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When Do You Do A Wedding Registry

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How to Start Your Wedding Registry

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Is It Possible To Register Too Late

Now you know how far in advance you should register for your wedding. But is there such as thing as registering too late? Technically, you can make your registry at any point in the planning process. Keep in mind, though, that the longer you wait to make your registry, the more likely it is that guests will buy something you don’t want.

While each couple’s wedding timeline is different, aim to have your registry set up by the time you send save-the-dates. Even though traditional etiquette indicates that your registry information shouldn’t go on your wedding invitations, guests will start looking for gifts as soon as they receive day-of details. Plus, we recommend including your wedding website on your invites as well. And, if you’ve opted to link your registry to your site , guests will be directed to your gift list as soon as their invite lands in the mailbox.

The exception to this rule, though, revolves around your shower invitations. If your bridesmaids, wedding party or family members will be hosting a wedding shower in your honor, it’s perfectly acceptable to include your registry information on the invitations since it’s a gift-giving event. In this case, it’s vital to have your registry ready to go by the time the invites go out to guests.

After The Wedding Do:

Do leave your online registry up and active.

Many online registries allow you to keep your registries active for several months, and even years, after your wedding. Etiquette states that guests have up to a year post-wedding to send you gifts. Definitely keep your registry active as a resource for them.

Do take advantage of completion programs.

What if you have items on your registry that werent purchased? Many registries allow you to purchase the remaining gifts at a discount

Do return gifts you dont need.

Most retailers offer free return shipping for gifts. Because you used a physical retailer, you should be able to return those gifts in-store even if they were purchased online. Be sure to check with the individual retailer first to save yourself a trip to the store.

Do write tailored thank you cards that reference the gift purchased.

It will make your guest feel appreciated. Most registries will track that information for you so you can easily craft customized thank you cards.

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Mistake : Skipping The Fine Print

Read about gifting policies from your preferred retailers as you select items. Confirm that each gift can be shipped to your address, and look into their exchange and return policies. This step is crucialyou dont want to be stuck with duplicate gifts or find out you only have days to exchange items you dont want.

Plenty of registry sites also have incentive programs and perks, like a discount on the remaining gifts on your list. Some stores will even hold purchased gifts and ship them all at once after the wedding. Since details vary among stores, please familiarise yourself with their rules as you go.

What To Add To A Wedding Registry

Wedding Registries

Well in advance of your wedding day , sit down and talk about your future life together. Take stock of the household items you have already. Are there any gaps that need to be filled ? Are there items that need to be replaced or upgraded ? Are there some little luxuries that you would love but have never indulged in ? Its great to register for such traditional items, especially if there are some older people on your guest list who might be more comfortable buying gifts like these. Bonus: weve put together the ultimate wedding registry checklist to get you started.

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Select Two To Three Places To Register

Youll want to do more than one store in order to have a wide price selection for all budgets as well as to cover all the items that you may need.

One recommendation we have is to choose both a big-box store as well as a local shop with a personalized wedding registry process.

Popular wedding registry stores such as Pottery Barn, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond have a one-registry solution that makes multiple stores available within a single registry to manage. For instance, Pottery Barn registries also include Williams-Sonoma and West Elm.

Three Things to Keep In Mind When Selection Your Registry Locations

  • Do they have a good return policy?
  • What is their completion program?
  • Do they have other perks such as honeymoon or experience funds?

Some of our favorite perks are Targets group gifting feature, Pottery Barns personalized registry experience with help from a staff designer and Bloomingdales rewards on their clothing when couples register for home items.

When youre picking where you want to register, dont overlook anything. If youre needing furniture to set up your new home, look at furniture stores and dont be afraid of registering for basics like storage and organization items.

Complete The Registry Far In Advance

It is best to complete your wedding registry four to six months in advance of the wedding date. This allows your wedding shower hosts and guests to start lining things up for the shower. It also gives out-of-town friends who are not able to attend the opportunity to order a gift and have it sent to you.

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Is It Tacky To Have A Wedding Registry

Registering for wedding gifts isnt tackyits a vital planning task. While you might feel some wedding registry guilt, remember that guests want to celebrate your love. In fact, a registry list will tip guests off to your secret desire for new throw pillows or a stand mixer that matches your dish towels.

When Should We Set Up Our Wedding Registry

How to Find a Person’s Wedding or Baby Registry on Amazon

The sweet spot for creating your wedding registry is between 6-9 months before your wedding day, and ideally no later than 3 months before.

Why do we need 6-9 months to set up our wedding registry? This is because usually, couples send out their wedding invitations around 3 months before the big day. You will want to mention your wedding registry with the invite or on your wedding website. So, 6-9 months gives you plenty of time to set up your registry and really consider the gifts you want and need. Even if you create your list, get inspiration, and then finalise it closer to the day, it is great to mention your list on your invites to save you from sending numerous replies to what shall we get you for your wedding?.

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What Is And Isn’t Allowed When Curating My Wedding Registry

1/ Multiple registries

This is something we don’t recommend due to the natural confusion it causes. Websites that are flexible when it comes to asking for gifts and contributions, such as Hitchd, make it so much simpler for you and your guests. You can include your personalised URL on your invite, around social media and so on without worrying about how much space multiple may take up or having to think about how to share several different sites for several different purposes.

2/ How much to share

Varying from place to place, some people share their registry just about everywhere, while others limit themselves to specific spots, such as their wedding website. Our advice is to do what feels comfortable for you. If you want to keep your registry as private as possible, include it in invitations to your guest and nowhere else. If you don’t mind how public it is, use your custom hashtag all over social media. Hitchd allows you to password-protect your wedding registry as needed so that you can rest easy.

3/ What to ask for

4/ Cost vs. demand

5/ Can vs. can’t

Put Registry Info On Invitations

Another etiquette no-no is to put your wedding registry information on your invitations. The best way to let others know about your registry is to put the information and corresponding links on your wedding website. However, do not put the registry info on your home page this too is considered taboo, so dedicate a different page on your site to be all about the registry. Guests will find it if they want to know where youre registered. You should also tell your bridal party and close family where you are registered, so that they can spread the word to other guests when asked.

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How Do I Find Out Where Theyre Registered

Target Registry: How To Start Your Wedding Target Registry ...

Wedding registry etiquette step #1: Locate the wedding registry. This should be relatively easy. If youve received a wedding invitation, a save the date, or an invite to a pre-wedding party like a shower or engagement party, check the invitation for a wedding website. If one is listed, you should find the registry information and links provided on the website. Not there? A simple Google search of their names may also turn up online registries, their page on a universal registry site like WeddingWire Registry, or their wedding website. If that fails, its absolutely okay to ask the couple where theyre registered trust us, they wont be offended that you want to buy them a gift! or check with a close friend or family member to see if they know.

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When To Set Up Your Wedding Registry

ByCheyenne Bolt on Jan 22, 2017

Timing is everything. This saying is especially true when it comes to wedding planning. While there are lots of calendars out there that tell you when to book the venue and florist, not many talk about the registry. How important is the timing of your registry? Should you get your wedding registry done at a specific time within the planning process?

It can be confusing, but dont worry. Weve looked at all the facts and left no registry stone unturned.

Time Is Of The Essence

Congrats to the happy couple. Here are two crucial distinctions regarding when you set up your registry that are important to recap:

  • There is no right or wrong answer for when you can or should set up your wedding registry. Create and curate your registry whenever you feel like doing it, and Zola will be your guide to making it look amazing.

  • There are prototypical timelines based on wedding etiquette regarding when you make your registry available to friends, guests, and family. For example, between one year and nine months before your wedding, and at least two weeks ahead of your first wedding shower.

  • With easy categorization and access to hundreds of top brands, Zola is ready to create the perfect registry whenever you are. Register now and see for yourself how exciting it is to set up and add to one of our famously easy wedding registries. You can always save it and send it out when the time is right.

    Zola is the perfect platform to ensure that you make the most of your registry experience. Zola’s competitive pricing, access to thousands of classic gifts, and our universal registry feature make Zola the top choice for couples all over the world. Whenever you choose to set up your wedding registry, one thing is certaina Zola wedding registry is an unbeatable experience.

    For more resources from the wedding experts at Zola on creating your registry, see below:

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    Can You Get Married At Any Registry Office

    Yes, you can get married at any register office – it doesnt have to be the one closest to you.

    You should still go to your local office to give notice if your chosen one isnt within your district. They can then notify the office that youre planning to marry at on your behalf.

    After this, youll still need to get in touch with your chosen registry office to book an appointment for an interview, to have your identity checked and to fill in a few forms. This interview usually takes around 15 minutes.

    Where To Create A Wedding Registry In Canada

    How to Build a Wedding Registry: Tips + Vlog

    Its fast and convenient to register and to shop online, so the retailer you choose should definitely have that option. But if your wish list includes merchandise, ideally there should be actual brick-and-mortar locations where you can see the products youre putting on your list. When you visit, you might discover additional items you hadnt thought of and youll be able to tap into the expertise of a wedding registry consultant. Besides, some guests might prefer to shop in person.

    If your guest list includes people in cities across the country , a reputable national chain with multiple locations, such as Hudsons Bay Wedding Registry, Bed Bath & Beyond or Linen Chest, is a great choice. There might be a local retailer where you live thats renowned for its wedding gift registry .

    Its OK and maybe even preferable to register at up to three different places, especially if you want to include specialty items such as camping gear, gardening tools, gift cards or a honeymoon fund. Just make sure you dont register for the same item in more than one place that just defeats one of the purposes of registering, which is to avoid duplicate gifts.

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    Mistake : Not Putting Your Registry On Your Wedding Website

    The best way to share your registry with guests is through your wedding website. Traditional etiquette indicates that its not required for guests to give a gift, so its best not to share registry information on formal wedding invitations. You can, however, include registry details on an insert in your save-the-dates. Since your wedding website is a hub for important information, its the best way to share gift information with guests.

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