and groom to get married first religiously, that is recognized by the state and then register. Civil marriage in India, permits marrying anybody they like and also stay away from religious ceremony if they wish to.

    2. Religious Marriage:

    As opposed to the civil marriage is the religious marriage. This is the most common one found in India.

    a. It is usually performed in the temple if you are a Hindu. The wedding is carried over by the priest who chants hymns that will solemnize the marriage. The Hindus are also known to rent auditoriums for the purpose.

    b. in a church if you are a Christian. The Father of the church carries out the ceremony with the near and dear ones occupying the seats of the church. He usually asks the bride and groom for their consent, before pronouncing them husband and wife.

    c. in a mosque, if you are a Muslim. The Imam of the church will declare the bride and groom as husband and wife, thus solemnizing the wedding.

    This one is deeply rooted in faith and all the activities and ceremonies are carried out as per the holy book or what they believe in. The marriage is witnessed by the near and dear ones and is more or less done grand and elaborate.

    3. Court Marriage:

    1. The South Marriage:

    Humanist Interfaith Blessing Non

    15 Different Types of Indian Weddings, Different kinds of ...

    These terms can be very confusing, and Id suggest you look at the links at the bottom of this article to understand more on each of the options, but these are the types of wedding ceremony which allow the greatest opportunity to personalise, and have been some of the most beautiful Ive helped plan.

    From couples with different religious backgrounds who wanted to incorporate both in an intimate garden ceremony, to couples who have married elsewhere and wanted a very bespoke blessing ceremony, to those seeking an entirely non-religious yet moving humanist ceremony, the options are limitless. All these ceremonies are non-legal so have to be preceded by a small legal ceremony such as at the register office. However, they offer lots of opportunity for the couple to make it their own.

    A typical independent celebrant will meet the couple at least twice, and work with them using their varied experience to design a ceremony which is totally right for them, using, for example, personally written vows, readings, as well as numerous symbolic gestures which can be drawn from many traditions and cultures. There is often a lot of laughter at such ceremonies as the celebrant always gets to know the couple very well and often injects a certain amount of humour, which can be very moving.

    I recommend a good look at the following links to give you more information on some of the lesser known wedding ceremony types

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    Wedding Receptionvs Wedding Ceremony

    A Fun and Casual Wedding Reception

    A weddingreception is easier to personalize than the ceremony itself. It is the partyheld after a ceremony when youre already pronounced husband and wife. Awedding reception isnt a requirement, but it typically includes a meal tocelebrate with your family, relatives, and friends, and like weddingceremonies, there are different types of wedding receptions too.

    Usually, a weddingcake is served, and wedding souvenirs are given to the guests. This is the partof the day where the newlyweds can have their first dance and mingle with theirguests. The reception is the party, the ceremony contains the formalities.

    How To Choose An Anniversary Gift

    The occasion of gift-giving on a wedding anniversary had originated in the medieval period. During the time of the Roman Empire, husbands would gift their wives with a silver garland for their 25th wedding anniversary and a golden wreath for their 50th wedding anniversary. Anniversary gifts do not need to be only on the traditional side as modern-day gifts have also been assigned to each year of marriage as well. They have added flowers, as well gemstones that now represent each year of marriage.

    You do not have to follow the traditional way of gift-giving on a wedding anniversary. This serves as a general guide to help people and newlyweds in deciding on a gift.

    You can also base your gift on a theme, it doesnt need to be based on the modern or traditional themes but a personal theme between you and your spouse. You can celebrate the number of years you are together by the number of gifts you choose to buy for your husband/wife.

    You can also use a more personal approach by gifting them items to their likings such as a favorite sport, a hobby, or a subject they are interested in.

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    What Is A Handfasting Wedding Ceremony

    A handfasting, mentioned previously as part of the Celtic wedding ceremony tradition, can be added to any other denomination of wedding .

    Handfastings are part of Wiccan or Pagan wedding ceremonies, but have also become more mainstream thanks to their appearance in many series and films.

    In a handfasting ceremony, couples place their hands together and a ribbon or rope is tied around them by the officiant, binding the couple together as one. This ceremony has deep significance and can add a layer of romance and intensity to your wedding.

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